Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy 12.12.12

Hey there! Today is 12.12.12... People said it is the last repetitive date we could ever see... :) I think my today will be passing through with classes, works and so on...
So yeah, hows yours?

Actually my blog is kinda dead.. n i believe not much readers... But duno y im still keeping it.. I should have jst delete this blog like many others do.. Perhaps, is because of memories... Lots of memories i have in this blog.. Happy,sad, angry and many more..

So nothing much, i dono what to write.. haha... so yeah..

till then...~

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Monash Annual Ball

Well, today im gonna blog about the Monash Annual Ball.~ Its the 1st time for me to attend any ball.. yeah, i din even joined my secondary sch graduation prom.. i also did not attend Inti Ball when i was in Inti.~ because i oweys think that, ball is wasting money and time... u need a certain amount of money to get urself doll up, as in buying clothes, heels. Not to forget hair do... for those ppl like me who duno any single thing bout makeup , need to waste money to let ppl make-up ..

I did not even care bout the Monash Ball when they started to sell the tickets. I was just like " ahh, monash ball... inti ball oso din go la, school prom oso din go la.. forget bout it la, so ma fan wana buy clothes and all,and im so fat already cant get clothes la.. bla bla bla and so on.."

After few days, my friend are asking around who wants to join the annual ball and also persuading people to go in order to fill up 1 table which is 10 person.. hmmm..~
Keep telling me what, university life leh, go lah... later work d, cannot enjoy, faster la, go la.... bla bla bla-ing beside my ear for a few days... I was then tempted to go la, n my boyfriend oso wana go.. hahaha! then i also ask along my another friend to join.. cuz i no kaki as i want a girl to be my kaki.. :o)

So, i found my partner which is my boyfriend, weehhahaha! and my kaki, with her boyfriend :o)
It's the 1st time for all of us to attend a ball.. don't know anything... I just take 1 whole day to shop for clothes and heels.. Surprisingly.. I bought my dress in Sunway Pyramid and my heels in Time Square.. LOL
TS cheap ma, n i don't think i will always wear my heels.. So yeah!

Im lucky that i don't need to spend money on hair-do and make up. Cuz my dad make my hair, and jon's mum make up for me.. Thank You! :D

                 This is our theme ROYALE. Thus, they serve us ladies first before the gentlemen for every dish :)

My tablemate :)

                                     Poh Kuan, Me and Pei Qi.. All with the same surname WONG :)

Mr Lau and I :)

The little gift that we get. The box is our ticket :) special huh? 

                                                                 Very reddish rite? :)

This are some photos taken when we areout of the ballroom :D

Btw, Congratz to both Mr and Miss Monash.. Both are my favourite! happpy:D
I have a great judgement yo.. hehehe:D

The ball ends at 12am.. n then back home :)
Overall, i enjoyed quite alot as this is my 1st time attending ball, so not much expectation and complaints la.. Im satisfied with it though :)
So yeah, this ball gives me new experience.. hahaha...:D
Last but not least, thanks to those committee who make this event and give us such memorable memory :D...

Till then, back to assignment!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

hellloooooooo.. yooohoooo....~

wheeee~ hello im back !
Just wan to type something cuz im bored! dun ask me to study le can ma?
break awhile ler...~
Finish wit mid term.. but my results, haih..... need to work vry hard for finals ler...
good luck to myself..
I had just recover from sick... wuwu~
Last week i went for Amazing Race, rmb? wooohooo~ we got 26th out of 70! never thought of that though cuz all of us are not very active people... Awesome game..
my team :)
But the consequence of me entering Amazing Race is get sick. My whole body is so pain after the Amazing Race. I think i walk like a crab...
n then 2 days later, i fall sick... OMG.. I cant bear the muscle fatigue... whole body not only pain, but also no energy.. I drove to sunway cuz i tot after swallow 2 panadols will be okie.. But that day no, on the way back, im so dizzy n i stop by at the drive thru McD to slp for almost an hour.,.. hmmm...

