Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Holiday @ HK_macau_shenzhen

HK trip kinda nice...
1st day of trip
Fly 2 Shen zhen, transfer frm SZ 2 HK by MTR..emm.. 5pm flight,the journey takes 3 hr n 45 mins. Reach they 8.45pm sharp.. The journey to mtr station there was terrible.. the road 2 MTR station is lik Roller coaster's pathway. Up n down.. Many turnings yet v nd 2 carry our own luggage n walk the stairs.. bout 5-7 station frm SZ 2 HK by MTR.it takes 40 mins 2 reach. V stop at Hung Hom station.. The weather there is not that cold until freeze.. Juz nice la, nt 2 hot, nt 2 cold.. Cooler den Genting abit.. By the time v reach the hotel, it's 12am...

2nd day in HK
The nxt day, after breakfast, off v go 2 Disneyland.. The place mostly every1 looking forward 2.. reach they bout 11.30am..Fireworks is nice.. The ting there is extremely expensive. 1 plate of fried rice HK$45.. vry hard to swallow, lik swallowing gold. lol.. Nt dat cold there,but 2wards evening,bout 5 sumting,starts 2 get dark, n get cooler..pace mountain many ppl was saying,was quite nice.. nice la.. sumting diff frm Genting.. I juz manage 2 finish up tomorrowland.. fantasyland n adventureland, i dun hv da time 2 finish it, so so so many ppl. haiyoh..

3rd day of trip..
HK whole day tour.. V went 2 Repulse Bay (Ching Shui Wan) Those rich rich ppl stay wan.. HK's richest man Li Ka Shing, n those artist.. Tour guide did show us Jackie Chan's house. haha..
We also went to Aberdeen fishing village.. Ntg much, sit on the sampan, they wil brin u 2c those ppl living there.. Their daily work on the sampan..
Nxt, v went to Ocean Park.. Same as Disneyland, crowded, no time 2 play.. The rides there are nice..
In the evening, v went 2 Victoria Park 2c the night scence.. I love dat building wich wil change color. Later on, we went 2 ladies market.. Sumting lik petaling street.. v oni given 45 mins. Nt enuf time to shop !!!! Only thing v bought is da puncher which hv lots of pattern.. Cheaper den Malaysia, dat's wat v buy... hehehe
After dinner, v went to Star of Avenue 2c the HK artist's tapak tangan.. It's quite long, i still cant find my former fav artist's Hacken Lee's hand,haizzzzz..

The nxt day, 4th day..
own leisure time until 130 pm.. V meet my mum;s fren in HK. She brought us to hv Dim sum.. Wah, so expensive !!!! 9 dishes, small small wan, HK$369.. RM180.. walao wei..
But it's delicious.. Their lau sha bao,nt (tao sha pao)so nice.When u bite,the sauce it wil slowly drip out. No matter hw teruk their food is, still boleh tahan wan.. But no matter cheap is their food, it's still expensive than ours..
by 130 pm, v are transfered 2 da Kowloon Jetty, v board ferry 2 Macau.. about 4pm, v reach Macau, i regretted din go 2 Venetian, the biggest new casino in Macau..
the nxt morning, last day..
1/2 day tour in Macau,v went 2 the Macau tower.. can jump down frm the tower wan.. nd 2 pay HK$1000++.. siao wan.. haiz... Macau vry boring la, 18 n below no nd go. hahaha

530pm v went 2 airport,our flight was 750pm.. N v reach KLIA 1145pm bcoz da flight delayed bout 20 mins.. by the time v collect our luggage,it's half past 12.. v reach home 13oam.. Tiring journey, but im happy.. I'll appreciate it...
I wish 2 go there again...

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Finally, 2 weeks of holidays had gone.. Emm, wat i've done??? Playin com, eatin, ZZZing, watch tv programme, last but not least, my badminton matchess. So unbelievable, China cheats... Haizzzz, ppl often say China ppl vry licik wan. But not all la, sum r reali gud.. China hv the umpire wich same country as the player, obviously unfair..

