Thursday, July 31, 2008

Are we creative?

Yesterday, Me and Amrit onlining... We have nothing to do, so with wanted to play the games in MSN.. But that msn kuku(amrit's new word) edi..We clivk, poker cannot, cheker cannot, tic tac toe cannot, 3D tic tac toe cannot,jigsaw cannot, UNO also cannot... So we fed up dy.. Therefore, we start to play tic tac toe on msn conversation.. We draw.. hahahaha.. It's fun ok... lol..... Amrit won 1-0.. Tak kira la, because I thinking of something. hahahaha...
This morning, we took that Australian Mathematic test.. Is actually competition. The questions are quite "easy.. ""Easy" until....... fu yohhhh.... College student also cannot do that type aaa... Teacher said, whole Malaysia only 2% get distinction while 50% get credit.How bout the remaining 48 %???

Im glad that I pass for add maths... We ask teacher so long to let us see our marks... huhu...
Last time F1, F2, F3, we will say "haizz.. Don't know can get A anot?, wei.. U say I can get A not??"
But now, "wei U say la, I can pass anot?" l0l...

Oh ya! I and Amrit created some rhymes for foreverus91 after playing tic tac toe.... HEre it goes...

1.Ee Li

Ee Li,You are so silly,
As pretty as a Lily,
As fresh as the Air Pili,
As hot as a chili,
You are a little bit girly,
And also very geli...............

2. Kohila
You are known as Chelseala,
You are as brave as an umbrella,
Love to watch bola,
Always the favorite of Nirmala,
Not to forget Normala...........

3. Amrit
Amrit,You are as cute as a rabbit,
Because you love to eat,
But don’t vomit............

4. Sarah
You love to watch drama,
You never kalah,
And will never be salah,
Because you always take the correct langkah...........

5. Lian Ee
Lian Ee,
You are fierce as a lion,
Your voice is one in a million,
You have a statue in singapore called merlion........

6. Carolyn
You are so mean,
Because you love to do add maths mean,
You love to eat amoxyline.......

7. Edna
Edna,You are as slim as a banana,
You love to wear bandana,
Because you want to be a ballerina.....

8. Shobana
You are known as MUna
You love to eat bananas,
You love to play the guitar,
Singing & dancing around like a pakar........

9. Esther
You are not an ester,
Don't use plaster,
Because you are as fat as an oyster........

This is an incomplete version. Link to Foreverus91 to read the full version
Amrit and Carolyn Private Limited
Best in Convent and Kajang.
Till then, I wanna watch tv... Bye !

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Three days of test is over !!!!!!!
I and Amrit gonna online habis-habisan...
10 chapters all together leh we studied...
Predict what is my result... sigh....
But its over, let it be... Shobana said, "haiya, MONTHLY TEST only ma.. Not SPM also.. hahaha...
Ya lor, monthly test ONLY...

Tomorrow we will have our Australian Mathematic exam..Gosh.. I don't even know how to do the questions... See from front like so easy.... Mana tahu, behind all don't know how to do... Sei lo...
We take that exam because of thar certiicate.. From Australia wa.. Don't know yes or not...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

We don't need to go for St.John meetings anymore !!
We will be free by August.. !!
yay !! I won't miss St.John meeting.. Because it is getting from worse to worst since some one who don't do work took over.
I can wear this t-shirt as pyjamas..hahaha..
We don't know anything about 1st aid, don't ask us to treat..
When comes to exam, we know everything. :)
Us with the qualified first aider Lian Ee...
Meifen, Lian Ee, Me and Ee Li
My dearly v.chairperson
When comes to st.john, she can sacrifice anything u know..
Taat setia...
She said that inside her blood or gene got things to do with St.John.. Siao siao..
Anyway, I just want to promote her abit here, ADULT COPERAL
Chen Lian Ee,because she always do her job well..
Pity her la, as a v.chairperson, she does more than she suppose to...
Unlike some irritating people that can goyang kaki and hold the highest post, as she doesn't deserve it at all..
Don't do work, nevermind, not sporting at all... eesh....
COnfirm edy, class streaming going to happen..
Im still happie because with get to challenge her...
She don't like to dicabar.. She want like that, means like that..
This is called bossy..
Lian Ee said, N's Law looks very sad when she went to her office to get her sign for st john agm... Lol...
Probably, she is heartbroken..hehehehehehehehehe...
******************************************************************** ***
Monday will be our 1st day of test.. 2nd monthly test..This will be my last post until exam. No ! until test over... exam will make ppl tension..
test not so... lol
Good luck and all the best to all the 5th former from Convent, a school which i wanna buy down one day... To build my biggest Indoor Badminton Court in Kajang... lalalalala..
till then... Bye !

Thursday, July 24, 2008

她连猪不如。。。 你应该能够相像到是怎样的吧。。。

死八婆, 你走着瞧吧!!



080808, we have to go for that sejarah ceramah... Forced by teacher la, somemore what...
If not, we have to hv private talk with her... Yucks !
We sacrifice add m3 tuition and hv to go for that ceramah...
Olympic opening right? If afternoon meansssss....... eeyer..
4 yrs once okay... haiye..... another huge sigh......
Convent is getting worse year by year... from bad to worse, worse to worst, worst to the worst among the worst.......

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My add m3 teacher...

