Sunday, March 30, 2008

Nicholas From Now On concert 2008

Finally, it's da concert dat i've been waiting for. Nicholas Teo From Now On Live In Malaysia !!
I reach stadium bout 730 pm.. No nd so early, coz i bought numbered seating.. N i saw 1 guy named Jym.. I duno he is a host or a singer now. But i noe he is 1 of the finalist in 2006 astro talent quest. Well, I saw so damn many ppl take pic with him.. I took 1 or 2 oso. But useless, all nt clear.. Those ppl push here n there, my hand oso shake here n there..

dat middle guy im mentioning. dis is the effect.
after dat, i went n buy "ying guang bang" da light wan.. my wan spoil edi. haiz..

Yeahh ! it's dis wan.

i got this free water, cool rhino is da co-sponsor for da concert.

Here's some pics frm da concert, but not clear, coz i sit kinda far, n my camera is nt dat geng wan
The crowd..the little Nicholas
The 2004 him 2005 's Nicholas2006's Nicholas 2007's Nicholas..

He n his guest artist, Fish Leong .

They sang 1 eng love song,n they hug twice.

He cried when he sang fu chu, den huang hun, his competition songs which makes him popular now.

Encore, he sang dang ni gu dan ni hui xiang qi shui. I love his shirt !

He a few other singer's song, wich he modified it.. But when chorus part, he sing back original version. 1 of them is Only One, i tink it's korean song. I like dat da most. I guess his korean pronounciation nt bad. n i more is heart. Indonesian song. hehehe Nt hard for him la, since he noe BM wat..

Overall, it's a gud show,juz a little bit short.. 2 n a half hour.. But i enjoy it. I'll surely b goin 2 his nxt concert.. I Love Nich !!! hahaha

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang;Berlians ain't selfish after all..

2day is majlis anugerah cemerlang day.. I reach scol bout 730am.. Evry 1 was there d.. preparing 2 berniaga.Esther Chong cutting watermelon, sithara n sharweena heat up the oil, sum were sealing the muruku n many more... I'm shock when i saw meifen, coz she said she not cuming ma, gt piano class, but she came. hahaha
5 Berlian's menu :

Ice blended
batik cake
caramel pudding..


1st pic of da day, im still sleepy...while eeli is too excited..

Our menu
this is da fastest 2 finish. carbonara..
ice blend
french fries+nuggets+watermelon blend = Berlian's value meal batik cake

caramel pudding watermelon !

Everything was so laris. Our food finish so fast. Carbonara takes oni bout 30 mins to finish. b4 930 already finish.geng leh.. macaroni nt bad oso. half of 1 big tong, no nd 1 hr, sweep all.. Fuiyoh !! Ice blend oso... Liang moi's gang(aqeela) went n buy 2nd round of ice.. watermelon juice or ice blend damn nice. So cooling especially in a hot day
Den nugget n sausage started. I noe, alot ppl says our service vry poor. vry slow. But do u noe dat our nuggets n sausages r all fresh from the deep fryer? all hot wan, v nvr put on the table n wait for the lalat sekalian 1st den oni sell out wan arr...Thanks 2 sithara n afnatul's deep fryer machine

After dat, me n esther went to the hall to c smart students get their anugerah... 6 students frm 5 Berlian awarded as best student in diff subj... My fren, Sarah awarded as best student 4 physics n Biology. the pics r not clear, bcoz all dis ppl dun walk slow when they receive their award.. haizzzz... So, camera cannt take clear clear... damn blur.

