Friday, December 26, 2008

I finish packing up.. Not me, my mummy... She packs almost everything for me, coz she say i very careless, later din bring this din bring that... Thanks mum!!
I got alot things la, mopiko,counterpain, vicks,panadol, plaster etc... lolss
huuhuu.. I can't believe im leaving for ns tmr.. Like in a blink of an eye? LOLzz.. izit?

I had yum cha session with Kohi, Yen Mun, Lian Ee and Ee Li in the afternoon.. We went to the newly renovated McD to minum-minum.. hehehe.. Ee Li bluff me say cannot come coz she wanna go sumwhr else.. Tiba2 she appear.. Lolz... So, Yen Mun bought 1 regular set of Filet-o-fish and we keep refill the soft drink.. Until the cup oso wanna lembik.. But still ok la.. hahahahahaha.. lots of time you know..
Kong Yen Mun lewat sangat !!!! for about 1 hour.. coz she went to school to get chop or cert to apply for college. and Ee Li, Kohi, Lian Ee and I wait for her for about an hour..
hah.. Cukup queen la she.. lolz... We gossip bout school of course... talking bout school, so which topic do you think we will oweys discuss besides who n who is couple with who n who?loL... T******.. hahahhahah

Kinda berat hati to leave friends rite, although the time in NS is not long untillll.. But still when you know you can't meet for that often, you feel stg.. Don't you??
Thanks eeli for that tapak kaki/tangan keychain... hehehe.. Im gonna gantung at my bag all the time... and Shu Li, I will bring the watch there.. hahaha...

Kohila, no worries.. I will miss you all the time.. and my Fabregas, adalah tanggungjawab anda untuk buy for me !! CNY i want it k!!!
Foreverus91, I will miss you all like crazy !!!

Btw, congrats Shobana, she just passed her undang test !! Upcoming driver, another kaki to lumba haram.. yeah !!!

So, i think basically that's all.. Wait till my next post during CNY !!!

Happy NEw Yr everyone!!!
Love ya.. Take care !!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas !

I never felt like that before.
Leaving in 2 days time.. Suddenly I feel the time speeding...
Although tanjung tuan,port dickson and even N9.. The names are very familiar to me since im a young kid la.. But still I feel it's like so far away from Kajang.. It's like I need months to reach there.. I feel very uncomfortable, not looking forward into it.. Maybe some ppl does, but definitely not me.. I know 10 weeks is not long, but it's not short too..
Im worry.. Perhaps it's all about those cases I heard before... I pray hard to god that nothing bad could happen to me and my friends hu are going to serve Malaysia and so we cn be back home safe and sound in 10 weeks time.. I dont use in months time. Because to me, months is very long...

I think I might enjoy there,or maybe not.. but somehow when I think Im gonna leave home, I feel berat hati la..... So, I hope CNY can come very very soon, so that I can come back home... Main intention is to collect angpau and of course meet my kawans.
Amrit told me that she went to visit my camp, on the way to PD.. and she said it's okie... what a relieve.. a bit oni. lolz..
Anyway, can you tell me what reaction/respond shud I give when some1 tells me "take care".. "Good Luck"..
I had been listening to this 2 words in this 1 whole week... Everytime I heard people say this to me, my tears rolls down to my cheek automatically.. involuntary action kut... I feel so silly la, why tiba2 cry right.. Like wth... cry for nothing.. hmm... Not lk Im going for 2 years, it's oni freaking 2 and 1/2 months.. But do you know to me is lk damn long?? Everyone says it's good. let's see how good it is.. Tell you when i come bk..

Because of NS, i had to skip my cousin's wedding..(anyway, go or dun go oso no diffs) We hardly talk or we never talk.. Not even 1 sentence in 1 whole year..coz we are not *cook*... I mean we are not suk..
So, ahhh forget bout it.. I guess he dun even noe whats my name !
Besides, I miss a golden chance to see Nicholas in Sg Wang for countdown... My darling at the moment or u shall say this year...
Not only that, I need to miss MO 09 wich is sooooooooo I dun wish to.. With the comeback of Koo-Tan I feel lagi mm dai.. Who knows I can see MS and MD win together live? Kien keat semakin leng zai.. haha.. My yonex and the 100 plus the beat beat thing arr.. U all know rite, ahh.. No more angin, wanna take new wan !
and 1 more thing, I can't see Bosco Wong live.. My brother you know... that's y i say im not really his big fans.. what for right wanna bcum brother's fans?? LOL
(tsk tsk.. so thick skin)..and he is coming to Kajang. I can walk to reach mann !!!

well, I don't need to pack wan... so that's y u can see me onlining all the while... coz my sis and my mum will put things on my bag.. I just nd 2 arrange it and i will get it done on sat morning.. huhu... All this while im a last minute person.. I love to do things last minute even study.. and so... Let's see what will happen during ns.. huhu...

