Friday, February 25, 2011

Lesson from A-level in INTI

Choosing a-level is the wrongest pathway i've made in my 20 years of life... for nw, it is my bigggggggest n hugest n largest mistake i had make... However, despite my wrong decision in choosing the wrong pathway, i still learnt alot of things in INTI and also from my INTI pals.... I make lots of friend i could say, some vry nice one n also a number of fake friends or sum liar friends which i dun treat he/she as friends anymore larrr..haha.... Nevertheless, i felt that it makes me a stronger person in life and understand that most of the people are wearing their mask...
No doubt la, i can said im a stronger person compare to most of the ppl out there with number of things that i've gone through... It's nvr easy though, but im happy that i've gone through it... proud of myself... lol! sorry, i perasan =)

In INTI, I learnt loads of things... As in like washing my own clothes.. Thats like so amazing... coz i nvr ever step into the laundry room ever... but in inti it just last for like half semester, and i gave up n started bring it home n wash... wahahaha... besides, i learnt to budget myself... use how much how much per day... on the other hand, i learn like how to make events... it was fun when u meet fun ppl !!!... n i learn how to communicate with kidsssss by going to those orphanage home n bringing them out.. IT WAS RELI FUN !!! OMG !! i miss that little girl hu stick with me like glue during klcc... nobody stick so close with me b4 though.. not even my annoying sister.. LOL !

1 of the happy thing is i met a lot of friends frm different places.. Now, i felt i have so many frens all around MALAYSIA n oso CHINA, AUSTRALIA, INDONESIA,KOREA regardless in INTI or HELP lar okie... LOL !!
cuma perlis saya tak da kawan lar... yang lain pun ada... hahaha!! happy lor saya...
not only that, i hv overcome my gastric in INTI, thankiu INTI ! muaks u... Not to say fully over come... I couldnt stand like late night n dun eat anything.. during the 1st sem, it was terrible though.. everynight, gastric sure come if u go over 12am... OMG !!!
But during 2nd semester, it started to turn better, still got la... but better... I know it's bcoz NS la... everynight 1030 - 11pm sure minum malam makan kuih... i sudah biasa at night got fooooood!! lolzzz! thts y.. oh damn! i miss NS!

so now, its 2011 dy... I dun wish i will make wrong decision in the future... I need to be selfish dy, oni care for myself.. yeah! lolzzz.. so bad... i still will care for friends la okie... lol...
I would like to :

1) love myself more..
2) make my sister follow my footstep
3) make my mom frm heaven can see me wearing square hat and proud of me
4) make my dad's money well- spent !
5) prove to some1 tht says i dun study n likes to play by entering a prestigious university be it in malaysia or sumwhr ard the world.. i wanna shut ur mouth wokay?! har!
6) communicate more with my cousin frm overseas.. hope i can be as smart as them..gor gor n jie jie pls help me.. thankiu ya.
7) love my sister more.. babi, oweys say i love them less.. babi.
8) love my true friends more...
9) exercise more... i wana be slim .. laugh la okie.. lol!
10) maintain the friendship with my FOREVERUS91 n INTIANS
11) read more newspaper to gain knowledge and improve ENGLISH. my eng is nw half pail of water..
12) be girlish... Wear dress lk ehem2 hahaha...
13)be grateful!!!!
14) dun take tings so serious
15)frm nw, i will Beware of spy!!!!
some idiots are jz too annoying.. all i can say is i wana give u 1 alphabet.. "F" ! pls take care of ur own things b4 kpoh-ing ppl's things.. ok? I nvr been vulgar in my blog, but tis time is specially for u, idiots! stop placing spies around n mind ur own bloody business !!
sorry for being vulgar.. But i can't bother much.. n dis is my site.. so kindly proceed to click the "X" to leave my blog if u dun1 to see watever i write. thankiu..