Biology n physics top scorer Mathematics top scorer
Sejarah top scorer PJK top scorer

v 2 hv no anugerah, simply take pic n bzbody oni. haha

Den, v went back 2 our stall.. At dis time, recruit student hv their break. So, nugget n sausage lagilah laris. So many ppl. Big crowd lk gt celebrities... The bigger the crowd,the more ppl say our service is poor. ishhh.. But, v still manage 2 overcome it. Sithara went out 2 buy nuggets again. Until da supermarket left 4 packets, i mean dat specific brand la. hahaha... Den we borrowed afnatul's deep fryer n fry in front of the lab.. secret cooks all there.. 5Berlian can overcome any cabaran..hehe.. Dis lessen the ppl hu complains.the crowd

Amrit: dat gurl wan six nugget

Edna: No la, she wan 3 oni... give me 1st. lol

nugget !

The poser... Fateha, n liang moi..

wahhhhh !!! $$$$$$ !! dun c oni gt rm1.. inside tersirat still got wan arr...

Actuali, v r divided in groups 4 diff shift... I tell u, if ikut shift, surely not enuf ppl.. the ppl hu wana buy is more den the ppl selling... v were so bz...Around 1130am. Our nugget finish completely. V started 2 clean up.. N we treat ourself with watermelon.. Esther siah eat 1 big portion.. so big ! Edna gotta share wit balveen.. hahaha... when jualan about 2 finish, v take pics..

After cleaning up, huh ! photo session !! foreverus91 wil nvr forget 2 take pics.. v took sum pic in the so called pemandangan yg cantik recommended by Sarah.. Den is class photo session. Syahirah siap siap with the camera stand.. hehehe... V took quite alot pics la. Nt alot pics actuali, is alot time same pic, coz so many diff cameras... 1 more thing, i tink v made sum profit.not tink. i confirm. haha.. Can go to our majalah ! Yeahhh !
Berlian rocksss !!! The cun class..
United we stand, divided v fall !

Although it's vry tiring, but all of us were happy.... at least evry1 did sumting 4 da class. N i realise dis time, berlians work 2gether vry well. evry1 juz work well with each other.. bertolak ansur with each other... No1 quarrel, not even 1.. vry bekerjasama... can u imagine 30 ppl work 2gether in a same stall? Help all out 4 da class. V all hv a same thinking, do our best 4 da class.. U can't c sikap selfish in us.. Dis is the true Berlian actually, yeah !! I love my class 5 Berlian !! 5 Berlian rockssss.. It's the last yr v r all together... sob sob.... I'll miss 5 Berlian, after i leave school...
Zhang Dong Liang's concert in few hrs time... huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu...... Bye !!! Putra Stadium, here i come !!!!! Open da gate 4me, cepat !!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I lost to myself

Woi !!! Carolyn !! 起来!!! wake up !! Bangun !! Hapus ur naive thinking, b more reality.
I said b4 rite dat i nd to change. Y am I not doin it? Care bout ppl? not worth ! Y am I so silly??

Do u heard b4 dat" traet sum1 the way that you want them 2 treat you"?
Do u tink ppl will reali treat you as how u treated them? The ans from me is 99.9 % NO. How bout u all? Last time my ans was yes, but all this is juz silly and naive thinking. Another word, Stupid. So, silly,naive n stupid is my thinking.
Poem simply created wan (nt poem act, duno wat is dat, wrg format, undetectable language)

Why? Why?
So silly me?
He/she wouldn't care, wil not care
how much i care
Im ain't sensitive but is what i feel 2nd
Im nt a sun dat ppl can see
Im just a wind that is invisible
I've nvr regret being a wind
though is oweys hurtful
Finding the right person to blow on.
And I found,
The 1 who can feel my presence,nvr take my presence 4 granted
Nvr to those hu r feelingLESS...

Fuiyoh !! Poem ! I cant "haha" edi.. Now i feel I lost in the race. In the past , I can achieve anythin which i determine 2 do. But, now im announcing that I fail 2 do so. I lost ! I lost to no one, but myself. Lost to the past me, Lost to Carolyn. Im still struggling to win the upcoming matches. I want to beat the past me. I still hv a little faith in myself. With sum1's great advice, i may b able 2 do so. I cant afford 2 lose again.