Bsides, went shoppin 2.. Go Time square, cosmos theme park.. I juz found out dat the Super Sonic odyssey ride is not that scary as i last thought.. The 360' turn = NOTHING... U can't feel anything.. C oni scare. I bet if u dare 2 ride on Flyin coaster, den shud b no prob... Act, ntg else nice 2 play la, Biggest indoor theme park In Malaysia oni, dat's y expensive.. Genting theme park better...Pay bout the same price.. Genting lagi worth.. TS there, same floor wit theme park got 1 shop sell clothes wan.. Pattern nt bad, price oso affordable.. Nice nice 1, nt more den rm50.. of course nt branded la.. Nxt,go bowling wit aunty hahaha... Until 30th Nov oni, buy 1 free 1... so, go as often as i can.. after dat, surely seldom go wan..Nw i noe edi, student rm4.50 wit shoe.. normal ppl oso rm4.50 but without shoe provided if u r a mbf card member.. But rber 2 ask twice b4 u pay, gt 1 cashier there, duno male or female, can't differentiate, vry wat 1 aa. 1st tim ask her say diff ting, 2nd time ask, oso diff ting. ishhh... N oso went Bukit Tinggi's Jusco.. Big lik wat.. so many food stores.. vietnam kitchen la, korean la, kimgary, alot alot.. Got $$$$ everyting u can get..

2mr goin Mid valley. hahaha.. wan2 hunt for dress 2 attend my cousin's wedding. So many ppl marry oor... Yr of boar hor.. hahaha... Dis sat another cousin's wedding.. hee... If cant find, then go Sungei Wang.. I love sungei wang, but oweys jam.. so seldom go.. Dun tink i oweys go shoppin, waste alot money oor.. Sumtimes, i go jalan oni, window shoppin, din buy1. lolz..

Well, middle of dec, wil go to ShenZhen深圳_HK香港_Macau澳门 main intention is juz hk disneyland.. ppl say nt bad.. Go nc christmas decoration.. Hope it'll b nice..

P/S: Take care every1, especially health... Ntg is more important than ur own health !! Take care of ur wealth 2nd... Strictly 2nd !!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Exam is over !!!

After 1 month, finally exam is over !! Im free.. Nt totally, as dis is oni F4, cannot 4get wat teacher taught. Gotta keep until nxt yr 's my olympic. Haiz.. Dis exam, i blieve my result shud be extremely "good" as u all noe, i love last minute study. hahaha.. Actually no la, when early time, no mood 2 study, so when reali reachin da exam date, oni kelam kabut..
da whole month reali suffering, oweys wonder n guess wat question wil cum out leh? especially bio, chem, phy n SEJ !! ESSAY !!! add maths oso ar..
emm.. Luckily add maths pass.. cukup makan la hehe.. the most scary 1, dat 3 sub lo. bio, phy che. haizzz... I din expect much on dis as i noe wat i wil get.. If i put too high expectation on it, wil definitely b disappointed. hahaha.. So, everyting take it ez.. I hope in the holidays, i can study wich i usually won't.hehehe... I learned 1 new ting frm my idol, Nvr underestimate any subject, Nvr give up easily!! plus i wil increase my self-confident. i wil "break" da subject n nt the subject "break" me. I blieve dat confidence leads our life. But nt over confident to prevent big disappointment..

Wah !! can't imagine, i hv finished form 4. Last yr, oni finish PMR, juz lik yesterday oni finish.. Time flies... n 4 nw, I wan2 enjoy holidays 1st.. i wan2 play badminton. It had been so long since i last holded my racquet. Duno where i put oso.. Bsides, i wan2 do sumting dat i wan2 do. sounds funny. mm.. shopping, swimming, playin carom, singing,watch drama. whatever la hehehe...

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Introducing my new puppy, Sky !!!!! Phewit !!! Gave by aunty..... I duno wat breed is he...
one an a half month old... Cute?

named Sky
Sleeping, duno y he sleep lik dat..


K, tmr continue exam.... haizzz

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Young pair lift the title !!!!

My fav Koo Kien Keat.

Tan Boon Heong... My fren's fav. guess hu ar.. He oso cute oor, but my frens wan, i cannt take


Dis young dynamic pair,the other name,(diamond pair) 4 me la, clinch their 2nd grand prix title in Macau Open !! By beating the veteran pair. hahahaha.. So nice match 21-18,17-21,23-21...

Losing in the deciding game..18-20.. But confidence leads to win the title. They manage 2 wrap the game at 23-21.. Kien Keat fell down n injure his knee,juz 2 saved the shuttler. He reali plays his heart out.. Blood flowing out, so sakit hati la, c edi... :-(

But pity the veterans play so hard 2 beat feng-yun. but din win the title.. lol...

K, nitezz, tmr maths n moral, They won !! So i oso mus win !!! But it's impossible.. hahahaha

-carolyn- 9.28pm

P/S: Hu more hensem???? Kien Keat or Boon Heong????

