Saturday, May 30, 2009

1 month had passed

I had rdy spend a month in INTI.. huhu.. Time flies n never come bk.. SO.. appreciate it !! everything is okie, this weeeek.. we started to have assignmentss.. statistics DONE, Maths DONE.. Bio, baru get... MPW duno how to start.. wait la, more to come..welcome welcome =)


Nothing much la.. got bio n chem lab classes.. We did experiments la of course.. So tiring mann 8-4pm.. NO BREAK ! but starting from next week, i got break rdy ! Yay !!
We had dinner at bakery there.. huhu..

doin those biuret, benedict testssss..

Poh Hui, aka bao bei.. hahaevery1 in class get 1 ferrero each from Ze Ying..
fyi, ze ying, is our flower in class.. Thankss
She got matrix, so she went for it.. we miss her..

Since class ends at 12pm,we decided to go kai kai... 8 ppl went to Terminal 1 1st, and after that 5 went back, 3 ppls continue their shopping at Seremban 2 jusco..
We got back to Inti at around 9pm.. waseh !! 1pm-9pm..
it's the reason why we are broke.. we are officially moneyless.. n that time only we know how hard to survive without $$..

Waiting for the KTM to cum..

damn long la the KTM...
carolyn.eeli.vimala. irene

Wee yen and I in the train edy..


Ee li and I punya.. HAWKEYE!! best buy !
our class starts at 10am ! woohoo !! fun !! and we had mpw... malaysian studies.. a subject tat u are allow to sleep in class. hahaha..
Damn bored laa.. Me n Jin Yong the cutie !!!
Class starts at 10am too... So nice to sleeeepp.. can slp kao kao.. haha..
We had dinner at around 8.30pm.. damn late for me.. coz got leo club meeting.. we makan in al-salam... to save abit $$ for other things.. huhu.. n since we (eeli,carolyn,yeeling,sze yien, america,swee chin and yen fern) all hv singing mood.. Therefore we went to MYBOX !! the 1 and only 1 sing K place we had discovered in NILAI... anyhow, we only sing for an hour... coz we are all good good ppl, dun1 go back so late ma. haha
not to forget, when we sing half way suddenly time finish rdy n SUDDENLY the song stop rdy.. huhu.. so sambil we walk, we sing.. hahaha

Me and Yee Ling..

Swee Chin, Crystal.. she came frm kelantan..brave girl..

3 ppl.. while others shouting.. haha


It's the day to go home !! huhu !! yay!! hip hop horray !!!

We had chemistry in the morning.. n we learn new tamil words.. hahaha... Then we had mathss... bored la u noe.. n i oso not vry understand.. haih... i oso duno y... but anyway, all i want is to go home !!! angie fetch us balik kajang.. THANKS !!.. n so we can reach earlier..

If ktm means vry lambat, not very la, but lambat la.. coz must wait for the bus to KTM, and need to buy ticket n need to wait for train...


Today la... i went Tescoo... the new Tesco semenyih..nt reli new la, but it's the 1st time la, for me..why dis tesco nt much ppl compare to saujana's wan? saujana wan oweys oso full wan that carpark, but semenyih wan, alot parking..

This week had been a quite fun week compare to the last few weeks.. oh ya, tuesday is ou vry free day, alot of outing is on tues wan... tues we went terminal 1 n jusco dy la.. so nxt week whr to go eh? hahaha... keep on thinkin of kai kai only.. but it's the way la... We should enjoy life !!

n i think thats all for this week's update..

Till then, tata !!