Normal routines continues

2day every single period, were fill up with teachers. I dislike chemistry the most,because I will nvr understand whAT is she crapping in front using mic sumore. Oh god ! crap oso nd mic... Her english is full with BM slang, that is y i dun understand.

When it comes to physic, hahahaha... Dis teacher dun bother much.. So, v chit-chatted 4 almost 2 periods.. probably mayb we tink v still hv Mr Phoon to refer 2.. hahaha.. Meifen joined too although v r in diff group, v just love chit-chatting. And Yeahh ! It's add maths. Time pass fastest.. During Pn Lim's class, the clock always move faster. She din talk much, juz explain, but the time juz flies. English teacher enter the class few minutes late,.so surely v make full use of the time 2 walk around da class n talk.. Actually, is nice to talk talk with diff diff ppl. U can widen ur gossip knowledge. hahahaha...
Alright, it;s about today, boring day, ntg much happen..
Amrit, nxt time, dun so ganas k, i pity ur pilot pencil... Dun patahkan the ear d. hahahahaha..

Later i wana go TESCO n buy new slipper... cheaper ma..hehe.. My wan sudah patah ( nt bcoz ganas).. Is time 2 change d.. I bought last yr's merdeka. 7 mths d lorr...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

My new MP4

After 1 yr, i finally got 1 new MP4 wich i nvr expected.. Yday, i went to Alamanda wit my family.. B4 enterin carrefour me n sis see da paper stick outside wan arr, c gt wat offer wan.. v saw MP4, in quite ok punya price..

Den v go up n hv a look. Din tink wana buy. Den my mum cum over... suddenly she ask u want anot? hahaha.. Of course i say wan la.. SO , i dapat lo.. each person 1. hehehe.. no fight fight...

Quite ok la.. boleh tahan
My last time wan was MWALKER.. When i sleep, i tersleep on it. So, the lens breAK.. lol.. Now, i'll learn frm da mistake and take gud care of it....
I wil love you...
Juz nw went to the furniture shop, plan 2 buy new bed.. my bed arr, sudah bertahun-tahun.. wana change.. hahahaha.. I saw 1 vry cute wan, for children i tink.. Bed n study table plus computer table bergabung.. Best betul, but i tink my "big" room cnt fit... still tinking.. haha
So, tmr Monday again.. haizzz.. NO PJ !!! hooray! no nd change. save energy, save alot..
I realize i oweys blog ar recently, it seems lik everyday... Fuyoh !!...
Nvm la, improve english language (kononnya la, is actualy malaysian english) hahahaha

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I completed 6 hrs of nonsence course.

In order 2 b a "L" license driver, i dgn bangganya completed the 6 hours of nonsence course.. dis morning, i went at 9am. wait turn to cap jari until 930am. Den wait 4 dat jurulatih until 10 sumting.

Dat jurulatih of mine is a sarcastic person. (sumting lk my sej teacher).During dat three hrs, his mouth din stop b4.. Even during break, he is telling me bout his eye power. Oh goshhh !! haizzz.. wat 2 do? hav to listen oso..
2day i learn bout teknik asas memandu.
P -----> Petrol
O-----> Oil
W-----> Water
E-----> Electricity
R -----> Rubber
Den he teach how 2c the tyre's D.O.B, the roadtax, number plat. wiper, battery water, bla bla......
is dis nonsence??? Yes, it is. U probably wont nd 2 noe dis, coz all of us noe dat, once kereta rosak, v wil send 2 workshop rite??...