Happy 17th Birthday Edna !
Happy Birthday Edna !
You are now 17 years old... Edna Tan is a...
Yes ! a genius friend of mine!
Top 5 student in class..
A diehard fans for ADD MATHS !!!
If she dont get 100 for add maths, means she get 99, if not means 98 and so on. BUT !!
Not less than 90 !
I know her since form 1... But she sat kinda far from me, so we seldom talk...
The girl who always ask us to bertugas as she is the ketua kebersihan for like don't know how many yearsss...
Always said "ehh.. today you bertugas you know.. Later you bertugas.." hehehe..
Besides, she know everything about computer.. When my computer detected some virus, I will ask us what to click.. lol...
She teaches me how to install game(some games wich very troublesome) through webcam.. canggih leh.. hahaha..
Here I wish you Happy 17th Birthday and may our friendship last forever..
Good Luck in your upcoming monthly test.. I know is like colourless kacang to you... and of course All the best in trialss too.. I know you will surely strike straight 10 A1s...

We did this in school during Biology.. Right bottom wrote by Sarah.. sweet leh
Actually, yesterday we went and bought the presents and cake.. Therefore, I and Amrit went dating... Luckily lamp post lianee came with us...If not, don't know who will foot the bill..

Edna's birthday @Metro Point, Marrybrown...
Me,Ee Li, Esther and Sarah brought her to Metro point 1st, while Liannee, amrit, and kohila went to Lianee's shop to take the cake...
while waiting for shobana,kohila and lianee to come..
Even the wording is green. We ask for it.. hehehe
We must feed the birthday girl...Me and Esther...Step 1Step 2Step 3

tadaa...GREEN !!as though is our birthday... hahaha
Me and Kohi..
GREEN is the theme.. Birthday girl wore GREEN too..
environmental friendly.. hahaha
The card from all of us... got 9 heartss...Each ppl 1... Sarah's idea..

After that, we went bowling.. We wanted to buy 8 game since it is RM 3 per game..But the people want to put 8 of us all in 1 lane... If play like that take very long time Therefore, we buy 4 games and 4 pair of shoes.. 2 people share 1game..
The pair:
Carolyn-Ee Li
Lianee dont wanna play. Amrit also din play at last, because it's too cold inside.. They 2 went rondaing.... lol
ALright, the winner is Esther-Sarah... Esther Siah owe each of us 1 dunkin donut !!!
Yeah ! bowling....Dare to dream
We dream to be like Shalin Zulkifli and Esther Cheah 1 day... ( luckily not esther siah) hahahaha
After we bowl.... Me and Ee Li Outside Music box... Colorful? outside only, we didn't go inside..
We took this while Shobana and Amrit went to toilet..Me and Shobana...
After that, Ee Li, Edna and Sarah went back.. We on the way out to the exit...We pass by sport shop.. And......I found my Spanish darling.. FABREGAS !!!She wont go back unless, she took this pic...(meifen, ur fav ar?)

Then, at 1 gerai...sell all football stuff..
mainly the four teams...ARSENAL,CHELSEA,LIVERPOOL, & mu..I found this !!!! Arsenal handphone hanger.. But too expensive.. I pok kai dy...
Kohila bought a Chelsea wristband ... RM4... cheapest among all..
We had a whale of time today...... :)
Edna, hope that you like the present from us and our theme GREEN !
Alright, till den... Proceeding to Foreverus91...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's fun dating with you amrit... ahhhahaha...
Not to 4get with the "lamp post" (ee) a.k.a financial minister..
We don't get what we actually wanted, but stillll...we make great decision for buying those things.
We shop for like 2 hours?
It's fun deciding which card to buy..
But somehow I feel the mirror wan is great..


Okay, I wanna ask...
What is lala?? (i don't mean that lala which we eat wan) Meifen, bu yao zha wo !
lala is often use on girls.. Then, boys got call lala wan ar?
Suddenly, my tahap curiosity shoot up to the highest leve. lol
I understand lala as the hair is short on top, spiky wan and bottom is long..
Besides, they pin their hair like din pin like that. Not only that, they pose one kind while taking pictures... I am NOT insulting..
I am yes...... Curious...
Till then... Bye !!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

I miss Genting Highlands... My theme park annual pass is gonna expire end of August...
I want to go lar !!! Actually suppose to go with class, to take pic for magazines, but didn't go at last... : (

Availability: Monday - Sunday (means everyday/daily la right?)
Time: 12.00 noon to 4.00pm
RM10,RM13 or RM18

Availability: Monday - Sunday
Time: 6.00pm to 10.00pm
RM12,RM15 or RM20

Entitlements K-Lunch / K-Dinner include:
- 2 hours Karaoke
- 1 soft drink
- Free tidbits

(this wan not that worth)
Time:3pm - 6pm

  1. Dessert with liquor - Vanilla ice-cream with vanilla vodka
  2. Float - Soft vanilla - coke/sprite with vanilla ice cream
  3. Dessert - Vanilla ice-cream with mix fruits
  4. Cocktail - Mandarin Cranberry - Mandarin Vodka with cranberry juice
  5. Aqua - Citron Vodka with sprite

Also inclusive of 2 hrs karaoke (free room charge)

This is BE A STAR KARAOKE at Genting Highlands..
yes, im promoting la...
A place you must not misss.... It is situated at Genting Hotel.. The video games there leh... 1 floor or 2 floor above... 1 floor below casino la i think... Nice wei...
The food is delicious
yet cheap...
Food+tidbits+drink+2 hour of karaoke=RM 12, 15,RM 20.
The cantonese kuey teow i tell you superb nice !!
Then, got yim kuk kai rice... That wan also delicious...
"jin jin you wei"
Where to find I ask you?
You eat Mcdonalds or pizzas or KFC also more than that ready la right..Don't have free karaoke also le...
So, next time if you all go Genting, eat there and sing there la... hahaha...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

N's Law

N's Law states that N is hate by everyone.
The rate of changes by N, hatred is produced.