Take care people !!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

i duno wat title

wahaaa... quizzzzes is over.. y
you know ar? we sit for quiz oso like sitting for big big exam.. So serious.. especially Bio wan..
We had finished 1st chap of bio n chem.. Therefore, we had our 1st ever quiz for this both subject..
Chemistry still ok la.. boleh buat.. But the Bio wan.. reli duno how to do la weyh..
I think i would get 0.000000001 nm %.. hahaha..
Watever la..over edy den let it over..
Next we got MATHS assignment.. We thought assignment is what la.. project ke, or sumthing else ke.. But it's oni doing exercise la, n need to pass up.. ONLY..
We play snap during maths class u noe.. n donkey.. hahaha.. like small kids but it's fun..
On Monday, me n eeli didn't sleep in our own room..
We had sleepover in szeyien's room.. LOL.. haha
not oni us, but yeeling n america too.. haha
Because actually we wanted to go n see bags oni.. szeyien's roomate sells bag.. hahaha..
But we play until so late, lazy to go back n so decide to slp thr.. huhu..
by right cnt wan..But we so jing ling ma.. haha
Kesian szeyien n her roomate, sleep on the floor, n let 4 of us sleep on their bed.
The next morning 6.30am we wake up n balik own room.. Lolss.. coz got class at 8am.

Ee Li, sze yien the soipo, yeeling the dumex, n america from melaka..

Thanks to webcam
Before we sleeep

On Wednesday was Street Party 2009.. Ntg much la... Like pasar malam lk dat... got stores lk dat sell sell thing loo.. But around 9.30pm they lk got dance floor lk dat.. n alot ppl went n dance untilllllllllll.................. Including Harjir !!But we didnt go n dance laa.. coz the nxt day got chemistry quizzz... Got fireworks oso.. Inti quite kaya huh !!!

Street Party !!!

Before street party, meifen n harjir came n visit us..

Harjir the crappin queen

we 4 pplsss...

Before going back to study.. =)

this is kawanku, Ze Ying.. she leaving for matrix rdy.. so sad.. i guess thats all for this post ! tata

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

random update

today we had Bio n Maths class only, till 12pm.. so nice la wei.. so free.. haha not reli la, coz we got chem n bio quiz on thurs n fri... hoho... so sad..
After maths.... Maths is as usual la, so slow the time pass. haihhhhh...
so we went to computer lab to copy sum MPW that assignment thing.. huhu... copy n paste is our talent.. haha
Then, yee ling n gang came to eeli n my room.. they help us to bersihkan rumah.. So nice.. thank youuuu !!! haha.. Finalllllllyyyyyyyyy, the rm 15.99 mop dirasmikan, n not more than 1/2 hour, the mop cnt use rdy... sigh.. Lowest quality u can ever get...
So, nvm, we use the old wan.. cheaper, n higher quality.hahaha..
After cleaning, we never wear slipper inside edy.. NO MORE SHOESS, SLIPPERSSS ALLOWED..
Around 6 stg we cook maggie meeeeee, coz we gona go for Malaysian cultural night at 7pm...
Ohh ya, it was okie la.. In front part err, abit bored but still okie... But the harmonica part is the BEST...
After cultural night, we 1 group people with another 3 class mates went for mamak !!! yoyo!! mamak... hahahaa.... n eeli saw her darling thr.. lolz.. the guy vry hensem wan you know... very la, i tell you... last time 1st 1st WE like wan, i oso like la means...But rite, now left eeli la adore/admire/love/like him, coz i dun lk rdy.. hahaha.. Playboy tak ngam me. hahaha...
We played the mafia blink blink game.. damn syok la... hahahahhha.....
after bout 1 hour plus spending time at the so meriah punya mamak, we finally decide to go back. hahaa
n now, im here to blog, it's 1 stg edy..
im goin to finish the bio report la..
till then, tata...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

my thoughts in the morning

I don't know what am I doin n i don't know what should I do..
Sometimes, I dun even know the thing im doin isit reali correct..
sometimes, i feel that evrything around me is not what i expect or what i want them to be..
Im afraid that the thing im doin is a waste of time..
sometimes, i feel so unhappy but i couldn't tell anyone..
sometimes, i thought myself will never care what people think of me, but actually i really duno dat i will care so much..
Going to college should be happy rite? But why am I still not happy although it's ardy a week or more la..
I see others all so happie.. But so sad, I am not..maybe i need more time?
The feeling now is, im surrounded by alot of smart kids.. n when ppl ans quest, n i duno the ans.. I feel very STUPID.. n yes, i scare ppl laugh at me... but too bad i cnt laugh with them..
as in ns, if i do sum silly thing, i can accept ppl laughin at me, n evry1 will laugh 2gthr.. n after laughin 2gthr, they will cum n say, ehh, nvm la.. is ok la...
so different right..