Alright, I don't know what to blog edy..
So to my friends out thr who are starting college soon, wish you guys Happy nerding.
and to those hu are still plan to goyang kaki at home,hahaha.. Happy holidays !!
To those hu are plan to start driving lesson, faster go.. Dun waste time !! Happy Driving !!
Kohila and Ee Li, we go Inti 2gether alright?
Ee Li, I bring you go see Adrian.. hahaha

I will miss all of you..... Muacks muackss.. Take care !!!
Oh ya, and Happy New Year 2009..

tata !!!! Miss you all !!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Alright 4 days to 27th DEC.. Saya hendak blog sepuas-puasnya. haha
I found something,which is kinda true, and kinda fake !

Stubborn and hard hearted. Ambitious and serious. Loves to teach and be taught. Always looking at people's flaws and weaknesses. Likes to criticize. Hardworking and productive. Smart, neat and organized. Sensitive and has deep thoughts. Knows how to make others happy. Quiet unless excited or tensed. Rather reserved. Highly attentive. Resistant to illnesses but prone to colds. Romantic but has difficulties expressing love. Loves children. Loyal. Has great social abilities yet easily jealous. Very stubborn and money cautious.

Im neat? organized? Then, my room wont be full of papers and sampah lah..
smart? Lols...
Likes to criticize??? I criticize, but I dun like to criticize lah.. Who don't criticize????
Romantic ! huhu...
Loyal?... my friends will laugh lar... hahaha...Up till now, i am not loyal wan.. Kohila also not loyal.. Esther siah also not loyal.. LOL..
Hardworking?? Saya Lazy bum..

Easily jealous? jealous oni.. If 1 day ur bf sayang another girl more than you, I see you jealous anot k...
Tomorrow will be Christmas.. The week after Christmas will be New Year... This shows that 2008 is coming to an end.. Well, year 2008 is not a bad year for me after all and it's not too good though.. So, let me briefly conclude what I did in this 12 months...

January-- Foreverus91 gave me a unforgettable surprise birthday.. They are awesome !!
For the 1st time, I saw Lee Chong Wei playing and winning Live in Bukit Jalil.
I will miss MO 2009, thanks to the government...

February-- Celebrated CNY happily la of course.. For the 2nd time, I went for visiting in my friends houses..
Pass my Undang test.. (very lucky wan, coz i nvr read)

March-- I went for the suckest holiday, to Yogyakarta, Indonesia...( but i nd to Zhi Zhu)
I shaked Nicholas's hand.. LOL..
I watched his concert !!! So yeng !!

April -- wat happens? Busy with school stuffs...

May-- Exams all the way

June -- Nothing much happen. Just lk normal lah.. Lols

July -- I got my "P"... I know is damn late, but what to do? I failed...

August -- The crying month.. lols. Cause we need to berpisah with friends to different classes.. Undergo depression.. O.o

September -- Going on with trialssss

October -- Couple Group studies with Ee Li..

November-- Sat for SPM...

December -- Penang Shopping trip, college open days trip..
NS !!!!!!!!

i didn't really appreciate every moment in 2008, and wish I could do so in 2009.. There's Ups and downs in year 2008, but thank god, I manage to overcome it...
I wanna thank Buddha for his wonderous blessing throughout the year,keep me healthy and bao you wo chu ru ping an....
and so, I wish for the same thing from god in year 2009, May all beings be well and happie..
and I hope that year 2009 will be better than year 2008..

2009 to-do-list

1) Celebrate CNY.. Meet friends during CNY break
2) Enter college
3) Go for Wesak Day walk (nvr try b4)
4) Drive to Genting Highlands (dis yr dun hv chance yet)
5) Drink shandy (you may laugh, coz I din drink b4)
still got la, but I cant think of.. haha

So, till here 1st.. Tata..
Hv a nice day !!

Day Out

I went out with Shu Li today... Our last meeting before I go NS..
The Yu Hua friend that Im close to.. Until now...
eeeyyeeerrr.. NS !!! Damn !! We went Metro Point la.. where else can we go?? Kajang is just toooo... haihz...
and do you know that Bosco Wong is coming to Metro Point for autograph session on 29th December??? I can't go !!!! Wth...
Actually, can you imagine he coming to Metro Point?? M.P wo... Not that I pandang rendah M.P.. But !!! Is unbelievable !!! Anyone who is going, please take autograph for me !! although Im not his big fans la, more on Lam fung.. hahaha

Alright, I got the 1st birthday present from Shu Li... and a Christmas card... Ohh.. Tomorrow's Christmas !!! Merry Christmas !!!
This year... It seems quite dull.. Why no Christmas mood wan !!??