Firstly, she wants us to wear clogs into the toilet..imagine, if you fell down.......
Secondly, she want us to do mind map for evry subject including komsas and moral. what the hell. Don't tell me she's gonna do mind map for a report and send to the minister of education...
Thirdly, she commented on our so called "fashion keterlaluan" hair and she wanted to cut people's hair.
fourthly she commented on Malay girl's tudung, saying not enough long, when she herself's tudung short like what...
Fifthly, she want us to say" selamat sejahtera .........................(teacher's name)
she wants to separate form 3 and form 5 classes..

Inthuja: Nvm, Malaysia is a democracy country, we go and protest !! She cant do anything..
Esther Chong: Yes, Malaysia is democracy, but this school is not democracy...

You tell me is she mad or crazy or maybe she fought with her husband and then come and torture us?
She is always out of the country, awhile TURKEY,awhile JAKARTA.. (teacher say her husband vry bernama, so she will ikut wherever he go)... Actually, she just want to curi tulang, but gaji still she ambil... So bernama means she don't nd to work la,
stay at home,
drink coffee,
watch tv
Why must she come and make our life miserable???
She is truly mad and crazy..... So many headmaster and headmistress.
She is the worst among the worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is just 3 to 4 months left, can't she let us have a memorable wan?
If wanna stream, stream la beginning of the yr..
if got, i think that headmistress/headmaster is her identical twins or fraternal twins.

Actually lar, like sithara said, we don't mind changing classes, 2 or 3 months only(excluding trials).. I can tahan...
but who will teach us is the problem.. friends also will be different.. Don't tell me in such a short period of time, you can get along with the ppl around you as well as the teachers...
She is damn smart.. during SPM, she wont drive her car, because.............
she scare people damage her car.. Tahupun.... Which means she knows students hate her and who make it that way? herself right... she herself make it that way.

I heard ppl say, high school did it uncountable time.. She scare of BOYS...
Seriously, I don't know who on earth let her pass her practical... I wonder how she goda the fella until let her pass..

Please la, look at our ex headmistress, see how nice is she..How sporting is she.. Learn from her la.. I don't expect she is exactly like Pn Ramlah, but... She is just too over until people cant stand her. So sucky... Got 30% Pn Ramlah also enough la.. If you want people to respect you, come on, respect us FIRST.

okay, till then...

Not to forget, yesterday I, edna and Ee Li joined that testing perisa competition.. Got 10 stations, they put different kind of juice and we drink and guess what is the flavour.. kinda untung, u pay RM1, get 1 air kotak plus u drink the 10 stations's juice... hahaha
Actually, i don't want to join..But to forget what Im thinking, so I go and join.....
fun la actually....

Friday, July 18, 2008

no mood day...

Today is a non-satisfied day. I have no mood. Therefore, I stop my bio tuition which was suppose to stop end of the month, I really have no mood. makan tak larat, tidur tak lena something like dat lar..
Basically, should I be satisfied? Yes? No? Yes? No? Dont knoe is the best answer..
Whatever it is,will happen or will not happen, I shall stay strong and think positively..kononnya lar..
You are not me, you don't know what's the feeling...
Do things without thinking others feelings is call selfish..
What the hell am I talking??!!

Yes!!! Dump everything into the dustbin and close it properly until SPM. 4 months to go...
After that, open back the dustbin, and pour everything out again..

I reali reali reali want to cry, want to shout and I wanted to tell out all the bad words including the "f" word which i hate the most... But in my policy, I cannot do that. People can say it out easily... hmm...
I have nothing else to talk about, speechless...Im gonna continue my forensic heroes II...


Wednesday, July 16, 2008


GOSH ! St. john.. st john... 100 yrs of celebration..
"Buy lar ! special you know, hundred yrs celebration"
this is wat kohi tell me to tell the person to persuade them to buy.
The prob right, I dont know how to talk like that...
I think, b4 i hv the chance to tell, the person run away...! not all la, but some.. Some vry generous.. "nah ! i gv u money la, i dont want stickersss...."

My stickers are not out yet !!!!
although it's only 10 stickers... duhhhh..
but do you know 10 sticker bukannya senang. when people see you they will run away, sepantas kilat !
That kind of feeling when you see them run away ! as though what only ler..
"shang hai zi zun xin"
I wonder why St.johns always sell stickers...
People asked me
"kenapa asyik sticker saje, tak de benda lain ke? RM2 mahal lar"
Since in the 90s, they've been selling CAR STICKERS ! sell la other things, fan or some file or anything.. huh ! Y dont they sell pens or some plasters ar, dettol ar, cottons,iodine whatever that people can use la... stjohn is abt 1st aid after all.....
yala, i noe i crappinggg

Who on earth can help me to sell???
Last yr, I gave to my seniors.
This yr, I shall give to my junior who is my sister..hahahaha
she is a great promoter
Go collection ????????????
I dont want to see people run away from me ! I dont want to experience it anymore... PLUS Malaysia dahlah so hot, wear full uniform ! can mati kepanasan wei...
During form 2, I very the bersemangat, I sold 50 stickers in 2 weeks... geng leh..
Actually I've no regret for joining st john lar...
But I also dont know why on earth I join this society.. I shud have join school band, but this "canggih" school don't have.. sigh..

