Saturday, September 29, 2012

Monash Annual Ball

Well, today im gonna blog about the Monash Annual Ball.~ Its the 1st time for me to attend any ball.. yeah, i din even joined my secondary sch graduation prom.. i also did not attend Inti Ball when i was in Inti.~ because i oweys think that, ball is wasting money and time... u need a certain amount of money to get urself doll up, as in buying clothes, heels. Not to forget hair do... for those ppl like me who duno any single thing bout makeup , need to waste money to let ppl make-up ..

I did not even care bout the Monash Ball when they started to sell the tickets. I was just like " ahh, monash ball... inti ball oso din go la, school prom oso din go la.. forget bout it la, so ma fan wana buy clothes and all,and im so fat already cant get clothes la.. bla bla bla and so on.."

After few days, my friend are asking around who wants to join the annual ball and also persuading people to go in order to fill up 1 table which is 10 person.. hmmm..~
Keep telling me what, university life leh, go lah... later work d, cannot enjoy, faster la, go la.... bla bla bla-ing beside my ear for a few days... I was then tempted to go la, n my boyfriend oso wana go.. hahaha! then i also ask along my another friend to join.. cuz i no kaki as i want a girl to be my kaki.. :o)

So, i found my partner which is my boyfriend, weehhahaha! and my kaki, with her boyfriend :o)
It's the 1st time for all of us to attend a ball.. don't know anything... I just take 1 whole day to shop for clothes and heels.. Surprisingly.. I bought my dress in Sunway Pyramid and my heels in Time Square.. LOL
TS cheap ma, n i don't think i will always wear my heels.. So yeah!

Im lucky that i don't need to spend money on hair-do and make up. Cuz my dad make my hair, and jon's mum make up for me.. Thank You! :D

                 This is our theme ROYALE. Thus, they serve us ladies first before the gentlemen for every dish :)

My tablemate :)

                                     Poh Kuan, Me and Pei Qi.. All with the same surname WONG :)

Mr Lau and I :)

The little gift that we get. The box is our ticket :) special huh? 

                                                                 Very reddish rite? :)

This are some photos taken when we areout of the ballroom :D

Btw, Congratz to both Mr and Miss Monash.. Both are my favourite! happpy:D
I have a great judgement yo.. hehehe:D

The ball ends at 12am.. n then back home :)
Overall, i enjoyed quite alot as this is my 1st time attending ball, so not much expectation and complaints la.. Im satisfied with it though :)
So yeah, this ball gives me new experience.. hahaha...:D
Last but not least, thanks to those committee who make this event and give us such memorable memory :D...

Till then, back to assignment!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

hellloooooooo.. yooohoooo....~

wheeee~ hello im back !
Just wan to type something cuz im bored! dun ask me to study le can ma?
break awhile ler...~
Finish wit mid term.. but my results, haih..... need to work vry hard for finals ler...
good luck to myself..
I had just recover from sick... wuwu~
Last week i went for Amazing Race, rmb? wooohooo~ we got 26th out of 70! never thought of that though cuz all of us are not very active people... Awesome game..
my team :)
But the consequence of me entering Amazing Race is get sick. My whole body is so pain after the Amazing Race. I think i walk like a crab...
n then 2 days later, i fall sick... OMG.. I cant bear the muscle fatigue... whole body not only pain, but also no energy.. I drove to sunway cuz i tot after swallow 2 panadols will be okie.. But that day no, on the way back, im so dizzy n i stop by at the drive thru McD to slp for almost an hour.,.. hmmm...

normally when im sick, it will be bcuz of sore throat. so i wun go and visit doc, but eat 2 panadol n buy amoxcylin from pharmacy, then off fan n aircond, hide under the blanket for hours until whole body sweat. After that, it will recover dy. But this time i duno fever for wht reason, cuz throat no pain. So, i cant buy amoxcylin but oni eat panadol. After 1 whole day of panadol n hide under blanket, still very not okie. So only i no choice go n visit doc.. haih...~
After 2 days makan clinic ubat, im ok dy le... Whheeeee!
Thanks my bf hu come back from work and buy porridge for me, and bring me go see doc. TQVM! love u:)

oh k, next! i wan report something! Ytdy my boyfriend bring me to TeeQ Restaurant for dinner. It is a rooftop restaurant in Lot 10:)
He suppose to bring me there to celebrate 3rd year anniversary. But on that day, the restaurant has some private function. So we unable to celebrate there but in Ben's aa :(

So, ytdy he bu hui for me! SO good.. love u again! <3 p="p">It has promotion for 2 person.. Got appertiser le, got main course le, got dessert le,
all very nice really. Even their service oso i give them excellent during survey! *thumbs up*
I think i will go again lor :)
We had
Appetizer: Memorable symphony of teeq (Baby Shrimp with salad)
                  Crispy Batter deep fried baby tiger prawn :)
Soup:         Forest Mushroom Soup
Main Course: Harvest From the Ocean (green mussel, fish fillet from ocean bass,    grill white prawn, and wild Salmon)

Last but not least, Dessert!
We had Boston Chocolate Brownies! :)

It is a yummylicious dinner. The environment is very suitable for couples ler...
For lovebirds, i strongly recommend you to visit this restaurant and try their set menu. :D

alright, i dun have the pics, but i wud post it here once i gt it:)

till then,