After makan, we jalan-jalan around M.P... and we bought watches.. Bought the same wan. Hers was red, mine was duno wat colour should i call.. after that, she send me back

DIY oor

The cutie Christmas card..

You say what colour is mine?

p/s: Thanks for the card and the present and ur short msg.. I won't 4get u la, it's oni 10 weeks... hahahahahahaha.. Don't go Sunway, go Inti !!
and happy advance bday to you... (her bday is act earlier than mine) =)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Im watching drama the whole day.. Yeah !! Im gonna finish Invincible Shan Bao Mei..
Nicholas rocks.. The in front part u may find it stupid,don't make sense. but as you watch on, it's nice.. LOL...
I only watch @ 1pm.. Coz my sisters conquer the players since 10am in the morning.. 2 DVD players, 1 ppl 1 you know? ish ish..
So, the computer nobody wanna fight with me. hahaha.. So nice..

I can't believe la, Im leaving for NS in 5 days time...
So "Lucky"kena NS.. yeah, every1 telling me that..
I will have a good swim in Port Dickson... For once, I know how to bersyukur that im not in Kelantan la( i noe i wont get there wan =p), without Ee Li telling me to do so... Usually she will ask me to bersyukur, especially when i get the exam marks... haha..
Ask me whether I will cry? I say No, you believe me not? I also don't believe..
cry la cry la... I never leave home for so long before.. Longest oso 3D2n camp oni..
I will miss my house, especially my messy room full with papers, But now no more la, coz i sell away edy.. Get money edy... ahahaha..

I will surely miss my sisters who are very fan, my dog which barks parents... Everything la.. Except 1 thing, Yes !! Smart !! My MAID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not seeing the maid for 3 months or 10 weeks will be damn wonderful.. yay !!!!!!!!
I never wana go NS la, but im sure I will get it. n you see now, I really get it..Coz ar, ppl say when you dont wanna get, you will get..Although i tried very hard 2 think that "I WANT" to dun1 to get, but still I get... huhu...Und what I crap? emm ok..
haihyahh.... I will miss my dramas la... I will definitely 101% miss the Malaysia Open 2009 la. ish ish..
This will be the 1st time im not counting down with family.. sigh..
Alright.. I finish expressing.. tata..
Gonna continue Wu Di Shan Bao Mei..

Saya boring la, so I decided to do dis silly thing]

1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
3. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog.

.Starting time : 11.43 am

.Name : Carolyn

.Sisters : Two

.Brothers : No

.Where do you live :Carjunk

.Favourite drinks :Mango Juice and 100 plus

.Favourite breakfast : Bread

.Have you ever been on a plane : Yes

.Swam in the ocean : in beach got la

.Fallen asleep in school : Of couse..

.Broken someones heart : yes, maybe?

.Fell off your chair : I think so

.Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : NO

. Saved e-mails : Yes

.What is your room like :Messy,untidy.. But recently it looks neat compare to last time.

.What's right beside you : Inti's file, handphone

.What is the last thing you ate : Char Siew Pau

.Ever had chicken pox : Yes

.Sorethroat : who doesn't?

.Stitches : Nt sure.. let me find out

.Broken nose : No

.Do you believe in love at first sight : Yes... LOLs..

.Like picnics : Yes

.Who was the last person you danced with : I don't dance

.Last made you smile : The drama: Invincible Shan Bao Mei

.You last yelled at : My sister

.Talk to someone you like : Yes...

.Kissed anyone : my mum

.Get sick : Yes.

.Talked to an ex : No

.Miss someone : Yes.. My kawans

.Do you sleep with stuffed animals : No

.What's under your bed : Nothing.. Dirt, if the maid doesn't sweep.

.Who do you really hate : the maid la.. damn irritating. (Not hate la, DISLIKE)

.What time is it now : 11.50am


.Q: Is there a person who is on your mind right now : Yes

.Q : Do you have any siblings : Yes

.Q : Do you want children : Yes

.Q : Do you smile often : Yes..

.Q : Do you like your hand-writing : It depemds

.Q : Are your toenails painted : No.. It's soooo...

.Q : Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in : my sisters'

.Q : What colour shirt are you wearing : Blue

.Q : What were you doing at 7:00pm yesterday : Watch MU vs duno hu..