I dont know how lar now to finish the stickers by this sunday... what the stickerssss...I am clueless...
I wish that I am a thousand-aiire now.. (thousand enuf no nd million yet) So I can hv the money to buy all the stickers myself.......
Actually you know why im so worried arr?If we return stickers, we wont get our ko-kokurikulum marksss.. thats y...... is like uguting lar right...

Okay, bye ! I go and check my piggie bank got how much 1st... Worst come to worst if nt enuf, i go borrow frm ah long laaa... but i think enuf la.. rm 20... heehee..
til den..

Extremely hot day

It's extremely hot today.
We, the rajin punya st.john member came for meeting to do the human formation for the Annual General Meeting..
Oh, i see.. Want to do slide show...
Sithara,Kohi,Shobana,Mimi,Ee Li, Abitha, Me, MeiFen,and Yen Mun did the alphabet "E" and the number "8". Chehhh.. Proud...
We did it under the hot sun okay... Hot sun...put ur chicken on the field also can cook..
After that, we play-play the tangle game..
Today, it's the last meeting conducted by form 5 according to liane la.........
Yay !!! But still we need to go for meeting after AGM, goshhh... We not yet mencukupi 18 meeting..... duhhhhhh.....
Nvm, until August..... We are waiting !

Esther Chong wanted to open her own concert on December in her church and asking whether we will go or not.... Of course I will go.. hehehe...
Esther wants to sing sambil berguitar... The future musician... I often see she play guitar. But I nvr see she sing and play before.. So, I must go.. hahaha...
Plus I want to take signature from her 1st.. Mana tahu 1 day, she really become superstar...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Oh No !!!
I forgot to ask teacher whether can return my $$ not !!! Finish !!!
Surely she gv the money dy............... Hopelesssssssssss.......
Why am I so forgetfullllll.. sigh....
My RM 10.50 !!!!
how many cups of Cina teh ais and how many pieces of roti canai?
Never give up ! I'll still go and ask tomorrow...:p



This is a piece of art and also crap

ps:meifen, pls baiki my language if nd to... haha

ok..... I translate to my dear amrit..
Amrit, i said i vry long din write in chinese rdy.... approximately 4 yrs... So, im gonna practice here supaya tidak lupa...
use chinese to write blog vry funny.
and then rite i say, trialss around the cornerss, i started to gt abit scare, so nasib baik i noe how to scare, if not means i wont touch my bk.. and i want to fly to beijing and see the person that you always insult wan... is a dream dat im dreaming... hahaha.. at last there, i say bye bye, goodnight..
thats all
u understand anot? I say until like this.. I ownself oso dont understand.. hahahaha
i hope u can understand what i talking abt.. hahahahaha :)

Forensic Heroes II

Forensic Heroes II rocksssss......
I talk untilll no more saliva to persuade my dad buy 1 new dvd player to replace the sudah explode wan... He give all sorts of reason not to buy, and my sisss and I give all sorts of reason that should buy. So, 3 against 1, we won !!! huhu.... Actually I tot he wont buy la, but at last i oso duno why he buy...

I desperately need the dvd player, becaue in the afternoon I bought the Forensic Heroes II !!!!
I cant tahan if I don't watch it...
Therefroe, straight after we buy, we watch from 10.30pm -2am..... we covered to Ep 5.. Since the 1st episode we watched in AOD preview dy...
Then Sunday after Physics, I watch again from 12pm-5pm and we covered up till ep.12 or 13...
watch like that very happy leh........
That Ivan(kevin cheng) damn handsome i tell youu..... So bergaya when he hold the bomb... I buy because I wana watch himm... hahahaha..
But I dont like that Ding Ding died...

Still got about 10+++ ep to finish. I will finish it by next weekend... Only weekend I can watch ma, so 2 sats and 2 sundaysss. I CAN FINISH !!!
Next will be Tong Sam Fung Bou, heart of greed something like that...
Meifen wana finish dy, then I borrow from her.. hahha...
I want to see Bosco and Moses........... and of course abalonesss..

After heart of greed is trials, then after trials mayb i wana watch silence speech after spm I wanan watch Love Exchange, After Love exchange, I watch all the drama I miss out wan... After I watch alllllllll the dramas, I want to join that Astro TV buff ... hahahahahahahahaha.....

Okay, till den...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Joshua, the cute boy..; ceriabox enquiries

This is my little cute and mischievous nephew named Joshua...
Handsome? Yeahh ! Im sure he will be very handsome in 20 yrs time and don't know how many gfsss will he has. He is kinda lembik and therefore always bullied by his cousin because his cousin is bigger in size. lol..
Lastly, he is very intelligent...
Because of those DHA in milk powder i guess. : )


Oh yeah ! our school right, ask us to buy the borang for registration into government
matriculation something.. I paid RM 10.50... I regretted becoz eventhough I get also I won't choose to go there... Plus not that i will get also... Goshh ! my RM 10.50.. Im gonna ask teacher on Monday whether she can gv me back my money or not so that I can go Happy Happy cafe.. hahahahaha

Actually last wednesday we wanted to go to ceriabox to sing.. But kohi also dont want go and also scare late for st john.. So we didn't go...
Student promotion: Mon-thurs (12-4pm)
1 hour RM 3 ++ = RM 3.45.. (you thirsty, your prob.. No drink. haha)
3 hours RM 6++ (this wan got free 1 soft drink)

We wanted to go the 1 hr wan act.. But didn't go at last..
The next day, we talk bout this in class again.. Yee Thong, Esther Chong and Joanne also say wana go.. So, before chem tuition, me, eeli and Yee thong went and ask for further information.. We asked see whether can wear uniform anot la, this la that la..
The people say cannot wear uniform, and at the same time I saw people wearing uniform. Ishh..
I asked whether got police meronda or not.. She said got... walaoo......But sing oni ma, not do anything also..

