Monday, December 18, 2017

Second Trimester

Today, I shall penned down my 2nd trimester memories. So, it was kinda honeymoon trimester for me as all the symptoms eg: vomiting, sleepiness, dizziness subside. The most enjoyable period of my pregnancy. Then, we subsequently announce this happy news to relatives and friends. Suddenly, I feel like a queen coz I was so well taken care off. hahaha!

However, this is the time where I am struggling to get a gynae. Yeah, I went to one during my first trimester which is just nearby our house. But to me, I feel that the doctor isn't giving me much care or attention or maybe I am a very ma fan patient la.. But this is my first child and everything is so new to me right, and some more I'm a paranoid mum. Maybe that's why I need a doctor that is very caring, and let me ask many questions. Obviously, he is not the one coz he talk so fast till I dont have chance to ask, then after that just say "ok, i see u next month" I have the feeling like he is chasing me out. In addition to that, he gave me so many pills, eg: calcium, iron, multi vit, folic acid and all. After i eat it, i always feel like vomiting. Maybe I'm not ngam.
So, I asked myself do I want to continue my check up here. This is just the beginning, how am I going to go through the remaining 7 months?

I started to search online for gynaes, reading, researching and all, discuss with my hubs... He agree to find another gynae. Okay, it is not because he is not good ya, but he might not be suitable for us.

Then you all know la... Kajang gynaes... 1,2,3,4,5 can count finish.. I had considered about KL gynaes like in Pantai Bangsar, Gleneagles KL, Sunway Medical and the list goes on. Furthermore, I also consider about the distance I need to travel every month for a regular prenatal check up. What if I want to deliver then I need to travel far and it is jam?. Omg! I can't imagine that... If thinking of delivering my baby thru C-section then these all are not my concern. But I want a natural birth so distance is really a big factor. :D

After weeks of consideration, I finally settle down with Gynae in KPJ Kajang. I was shy to go there at first la coz this doctor is the one that deliver me also. hahaha... 26 years ago.. But i couldn't think of anyone already. I guess he is one of the most experience women specialist in satay town. Distance wise is okay, and it is a hospital after all where equipment all are ready compare to the first one I went. This gynae is very different with the previous one. At least, I have time to ask questions. He is more caring and talk in lay man terms where we can easily understand. He also knows my family history well and as such become more concern about my blood sugar level. High blood sugar level will result in big baby just like me. I'm 4.64 kg when I was born. :D

So after our first visit, he immediately schedule a Glucose tolerance test for my next visit. Normally this test is done during 6-7 months of pregnancy. But for me, I did it early 2nd trimester so that we can know earlier and change our diet accordingly to avoid big baby. Unfortunately, my result was just border line. Thus, I gotta cut down on sugary food as well as carbohydrate. I even stop drinking my maternal milk powder only rely on multi vits -- Obimin Plus.

Apart from our regular check up in KPJ Kajang, we also went for detailed scan where my cousin recommended me. Well, the sonographer is good i would say as she will explain A-Z to us. Not that my regular gynae is not good, but we just want to check both sides la. I told you, I'm a paranoid mom.

So, by week 16, I can feel my baby kick. The feeling was wonderful and it couldn't be explained by words. I guess all the first time mum knows how I feel. The kick ain't regular coz it is still new. We also got to know the baby's gender at week 16 actually. She is a girl! :)
I started to go for yoga class starting week 12. I do research and I know it is good for preggie mama.. I went for Prenatal yoga in Kuchai Lama --- 72 Yoga, But i think Kuchai Lama branch has been close down. But I stil have the Instructor's contact though.

Basically, my 2nd trimester is the most enjoyable one. My routine be like, Mon - fri go to office. Then Saturday go for my prenatal yoga. After yoga, go shopping at Mid Valley. I went to Mid valley almost every week. I walk a lot and it is very helpful during delivery :) Sunday rest day. Very soon, my 3rd trimester arrive.

Stay tuned :)

Monday, December 4, 2017

First Trimester

I found out I was pregnant on the 5th week I guess because my period was late for around 5 days. When all my heart had prepared to get a negative, tadaaaaa.....

I got a positive!

I immediately ask Jon to come. He was very happy too!! Then he start his mumbling.. "everyday say u got problem har, now u see.... I say already is stress la.. tell u no need see doctor. I also know whats wrong" and blablabla... 

That time, we were getting ready for a gathering with his friend in Sunway, and I said I wana double confirm the test, and need to go Sunway Pyramid and buy another pregnancy test kit. So, this explain why the picture shows two pregnancy kit. 

We did not broke the news to family members cos it was very new. I believe or you can say I'm a lil superstitious. As we know in chinese culture, do not announce the news before 12 weeks of pregnancy.  So, later at the end of the week, we went to our normal GP to confirm is the test 100% accurate and is the baby in the right place. I read a lot a lot and some says even if you get a positive, u need to check where the embryo was implant. So, I was still worry dead. The doctor did confirm the pregnancy and everything is okay, and he gave me folic acid. Okay, folic acid is very important during the early stage of pregnancy. Now i learnt. He say by week 6-8, we will be able to listen to our baby's heartbeat. We really looking forward to it. 

By week 7, I feel all the morning sickness.  I also sleep all day. When i don't sleep, I will feel like vomiting. Whatever good food you gave me, I'm not able to eat cos I will vomit. The only food i can accept is McD Filet o fish!... hahaha... good excuse to eat mcD huh..

On the 8th week of pregnancy, we went to a women specialist clinic nearby my house for check up. oh my, we heard our baby's heartbeat for the first time ever. So touching.... :')
It was a very fast heartbeat. around 180 per minute. We also get our 3D scan picture. It was so cute like a little bean.. However, we still don't announce the news yet.

The above picture is the 2D one, and the bottom one is 3D
Can you see like a bean? :)

I can't believe Im carrying a little human inside me :')

SO, I sleep and sleep and sleep till almost the whole first trimester. Thus, this first pregnancy, I get nausea and sleep all day long. in between, I did watch some dramas la.. Sg drama, hk drama, Korean drama. But I finish none of them. Too tired to watch.

~to be continued~