.Q : I can't wait to : go NS, come back from NS

.Q : When did you cry last : Very long ago..

.Q : Are you a friendly person: I guess so.

.Q : Do you have any pets : My dog and hamsters

.Q : Where is the person you have feelings for right now : Bukit Jalil

.Q : Did the last person you held hands with you mean anything to you now? : of course

.Q : Do you sleep with the TV on?: Yes..

.Q : What are you doing right now? : Typing la

.Q : Have you ever crawled through a window? : No

.Q : Can you handle the truth? : Yes

.Q : Are you closer to your mother or father? : Both

.Q : Who was the last person you cried in front of? : Forgotten la.. Long ago wat..

.Q : How many people can you say you've really loved? : Uncountable

.Q : Do you eat healthy? : Sometime yes, sometime no

.Q : Do you still have pictures of you & your ex?: No.. wait till i hv an ex..

.Q : Have you ever cried because of something someone said to you? : Yes

.Q: How often do you go to church? : Twice in 17 years. Im not a christian dats y..

.Q : If you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to? : MSN personal msg

.Q : Are you loud or quiet most of the time? : At home, quiet, with my friends, im loud.. LOL

.Q : Are you confident?: On betting LCW will win, im confident.. haha

1. enter standard 1.. Do alot of homework. Very rajin wan... Talk in mandarin... Lousy mandarin..

1. Finish You are my destiny..Ming Zhong Zhu Ding Wo Ai Ni... damn nice drama..
2. Tell Kohila to email Martin.. Lolz
3. Pack my ns barang

1. Pringles.
2. Roller Coaster
3. Ice Cream
4. Cadbury choc
5. Lexus biscuit

1. Do some charity
2. Buy big bungalow for my parents
3. give RM 25000 each to my sister.. LOL
4. Own Stagea
5. Build a house near the beach

1. My house
2. Granfather's hse in Klang
3. Grandmother's house
4. Port Dickson Regency the apartment
5. highland hotel, genting hotel, 1st world hotel, theme park hotel (stay oni, didn't live)


1) Don't hve.. Im malas to work

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kohila and I went Inti college today.. We met that guy again whr we met at Education fair..
Kohi: huh? that fella again?
the guy: hehe.. You see me again..
He explained quite in detail la about a-levels,sam, biotechnology and some pharmacist..Talk until abit out of topic la, he tell us about wich secondary school he's in la, he took islamic studies instead of malaysian studies la.. hahaha..

After that,we ask for campus tour.. and we got the cute guy, Adrian to bring us jalan-jalan. Nice name kan.. hahahahaha.. i crazy la..LOL..
we are laughing on the way

Me: woi ! y u laughing??
Kohi: hahahaha.. very funny la he talk
Me: yalo hor.. he not bad ehh
Kohi: hahahaha... he smile oso so funny..
Me: emm.. thats y la u laugh.. hahaha.. He quite ok la.. haha.. i like la..
Kohi: hahahaha... You study here la, can see him everyday ma
Me: yala, i wanna study here wat..
Kohi: hahaha.. Go la, go australia with him oso. But I think he dis kind of face, got gf dy la. U go ask 1st, gt anot..
Me: u siao meh? got him or no him oso i study here wan ma, i say edy so long ago. u tot i wat? hahaha
Kohi: I think he got la wei.. hahaha

To kohila, he is cute, to me is not cute.. Other words to describe, but not cute..
The way he explain is very detail and kinda funny.. Btw, he's quite good looking. Kohila agreed. He's doing Australian transfer programme on Business and marketing la.. he oso abit run out of topic, talk until NS there.. He say it's good to kena NS, so that ur name is in the newspaper. LOL..

Alright, back to Inti.. LOL...
They have Olympic sized Swimming pool which menarik hati saya.. Tambahan pula, they hv indoor Badminton court. This wan lagilah menarik hati saya... hmmm..
They hav dono how many cafeteria.. Outside Inti, you can find mamak, western food, arabian food and also a pub according to him la. haha..
Their hostel are okie, not bad, but i dont think im gonna stay thr, cz it's lk kinda near to my hse.. and the environment quite peaceful, very nice scene.. all the rumput, bunga all.. very selesa la.. hahaha..
Not bad la the college... Cheap wat compare to Taylors and Sunway..
Plus taylors and sunway there got alot of dai siu jie and dai siu ye.. Who are mostly sombong offends..
Inti people are much more friendlier.. Just compare the consultant. Izit consultant? whatever.. Taylor's wan they wont even care bout you la.. They only will keep an eye on those who come with parents.. Their cover is very kaya-raya wan...nah, thats their aim..
But mostly the student there are also quite good wan izit? maybe? I don't know..

