Monday, November 21, 2011

Hi Hi !

Heylo!! Long time no see.. I have lost the inspiration to blog.. However, I'm back today for a little update.. :)I don't know what to write as I couldn't really recall things that hap
pen. Lolz..Anyway, let's start off with October. I shall be able to remember la k..Sad things first. I lost my iPod in Sunway Pyramid. I couldn't remember how I lost it. Maybe ppl steal it from my bag cuz my bag wasn't zipped when I check. I guess it's when I'm lining up buying cha time.. I cried for few days.. thats my birthday present from my bf.. :'(
so sad.. noone will ever know how much love and care and investment i put on the iPod..:'(
It accompanies me all the time , whenever im happy/sad/bored/not bored. it is like a never-leaving portable bf to me... LOL... good description? hahaha... but suddenly it disappear.. omg,i couldnt accept.. unlike those rich one, no offend.
ipod,iphone, tablets,all ada.. 1 belum rosak, beli satu lagi.. how i wish i can bcum lk them...

Ya, nxt is deepavali! went to Shobana's house.. nice house, got big padang..
we had sparkling juice to celebrate :)
sparkling juice, i forgot what flavour :D

Then, There is one day we went to station1 cafe... to try... hmmm.. okok la... can la.. :)

Taken at station1 cafe
and hello! i love u lahh hensem, jz i seldom use my mouth to say it out..
read my heart lah.. hahahaha
oh btw, i love u, doesnt mean i like ur friends k, i hate some of them :P


You Are The Apple Of My Eye

It's a nice movie.. I watch TWICE!!! 1st time with Jon.. cinema so full... If you love someone, tell him/her. Don't wait till people get married. u will be a little regret though..and if u love some1 dun hurt them...Do not do things that they dun like :)

2nd time You Are The Apple Of My Eye with Kim @ sunway pyramid..~
and then meet up with Shu Li @ Wongkok.

Next! Job hunting in Mid Valley... Thanks to my foreverus (amrit, edna, lian ee and yen mun) teaching me how to write resume... muaks ! Thanks kim for accompanying me to go for interview... keke...She left me outside the shop and go jalan-jalan herself. After that, we went to Sushj King... Lepas itu, jalan-jalan, sampat-sampat and then I bought Chatime, and went to Snowflakes cuz kim wants snowflakes.. Long queue oooooooo :)
I just don't understand why i don't like snowflakes. I don't like those things inside... it cost rm6.90 per bowl. Actually its more worth compare to cha time.. but i dun like it... :(

SK peace!

Snowflakes and ChaTime..
there u go, snowflakes and chatime..

On last Saturday, is my aunt's birthday. we went to klang for the birthday dinner.. we had two cakes.. 1 blueberry cake and 1 coffee ice-cream cake .. hehe...
on the way to Aunty's birthday dinner :)

I just remember up till here.. Better than no updates la rite..
Haha... till then,
take care..