After break
he tell 5 steps before driving
1. adjust chair
2. adjust mirror, all the mirrors
3. seat belt
4. hold stering
5. check all those signal,hazard...
nxt, he teach how 2 step clutch n accelerate pedal.. dis 2 must balance, if nt car will jerk, which "pro" carolyn oweys did.. until 2day oni i noe dat stepping clutch without accelerate pedal, the car still wil move...this method safe la i tink.. My father din tell oso, so i duno lor.. hehe.. dat person arr, goin up the slope, den gostan, reverse, go up again, den reverse again....
Is dis nonsence? No, it isn't.. Oni dis part not reali nonsence,others all haizz.. but his sarcastic talk r all nonsence.. He said dat my penceramah 4 da teknik asas memandu is paling bodoh wan. can go into world record. N i cant count how many times did he say the same thing. I tink ar, he dun lk dat fella kut... hehe

I completed 3hrs of that course the week v hv election, dat wan is inside the room, 2day oni sumting lk practical. But dat day lagi nonsence la.. keep asking quest.. No matter how nonsence is it, i hv already gone through.. Hooray !! so, my kawan out there.. All de best !!.. If can, bring sum story book or mp3,mp4,mp5 ke 4urself so dat u wont feel boring. It's boring........ Undang course n driving course,no diff.. It's BORING !!! But if go with friends rite, mayb not so boring.. I go alone ma.. Nobody wana accompany me oso. I sdn bhd lar... :-( hualalalala... nvm la, i independent.. hehehe..
Im now waiting 4 da ppl la, 2 call me n giv me my "L" license. den i can drive.. ask me wait until finish SPM wa, how can i wait leh???

Since i was born in january,i hv dis advantage 2 drive so soon, so y not i make full use of dis opportunity rite.... im so thankful dat im born in January. haha
Im so sorry shyuan mey, asked me wait after spm, i cnt wait d.... U still gt so many ppl temaning u, no worries.. I ownself oso can gao dim. U sure x probs.. woohoo.. early abit drive, my daddy mummy oso senang abit. hehehe.. prepare 1 car 4me, den vry senang d. Hopefully by august i can drive smoothly... can go until KL area. Mid valley, pavilion,, time square or even until Port dickson... lalala

I wana drive drive drive drive drive. I cant wait !!!!!!
till den, bye bye..

7 days 2 Nicholas's concert !!!!!! Yippie !!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday !!! Im lovin it

Yeahhh ! It's friday, although no scol 2mr, but i've 2 finish my another 3 hrs of drivin course. Oh nO !!!! haizzz. So borin...I wil get 2 kn0w da engines inside da car.. 4wat actualy? If my car break down middle on the road, juz call mechanic la rite, 4wat la nd 2 noe hw 2 change tyre, hw 2 refil water, noe which type all batteries.. haiz.. Eventhough i noe, i still wont do it ma.. But guys mayb nd 2 noe la. haha

Juz now after scol, v stayed back 2 finish up our bio project. Poor esther, eeli n me, get scoldin frm Sarah, bcoz she said v duno hw 2 color. :-(
Dis Sarah love perfect work, abit keluar garis oso she wil scold.. hahaha
But gud la lk dis. At least gt 1 person in the group is lk dis ma. So v wont do it "cincaiLY". lol

After dat, me esther n eeli went SB curry to eat.. Harjir n sithara joined us.. They din eat, but gossip together. hehehe..Then, v went tuition in PTM. Our place is stolen by 1 bunch of malay girl. Shyuan Mey was angry.. Those malay girl lov 2 sit all around. ishhhh..

After tuition, v went back 2 scol 4 badminton..yeah, i lik it.. V play double at 1st, mimi,me , meifen n lianee.den change change ppl lar.. At the end, i terhit the shuttlercock at meifen. Im so sory ar meifen...
OH MY GOD !!! 1st time la i hit ppl..i mean hit directly la. i so scare bengkak leh, sumore dat shuttle so high quality. kinda heavy.. Im so worry now.. haizz. But she say nothin edi, still i risau lar.. haizzzzz

Den i went tuition 8 sumtin, where tuition start 830. My bio tuition.. haha.. I learn dat verterbra ting again. 712554 dis number wil bring u 2 marks teacher say.. hahaha.. i rdy gt method 2 rber it.. lol.Oh ya, 2day amrit's bio tuition mate din cum, kesian she sat alone.