I thought I will be okie n happy staying in hostel.. since im away frm home for about 3 mths.. n the 3 mths is worse ma, cannot even go back evry week plus it's further..
But somehow, I feel staying in NS camp is better than hostel although they don't even have 10% of the facilities here in INTI..
Im enjoying thr lk crazy.. But i dono y, the same thing just couldn't happen here..
Maybe the environment is different..
I dun have to think about anything overthr.. all i hv to do is just sleeeeeeeeeeeep, eaaaaaatttttttttt, playyyyyyyyyyy, talkkkkkkkkkkk, laughhhhhhhhhhhhhh, run around, that's it..
But huhu.. in here?.. i cannot talk lk how i want, laugh like i usually does, sleep lk pig, eat whenever i wan, play whatever i like.. Because, I CARE how ppl think of me!!!...
Life is all about changes.. this sentence is so correct..
Everything will change, n wat the Buddha says is true: nothing is permanent.
including permanent marker...
You thought u can 43ver be studyin with ur secondary sch frens.. huhu.. that wont happen la..

All i want now is to be a simple person.. Happy go lucky like what i did in ns...
i wana have A "whatever la, i dun care la" mind.. But you know what? i cannot do it..
If i can, i wana be a smart kid.. Not like genius la, but at least abit of smart.. n yes, in order to be a smart kid, u hv to study.. n now im going to study.. even if the quiz or whatever assignment only cos for 2%, i wana try my best to get it too.. I dun care if people say me kiasu la.. As long as i noe im not, n i noe my limit..

out of sudden, don't know from what thoughts, I miss my mummy..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

i learn new word today !! So damn IN !!!!!
kekancheongan = nervousness
diperzhadaokan = kena bomb..

nice words !!!


Today we supposingly have Biology class.. We finish chapter 1.. n we are going to have quiz.. omg omg.. die la die la... The teacher teach nice.. vry funny.. haha.. so, we wont feel bored although the class last for 2 hours.. If datin teach, sure u feel lk 2 years or more.. huhu...

After biology was Maths.. n u noe ar, our maths class CANCEL !!! yeah !! everyone so happy.. therefore, we continue our own plan.. GO TO GIANT !!!!!

Ee Li, me, Wee Yen and Kuang Jiet together-gether go gIANt, as we try on the INTI bus.. lolz..

I tell u ah dat bus, so confusing... later i tell..

Then we reach Giant... we need to walk u noe as we duno that the bus will stop exactly in front of Giant.. so, we walk n the weather is so hot u noe.. we sweat lk mad.. After ebter Giant, wah.. so nice.. got air cond.. Then we decide to eat uncle John kopitiam as there dun hv much choice..Besides, it's kfc.. haih.. KFC..

After eating, talking.. we went and buy our mop mop thing, baldi n sum bread ah, biscuits.. Not to forget the cuci jamban wan.. hahaha..

we bought 1 mop for rm15.99 u noe. SO EXPENSIVE.. we see wrg price, tot 6.99, but now double the price leh !!.. so sad... =(

Nvm la, ini adalh pengajaran RM 15.99.. Next time, see properly before buying.. DUN MAIN AMBIL je.. haha..

So, it's 1.40pm lk dat la.. n so we 4 ppl wana balik.. So, we tot naik inti bus again.. The two friends of ours wana go KTM, so we ingat the bus turn 1 round to KTM rdy, then bring us bk to INTI.. But when we are walking rite, to the bus stop, the bus reach rdy, at the opposite road.. n we get to know that the bus going to KTM.. Unfortunately, the bus ran off.. So, we need to wait till 2.30pm for the next Inti Bus... n we sit thr for almost an hour, talkin talkin talking... Finally, the bus arrive, n the bus driver didnt see us, n jalan edy... OMGoooODDNESS.. We chase the bus lk cat chase the rat lk dat... n he didnt stop.. When we gona putus asa rdy, the bus cum on the opposite direction, and so, we cross the road in a very fast very fast speeeed.. LOL... we didnt even ask whr the bus going, n we naik.. The bus nvr go KTM rdy.. so sad, so bad... so evrybody nd to balik INTI.. huhu.. n they nd to find transport.. =(
Feel so bad la.. they teman us until cnt go bk..