Saturday, October 6, 2007

All Malaysian Affair !!

My idol,KKK-TBH
Defeated markis kido-hendra setiawan,21-18,21-11

Malaysia's veteran pair, CTF-LWW

Defeated top seed Cai Yun-Fu HaiFeng.. 22-20,21-18

Ok, my idols up there, is in Final !! haha. after defeating reigning World Champions Markis Kido-Hendra Setiawan of Indonesia ! While the veteran pair, defeated top seed Cai Yun-Fu Hai Feng of China 2 set up an all Malaysian Affair in Macau Open!!! Great hor... So, Malaysia flag wil keep flying in Macau. But hu wil gonna win da champ? I hope KKK-TBH wil win it ! Both pair r eager 2 win 2 qualify 4 nxt yr Olympic..

If they keep playin the same way lik dis, of course can do well in nxt yr Olympic n Thomas Cup 2.. So, till here.. all the best my fav pair !!! KKK-TBH..

They did da same as Arsenal... !!! Frm Doha till now, Indonesian markis-hendra nvr beat kkk-tbh b4.. So, they r carryin the same ting as arsenal.. Unbeaten Run !!

Go, Arsenal, n kkk-tbh !!!!

Gotta study, exam oor. But still mus watch 2mr's final.. hahaha

Monday, October 1, 2007

Exam !!!!! :-(

Exam is around the corner, less than a week.. So fast, our finals !!!!! Luckily nt Olympic Finals yet (SPM) hehehehe. SEA games finals oni..
Everyday bio,phy,che,add m3, until siao.. Plus sej. OMG !!!!!! Y la, v mus learn sej???? 4 wat purpose??? use in medicine? or use in engineering??? Ishhhhhh... study until siao la.. Luckily gt 1 week break, but no use.. Can't enjoy.. Envy those PMR candidates, after exam, wings will grow n start 2 fly wherever they want. lol.. Still better than none.. Hari raya n deepavali holidays. Yeah !!!
MM.. After dis exam, oni real holiday !!!!!!!!! Long Long Holidays !!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait 4 it....
Im so proud 2 b a Malaysian.. A multi racial country, so many kinds of delicious food, can learn so many language, bm, eng, chinese, tamil,cantonese, hokkien, hakka,n so many more. N da most important ting is the HOLIDAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks 2 so many races in Malaysia gave us so many HOLIDAYS !!!!!!!! hahahahahaha

K, till den......
-carolyn- 7.02pm

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

He Won !!!!!!!

Wo yoh, spiky hair..

Yeah !!!!!! He reali win !!!! Beat the olympic Champion Taufik Hidayat of Indonesia in a thrilling 2 sets 22-20,19-21,21-19 in 65 mins. So long, i sit down in front of the tv 4 1 hour n 5 mins.
But he shud hv win it straight set, do so many mistakes let ppl force out a rubber set.But at last still win.. Smart game !!! lol...
Nxt wil b Taiwan Open !@! China team wil nt b participatin due 2 visa prob. So Chong Wei wil b the top seed , yeah !!! Hope 2 c him win again !!!!!

P/S: Amrit, dis pic still apek meh??? Spiky spiky wan wo.. gt style abit...

Yeah !!!!!! My fav in final !!!

My fav...... I noe amrit wil say ah pek..... But if c properly ar, where gt ah pek? Budak oni.. lol

Once again. my fav player (darling kononnya), Lee Chong Wei went into the final. His 1st ever Japan Open final. N set up a final clash against Olympic Champion Taufik Hidayat of Indonesia in Japan Open.. The oni malaysian survivor since q-final.. Phewit !!!!!!! (applause) :-) He defeated 2 times World Junior Champion Chen Jin n 2 times World Champion Lin Dan both frm China in a row en route 2 the final

Yes !!!!!!! Won !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The match was so exciting !! Can't blieve dat's he is back !!! Beating CJ n LD, 21-7,21-16 & 21-19,21-15 respectively.. Brilliant defence, amazing net. Perfect smashes.Everyting nice, n plus wit sum luck... Lin Dan is good too.. Perhaps he did many mistakes... Last yr,defeated by Taufik in semi, n dis yr meet again in final... Dat's a chance 4 him 2 take sweet revenge.. hehehe.. Hope he wil take the opportunity, n dun make me disappointed.. :-) Cw ar, cw.. Mus win la... If lose oso nvm, but make sure rubber set.. Dun lose straight set... so, all the best 2 him 2mr..
i gtg......... Bye !!! wana zzz,tmr watch him play. hehehehehe :-)