when tuition over, evry1 went back except me n eeli. Suddenly 1 indian man cum n approach us n ask eeli how r u? Eeli ans fine, n i hide bhind her.. Oh gosh,y she so brave wan? She say must act not scare, if nt, lagi teruk. But if me, i run away.. run into the bank, luckily there gt 1 bank. bank got guard ma, n guard go senapang. hahaha.. safer.He is so scary... nowadays, Kajang is nt reali a safe place. Not oni kajang la, evrywhere the same.. so, evry1 pls be alert wherever u go.. Look left, look right, look left again.. not 2 look 4 cars, but ppl around you.. "Be careful, jgn ditipu" (mr phoon phrase)

I tink it's enuf, n i stop here... Hope it wil not b a borin course 2mr. 2 get license, i must go 4 it.. haiz. how borin oso, i must go.. another haizzz..
so desperate 2 get my license.
n pls miss esther, dun keep askin me faster go n take license.. Im fast now.. fast enuf. hw can i simply sit undang test rite? later fail edi must pay u noe esther..must read all quest 1st ma.. Luckily i pass edi.. haha.. u dont "chui" me edi ar
ok, bye bye...

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Tagged by Eugene

Instructions: Remove 1 question from below, and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged!

1. At what age do you wish to marry? - 24-26

2. What's ur fav sport? --- swimming n badminton.

3. Where is the place that you want to go the most? - Australia, Korea

4. If you can have one dream to come true, what would it be? - Own a vila
5. Do you believe you can survive without money? - No

6. What are you afraid to lose the most? - 2F,friends n family.
7. If you win $1 million, what would you do? - Travel around da world, giv 1/2 to parents.

8. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her? - Of course.

9. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you? -Understanding,helpful and caring
10. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half? - understand me

11. Which type of person do you hate the most? - ppl who r two sided face.
12. What is your ambition? - anythin 2 do with computer/pharmacist

13. Which physical part of you would you change if u get a chance to go for plastic surgery? - No, god created me lik dis. So, i am who i am.

14. What do you think is the most important thing in your life? - Health

15. Are you a shopaholic or not? - YES

16. If you have a chance, which part of your character you would like to change? - the straight 4ward me.

17. Who is your favourite artist? - Nicholas Teo.
18. What's your weakest point? - bother hw ppl tink of me.

19. What's the thing that you're most proud of? - I live in Malaysia. (for food, no bencana alam.)

20. Rainy day or sunny day? - Rainy.

And now,I would like to tag Ee Li and Shyuan Mey

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

No teacher..

1stly, i wana praise Harjir 4 not cuming 2 scol 2day.. She is juz so smart.
oni sej n bio gt teacher. BM,Moral,Add maths no teacher

first period was Sej. V sit in maths lab. Nt enuf table so i share wit meifen. Teacher announced sej mark hu has 90 n above.. hehehe.. No nd ask, surely dun hv me.. Kohila gets 100..Congrats... N quite a num of ppl get 90 n above.. N i got n A2.. enuf la,im nt greedy wan.. expectation 2 high nt gud oso. I wil go step by step.. hehehe..

After dat, was BM den Add maths.. V was force 2 move to 4 Intan.. Betul org nomad.. But v used 2 it rdy.. V talk talk n salin hw.. Den those hu has mumtaz, wahh.. doin, doin lor.. Mumtaz tuition izit vry tension? lol

After rehat, v move 2 Bio lab.. so many labs... V had Bio, dat teacher arr.. Duno wat she talkin.. V ask her 2 discuss paper, she said.. " aiya sudah lepas, x payah la".. ishh... my Bio she calculate less 1 mark. I wana go n get bk da 1 mark.. V studied bout human skeleton 2day-----> Five parts of the vertebral column.