normally when im sick, it will be bcuz of sore throat. so i wun go and visit doc, but eat 2 panadol n buy amoxcylin from pharmacy, then off fan n aircond, hide under the blanket for hours until whole body sweat. After that, it will recover dy. But this time i duno fever for wht reason, cuz throat no pain. So, i cant buy amoxcylin but oni eat panadol. After 1 whole day of panadol n hide under blanket, still very not okie. So only i no choice go n visit doc.. haih...~
After 2 days makan clinic ubat, im ok dy le... Whheeeee!
Thanks my bf hu come back from work and buy porridge for me, and bring me go see doc. TQVM! love u:)

oh k, next! i wan report something! Ytdy my boyfriend bring me to TeeQ Restaurant for dinner. It is a rooftop restaurant in Lot 10:)
He suppose to bring me there to celebrate 3rd year anniversary. But on that day, the restaurant has some private function. So we unable to celebrate there but in Ben's aa :(

So, ytdy he bu hui for me! SO good.. love u again! <3 p="p">It has promotion for 2 person.. Got appertiser le, got main course le, got dessert le,
all very nice really. Even their service oso i give them excellent during survey! *thumbs up*
I think i will go again lor :)
We had
Appetizer: Memorable symphony of teeq (Baby Shrimp with salad)
                  Crispy Batter deep fried baby tiger prawn :)
Soup:         Forest Mushroom Soup
Main Course: Harvest From the Ocean (green mussel, fish fillet from ocean bass,    grill white prawn, and wild Salmon)

Last but not least, Dessert!
We had Boston Chocolate Brownies! :)

It is a yummylicious dinner. The environment is very suitable for couples ler...
For lovebirds, i strongly recommend you to visit this restaurant and try their set menu. :D

alright, i dun have the pics, but i wud post it here once i gt it:)

till then,

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Hello its week 5 of my uni! Hmmm... This sem is tiring, n it is getting tougher and tougher... :(
business law is confusing... I cant understand all... So, i truly salute lawyers...
Well, in week 7 gonna have 2 test and 1 assignment due.. hmmm~ im gonna have sleepless night ....
In conclusion, uni is fine, i started to be more and more independent.. oh ya! n i joined the monash amazing race..wahahaha! just for fun, i dun think can win.. hehehaha! It's open to non monash student oso.. come join us, will you? :)

So, olympics 2012 has ended... Quite surprise that we manage to secure 2 medals. 1 from badminton and 1 for diving:) Congratulations to both. You guys make us proud to be a Malaysian :)
Is so close yet so far for DLCW to bring back the gold medal, but it is still fine.He gave his all and all his effort touched all malaysian heart.. I really like the ESPN commentator's words " Skills win you medal, Attitude wins heart" It is so true, that DLCW has put all malaysian together and win all our heart.
As for the diver, she is only 19 years old... I guess not much people aim medal frm diving.. But she made history by being the first female in Malaysia to bring back a medal from Olympics. :)
So ya, thats all for Olympic yo! :D

As for work, as usual.. Public holidays, or weekends... Cuz im kinda busy nowadays dy... hmmm~
The new retina display macbook pro is sellable, i believe it could be everyone's dream mac..

Talking about shopping.. I shop alot in groupon? like an aunty already? hehehaha... finding yummy yet cheap foods :) Not only that la, me n my bf bought a watch each for our own...besides, He bought me 2 tops from Zara.. Thank You :))
As for movie, we watched Step Up Revolution, the Dark Knight Rises, Amazing Spiderman (long time ago?)macam itu saje i guess... hehe :)
I feel Dark Knight Rises is not nice at all..But alot of my friends say very nice, and i was tricked to go and watch.. hahahaha.... Just kidding la :)
However, it is not nice for me. I slept for almost an hour.. i guess Avengers and Spiderman are way better than dark knight .. :(

Last but nt least, its the 3rd year for me and you :)

Happy 3rd Anniversary! We planned to have our dinner at Teeq Restaurant the rooftop.. But unfortunately we are told that they are having private function at the very last minute... So, we went to Pavilion and end up having dinner in Ben's.. Well, i would say the food was ok.. Not too bad.. But i think other western restaurant are better.. That is my own opinion.. Well, it has been 3 years:)
Happy 1097 days! Thanks for everything you have done for me, n making me one of the quite blissful woman on earth! haha :D Although im sometimes noisy. making you dono how to do, but deep in my heart, i always love u..
LOVE YOU LOTS!! <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
This is our yearly photo frame. We promised that no matter what gift we have for each other, photo frame is the compulsory wan for both of us, and needs to be same.. So, as u can see, 3 photo frame = 3 Years Anniverssary! Thanks for your awesome idea ! :D