Before that, I beria-ria wana go. But now my heart tell me not to go..... Some more dont know that place halal or not.... hahahaha.....
I scare arr, if drink thr, dont know okay or not wan.. Who noes before they bring in the drink they put in pil-pil khayalan... Habislah my masa depan....
I think i better don't go...

Oh ya, in there, I saw my ex-classmate... same class for six years.. hahaha... I realised la, but i jia jia dont know.... then suddenly he called me.. twice... 1st time i x hear..... we were asking ma... 2nd time only hear...
He came down to the receptionist and take 1 bottle yg tertinggal.. Im 88% sure that his friend ask him to take wan bcoz he oweys kena bully.. kesiann.. lol....

That's all for now.. byee!

Ohhh no mann.. Tomorrow got Physics extra classss......... Lazyyy.. But luckily not 8.30am.. We are 2nd classs...

Friday, July 11, 2008

How to be happy ?

Trials in how many hours time?!
3rd of September 2008..
2nd monthly test in how many hours time? 28th July 2008,
Approximately 888 hours time we will be sitting for trials and in.less than 500 hours time we will be sitting for the monthly test !
Tension? Hardly laugh? Feeling unhappy?
I get these frm 1 email... vry cute email.....

Try some new interest but don't force yourself

Be healthy. A healthy body brings you happy feelings
Have enough rest when you need it. Don't over- exert your body
Moderate sports make you relaxed(badminton is the most suitable wan)
Love those around you and bring happiness to them
Greet people with a nice smile and the same will return ( certain human beings)
Forget those things that make you unhappy and forgive those people who bring you unhappiness. ( Yes !! Yes !!)
Care for your family, your friends,your job and everything with your heart.
Don't be so fastidious about your life. Be always full of gratitude.
Enjoy your life and don't waste time on unnecessary worries.
Be satisfied with the happiness you have and be able to endure hardship as well. Never forget to forgive.( i agree)
Create something for yourself which is easily realised.
Spend a little bit of time everyday reflecting on yourself
Look back on those things which have made you happy
Always Think positively
Refresh yourself by creating some interesting moments.
Seize instant inspirations and make the best use of it
Gather some jokes and share them with your friends( i always do)
Arrange a holiday which you can spend with the people you like( i will go with foreverus)
Watch a comedy
Spend time with your good friends
Give a pleasant surprise to people you love(of course)..

That's all !

Chaoz... Bye ! Goodnight !

I am very fire

I dislike her. I dont like her. and I hate her. (i terpaksa say hate her, although my teacher say right, dont say hate, not gud).whatever lar, i need to say that I want to box her !
I feeel very hot and spicy now ! Want to shout at her !Ask her SHUT UP !
She loves to bergossip... eeyer... The bowl among the bowlest..

Because of she, my emosi terganggu and I terscold Alison Chew. On the other hand I ask Esther Siah to SHUT UP during Physics instead of the 1 that i suppose to. Dengan segala hormatnya, I minta maaf. She scare of me dy, so she dont dare to talk to me. Mayb she scare I box her or eat her up. My emosi terganggu, so I cant understand the Physics well.. I cannot concentrate.
I shall not smile at her whenever I see her in town anymore.I will not runaway from her also. I want to take the opportunity to frown at her... Frown at her dgn sepuas-puasnya...

Okay, I finish meluahkan my perasaan edy.... I cooled down...

p/s:I want to tell my foreverus that I dont like oil. I sit down on the floor and on the radio and think carefully rdy that I seriously dont like that type of people. Not my cup of tea... Let us stop talking about that person, and talk bout new person..... hahahaha...

pps: rit, this post i create bcoz of u wan. r u guessing wat m i gonna write? haha

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Im done !




but still got some minor-minor wan.. heehee
Basically, Im done with that project ! I guess we have no more folio !! Yeahhhhh !!!!!

Say hi to trialsss...

Ohh ya ! We, 5 Berlianss were invited to line up in front of the staff room.. hahaha..

Funny? Yes, it is... Prefects can't stand us? or maybe new session of prefects dont know what method to jaga us... huhu.. : )
I just cant understand or mayb i dont have understanding that why she don't come and confront the whole class but only to 1 or 2 person instead. haha.. She scare we tembak her? lalalala..

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Shine We Are

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b. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.


d. Put any comments in brackets after the song name.

e. Put this on your blog.

1. If someone says,"Is this okay?"
Mistake-- Nicholas Teo

2. How would you describe yourself?
Da Xiao Jie - Jin Sha
(Yes..I love being da xiao jie.. hahaha)

3. What do you like in a guy/girl?
Jiu wei xiao le (just smile)-- Nicholas Teo
(smile only wont rugi also.. haha)

4. How do you feel today?
Niu Zai Hen Mang – Jay Chou
(Im very busy in the afternoon)

5. What is your life's purpose?
Forever love--Wang Lee Hom
( hahaha.. yes)

6. What is your motto?
Yi qian nian yi hou - J.J Lin
(crap again)

7. What do your friends think of you?
Kuai Le(happy)--- Z-chen
( they say i vry funny, so they happy lar.. hahahaha)

8. What do you think of your parents?
You raise me Up -- Westlife
(Yeah ! They raise me up !)

9. What do you think about very often?
Dai gor-- Janice
(I certainly think of having a elder brother so that he can become my driver. hahaha)

10. What is 2+2?
qi shi xing fu hen jian dan-- Nicholas Teo
( happiness is just so simple.. father,mother, two children, lol....)