Okie, next, me n lili cook today.. we didnt go down n eat.. We only went to cafeteria to buy ICE..
ICE ITU KEGEMARAN SAYA.. We cooked spaghetti.. huhu..
so nice i tell u.......
Pasta n mushroom soup.. yeah !! so nice.. yummy yummy. haha
Our dinner.. spaghetti, mushroom soup and ribena...Nice leh we cook..
B4 i end the post, let u see our clean toilet..

This is the most i can take.. haha

This wan is our room


huever hu wana stay dun kena tipu ya..

IT IS STANDARD DELUXE, NOT SUPERIOR.This is Carolyn n eeli's 7-11.. No feeling hungry.. haha

alright, i guess thats all for today..
Tomorrow it's gona b a sad day for me, coz i alone.. eeli going to lab class. so sad...
woowoo.. how nice if my cute fren is here.. hohoho... lolz


Saturday, May 9, 2009

We went out !

Yesterday we(carolyn,eeli, meifen,kohila, esather n lianee) went out.. We went to the nearest shopping mall, Jusco Cheras Selatan.. Suppose to meet Kohila as she's goin for Matrix in Kedah.. But she got JPA rdy, so she no nd go Kedah.. haha..
While waiting for meifen, we went to Jusco to shop... We bought present for Pn Lim as Teachers day is coming soooon.. Why we buy for her only? because duno why we only can think of 1 teacher only.. hahaha
After meifen arrived, we had lunch at Bistro thr...
and after makan, we talk n take pics..

A+ Teacher = Pn Lim !! we bought this cutie pillow and a card for her..
Other teachers dun jealous.. hahaha

esthiieee and me.. her new name.. lol

Me and Chelseala... long time no see..

After that, we balik rumah !! It's nice to meet them once in awhile.. haha.. we should hv this more often... Amrit ! u must come the nxt time !

Friday, May 8, 2009

1 week rdy !

so fast it's friday.. very bored very bored for 1 month plus, now alrdy 1 wk i start to belajar again.. huhu.. Time fliesss...

okie, let's talk bout my class.. statistic's lect i said b4.. he is okie.. Boleh.. 1st sem punya student aka meifen n jir jir say he VERY nice.. but we havent discover his VERY yet.. so let us juz wait.. n then, CHemistry lecturer.. a soft spoken lady.. She is nice.. n of course better than scol wan la.. No nd say la.. Ok la.. rate err 4.5/5 la.. hehe
n then Bio lecturer.. I paling like wan up till now.. But meifen n harjir say dun too happy 1st.. wait 1st wor.. But still i feel she is nice ! totally diff frm our bio teacher la... n i feel la better den mr fong.. Lol.. hehaheha
next is mpw lecturer.. I oso cannot clearly see his face.. so if i pass by him i oso duno he's my lect.. haha.. coz the class lk about 100+ 200 students.. damn damn big.. he is funny la.. the way he talks make the class nt so boring.. but nt yet betul2 start.. so i duno..
Last but not least, my maths lecturer.. abit boring... pn lim still the best.. !!
my class ppl lk getting lesser and lesser.. all move to nxt class, i duno y.. 100% nt bcoz of lecturer coz two class same lecturer..mayb bcoz frens..
Friends are so important.. i mean friends.. not that type wan ur help oni cum to you wan.. that type no

so, our lab class starts nxt week..
u noe ar, my bio n chem lab class berturut-turut noe.. 10-12 chem, 12-2pm bio.. n den b4 dat 8-10am statistics and after that 2pm-4pm maths i think ! walao weyh... 8-4pm NO BREAK mann..
gila siao wan...
but nvm la, few weeks ni, i cn tahan wan.. but i curi makan in class dun blame me la.. ppl will hungry wan ma. hahaahaha..
So, it's monday.. crazy monday!
i think tht's all about my classes..