Alright, thats all for today!
Till then,
With ♥

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Hey there, it has been a month plus since my last update.. kinda busy recently... Exams, outings, lepakings, trips, work and so on. Besides, i dun reli have the mood to blog oso la, cuz i was really worry bout my results.. my 1st degree result i shud say :D
It is suppose to be release today, but it released yesterday that give me a shock... i saw people posting in the uni group saying that result is release, and i quickly log in to the portal to check.. I was shivering when waiting it to load... n after i view it, i receive the sms from the school of my result... I do not know how to describe my feelings at that moment. My heart is pumping fast.. In my heart, i kip saying, please, let me pass all...
Alright, my result is okie... Im glad i did pass all.. I really need to thank the Buddha and my mom...Thank you very much.. :) I got distinction for my accounting paper.. :D
The other subject, is ok lar.. haihz.. I m alrdy satisfied with the results with the efforts i put in...
So, i m relieve now... can continue my hols till july 22... :D

oh ya, last 2 weeks ago, i went to Pulau Langkawi with my coursemates :) it was fun!
i think i planned the trip? ahahaha... glad it works fine :)
8 of us... 4 guys and 4 girls... our gang is balance rite? teeheeee...~
we went there by airasia of course... it cost us around 400 including flight, hotel and breakfast for 3D2N :)
We stayed in Bayview hotel :) it is located in Kuah town where it is surround by quite a number of duty free shops.. if u love shopping for choco and alcohols, u can consider dis hotel.. btw, it is near by the wednesday pasar malam as well.. very strategic place to stay for shopper, just like the 8 of us :)

      Red: KL to LGK ; Yellow: LGK to KL                          
 in airport, preparing to board, in the plane :)

We reached Langkawi in an hour time.. After hunting our lunch in some hawker centre, then we went n check-in to the hotel... We stayed in Bayview hotel :) it is located in Kuah town where it is surround by quite a number of duty free shops.. if u love shopping for choco and alcohols, u can consider dis hotel.. btw, it is near by the wednesday pasar malam as well.. very strategic place to stay for shopper, just like the 8 of us :)

   It has a swimming pool too.. We did swim.. hehe :)

After our check in, we went to Underwater world Langkawi.. it has lots of fishes n sea creatures that i have nver seen before... i went there once when i was young.. but this time, wit fren:) n ya,there is a duty free shop selling jolly shandy for rm1 per can.. omg, all of us buy 1 each... it is so cheap, n its cheaper than mineral water :)

                                                            pic in underwater world

After that, since its still early, we went to Langkawi cable car... It is also the oriental village,, i had been there several times, but i had never take the cable car before, cuz everytime i go, they are doing maintaineance. This time, i had the chance to get into the cable car.. teeeheee! :D
i forget it is how many meter above sea level...  but i knw it's kinda high...

After cable car, off we go for dinner.. The dinner is OK, but really expensive. No seafood, but it cost us rm 147. i dun reli rmb the restaurant name, but it is in the town, nearby our hotel... :( as we are tired, so we are not bother to find other restaurant... sigh... after dinner, we did some price checking activity in those duty free shop.. because there are quite a number of shops, so we go into different shops to check the price of those choco.. hahaha.... smart consumers? yes, we are :D ohh, btw my frens bought sum beer and i bought maggie cup back to the hotel:)
Around 9 plus, we went back to hotel and have our shower, den play cards n drink beer session till around 12 midnite and had a goodnite sleeeep :)

THe nxt day, after breakfast, we had our morning swimming :) no pics to be shown.. ahaha! cuz its wet, noone brings camera :(  after swim, around 12 stg to 1, we are hungry, n we went to shopping malls.. 1stly, we went to langkawi shopping fair, nothing much..nt much food oso... then we went to jetty point, end up eating mamak.. LOL right? hehe... after our lunch, we had baskin robbin! cuz its wed, n its pink day!wheee!
Then, only we go to the crocodile farm.. it has nothing much...those croco are not active... n we are lucky and get to see the feeding session.. hmmm... thats oni thing.. nt much activity...