7 Cervical vertebrae.
12 Thoracic vertebrae
5 Lumbar vertebrae
Sacrum, 5 sacral vertebrae
Coccyx (4 vertebrae)

Kohila den came out with dis masterpiece: (it's amrit actually..she say her brain vry fast wan..)


den meifen created 1 for me.

Chong Wei
(i noe it's so funny as well as memalukan sekali, but i like it. hahahaha)

smart huh they all!! hehehe.. Amrit oso gt alot sumore.. All i feel lik laughin.. V create all dis when teacher teachin, duno how many ppl reali concentrate n listen evry sentence she said??
After Bio, v den move to 4 intan again... It's so troublesome.. Moral time, is oso raining time.. Vry heavy rain.. nd to shout while talking. V talk n talk den Lianee bring in newspaper..

V read about my fav player KooKienKeat's article.
What comes to ur mind when u 1st read dis 2 words?
I tot he is dumped by his gf or he dump his gf. hehehe.. Me,meifen, lian ee,mimi n even inthuja minat dis news.Hehehe.. No la, actuali he loves badminton but bcoz of his coach's remarks on him, n bad rumours, so he feel so hurt.. Da coach arr, where can say bout his lifestyle? It's his privacy ma.. He want do wat, he lik la.. alot of female friends oso cannt wan meh.. duno hu so bad wan, spread so many khabar angin yg buruk bout him.. huhuhu.. bsides, coach n partner dont trust him anymore, dat's y it's so hurt.. But nvm, i still support him ! ! ! He is down now, n i blieve he wil bounce back.. Oh gosh, out of topic edi..
But i noe lar.. Nt oni coach.. When friend don't trust me, oso i feel vry hurt.. dat feeling is undescribabale..Only 1 word, HURT.. They wil hesitate when they tell u sumthin., n ragu-ragu terhadap ur ability..aiya, simple sentence, THEY DON'T TRUST YOU.. In their heart,they will like "can u do it ar?" " u can anot wan oor.. can meh"? n oso lik" i better dont tell her, later she tells sum1 else".. It hurts so much.. vry vry vry HURT .. da wound is hard to seal.. I noes dat well..
Alright, i guess dat's all 4 today..
2mr is a holiday !! I duno wat holi isit. Too bad, PTM is so hardworkin,so i've tuition.. If there's no tuition, it wil b perfect.. Later im goin barbeque in Klang.. Mum's friend's hse. hahaha..
C ya.. bye..

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

No Chemistry

huhu.. 2day no chemistry. Basically, whole class is happy. our 1st period was BM, n v get back our paper at last.. The marks i get was better den i expected, so ok la.. ntg much 2 complain. Mostly i tink was correct, is correct. lalala

den 2nd period was Chemistry. Me n meifen went n pass up our sej, den we walk 2 da lab, when we reach,oni say teacher din cum. haizzz.. den in class do our tings lor.. alot ppl was saling menyalin each other physic peka n that latih tubi( holi hw).. hahaha

Meifen said copying is oso bakat, i agreed. hahaha.. so, durin dat 2 periods we menunjukkan our bakat salining. hehehehe
Durin add maths, sum more wat leh? pn lim wont dont teach wan. so v cont wit Integration.. n as usual, she gave homework.. Last 2 period was Eng.. bout 10 students went out to practice da drama. They've drama competiton. hehehe.. duno whether den win anot? oni 2 class are competing, This oso call competiton. hahahaha.. v discuss bout latih tubi lor.. den Yeahh, balik rumah !

poor me, eeli, sarah staybac 2 do our bio project.. haha.. v almost finishing. left colouring.. v start work at 2pm. i went back at 4, while eeli n sarah went bk at 5 sumting... So, 1 day had already gone.. SPM berapa days lagi?? i vry scare..
11 days to zhang dong dong's concert.. Im so looking 4ward.