11. What do you think of your best friend?
Ming Bai - Nicholas Teo
(Understanding !)

12. What do you think of the person you like?
Superman- Gary Chaw
( hahaha... Imagine superman.. lol)

13. What is your life?
Rainbow (cai hong)- Jay Chou
(My life is as colorful as the rainbow)

14. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Superwoman - Gary Chaw
(Superman and superwoman, best couple.. hahaha)

15. What do you think of when you see the person you like?
Love is under the sky-- Daniel Lee
(for sure under the sky, if nt den where else? lol)

16. What will you dance to at your wedding?
Uptown girl la--- Westlife
(hahahaha... hahahaha)

17. What will they play at your funeral?
Dont know .. Choiiiiii...... touchwoood

18. What is your hobby/interest?
zen me ban--- S.H.E
( i love asking chew ee li how how how.. how la how la? hahaha)

19. What is your biggest fear?
Que Yang- Rainie Yang
(Lack of oxygen, I scare mann)

20. What is your biggest secret?
Bu neng shuo de mi mi- Jay Chou
(Biggest secret means secret which cannt be revealed lar)

21. What do you think of your friends?
Bu hui fen li (never apart)--- Guang Liang
( Later we have to stay far apart, I dont know how... Nvr apart paling gud)

22. What will you post this as?
Shine We Are--- Boa
( simply only)

23. What song would you play during your first time having sex?
Nothings gonna change my love for you---westlife punya
( no comment)

Let me tag: ( i wont cekik u all until u all do.. dont worry,hahaha)

ALISON CHEW ! ( u busy or u free or u pak toh or u do what also i dont care, U MUST DO IT ! i only will cekik u)


Lilian ( this girl i guess she dont even noe my new add)

Yee Thong

Dont know rdy lar, no more ppl for me tag tag tag......................................

Forgive and forget

  • Letting go of past hurt and pain

  • Trusting in the goodness of mankind

  • Trusting in the goodness and mercy of God to take over for you

  • Letting go of fears for the future

  • Allowing yourself to be vulnerable to growth

  • Taking a risk

  • Working out your anger

  • Overlooking slight relapses or steps backward

  • Developing a personal spirituality

  • Developing an openness to the belief that people can change

  • Developing trust in others

  • Facing conflict head on, resolving it on the spot

  • Open, honest and assertive communication with others concerning hurts, pains, and offenses experienced

  • Seeking professional help when necessary to resolve the distance and coldness in a relationship

  • Recognizing your part or role in setting up hurtful experiences

  • Identifying and replacing the irrational beliefs that block your ability to forgive and forget

WE SHALL LEARN TO FORGIVE AND FORGET although it is hard, because:

Forgiving is letting the other person know that you accept as genuine the remorse and sorrow for actions or words that hurt or disappointed you.
is promising that this deed, whether of omission or commission, will not be brought up again.

Every1 makes mistakes, so do I...
Yes, I shall forgive and forget. It's not a big matter after all.. I plan to forgive someone.. lol.. : )

If you can't forgive and forget, these are what you will develop into:

1)Defensive, self-protective, and distant behavior
2)Being stuck in a battlefield stockpiled for future offensive attacks
3)Secretive and non-communicative behavior
Continuously being hurt with pain and suffering going unresolved.
Being caught up in unresolved anger, animosity, and bitterness.


Monday, July 7, 2008

Add Maths Project : )

Once again, we have to do our ADD MATHS Project... 10 marks for trial.. Can jump 2 grades.. Don't play-play......
Suppose to pass up last friday, but we tell teacher by this week we passing up....In the process of producing a high quality project. Lol..
Thanks to funny and entertaining Pn Lim... BUT ! two or three hardworking students pass up this morning. Why they so hardworking huh?! No need watch tv ar?

huhu.. Just now we went to MCd, Ee Li hungry but she dare not eat because she no more money... Kesiannya..
So, she look at my ice-cream. She try her best not to look at other people when they are eating.
Yes ! She succeeded. Didn't eat a single thing.. We plan to fry our fries on Mon nxt time and bring to Mcd as bekal. hahaha

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Food fairr; phone recovered expresssssssnya

This morning's food fair was successful lar.. Wont be not successful wan.. :) because..*guess urself*
About 30 stallsss.. mmm... Got hokkien mee, prawn mee, nasi dagang, chicken rice, nasi lemak dll....
Hokkien mee was the 1st to finish... I didn't buy bcoz yesterday I ate.. Not healthy. 2nd was chicken rice... It finish at 11.20 am... 2 hrs and 20 mins....
I saw my Yu Hua friend there. My standard six classmate, Shu Li... and also some Yu Hua teacher whom I tak kenal langsung.. I was talking to my friend la, then suddenly the teacher come and ask us to carry things.. She probably thought Im her student also bcoz I talking to her student...
So, aiya nvm la, although she din teach me, but she's my "mu xiao's" teacher, I also help her la.. That teacher ask to pass the things to another teacher.. Wah Lao weh.. How do I know which teacher? So, I also follow Shu Li to hunt for the teacher named Pn Khoo... After hunting the whole temple, yeah ! We finally see her and pass the things her.. After that, we quickly run away before she ask us to pass things again to dont know which teacher... heehee