Next, you noe rite, my hostel at sky so high up... I feel vry tiring wana climb up the stairs everyday.. especially when u carrying bag sumore.. n rite, when wearing that loose pants vry susah wana jalan.. sigh.. Luckily my block is in front wan.. if bhind, i will evryday marah-marah..
we got oni 3 days that class starts frm 8am.. so wed n thurs our class start 10am.. haha.. ya, 3 days oni.. still bnyak.. we masak air n make milo ehh.. u see.. hahaha..
n rite, we did try out the rice cooker.. huhu.. it works leh, our maggie so sedap.. yummy yummy.. haha.. coz we ntg to do, went bk still early, so we cook..
oh ya, 1 thing, i wana tell we din cuci the toilet 1week edy, but still so clean.. huhu.. if use 1yr, oso no prob.. hahaha..

and we oweys meet meifen n harjir for lunch.. lolz. but harjir oni bz with her preet preet.. aiyoyo... Today, we bcum paparazi, wana take preet preet's pic 4 harjir.. But he sit back to back.. so we take the back oni.. so gila we all.. But vry fun...
n i meet lot ppl la.. kajang ppl.. yuhua lk alot.. but sum i noe the person, but duno the name.. but i noe la frm kajang wan.. lolzz.. hhaaha..
so, i guess thats all la.. ntg much bout Inti.. hahaha
conclusion is, Inti is nice... sumtime vry liang shuang.. alot trees.. their "starbucks" nice !
Ee Li and I usually go to the dining hall aka "starbucks" to on9.. vry meriah wan..

Inti got leng chai wan. but u must find... hahahahahahahahahaha...
but diff ppl diff rasa.. maybe i say nt leng chai, but u feel very leng chai leh right or not.. hahaha

sum of the non-asian students vry rude n rough..not the orang putih wan..

not i say oni, the aunty oso say.. pls, dun say i criticise ppl or whatsoever..nt tht i cnt accept but it's mmg the expressing what i've see with my own eyes..
They drive lk their road.. ppl two lane, they go n jalan at the middle the line thr.. n reverse the car assuming no car bhind.. besides, the way they treat the hostel security guard is no gud.. I know they pay, so WHAT?! sigh.. but dun care la, none of my business RIGHT.. i juz wana express.. huhu..
alright till then ! tata

Monday, May 4, 2009

Back to school

Today's my 1st day studying after monthss... hold pencil oso gt prob.. writing oso different edy..
hahaha.. so our class starts 8am.. 1st 2 hours was statistics.. hmm.. ok la.. no comment.. my class got lk 30+ ppl? lk 5 berlian la.. haha...
the statistic lecturer was okie... he says he communicate with students usin facebook.. so in !! haha.. After that, we went bck n sleep.. on the way, we saw Harjir on the bridge.. haha.. so berjodoh la.. haha.. So, we went bk to hostel.. den when we almost slept, harjir called n said her class finish, ask us lepak.. so we meet up harjir n meifen at the cafeteria.. hehe..
After eating lunch, we went to the library n talk talk, den we went on9.. n i saw amrit on the line!! haha.. lol... lk dis oso wana tell.. haha.. i like la.. the lunch quite cheap n nice..
then, 2pm we got chemistry class, so went to the class.. n u noe wht? the lecturer give us 3 quest 2 ans..
atomic mass n duno wat
1 more forget rdy..
So long edy spm over, of course i duno hw 2 ans.. haha..
oh ya, we met a new friend frm Kelantan.. we 3 ppl oso duno how 2 do the quest, so we main tembak je.. n den pass up.. lolz..
actuali chem is 2pm-4pm.. but mayb 1st day of class, so our class finish at 3pm.. huhu..
n we go bk to the library n on9 again.. hahaha..
bout 4 stg 5pm, we went bk to hostel, n now.. gona 6.30pm.. im on9ing.. haha..
so happie la, our account finally activate rdy.. hehe.. for the pass few days, cnt login oso..
bcoz we new student.. new wan.. haha.. nice la bcum new student, wat oso duno.. hehhee..
ok la, i hungry now, n i feel lk my body inside lk burning la.. but i got alot panadol.hehehe..
not to forget, juz nw we almost sesat.. you noe the inti punya block rite, all luk the same. oni the alphabet cn diffrentiate. but wich block oso i forget.. haha. that's the prob..

arite, till then! tata

Saturday, May 2, 2009

paling terstupidest post ever

no got
no got

mei you
mei you

tak ada
tak ada

paling weird is wich wan?