To u: bcoz of sum1, u had hurt me.. U had make ur decision n now i noe wat a person u are.. At 1 point, i was soooo sad n i hate u much.. I dun und hu had changed u...u are no longer the one i knew.. Cum to now, my hatred n sadness had subsided.. I know everyting will nt be the same as we 1st met.. Anyway, thanks for entering my life n offering me help whenever i need.. Thank you for the memories.. 1 last advice 4U as u are 1 of the person tht i appreciated : be wise in making the right choice..

Till then...
the author....

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Im so bored dis weekend. No activities..Just on9 n slp n eat.. Din reli slp la. Haha! Time flies. Its the last week of feb 2011.. So fast rite? Can't blieve it.. Aiya, damn bored. So just cum here n type sumthing. Lolz..
Oh ya.. Sum gay ppl i couldnt stand him la. Shit u! Annoying n irritating! Nt to say he is gay, bt he acted like 1.. Dun kacau k u, stay at ur own zone! Dun step on my nerve,or else dun blame x gv u face. Shit! Damn u!!
I wish u read my blog,i hope u read it and realise im saying dis to u!
All sama pattern wan. Mengada-gada..
Get lost, i dun ever wana c u.!! Dun think im treating u well.. Honestly,it's just a lie.. Booyah!
I seriously dislike u frm day to day!

Till then...
Here,i wana wish amrit all the best 4result. U wil surely get the result u want.. Good luck!
The author..

Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy chinese valentine day

Hi! Happy chinese valentine day! Its belated.. Suppose to be yesterday.. V went to nilai s.recipe to eat tht 50bucks meal. Hahaha.. I went to inti 2day to walk around.. Nt much changes the pagar built at the hall of residence to separate the female n male hostel is reli an eye opener 4me.. I nvr expect dis kind of ting wil nvm.. Sooner or ltr the pagar wil berlubang la,den can pass through again. Haha.. Inti yg sudah renovate quite nice.. I like the classroom.. I went to the library too.. Suddenly i feel library so nice..last time oso din feel lik dat o. Honestly, inti library is much much bigger than HELP's library o.. Cafeteria no change. Food n price oso stil same. Btw, i met lots of ppl. Feel mesra la. Haha.. But oso saw lots of new faces.haha
K la,i crap til here 1st. Nxt time cont.haha..
The author~

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy chap goh meh!

Hey there! U see u see! Playing cards is a part of cny..haha.. But v juz play 4fun. X gamble wan.
Dis year i rm1 oso din gamble. Bcoz mum nt here,i have no capital :( but anyway,i saw on sum prog saying dat my zodiac sign dis yr is nt suitable 4gambling i gues.haha.. So yeah,no gambling dis rabbit year.. Noone says dat if u x gamble mins x new year mood rite..haha. If u tink x gamble=x mood den its quite wrg la.haha!
Wishing all of u a hapy n prosperous cny. May the yr of rabbit brings u gud health n gud wealth as well as lots of happiness..

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

the day of love 14/2/11

hey there... Happy Valentines day (belated) to you bloggie, Expressed Feelings...
I have a real celebration this year..i mean a longer celebration compare to last year.. ngek ngek..~
This year, jon lau give me banyak chocolate... My dad say he smart... Lol!
I like like ! n give me something la... dun1 tell u.. hmph!
This year is an unforgettable wan... You know why? pm me la, i tell u... haha...
So, after class 12pm ma... i memang 12 pm wan no matter wat... Jon lau oso neh..~
he come pick me up at 2pm... walao weh,.. duno what he do... make up oso no need so long meh rite..

We headed to Pavilion... Duno since when, i like pavilion's cinema... We watch I Love HK !.. Personally , i will recommend you All well end well la... I feel it's funnier...
haha! the movie starts 2.25pm.. But we are late... We dun mind.. haha !
After movie, we went for snowflakes... Actually i dun reli like.. haha ! I heard all the ppl hu tried b4 said.. how nice how nice.. but i dun feel nice... Im weird perhaps!