Trip 2 Langkawi

I miss my add maths, Physics n Chemistry lessons 4 these 3 days.. Luckily Bio Teacher oso absent, but i din c her in Langkawi.hehehehe
3 days 2 night trip 2 Langkawi by Air Asia hu oweys delay... Actually our plane is 1025, but delayed 1 hr.. The journey is exactly an hour. So v reach there at 1225 sharp... hmm... 9 of us...My family n my uncle n aunty.. V rent a van frm the airport, n go kai kai ourselves with the help of the map.. hehehe
On The Plane..
Selamat datang ke Pulau Langkawi !!
Langkawi cable car.. Unfortunately, din open....sob sob
On the van dat v rent.
In eagle square.. Nt clear, my phone cam nt dat canggih.hehehe
Langkawi's sea... I lik da blue sky...
My sis, me n cousin, Kimberly
My sis n me.. In a restaurant which recommended by my fren, Esther.
Actually, went 2 Makam Mahsuri 2.. Now i noe the story.. B4 dat, blur blur oni... But no pics, coz the ppl say cannt take pics.. haiye.... We went under water world 2.. But juz outside, coz went b4 d ma, ntg wan. waste $$$.. better buy CHOCOLATES !! So nice la, chocs... hehehe I get my cadbury breakaway !!
Oh, 1 ting, i wana share, Ppl in Langkawi hu sell chicken rice has a poney tail,but is a guy... I went 2 two diff shop, both sell chicken rice. The person hu sell, both wit poney tail. But diff person. funny hor.....
I guess dat's all for now.. gtg..


New Season

After merdeka, is a new season..... 2me.. the 4th section of the yr. Well, 3 more months n we wil say goodbye to 2007..Still gt so long 2 go, so better enjoy. i cut my hair recently, i duno ok 4me anot? So, dear amrit , giv me sum comment,coz u asked me 2 update dis blog. I guess vry boring. I feel dat. I dun hv inspiration to write. hahaha. Duno y?Oh ya, here, i wan2 complaint about dat teacher, hu 4B shud noes. Our sej teacher, ish, pandainya she pujuk us ar, if she get A 4 her practical,belanja us eat KFC.. Lik dis oso kinda tiru la... rite? She teach lik dat ar? i definitely fail her.. triple Z !!! hehehehe. wit the previous wan no diff, except she doesn't call me often 2 ans quest, whereas that previous wan, oweys tembak me.. N all her sentence tersirat.. I dislike ppl hu talk tersirat wan. But not my frens... hehehe. Sumtimes tersirat oso quite nice.. Vry funny. But i juz dislike dat person hu talk tersirat. Dat 1 oni.. heheheOk, nxt, Wat am i goin 2 do in this new season? do my best in end yr exam.. Dun1 talk bout exam. Besides, ermmm... wat leh? ohh.. wan2 do well in my electone concert. Since the concert is a christmas concert, means december kua, so long time 4 me to practice. Hopefully, i dun step wrg pedals n 4low wrg rhythm.. I dun wana memalukan diri sendiri ma. hahahahak , till here, vry tired..Bye !!

Yeah !

Happy 50th Birthday Malaysia !!!!!!!!
Jalur Gemilang dibawah naunganmu Jalur Gemilang kami semua bersatuPerpaduan kedaulatanAmalan murni rakyat MalaysiaJalur Gemilang megah kami terasaJalur Gemilang kibarkanlah wawasanMerah, putih, biru, kuningJalur semangat kami semua
Dis yr's theme, Malaysiaku Gemilang !! Reali gemilang leh... Y suddenly i so patriotik ar?
Act, Malaysia nt bad le.. Food so nice.... Gt Genting Highland(my company) hahaha. Gt so many beaches... So many diff races.. Can talk so many language, dialect...
31 Aug, Malaysia's birthday !! So, here 2 wish Happy Birthday Malaysia... May all malaysian dreams cum true.. every1 be well n happy...... Good health (the most most most important ting.) Wealth oso mus gt la.. But belakang kira.. hehehe
Football society pls gt improvement, juz lik badminton, hahahaha. Dun memalukan dis Gemilang n Terbilang punya country.. lol...
K, till den, duno wat i talk.. Juz feel lik bloggin..
So, every1 Happy National Day !!!!!!!!!