I guess Inti has the most reasonable price la... Bukan saya seorang nak belajar, my adik oso wan belajar. cannot so selfish kan.. lol..
If im the only child, I sure go for Taylors to bcum dai siu jie..
Too bad, Im not.. But nvm, Inti not bad though. hahahahaha
C la, in 5 months time, will I enrol to Inti.
Btw, Kohila fall in love with the consultant, Martin.. hahahahaha

Badminton Time !!!!! Phewit !!
Alright, so I suppose to rush home for Master finalss... But no need rush la, ngam ngam. Still get two watch WS and XD..
Zhou Mi wins the WS, while the Danes win the XD..
It's hardbreaking for the indonesians XD as they leads 18-20? and then the DANES levelled up at 20 all and eventually wrapped the game at 22-20..

1 - TV
1.Starting at 2:00 PMXD
21-19 18-21 22-20View match statistics1:02
2.Followed byWS
HKG[HKG] Chen WANG [3]
21-14 21-18View match statistics0:32
3.Followed byMS
Chong Wei LEE [1]MAS[MAS]
DEN[DEN] Peter Hoeg GADE [4]
21-8 21-16View match statistics0:33
4.Followed byMD
Kien Keat KOO [6]MAS[MAS]
Boon Heong TANMAS[MAS]
KOR[KOR] Jae Sung JUNG [3]
21-18 21-14View match statistics0:37
5.Followed byWD
Eei Hui CHIN [1]MAS[MAS]
21-15 22-20View match statistics0:34

Badminton rocksz..Specificly, Lee Chong Wei Rocks...
KooKien Keat- Tan Boon Heong rocks, Wong Pei Tty-Chin Eei Hui rocksss too !!!
They all win in straights sets!!! all malaysian finalist won the titles.. Why suddenly so damn geng wan??

Lee Chong Wei beats Peter Gade 21-8, 21-15? i guess so..
I expected LCW will win, but I thought PG gonna bounce back real strong after beating Sony.. But... the 1st round score was better

Koo Kien Keat-Tan Boon Heong beat Jung Jae Sung -Lee Yong Dae
I thought they will lose but play rubber set. Usually Koo-Tan's pattern is like dat wan 1st set, den 2nd set take it ez.. But they prove me wrong.. LOL...
They win in amazing straight sets.. Great mann...
Koo Kien Keat is simply too yeng !! He can sit down and beat.. Only he can do it i tell you... He can dive to save a shuttler. cooolnyer...

Wong Pei Tty-Chin Eei Hui beat Liliyana Natsir-Vita Marissa in straight set. Im not sure of the 1st set's score. But 2nd set was 22-20..
Mas are 16-19 down, but they still win the title.. Thanks to the supportive crowd. They simply played an important role.. shout and shout and shout.. It's nice to shout ! huhu..

Tmr's newspaper surely very nice to see... lols..
Ok la, till then...

Im leaving for NS in 6 days time.. huhu...
Kawan, let's lepak !!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Yay yay yay yay yay !!!!!

All Malaysian stay on course for the finals tomorrow except Zakry-Fairuzizuan who terpaksa disingkir...
Koo-Tan beat Zakry-Fairuzizuan straight set
Wong Pei Tty-Chin Eei Hui beat Korean rubber set
Lee Chong Wei beat Taufik STRAIGHT SET !!!!!!

U noe how nice is LCW's match? No sweat la...
21-5,21-10 if im not mistaken..
I wonder why he don't play the same way when he meet Lin Dan?

LCW rocks..
Amrit and I celebrate !!!
Lols.. Surprise kan? she oweys insult LCW.

Im goin for Inti Open Day, and I wanna come back by 2pm for badminton finals !!!
Luckily the last 3 matches only involved malaysian. So i need to be back by 3pm !!! agak2 1 match 1/2 hour..

post saya penuh dengan badminton... post kohila penuh dengan bola sepak...