Lee Yong Dae won back 2 back title, but sad coz he is still nt as best as my diamond pair.. dey won in rubber set.. But he's a great player.. Yoyo, Lee yong dae !! They r currently 1 rank above my diamond pair..

Sunday, March 16, 2008

School reopen

Scol wil b reopenin 2mr.. Oh, so fast.. I still hvent finish my booklet. Aiya, as u noe la holiday ma, so hv 2 rest. Dis whole week oso no time 2do, although it's holiday. but, tuition stil carry on.
Plus, me n meifen keep on updating each other wit Lee Yong Dae's news. He's da newly crown All England Champion. Now pula swiss open, back 2 back leh..Where gt time 2do? So, v sudah berpakat, demi Lee Yong Dae, we r nt goin 2 do. hahahahaha
2nite,he wil b playin against World champ frm Indonesia.Hope he win, den he wil b my 2nd Diamond pair after KKK-TBH !!!.. Go, Go, Lee Yong Dae !!!!
2mr reali scol reopen d. daily work continue.. haizzzzzz... SPM in half a yr time..
Nicholas's concert in 2 weeks time.. 329 gt scol arr.. Ishhhh.. goverment love 2 replace. haizz
till den, zai jian...

Friday, March 14, 2008


How am I going 2 walk into the exam hall without confidence?
Ans: iF i do not hv confidence, i'll be 2 times bhind the other b4 even da race starts. If i hv, i will win the race even b4 the race start..

As u noe, i do nt hv any confidence in my exams.. During exams week, I wil study in the morning wit my frens when we arrive scol. Then, i'll start asking dis n dat.. When the ans they giv me is diff frm my own, i will automatically rber theirs instead of mine..mayb bcoz they r smarter.
Therefore, now i wana learn 2 be confident in my own ans. I wana learn 2 trust my own ans. After all, my own ans sumtime do give me marks.

I want to walk into the SPM examination hall with confidence. I want to make my family proud especially my mum. N i dun1 to let my mum's side family look down upon me as most of my cousin r straight As n top student in scol. I wana let them noe dat to score straight As is not depending on $. Not oni RICH ppl can score straight As. Studying in overseas or International school doesn't mean anything. To me, that r juz "KIASU", n non-stop competing.. we must enjoy high scol life... No point being at the top oweys n scoring uncountable As,but nt enjoyin scol life.. Tak de guna lah study oso..

So, i must be confident to do this !!! Eventhough if emm choi2 la... I wil stil nvr give up. I wana try until i success. Try again in college or even uni.

my quote: Ppl can do it, so y can't I ??
Confidence leads the way !

my fav drama quote: 努力不懈,冲向终点!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

changin my personality 2 b a better person

after 3 days of "bodoh-bodoh" holi.. I find out that, i havent finish my holi hw.. nt even 5 pg. is ok, i already prepare a script 2 ans the teachers... hahaha.. (but i promise myself hv 2 change.) how?? c la... i oso scare my frens say i lazy la

in dis three days i learn alot of tings.. i saw ppl in indonesia sum vry pity.. sum nt pity at all.. They hv hands n leg, but they dun work, they beg ppl 4 food. dis is sooooo.. ishhh.
n sum r reali poor. dis make me feel hw lucky i am.

  • I learnt 2 appreciate wat i get. Eventhough i dun willing 2 go Jogja, but i did nt complain 2 my parents yet.. still tinkin whether wana complain. But now, i dun wish 2.. although is a free seat, but it still nd airport tax. so, it's oso costy, plus dat maid punya tax oso. dat maid arrrr...ishhhhhh
    I oso did buy tings frm there, gt waste sum money.. so, i guess, i cnt complain.. It might hurt my parents.. hehehe..
    dis is wat i wana change 2 b, LEARN 2 APPRECIATE.
  • Nxt, i dun1 to b so boros edi.. I dun1 buy tings frm canteen edi if i bring food. hungry,hungry la. i dun1 eat meehoon plus curry edi, n i dun1 eat that hotdog edi.. "I AM WHAT I EAT". so oily,as shiny as diamond, n duno clean anot. after eatin, my stomach oweys lik burning. Burning sensation.. I mus not spend more den rm 6 a week. dun buy nonsence food. (so dat i can save all dis to buy concert tickets n shoppin)
  • Think b4 i talk.. Dun open mouth n straight way talk...