After helping at chicken rice stall, I go ronda-ronda, jalan-jalan, talk-talk wit my friend. I feel like laughing la when helping at the chicken rice stall. Not enough rice you know, but still got chicken.Actualy enuf wan but Because......
Those people say " ka fan, ka fan" more nasi pls.. So, the bhind 15 packets all used white rice instead of those oily rice.. Therefore the organiser aunty go and hunt some rice from those mixed rice stall, then masih not enough then 1 of the helper uncle go and take nasi dagang's rice.....
Chicken eat with nasi dagang punya rice....... The customer also say can la can la.. hahaha

Temple there got 1 Myanmar guy who is a worker there. Basically, he jaga the temple, clean the temple and evrything.. Haiz, I din take his pic.. He very lemah-lembut *not gay type*. But when he work ar, bertungkus-lumus.. When he pass by me oni, ask "eat already?" Dont know how many times I answered him " YES".. hahaha
He always jalan intown wan.. Selalu shopping in Giant. Nxt time I saw, I tell u all. hahah
Food fair ma right, surely eat alot wan ma. I ate ice kacang (kosong), 2 chicken bun,that "lut lut".. steamboat but on the lorry. Besides, I telan 2 sticks of nuggets and 200 ml of 100 plus..

12.30pm I chao dy.......
Actually, I suppose to post photos. But bcoz my camera and CPU fighting, then dun1 connect to each other, so I cannt upload... sigh


Surprisingly, my phone recover itself. Xpress music recover secara xpress ! I din send to repair or anything. I juz leave it beside my printer for weeeekkkssssss. And suddenly, I feel like on it and see. oi..... Boleh wei.....
I can unlock edi lar... Thanks to Harjir la, teach me those security code, lock ur memory...
Now I dont dare to lock edi, I scare cannt unlock... hehehe
say means say recover la, but still cacated abit...
Aiya, dont care la, use only...... Im surverying new phone.....lalalala...
I think I should go for other brand instead of Nokia... I use since I 1st gt phone la.... But Nokia friendly use ma........
hmm.... I want 4G phone !!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Amrit's Birthday ;3rd prize; biru retire

In school

Carolyn and Amrit..

Dont know where Amrit found the "good maid"

Birthday girl kena buli teruk2...
After school, we headed to old KFC..

We makaning...
When we almost finish eating, Kohi and ee bring the cake.
Amrit can guess rdy wan, she is juz too smart
Amrit: I noe u all gonna do sumthing
American Chocolate cake from Black forest cakehouse.
Frens forever !

We got third prize for Biology project. I dont even know that project is for competition.
Teacher ask to do means haiya.. do je lah...
Sarah, Ee Li, Esther and Me in 1 group. teacher said 4 ppl in 1 groupl ma.. sempena bulan sains dan matematik.. So we choose Biology.... hahaha Biology.. We did that respiratory system.. Kononnya 3D.. hahaha... Abit only.. Cant imagine we got 3rd..because water color like kena here kena there..But Better than none la.. Appreciate what i've.. hehe.. Im surprised that we got certificate wei... hahaha.. Plus 1 file.. Clip file...Hai hao yi si fang jia qian... Almost whole class got prize la... Bio, Maths and Add mathssss..
Prefectss retireee !

Hooray !! Prefects retired !!! Im happie.. Basically every1 is happy.. Because some1 in our classs has no more power to ask us keep quiet, do this and do that..

AFter assembly, prefectss officially retire.. Immediately, u can see her tunjukking her belang.. She wear her tie until loose loose like those manager or director kena pecat,rugi saham or kalah judi...


Some even say can start to break the ruless.. WHat kind of pengawas laaa, teacher oso say leh.. Bad exampleeee...

No offence to my pengawas frenssss k.... heehee..

Bio Tuition

We (me amrit eeli) are looking forward to yesterday's Bio's tuition. Because we will have our new teacher. Our previous teacher whom is a very good teacher, very pandai to teach, give alot of useful notes, simple and short notes yet easy to understand.. Her own mind map with her own method make us so fast understand every chapter.. She had moved out of Selangor last week, because got someone offer her a high payment job in Kedah if im not mistaken lar, so she go there... SHe studied bio sumthing sumthing, and become the top student in UM sumthing lk dat...
Smart leh...

So, yesterday our tuition starts at 8.30pm. But Amrit purposely go early because she wants the new teacher to open door for her so she get to see her. But tidak berjaya, coz student open for her instead...
We can't stop guessing how's the teacher.
At 8.30 pm, hahaha... finally we can see her dy.. Ok la.. She is pretty, very young, small size and cute also...
But her method of teaching is not as good as our previous teacher. Maybe she scare, bcoz it's her 1st time teaching us...
Yeahh ! give her some time, she will be okay...Our previous teacher and now the new teacher right, is classmate, or colleague... hehe..

Thursday, July 3, 2008


The principal of our school have nothing better else to do but keep changing our timetable... Dont know how many times we had changed our time table this year itself...
Our add m3 is now the last two periodsss which we always feel sleepy..