Friday, December 19, 2008

Whoaa !!
KKK-TBH beat Markis-Hendra once again..
Despite 9-13 down in the decider, they still manage to win the game...
Im so happie, as though I win...hahaha
Quite thrilling la.. 21-14,17-21,21-18...
My sister bet they will lose, and I ask her to keep her mouth shut and go and sleep.. haha...
This Master finals will be the tournament before I leave for NS..
My modem finally okie.. The old wan, i sudah buang ke dalam tong sampah. Lolz...
Why ar those warranty thing ar, ngam ngam finish that warranty period, the thing will spoil wan ar? so funny wan wor... ahahahaha..
Ok, im bored, and no more interesting players for me to watch.. So here comes I blog..
I have nothing to blog about actually.. Holidays damn boring ehh.. So boring wan..
Actually what does boring means?
You see I bored until duno the meaning of boring.. Tomorrow's UCSI's open day. You think I should go there, or I should go and visit my aunt hu come bac frm Australia?
Why so many people migrating?
Me oso wana migrate... C la, 10 years time.. say only. hahahahahahahahaha..
Im too bored la.. I am so boring. hahahuhuhihi..
Oh ya, Penang right sell alot DVDs, RM4 per disc, why so cheap wan? haiyoh !
I so gek la, coz i baru beli so much.. haha
ok la, it's 11.38pm now.. Nite nite...
Oh ya, once again. KKK-TBH beat world no.1 and olympic champion and world champion !! yeah ! Very great.. hahahahahaha..
Zakry-Fairuz lose to Swiss open champ, all england champion... Yeah ! no great... hahahaha
till then, IM BORED !!

At last, we decided to go to Penang instaed of Kuantan.. Because there moonsoon ma right, go there also nothing.. haha..
On the 1st day, we reached Penang 1 something.. Met my uncle who are going to Cameron from penang that day..
I like Penang lah.. Besides the traffic lights, i like everything there.. Penang has so many many many traffic lightss.. and the journey frm Batu Feringghi to Gurney Drive makes people feel dizzy... Gurney Plaza rocks.. hahaha..
1 thing ar, I hardly heard Christmas songs.. Jingle bell pun tak de... There are more CNY songsss...

With Gloria...

At Gurney Drive

After that, we checked in to the Condo... Eden Fairview something..

The view from the balcony... The white wan is Golden Sand resort..

Dinner at Gurney Drive.. Yummy yummy..Curry mee, prawn mee, wantan mee, Char Kuey Teow, bla bla bla...

We tried almost everthing... Lolz

The Ship..

The next Day... We had Dim Sum for breakfast..
Cheap until duno how to say.. Super Duper Cheap.. 7 org eat RM 36.70 only.. you say cheap or not?

This is Tanjung Bungah Resort Hotel punya beach..

We headed to Kek Lok Si after breakfast...

The doggie bench..

The view from top

The Horse

Shopping !! You can shop until you pk...

Their mouth very BIG... Once you walk away 1 step, da price will drop. Walk another step, drop sumore.. Very damn nice..

The aunties who jual barang, speak perfect English.. got those orang putih slang..
Alot orang putih wei....

Big Arsenal, small arsenal..
RM8.. You say cheap or not leh... Petaling street also I cannot get this cheap.
Somemore let people scold..
This is mine. Black wan.. Fly Emirates is actually not that color.
Camera problem..


The traffic is heavy... We finally reach home 7pm sharp...
Im going Penang again 2012.. hahaha

Alright, that's all bout my boring holidays...
Ars vs Liv tmr nite... Whatever result will be, go Arsenal !!
yay yay!! Koo-Tan clear the 1st day hurdle.. Today will be a tough wan.. sigh..
Btw, they beat Tony Gunawan-Candra Wijaya in straight sets.. BAru saja..
Tonite, is the real chi kek wan.. LOL
Till then, bye bye !!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I should consider bout America Degree Transfer Program provided if my parent can afford la.. Not bad I guess..
As I know, got quiz wan every 2weeks, so i will be studyin quite frequent, therefore, i dun need to struggle during finalss...huhu
A levels are real hard.. I scare I will regret.. because my friend say, alot people regret taking a levels even those really smart wan...
I really scare coz im not very smart.. So, forget bout form 6 too...

2) SAM
3) a lvl (still considering)

carolyn, so big edy, make up ur mind la....haiyoh

The name is B.O.R.E.D

hihi... I am very boring !!!
Dis few days, I've been watching alot of HK dramas... 3 dramas in 3 days.. 10am-2am daily.. Love Exchange, A journey Called Life and Price Of Greed..
Say I siao la, I don't care.. haha..
It's nice you know, you watch watch watch, don't realise the time... huhu..
13 december today huh...... Last yr, i went HK? yeah.. I miss HK of course... lalalala.
I miss the food, mickeymouse, donald duck,the beach.. Lol...I love there.. I shall find a HK bf...
Im heading to the North on Tuesday... whee.. jalan-jalan cari makan.. huhu..Ipoh penang..
I have no more things to say.. bye !!!
One thing to announce, ESTHER SIAH ADA BLOG !!