Friday, May 1, 2009

The New Phrase

Day 1 -->29.4.09
I reached thr around 10.30am.. my dad need to go bk as soon as possible, ltr sister come bac frm scol nobody.. So, went for enrolment, and get t.table and alist of how much to pay.. as usual laa..
I saw back that sum1.. lol.. kohi noes la.. luk diff rdy la, no gel hair but gt earring.. aikss...
It's still early, therefore not much ppl yet.. no nd beratur so long.. After that, checked-in to the hostel.. My dearly block C.. n u noe C for CAROLYN !!! lolz.. haha... no la.. COn fucius.. sigh..
Im alone noe.. coz that queen lili hvent arrived.. I wana slp, but cnt slp.. So, I wanted to go to the cafeteria to buy food since it's lunch time.. The cafeteria is juz senget opposite to my hostel.. But I walk until outside almost the guard thr.. lk wat oni.. haha
At last, i didnt buy anything, coz i feel abit weird.. so i go up again.. damn tiring, coz 3rd floor u noe? but gud exercise.. If u forget to take things, habislahh..
around 4pm, eeli smp.. Then 5pm we went for orientation.. hmm.. Not bad laa.. It's not that bored.. I met yuhua friends thr, and we sit togthr.. We are grouped into 12 groupss.. 4 of us are in diff group, but since they duno, eeli and fren cum to my group.. hehe.. their theme is animal so our group name called SHEEP.. lol.. Ok laa.. our faci oso nice n fun to talk to..
My group member are fun too.. sporting ! we had ice breaking then games. we played 2 games, 1 is that st.john oweys play wan. walk to the left then rite, then new friend found.. tht one lorh.. n 1 more is ah good n ah bad game.. a group of ppl is divided to good n bad ppl secretly la.. sumthing lk mafia.. the bad wan nd to sabotage their own group... but in the end, they tell that no bad ppl in any group.. swt.. haha.. n we send 2 innocent person to the front tht we think is bad wan.. haha..
Thats all for the 1sst day..

Day 2 ---> 30/4/09

We had campus tour.. like very long journey we walked.. But still i duno how to differntiate the blocks la.. all luks the same.. haha.. we finished campus tour alil early, n our faci bring us to cafeteria.. ask us to jiao liu jiao liu.. means lk noe each other better lk dat la..
After that, me n eeli skip all the talks.. we went to bakery n then balik hostel.. haha...
Around 8pm, we went bk and hv games.. Game oni we go, talk talk talk.. SKIP !
It's team building games.. 1st 1st we got err 1 game.. u must use things on you to make the longest line... cnt use alat tulis.. n evry1 took off their shoe n shoelace, belt and the boys are sporting enuf, they took off their shirt to make the line longer.. n the boys in my group paling the sporting wan.. They took off their pants okie... n wait in the toilet.. they reli sacrifice.. lolz..
The next wan was station game.. the alphabet game, the tangle hand wan.. i tell u, we are pro in it la.. So fast untangle edy... CO z u noe rite, sheeps are flexible.. LOLz...
Then, we played faxing game, whr the 1st person get the number frm faci, n he nned to type on the hand of the person bhind him, the last person need to say out the number.. Lastly, before go bk, we played inti bus... lk hamster jalan in the wheel lk dat la.. but we use newspaper. haha..
n so thats all la..

n today, i cum bk kajang dy.. haha.. we naik ktm....... so fast.. 20 mins lk dat oni..
hmm.. home sweet home =)

n Inti is not bad..
mmg internationall.. got korean, japanese, china wan, usa, myanmar, brunei,etc..
but the guard told sum story, scare la...
Other than that, the college is cool.. renovated edy.. niceeee..

ok, till then.. byebye