Okay, so 2day's 1st two period was Physics, and we were in the lab..The lab banyak mosquitoes... Very banyak... Early in the morning rdy so many mosquitoes.. My friend, Esther Siah had break the record.. She killed 4 mosquitoes in about 25 minutes.... Ishhhh...
When teacher is teaching, she squat down on the floor and start hunting for mosquitoes to kill.. She said irritating....
I non-stop pulling her shirt ask her to sit properly.. She dun1 to listen... She loves to kill mosquito just like Kohi.. Killing means bunuh you know... A sin wei.. hahahaha

The day b4 yesterday
Me: Stop it lar ! Why u must kill all the mosquitoes wan?
Kohi: Eh, you know ar I can't stand mosquitoes? Whenever I see mosquitoes I must KILL !
Me: Ishhhh... Ya la, but tak semestinya must killll wan ma.. When they hinggap on you, then push away only la.. Say, "dont disturb me, pls go away".. hahaha
Kohi: Yala, very funny. mosquitoes will listen huh?! Nyamuk aedes means how ar? LAter dengue means how? haiye you ar ! Memang I cant stand mosquitoes wan
Me: Ok ok la.. U win la.. I lose la. hahaha

lol.. In my opinion, mosquitoes oso nyawa.. So, I dont kill mosquitoes... Give it a chance to live.. I will just push away.. I know vry funny la.. hahaha

After sch, we go Happy Happy again. 2nd visit to this newly open cafe.. We went with Lu ting, Li Ying, Yee Leng and Poh Kim.. This time not happy at all... Me and Ee Li ordered loh mee.. Her mum said it's nice.. But, so long we didn't get the food yet.. After the rest finish their food, still we nvr get ours.. We vry fire.. Therefore, we went and tell the aunty " bu yao le, tai man le." cancel... Then we ordered Wantan Mee. So FAST the wantan mee come.. When we half eating, the loh mee aunty come and say sorry.
So, since people said sorry, we also forgive her la. hahaha


Oh ya ! we had fun in KFC celebrating Amrit's birthday... We wana belanja her, but she said if we pay, she wont eat.. She say edi, mmg will do wan. So, everyone also scare... : )
We sang like dont know how many times birthday song. Even on the road.. Duet Shobana and Esther : )

ps: price tag? Amrit u wont mind la kan.. hehe...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Birthday girl, Amrit

Dearest Amrit's birthday...

A person who bully me during form 1... Dont talk to me. According to her, she dont talk to new student, new student shud talk to her 1st.. hahaha..She dont let me to have a look of the exercise booksss..During form 2, Im still not close to her...During form 3, still Im not close to her.. But after PMR abit closer because we play UNO together..We get closer during form 4...I dont know how... Undescriable.. Yes, she is funny.. Love to laugh.. Love to tell stories.. Whenever you sit with her, she will tell storiesss. Interesting one...She gave me some advice and encouragement which always works... Her words is simple but padat isinya...Oh ya, she loves cricket and her darling, Dhoni...

Amrit,im sorry because I can't afford to buy you a ticket to India..Go Genting Highland lar, nicee... lol..I tink can get free room 4u... Not 1st world, mayb highland hotel. heehee.. the gamblers hotel...I just want to tell you that im glad to have you as my friend.. Thanks for being such a loving and caring friend... May life lead you to great happiness success and hope dat all your wishes comes true!
Secara formalnya,

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A day of laughter

I feel so happy today. Because I went to Happy Happy cafe just now in the afternoon.. The new hawker centre nearby Convent named Happy Happy. lol...
After school, Ee Li and me went there for lunch... Alot alot of people. Working peoples, new era college's students and of course convent studentss. hahaha... We ate fried kuey teow and drank cina teh ais.. wash away the oil. hehe
At 1st we thought new opening got cheaper, but who knows tak de pun. At least give free cina teh ais ma... and the food is not cheap also..
More expensive compare to Toong Shen.
Now, kedudukan Toong Shen tergugat.. huhu...Ohh yeah ! we met Wendy and Qian Peng there. Their E.Lit class was cancelled..
Wendy ate mixed rice. 2 lauk RM3.50.. Fuihh...

We saw 1 girl. I guess she's 20 sumthing.. The hair all blonde wan..she bleached her hair kut.. Come and show us some pictures from some charity home, asking for donation.. She asked us to donate a bit. RM 1 or RM2 oso can.. Ee Li n saya donated RM 1. But Qian peng and wendy feel she's lying bcoz she didn't show license or anything to buktikan.. After that, she go table by table... She talk so much... She even sit on ppl's seat.. Until ppl go n order food came back no seat.. Then we saw she issued receipt to those who donated but not us.. Why arr??
So, we conclude that she "eat" our money... n go n dye hair.. hahaha..
Dont care la, she wrong not our wrong oso if she eat our money...

After lunch, off we go to Mcd. We met Kohila and Shobana there waiting for the puntual esther. tot wana buy RM0.50 ice-cream. Inthuja bought 3, but not RM 0.50, is normal price. The waitress said only sat gt RM 0.50.. end up we walk out frm MCd and went to Parkson to buy something..
We take so long to decide to buy 1 thing.. haha.. I see the promoter also sakit kepala dy. lol.. want then dont want, then choose others again. Too many choices until me and eeli need to close eyes and choose.
We did buy sumthing at last.Ee Li desperately need ice-cream. Therefore, we went to Metro's mcd cawangan and buy ice-cream. Huhhhh ! Don't have pulak...
Isssshhhhhh... They repairing or what.. dont know la.. Ee Li still need ice-cream. So, we went to Giant to but Kings ice-cream. We bought Spinner oreo. hehehe.. Although we can't get RM 0.50. At least we get RM0.99. But also paid RM1.. Still we saved RM 0.05. : )
At that time, we realise it's already half past three.Definitely late for tuition dy... Ya lor, we dont use to have tuition at 3.30pm.. that's why we cant sense the time... hehhe
We reach PTM 3.45pm. We speed to the max...


It's the start of the 2nd half of the year...J.U.L.Y.. 1st half of the year had gone.... I am not really satisfied with what I've done during the 1st half of the year.. N i need to make it better in the 2nd half..