Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Holiday @ HK_macau_shenzhen

HK trip kinda nice...
1st day of trip
Fly 2 Shen zhen, transfer frm SZ 2 HK by MTR..emm.. 5pm flight,the journey takes 3 hr n 45 mins. Reach they 8.45pm sharp.. The journey to mtr station there was terrible.. the road 2 MTR station is lik Roller coaster's pathway. Up n down.. Many turnings yet v nd 2 carry our own luggage n walk the stairs.. bout 5-7 station frm SZ 2 HK by MTR.it takes 40 mins 2 reach. V stop at Hung Hom station.. The weather there is not that cold until freeze.. Juz nice la, nt 2 hot, nt 2 cold.. Cooler den Genting abit.. By the time v reach the hotel, it's 12am...

2nd day in HK
The nxt day, after breakfast, off v go 2 Disneyland.. The place mostly every1 looking forward 2.. reach they bout 11.30am..Fireworks is nice.. The ting there is extremely expensive. 1 plate of fried rice HK$45.. vry hard to swallow, lik swallowing gold. lol.. Nt dat cold there,but 2wards evening,bout 5 sumting,starts 2 get dark, n get cooler..pace mountain many ppl was saying,was quite nice.. nice la.. sumting diff frm Genting.. I juz manage 2 finish up tomorrowland.. fantasyland n adventureland, i dun hv da time 2 finish it, so so so many ppl. haiyoh..

3rd day of trip..
HK whole day tour.. V went 2 Repulse Bay (Ching Shui Wan) Those rich rich ppl stay wan.. HK's richest man Li Ka Shing, n those artist.. Tour guide did show us Jackie Chan's house. haha..
We also went to Aberdeen fishing village.. Ntg much, sit on the sampan, they wil brin u 2c those ppl living there.. Their daily work on the sampan..
Nxt, v went to Ocean Park.. Same as Disneyland, crowded, no time 2 play.. The rides there are nice..
In the evening, v went 2 Victoria Park 2c the night scence.. I love dat building wich wil change color. Later on, we went 2 ladies market.. Sumting lik petaling street.. v oni given 45 mins. Nt enuf time to shop !!!! Only thing v bought is da puncher which hv lots of pattern.. Cheaper den Malaysia, dat's wat v buy... hehehe
After dinner, v went to Star of Avenue 2c the HK artist's tapak tangan.. It's quite long, i still cant find my former fav artist's Hacken Lee's hand,haizzzzz..

The nxt day, 4th day..
own leisure time until 130 pm.. V meet my mum;s fren in HK. She brought us to hv Dim sum.. Wah, so expensive !!!! 9 dishes, small small wan, HK$369.. RM180.. walao wei..
But it's delicious.. Their lau sha bao,nt (tao sha pao)so nice.When u bite,the sauce it wil slowly drip out. No matter hw teruk their food is, still boleh tahan wan.. But no matter cheap is their food, it's still expensive than ours..
by 130 pm, v are transfered 2 da Kowloon Jetty, v board ferry 2 Macau.. about 4pm, v reach Macau, i regretted din go 2 Venetian, the biggest new casino in Macau..
the nxt morning, last day..
1/2 day tour in Macau,v went 2 the Macau tower.. can jump down frm the tower wan.. nd 2 pay HK$1000++.. siao wan.. haiz... Macau vry boring la, 18 n below no nd go. hahaha

530pm v went 2 airport,our flight was 750pm.. N v reach KLIA 1145pm bcoz da flight delayed bout 20 mins.. by the time v collect our luggage,it's half past 12.. v reach home 13oam.. Tiring journey, but im happy.. I'll appreciate it...
I wish 2 go there again...