After that, we went for dinner n balik rumah... thats the outline of my story.. thank you... yang perdalaman tu, no need la... in my heart rdy.. Lol !
K la, dis post like so gila wan... i just wanted to type, not truly talk bout lovey day wan.. haha !
btw, i like chocolate la... rmb ok? i like chocolate... hahahahah!!! hahahaha !!
Call me fatty i dun care... haha!

ok, once again... happy valentine day !!!!!!!
i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u u u u u u u u u u u u..
but i oso hate u i hate u i hate u i hate u i hate u u u u u u u u u u u ....

till then...
The author~

Friday, February 11, 2011


it's time for updates ! it has been a month since my last post... Im getting lazier n lazier to touch dis blog... haha!
But anyway, this post is all this recent thingy la... haha !
Well, cum on.. lets start!
1st of all.. January kan.. of course my birthday.. LOL ! haha.. saya perasan saya tau... But who cares hor?
Alright i've got the intians to celebrate with me... although is not all of them, but im happy enough =)

They brought me to Mid Valley after my replacement class.. We had the gardens for lunch... yeah... the restaurant in between mid valley and the gardens if im not mistaken.. haha... white in colour... Got a sangkar burung, inside got grandpiano...
The food is expensive thou, but its reli not bad... ~ thanks for treat ya... ! =D
After that we went and watch movie... HOME COMING... Damn funny... I can't stop laughing weyh.. hahaha! is a singaporean plus malaysian movie... u noe when they campur campur the language, it becums perfect ! hahah!
we rock the class wokey? haha

you guys make my college life wonderful !

sorry, ignore my noob face.. haha!

At nite, celebrated birthday with Lianee n of course with foreverus91 loves... ~
Every1 has their own path dy.. esther cut her hair! LOL !.. but nice.... haha
thanks for the shirt! I like it... n the book frm lianee and kohila.. and a pair of earring from yen mun and esther! .~ thanks alot! =)

jie jie ... =)))

why 20? why why why so fast? tell me why..?

Yeah, we love to pose.. so what? haha...

1 malaysia we are..~
friends forever...

On my birthday, my dad make a cake... Thank u..! my sisters' present to me, is still pending.. wahaha!... =) this year kinda special.. got 1 fren teman me thru night n day of my birthday.. haha.. Ng En Ni! .. =)

At Night, Jon Lau bring to Look Out point.. not the real wan, is the franchise in Cheras Mahkota.. LOL ! hahaha...~ thank you..

The next day, I gt my bday present from Kevin, shiow kah and Nadia, my college friends.. Thanks alot..! =) =).. Me like it!!

After a week, here comes CNY... This year is different coz without her... Kinda quiet... huhu... But what to do? need to get use to it... As usual, go back to KLANG on the 2nd of CNY... Lion Dance sure ada! woohoo !! angpau banyak oo.. saya pun happy oo.. haha !...
Then 3rd day 4th day.. went around KL temples... Decoration all not bad... haha...
Went to I-city with jon's family on the 4th day of CNY after attending open house sumthing like that.. I forgot dy... sorry ya..! haha... 5thday of CNY, everyone back to school..

During my free time,i went out with this girl, kwong sze yien kim kim.. hahaha... I can non-stop laughing... we went secret recipe to minum... haha.. not bcoz of rich la... is just duno y, just go lah.. hahaha..!
To be exact, is to gossip gossip and take photos... hahahaha...

today, i went out with college friends to mid valley.. They are easy to get along.. =)
we went the gardens there to hunt for food, n landed in a chinese restaurant.. Since it's still the CNY period, the lion dance come shop by shop.. i like ! haha

Wai Loon, Kok Wei, Edwin, Sue, Shiow Kah and Kevin.. =)

Lunch @ i duno what name ooo... near Machine wan.. haha... chinese restaurant.. =)


So basically thats all for my beginning-of-the-year story. So, how's yours?

Till then...

The author...
Take care people !