Next destination after croco farm is the BEACH! woohoooo! we went to pantai cenang... its the famous beach in Langkawi, although it has other different beaches, but this is the famous i guess :)
the water is better than port dickson, hmmm... even in a public beach... We had lots of photo session over there, with many many different poses.. hahaha :)

After the beach, we went to Eagle Square. It is the symbol or Langkawi. There is a man who fetches on the motobot say that LANG refers to Helang short form, while KAWI refers to batu kawi.. so, the name is LANGKAWI :)

                       u can see the picture, one is with the lights on, and 1 is after they off the light:(

Then, it's dinner time! damn hungry weyh... cuz i had nt much during lunch :( We went to Wonderland seafood restaurant.. This is great! Cheap and yummmy! We had tofu, oyster egg, soft shell crab, ha gou,vegetables, fruit juices, can drinks, and beer for rm100!

Since its 2nd night in Langkawi, we did our express shopping in those duty free shops that we already study their price... We just grab and go, grab and go.. ahahahahaha! Not only that, we went to their night market too... they actually sell ramly burger for rm1! omg!!... Furthermore, we went to those stores lk pasar malam which situated right infront of hotel.. We grab the " I LOVE LANGKAWI" tee for 5 bucks each :)

                                           It's us with our shopping effect :)

Our talent, SHOPPING!

Not to forget, celebrating Su-ianne's belated birthday! We asked the hotel ppl to bring the cake up, but they did not light up the candle.. ISH!!!!! SO, some of them need to hide to light up the candle... She was surprised! :D
Happy Belated Birthday, girl! Hope u enjoyed.. :)

The next day, is time to go back :( but since our flight is 6pm.. We still have time in the morning :D
We followed some kind of 5 hours tour to feed eagle (supposingly), n a private beach for rm 18!

The beach is blue/green in color... u can see fishes.. :) very clear water ..

Around 3 stg, we went to airport, and change our "I LOVE LANGKAWI" tee... had MarryBrown as our lunch, and walk around the airport for like an hour plus.. So, we board the plane at 6pm sharp i guess :) 
We reach Kuala Lumpur around 7 something, and then Home Sweet Home.. <3
Overall, it is a fun and enjoyable trip with friends.. Hope that we had more in the future :)To Penang i guess? hehe

Alright, thanks for reading... SOrry if its bored. hahaha
Till then,

With love, 
me me me! :D

Friday, May 25, 2012


Lots of things happen recently.. Happy, sad, emotional.. Exams is around the corner. My first exam in degree level... yeah...~ i would wish for HD if i can. Who doesn't want HD? But Management is really killing me. I don't really understand :( ANyway, study hard and hope i can do it :)
As for other subjects, i don't dare to put big hopes, but i will try my very best, cuz" life has no rehearsal, and everyday is a live show. Therefore i need to do well in every performance" it's a quote gotten from a friend.

I was working on and off this month. The new iPad is awesome! The resolution is higher now, and the camera which i really concern of has gotten better to 5mp :) On the other hand, i got myself a 2nd hand iPad. Yeah, u might ask why would i wana get an iPad 2, since the new iPad is already here... Cuz, this is the matter of budget. Besides, i think iPad 2 will still make a great job tooo...I bought it from my colleague for rm700.. hmmm~ He didnt use much as he said....~ So, i decided to give a try cuz my iPod touch is really small for me to see, at times :) Sometimes, i also feel shy to take money from dad, cuz i already started to work. So, i wont wanna take money from him to buy the new iPad, so i also decided to buy the iPad 2... After I started working, i know the meaning of hard earned money.. It's not easy though.. In every line, there is always different issues in work..

Lastly, i would talk about my boyfriend... We have ups and downs, this is always compulsory right? We came to a point where we fight like idiots. He told me that i never give him chance to protect me, and i do everything for myself on my own, and dont want him to protect me... I was like zzz, omg, wth,watareyoutalkingabout, areyoucrazythatidontwantyoutoprotectme. not only that, we argued bout families. I heard his mom asking him why he did not contact that girl for so long. He said "no la, nothing. and also give no expressions." He then asked me, "did you heard what my mom say?" I said "yes, so?"
He said: "i wont wana contact those people also, cuz they are not real friends"
I said" yea, u think lk dat, but your mum doesnt know. In future, she will ask you again. So, why not clear the confusion now?"* i started to unhappy, cuz i feel that his mum still likes him to be wit the gal. in my heart i was like, "hey, what am I then in this 3 years? Its 3 years, n u still wants ur son to be with that idiotic gal who make my image go down the drain?" Therefore, at this point, i have sadness and hatred come back again.

