Sunday, November 21, 2010

rojak post

so ya, here comes the rojak post. evrything in 1... all the random thingy and updates... my blog is goin to berkarat soon.. heheh..
Let's start now:

I have successfully pindah evrything frm c-3-06 the hostel.. I duno that a cupboard thing can fill up half the car boot..
3 or 4 times of staircase trip to pindah evrything..tired la..

Feel sad to leave? yes? no? If i say no, i wud be lying.. in NS 3 months oso so sad to leave.. Apatah lagi 1 and a half year.. Lots of memories I had for the past 18 mths... Fun and laughter, a litre of tears, LOLZ.. what else?

So, after settle the check out thingy, off we go to Malacca...
before tht, stopby at seremban's kensingtan for western food.. 1 word: YUMMY ! 2nd word: price gud! LOL..
We stayed at muigeik's hse for a nite.. I enjoy slping with her.. =))

Food is great in malacca.. satay celup,chicken rice ball n etc.. if it's still a young nite, i wud have eat banyak banyak satay celup.. haha ! i tried out the layer cake tht my kawan said @ Dataran Pahlawan.. it taste great at the 1st bite.. n after that, it really make me feel damn fulll... Nadeje is the name of the cake house i guess.. It is like somekind of cafe la... rm8.50 per piece.. damn exp, but im so happy eating that cake..

We went to Jonker street at night.. Alot of pelik-pelik food, but the dimsum taste great.. rm3 for 7 biji.. yummy ! My friend bought a bag and a belt.. the price for the things are.. hmm.. not bad..
Planned to meet up my NS friend in Malacca, but too bad..they gona have exam.. But still I terserempak 1 NS fren in jonker streeet ! wow ! can't blieve it.. So many people yet still can meet.. Jodohlah namanya.. haha !! sometimes things juz come when u nvr expect. haha..

While waiting for the others in the car, we went jalan-jalan around town... so many mcD in malacca. n we went the drive thru wan just for toilet.. hahaha..
We also had seafood dinner at malacca.. Thanks to Muigeik's parent for treating us.. =)
Ohya, we went and sing K tooo.. the mybox over there is way better than in Nilai.. at least dun have the smoke smell.. only a little hot la..
Jon Lau treat me Baskin robbin.. duno y so gud de.. haha ! coz vry hot i tink..
before going back, we went to Tan Kim Hock to buy those dodol and all, it reminds me of mum that usually buy so many until trolley penuh... i miss u, do u noe tht?
Malacca ada banyak big shopping complex, y kajang dun have?? huh?! ish !! can pindah tht dataran pahlawan to kjg or not? haha.. i want !

@ Kensingten.. yummy yummy !!

Me and malacca girl, geik geik..
Jalan Gereja @ Melaka !! =) but no convent on tht street.
sorry.. my camera sucks.. the red hse lor..
chicken rice ball !

so, we went back around 745pm after dinner with geik n her parent...after dropping them in nilai oni we home sweet home.. duno y lk rasa keberatan to berpisah with them.. haha! this is a simple yet fun trip.. I guess this is one of the great memories with u people..=)
Although all of us are going separate ways.. but i guess in 21st century there are so many communication tools rite.. we still can kip in touch..
sincerely, wish all of u good luck in ur future undertakings.. Do take care !! miss ya..

Next, will be Penang+Kedah with the pattern banyak punya kawan.. whee ~~
Anson road, here i come for ur dim sum.. You better dun pindah la..
I shud shop till i really drop in Kek Lok Si.. it is my place ! Hmph ! hahahaha
the 1st time by flight without parent.. so excited.. =)
i shall learn to board the plane by myself. Don't depend on others. huhu...
I tink we can have all kind of vehicles this trip.. kenderaan udara,laut,darat.. oweys got this chance when go penang.
Im soo looking forward into it.. yay yay !

During Hari raya haji tht time, we went to Port Dickson !! it was a last minute trip.. as always lah k.. after my sis finish her tuition, we shoot up to PD... haha !
Reach thr oni 545pm.. change into swimwear and jump into the pool !! the feeling is great !!
wahaha.. then go beach... hmmm... salty.. vry salty the water.. After swim, went n eat pizza.. bcoz the small fella wan eat.. so what wan rite, ppl go port dickson eat seafud ma.. but she eat pizza. ok lor.. small oweys win, so eat pizza lorh.. =((
After dinner, we went for night walk around the beach, go neighbour resort, then play pool, watch asian games taekwondo.. Lolzz..
Next morning, we jump into the pool again, then to the beach n back to the pool to clean the sand.. so bad rite... but that is wht ppl usually does.. =)
after that, we went to the muzium tentera darat.. it's my 2nd time lah.... coz NS time, we went b4 dy..... no changes though after 2 years... '
ok, so thats the end of pd trip..

A day before, we went to Sepang Gold Coast... hmmm.. 1 of my fren stay thr... we went to tanjung sepat again for dinner, n he bring us to buy pao, after tht have our ikan bakar again.. =)))
This time, we gt chance to go his hse.. haha !! nice !!! After watching the korea drama oni we went back ... =)

Then, day day b4, went to KLIA.. we love to see airplanes.. Coz we are not able to go there so often anymore... the dearest treat me burger king.. he say he din eat b4 wor... i oso like ages din eat b4.. heheh!! we walk around, take pics and bought milk shake frm mcD !! only airports mcD have it lah ! I chek so many place oso dun have ! it's really yummylicious !
then off we go back to INTI... sob.. alot place cnt go so often dy.. =(

so, this month is quite a tiring month n oso lots of fun month... it's gona end in a week time... =(
Then, december is coming !! oh gosh !! how fast time flies...
miss kong yen mun, u better rmb wht u say on the fon.. wan go out yumcha ar, bla bla bla arrh.. dun ffk, i will punch u de oor...
can't wait to reunite with f91 la.. haihyah... so long x c, since sept.. miss u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u alllll !
den i got alot things need to be arrange lar... i need to go bdminton, i need to watch dramas, i need to this and that n this n that.. i vry busy la i feel..
Last but nt least, once again... Good luck to Amrit the mangkuk in STPM !!! I love u banyak banyak.. u will get what u aim and of course better than what u aim !

ok, thats all from me today... thankiu...
the end of rojak post !~ hehehe..

love, the author.. ~

p/s: hey 2u, my "love" wahaha... stop being pathetic... nt to say u act, but stop it if u are doing so.. duno whther are u acting.. haha! if u are, try be the most innocent wan.. u are acting great im telling u.. muahahaha... u noe hu u are de la... haha
stupid me, so sarcastic rite..sincerely,sorry ya...=))