Btw, A-level and form 6, what's the difference? Besides$$$?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Break Free concert.Education Fair

On Sunday, Ee Li, Kohi, Lian Ee and Me went to PWTC for the education fair.. In the morning, we went to Taylors college for the Open Day 1st.. Lian Ee didn't follow.. She meet up with us at PWTC...
and so, we took the 8am train to Subang. Reach day 9.20am. Luckily, Carrefour sudah buka, so we went in and buy bread. After that, we took a cab to Taylors. We went to listen the Pre-U talk... the person like terpesong abit, so we end up talkin among ourselves. When they call out the students to tell their experience, we chao...
After that, we took KTM to PWTC.. The 1st train we naik, NO AIR-COND. and it is so pack. So, after 2 stop, we tak boleh tahan, and went out. We waited for another 20 mins for the next train. We reach PWTC about 2pm after lunch. Meet up with Lian Ee, then we start to shop for colleges... Lian Ee get alot of plastics, and bags rdy. Because she went almost all the booth while waiting for us..
When we were at Segi College booth, the in charge punya lady ask us which school are we come from.. So we tell la Convent Kajang. Then she asked " ooo... That school under the bridge arr?" Lol...
So, we are studying UNDER THE BRIDGE all this while?? hahahaha
Shop and shop and shop until 4.15pm, we decided to go back. Reach Kajang about 5.15pm... huhu....
Really like shopping, so many plastic bags...
Taylors is not bad. but the fees very bad to me.. Lol.. Sunway, we didn't even went to that booth. Because noone plan to study there.. We get bored.. Always go there. They have some sort of hubungan diplomatik with convent i guess. hahaha..
UCSI I don't like the place there.. So, I guess till now, the best choice is Inti... =)

Yesterday was Esther's church concert..The Break Free Concert. After like days of thinking how to tell my mum, I finally success.
Lian Ee lepas aeroplane.. She didn't come. Only Ee Li, Kohi,Edna, Meifen and I...We wanted to go mamak at 1st. But didn't at last.. Very bad la.. haha..
The songs are rock.. loud enough.. The play drum boy very damn chiu kap energetic..

We were required to sit on the floor. Because we are young people wa... "nian qing ren".. After that, there was a sms game.. You must fast enough to type the words on the screen then send to the given handphone number.The 1st wan to send in will be the winner. Yee Leng and Poh Kim got their hamper. haha...
There is a short movie which significants the Jesus emm what arr.. I guess die for human sumthing like that la... Although I don't understand, but it's funny though.. Lol
Esther Chong damn yeng.. hahaha.. Cool guitarist...
The concert end at 10.30pm.. But we went back at 9.30pm...
So, that's all I guess..

Friday, December 5, 2008

Up till now, I haven't ask my mum permission to go to Esther's church for her concert.
I scare she don't like let.. I scare kena marah...
But, I know esther needs moral support, as she says.. it's on monday, 8th dec.. I not yet ask also...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

1 week had passed

It's a week after SPM... SPM sudah habis selama seminggu.
Last week, we still wearing sch uniform. haha.. Although it's only a week, but I can feel the boring-ness. Shobana also said she's boring. wanted to go out... hahaha
I did nothing this whole week, sleep lk pig, watch tv like no one's business.
I think the dvd player is soon gonna burst.. DVD all around the living room.

Just only went out with 3/4 foreverus91 last friday, so fast I boring again,wanna go out again..
We planned to go bowling. heehee..
This Sunday me, Ee Li, Kohi and maybe Shobana might going for the education fair. Something like education fair i guess, at pwtc...
Who wan go lepak? Jom, kita pergi bersama-sama..
FYI, we going by public transport.. coz pollution ah, kan.. hahaha

and then, if got teman, I wanna watch twilight. hahaha
ya, today I went Metro Point with Shu Li.. After she go return books at her school, we went thr and lepak.. Actualy, we wanna walk to Metro (got parkson wan) to see whether go twilight not, but raining.. I guess so lao ya cinema dun hv wan la. hahaha..
So, I teman-ed her go cut hair at Real Cut... She said try-try and see..
You know ar, kids one price, 13-17 another price. So, the receptionist/shampoo gal ask her how old. She told the girl she's 17.. That woman/girl/lady ask her to show IC.. what the..
She actually USE A CALCULATOR to type 2008 - 1991 =
Ohh My !! and then she said okie.. You can go in... emm... A professional hairstylist with the name Justin cut for her.. emm.. The hairstylist okok lar.. U say handsome, not really, say cute,NO ! say smoker, I guess so.. First impression to me, SMOKER. I duno why.....ahahaha..
We went old town and hv lunch.. I bump into quite a number of friends. hehe..
Metro Point vry nice to go... Lol..