I know that this is not my boyfriend's fault. He always don't talk bout that family just so that we can forget  all the incidence causes by them. I know is not him that bring up the issue. Is his......~
I was so sad, maybe u think im jealous.  and to be real i really feel hurt and sad when i hurt what she say on the phone.. After all the arguments we had, my boyfriend, for the very 1st time, stood up and tell his family as in not to talk about that idiotic gal... His mum give a respond that " i was just asking you why did not contact her, as a friend and i thought you all are still friends, Dont misunderstand, i know u have a gf.. " i dono whether it is true, but this is what my bf told me. I hope it is true and everything will stop...
I just wana say, i do not need you to do anything for me to protect me, as in like quarrel with people, fight or etc. You just need to put me in the right place :)
tq and i l y.

thats me these days...
till then,

Friday, March 30, 2012

X insecure X X lonely X x horrible attitude x x friendship x x love x

Hi Blog, Is me blog!
i had not been updating for like jz few weeks. Good job huh? hehe...~
anyway, today im here to release wats in my heart this few weeks.
Uni is tiring... the assignments and tutorial  more than enough to stress  me... 4 subjects...

Sometimes, i kinda admire those who work and study at the same time.. I wonder do they have time to finish up tonnes of assignnment? How do they manage their time without getting tired? how this and how that?
hmmmm....~ its week 5 now, and test is coming nxt week, assignment due nxt week... Lots of things coming next week... I still havent started my assignmnet :'( Perhaps i suck in time managing...
However, looking at the brighter side, I will have a week of break after that! Weeeee!~
Nowadays, I feel so tired. It's nothing to do with the lecture hours as my lecture hours are shorter compare to other uni. Instead, it's bcoz of traveling, the times that I stuck in the jam.
I reach home around evening everyday. I laze on the sofa n then eat my dinner. By the time I finish my bath, it will be around 9pm.. I know I should start my work straight away, but I start facebooking. When it's 10pm, I started to feel so sleepy, and I jz slept off.. Pfft! Haiz.. My attitude is horrible and I hardly get my things done.
But 1 thing I woke up 6am everyday, my biological clock just wake me up at 6am everyday. I usually do my work in the morning...~ however, I do not have sufficient time cuz I go uni at 7stg or 8 stg.. 1 to 2 hours are not enough though.. Haha... But it's better than none.. Anyway, I would try to clear off my bad habit Aka facebooking and become better in managing my time...

Next, I would like to say, I'm truly struggling in friendship these days... Once I entered uni, everything seems different? My friends are like all split out, going on different routes, why can't we be like before, just like we used to be? I guess we are all further apart now. Sometimes feel awkward to each others. Or perhaps no more same topics to talk about.. Hmmmm....~
Why is always love and friendship the harder to use, I use to hope that my boyfriend would join my friend, and I have one. I feel blessed.. But sometime, frens feel shy to join cuz they don wanna be light bulb, I und n i know it's uncomfortable. Therefore, I try my best to not make ppl feel that my world is oni me n my bf.. I believe, everything can be fine if we ourself can manage it well... Times with friend and love should be made equal.. In uni, we should care for friends feeling though. They are the one that will make ur uni life wonderful and memorable.. U can have plenty of private times wit ur bf want after classes.. Bf and gf do not need to stick to each other 24/7 rite? cuz each of us need some time for our own. Agree? Haha.. Just my opinion..
I do not wana lose my friend bcoz of is love, n friends and friends. Both are important i guess. But maybe sometimes the power of love is greater than friendship. Thus, people tends to put more time on love instead of friendship. But agree or not u might regret it later..

