Sunday, October 31, 2010

A post from S.E...

Recently i just find out that sony ericsson have this blogger application.. L.O.L... After 3 years only I found out.. great lah.. =) hahaha
so, just try it out.. =)

hmmm... stressing out with examsss..huhu... Am I going to take law ar in future? or still goin on with science stream ar?

lol... i know dad want me do business la.. i know i know, but i act don't know.. haha... those auntie auntie wan me study pharmacist or accounting, i oso know know know but i act duno... LOL...

business not dun1 wor.. act oso gt think b4 like eling lk dat go do international business wan, but then rite... haih... I dun have any interest on business... later i noe sure vry sad... i tink i dun have any business mind la.. scare ltr bankrupt how? choi choi choi !
den pharmacist is a vry gud course, i noe i noe.. but my ability i tink tak boleh la rite... must noe whr i stand oso.. hahaha.. my chemistry is vry ehem the good,ltr kena kick out, den money dun have nvm, time oso dun hav.. i old dy lor.. haha...

accounting later alot white hair lor... n work until bring home.. i dun1 la.. later my family how... go back home ppl accompany family ma, takkan work work work.. den anak-anak vry little attention.. aiyo.. sorry ar, forgive me for thinking so far away..
i duno la why kip on wan ppl do accounting? haiyooo... diff ppl diff de ma.. ltr work until alot stresssssssssss i dun1 aa...

medicine lagi no nd think, coz frm 0 years till 19 years old din tink before i wan.. haha..ltr i duno go whr find husband.. i dun1 so old wan... haha ! jokingg.. so i tink i better go biotech or stg lk dat lorr.. i dun1 see so many ppl la... damn tired la communicate with ppl sumtimes... so many ppl fake wan.. not all la, but some... maybe i face those specimen better la. haha.. but ppl tell me it's a vry boring job.. but nvm, to me.. i tink all jobs are bored... once u have work for a period of time, u sure boredd.. haha..

so, i thought of take up food science n nutrition den ltr go MBA la. wahaha.. dream so high.. but then now i tink lawyer oso nt bad.. but im lazy, i dun tink it suits me... hahaah...
i dun1 leave inti lor, vry sad to leave... not bcoz jon lau at thr, dun simply think la... coz frm 1 plc to another need time to adapt oni.. plus inti is a vry nice place la.. but i tink adapting is not a problem anymore la...act i vry easy to adapt.. but my father duno oni.. oweys say i so wht wht wht, vry hard to this n that.. haha..
actually dun1 leave inti coz nilai is cuming up, so many nice fud dy, Tesco oso going to open.. wahaha.. LOL.. whatever it is, i need to study for a-level 1st.. hehexx..

oh ya!! that day was street party, it is not as great as last year.. haha ! din stay too long there though.. no moooood... ~

after a-level lots of thing to do la....
1st 1st leh... can't wait to go Penang lor...act is kedah n penang =) i need to go kedah to brain wash sum ppl. hahhahaahaha !! *evil*
although the air ticket is lk quite expensive but is ok la.. dad sponsor can edy.. wahahahaah.. thankiu father.. lol.. actualli we wana sit bus, but then it's time consuming plus the price oso nt super cheap la.. haha
long time x sit airplane dy, excited. lol... i noe im lousy, lk dat oso wana boast.. but no la, im nt boasting, but im happie..dun salah fhm ler =(
i wana eat eat eat !! walk walk walk !! mahjong mahjong ! hahahaah...steamboat !!

can't wait for australia trip too la... but most of the time, i will be thr to call up the uni... coz here call thr so expensive walao.. haha !
den go cherry picking.. it's summer weyh... i tink is cherry picking season...
mama, we will meet u in melbourne..

after cum back, wana go edu fair.. take all the brochure.. I duno why i like to kip all those brochure.. LOL.. last time in convent collect wan, still havent throw. haha!
After that, maybe gonna meet up with foreverus91 n high sch frens? haha ! shud be la...missssss foreverus91 !
dear amrit, finishing stpm middle of dec.. bcum a free bird dy.. ahaha... harjir finish a-level lor.. edna sem break maybe? haha..

gud luck to all that sitting for exams yo ~!!!

Then, i got lots of movie and dramas to catch up... it's a big task.. ahahaha !
then january i tink back to sch la me.. actually i holiday oso vry little only.. haihzz.
But I hope this will be a great holiday!! A great vacation with u u u in penang, a wonderful summer in melbourne and a great meet up with kawan sekalian...
it has been almost a year... this year is a better year for me compare to last year.. last year really like im inside a dark hole.. thought i will never get to climb up anymore.. but somehow, manage to do so coz i feel your presence every moment although I can't see you.. =)
miss you all the time.. miss u miss u miss u miss u misssssssssssssssssssss u...............
ppl, please appreciate ur loved ones...

till then, back to chemistry ! tata
take care and miss the author... =)
muaks muack muackszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..

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vry susah vry susah. Mau mampus lor.wuwu. Tata.gtg dy