Oh ya ! I finished Last One Standing. That Roger Kwok really can act until damn gan wan... Eeyer.. Kevin better. hahaha.. Now. Im watching A journey called life.. I noe im slow.. hehe...
lalalalalalala..Till den..

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Stupid handphone

That stupid handphone is real stupid..

seriously dumb handphone.....

SONY ERICSSON betul betul,

really really SUCKS !


Monday, December 1, 2008

"Great" driving skill

This morning, my car almost went into the longkang... My skills are great... I know that.
Yala, I told before edy, I sucks in parking. That damn parking is damn tiny, and the damn car, is damn big lar... SO, my dad got frustrated, and ask me get down the car, he will park. he keep on shouting, left left-right right.. I wanna think oso cannot think la..
So, I GET OUT, WITHOUT pulling hand brake, and putting free gear.. I stepping the clutch, so i juz lepaskan. and the whole car "fly" in front. Luckily, it's still early, not so many car, if not I duno how to cover my face... LOL..
Thank god I didn't bang into people's shop. Or else, I will finish egg... huhu...
You people don't salah faham k... My "great" skills is only in parking... hahahahahaha...

and then just now,went and buy that amanah saham thing... walao weh.. RHB bank the system down mann.. 3 hour 4 hour still hang. what la.. Therefore, me n sister went to CIMB bank to beratur instead. and that bank ar, so wat wan, take number la rite... MUST BERATUR so high tech wan..... kaki oso lenguh la stand until...

Till then, gonna continue with my drama.. The legend of demigods...


hehehahahehehaha.... The Gunners show something again after losing to Aston Villa and Manchester City...
Yesterday/this morning Arsenal beat Chelsea 2-1 !!!!!!!!! *gv a round of applause* lol..
Van Persie score if im not mistaken... 60 and 62nd minute.... !!!!!
Yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!! The are great !! They are Wonderful !! hahahuhulala....
I didn't support the wrong team I guess !!!!!!!!!

I LOVE FABREGAS (the new captain?)
Ok, till then...

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Me too freedom

Today I went KLCC.. Very damn tak han... I wanted to buy 1 bag.. But see here and there also tak ngam..
The Isetan there, parkson grand all got sale.. Damn banyak orang... The escalator oso must beratur.. Escalator !! People there shop like mad wan.. KLCC is orang kaya punya world.. I prefer Mid Valley.. The price lebih affordable. to me la.. Because im broke and im a poories. hahaha..
KLCC is for riches. huhu...
you say I jealous or whatever, oso i dun care. I still will say this: RM 299.90 1 stupid handbag. 50% discount.. =RM 150 sumting. Like this oso call cheap?
I heard those siu lai lai said: "wah hou dai aa" very untung.. wth la... LOL
Too much money don't know where to fling... I go petaling street and buy 1 ciplak wan ppl oso duno lar.. what for wanna buy those 50% wan..
and I saw alot eeli's "fav".. Alot pityful boyfriends.. Carrying plastic bags and handbags.....

Christmas tree.. So fast... still got sumore, not yet finish build,haha

My sister's name? kembangla she..

About 2.30 pm.. Me and my sister went to the plenetary theatre auditorium to watch the Junior Original Concert. It's nice mann..Gabriel Yeap i thought is a girl at 1st... c wrong edy.. Represent Malaysia in Singapore..
Vry damn creative boy.. 12 years old saje..
People gv him 2 bars of notes, he improvise until duno how many mins long punya song..

The stage
2 Stageas
The young composers.. The whole shirt and pants red wan, beside the black shirt boy,
that girl, named Celestine Yoong. She compose 1 song. Become co-performer for another 2 of her friend's composition. Damn geng wan...

All the young composer age between 6-15... Some compose for Piano.. Some for electone.. I of course prefer electone...
They can be better than Jay Chou.. They step the pedal like.. duno how to say.. some already mmg pun sudah better than Jay Chou..

I didn't went pasar mlm, but my youngest sister went. SO, I ask her to buy the following:
Very nice la I tell you... The legend of Demisgod. wah sehh... I like it la...
So real ! it's real la.. If not, how got this kind of show rite.. hahaha..
I love Linda Chung.. hehe

Off i go... Im gonna watch the middle 1 1st.. after that will watch Kevin and then only watch Love Exchange..