This post is long, and it's all me alone ranting.. Sorry if it's boring.. All this are just my opinion, agree or not is by a matter, n I apologize if Any of my words did offended any1 of u.. :)
Till then,
Toodles! ♥

Friday, March 2, 2012

Week 1

~Friend sudden change
~walk alot
~in the process of adapting new environment
-Love change
~did not make any new frens :(

Monday, February 27, 2012

1st day of uni

many people at my age is at least in their sem 2 of year 1, however i jst started my year 1 and sem 1 today... why? dont need me to tell anymore... I had wasted a year like i said b4...~ i was in trouble a year ago holding an useless A-level result, feeling helpless, aimless and useless... i was like a cry baby all day and night.. i dono where my direction is and I thought of giving up...~

But somehow, i told myself i couldn't, and therefore i sign up the 8 months foundation as a repeat of my pre-u studies..i took up biz dis time as i decided to give up on sci.. it was never easy as i have no business background at all..Besides, i feel so shitty when ppl starting to ask what am I studying.. i do never say foundation, and i said business, coz i care how ppl look at me...~im afraid that i need to explain again and again.. I hate to give explanation.

It was also hard for me on the very 1st week in college as I thought that i can never get along with people that are 2 years younger than me..I feel so old, omg...~ However, im thankful that i manage to get along with them well.. So, 8 months had passed... I manage to score 4 distinctions in all 4 subject i took... it was a little relieve for me, as I know 8 mths of hardwork had finally paid off and i can finally step into uni level :) I finally can walk out from the sadness and leave my a-level nightmare...

I had once failed.. but today, in Monash for the 1st day, i feel happy n a little relieve... bak kata pepatah cina, failure is the route to success...:) I promise I will study hard, n not repeat the mistake that had done in a-level.
Although i enter uni later than my friends that are same age as me, but im glad i found my direction and got into a good uni...
So, thats all.. i had expressed my feelings of my 1st day of uni.. hope u ppl are not bored :)

Till then,

Friday, February 24, 2012

today I dont feel like doing anything..

Im lazy!!!!!!

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!

heyloooo!!! `1st of all, Happy CNY 2012!
It's the year of Dragon!! :)
CNY is all about Family and Friends. Not to forget the FOOD!!
I spend my CNY with mostly family... 5 days of holidays, i gave to myself :)
I went back to work on the 6th day of CNY...
of course manager gave angpau and company gives angpau... Not the amount that matters, but the heart that matters.. So, banyak atau sikit, saya tak kisah la :)
n so coincidently, my birthday falls on the 1st day of CNY... No extra angpau la.. haha.. only 1 or 2.. Dont tell me, u will go and boast around and say "today is my bday, my bday my bday!"? hahahaha

Granduncle from Shanghai came to Malaysia for CNY this year.. To be exact, he's my grandpa's little bro... Well, mandarin is important jst so we could communicate with them... He knows cantonese, but his wife doesnt... his wife speaks hakka.. OMG.. i duno!
so yeah, went visiting... my main purpose is to collect angpau.. Hehehehe!

Today is the 13th day of CNY! wil be having a primary gathering at restaurant melia.. so grand? hahaha! but its a lil awkward though meeting them, coz Im not very close to them just a few.. as i just joined their class for a year :) but anyhow... its good to meet up :) looking forward into it..

In this CNY, i feel alot of things, i understand more things, i learn new things... I get to see how much people appreciate their family members, i understand how strong the bond between siblings no matter how many years they are apart from each other.. I also see how they don't appreciate what CNY is, how they don't appreciate their family members...

MONEY IS NOT EVERYTHING...i don't like my uncle's style of doing things, but i cant voice out.. so i would lk to express here! I dono what money means to him... he is not poor.. but why can't he take up some time to meet with granduncle who came all the way from SHanghai just to meet us? Instead, he was giving reasons like "he needs to jaga his business so cant go off even for a dinner" =.= ridiculous ppl..~

to my uncle: appreciate ur family members more... they are the closest ppl that u can ever have.. Not the money..

to my aunty: Don't oweys spend all your CNY from cny eve til 6th day of CNY goin holidays.. CNY is actually not meant for holidays. It is for reunion! Visiting the elderly... Not HOLIDAY!

To anonymous (hope u knw hu u are): Throughout this 1-3 years, I had misunderstand u but dont blame me, coz u give me that feeling... but what i see recently, u treat me well and i can feel it... Thank you.. I appreciate it alot...~ i will try my very best to treat u well too :D

So thats all frm me for CNY 2012! sorry for giving u all such a bored post :)