talk--->think (too late)
  • Study hard n smart. Use brilliant ways 2 memorise. usually teacher's ways does nt work.. create own mind map.. Inside my mind,not on da paper. help frens hu r weak, but i tink im da weakest... hahaha..giv a good fight in mid term... aim properly.. oweys tink dat ppl can, so y not I?
  • No more so forgetful. evrytin oso can forget,but not my hp,watch n purse... dis week, i havent 4get any1 of dis.. (mission consider complete)
  • No matter wat happens, leave it n continue my life.. Nvr let tings/ppl disrupt me.. dun bother things that r not worth 2 know or bother.. N yes !! i feel i can do this now.. (mission complete)

Overall, my plans work well... now i nd 2 put more effort to control my $$$ frm flowing lik a tap water. i wil complete dis mission in scol most probably n oso cziplee.. I spend da most in cziplee n in canteen.. Say "tak nak" to canteen food.. I cant say tak nak 2 cziplee.. The last time me seldom eat canteen food, although i noe la yuhua canteen so nice... N i dun oweys go cziplee.. Mayb dat time small kut.. hahaha... So, any1 hu saw me eat canteen food, warn me ok... n if u c me talk b4 i tink, pls stop me.. Thx...

my holiday

Im back !!! I came back last nite frm Indonesia... Well, i went 2 Yogyakarta/Jogjakarta.Good job Airasia, din delay my flight... The pilot hensem wei.. haha

b4 i fly. b4 we fly

I stayed in Malioboro, which is a shopping area, but the hotels sucks... Very dirty, nt lik our hotel.. I tink v shud call it "rumah tumpangan".. Yuckssss.. i suffer 4 two nites.. cnt even sleep,waitin 4 the sun to rise.. n indonesia is 1 hr slower den us. lagi lah teruk !!! the air cond is lik fan, worse den fan..

N 1 ting, indonesian love to wear jacket.. Hot sunny day, still wear jacket, OMG !! n their restaurant din on fan wan. u must ask, oni they on.. when u c the fan is on, that table sure Malaysian.. hahaha
I changed rp 27500 = rm 10.. but i share wit my sis, 1 ppl rm 5.. so v get about 15000 each.. Nice wei.. can buy hair clip, pencil box, file. The tings there are oso cheap n updated.. Although the hotel there are lousy, but their shopping complex rockss.. opposite our hotel, are lik petaling street.. Wahhhh !!! so nice.. But the things of course la, laoya wan.. My sis bought 1 watch rp20000 about rm7 oni.. Let's c can tahan hw long..

Jogja terkenal with batik.. haiya, dats y la, my mum buy so many batik.. all less den rm 10.. Ok, their food there is not ok... MALAYSIA food is the best among the best.. My maid agree dat... Their fishball is called bakso.. their jackfruit wich is famous is call kudok.. But their sate ayam kinda tasty.. Lik our char siew.. or u can say lik neh chicken rice shop that barbeque chicken. their food vry cheap. v had breakfast in hotel's coffee shop 4 2 days.. NT NICE wan.. but still hv 2 swallow..
V had dinner in MCD for 2 consecutive days,coz indonesian food v dun lik or u shud say is nt as tasty as Malaysian food.. MCD gt chicken rice wan wo... NICE ! Their chicken foldover oni rm 5, cheap leh.. v had pizza hut for lunch b4 going 2 airport.. rp60000..

This is the hotel i stay.. Yucksss

Beca outside da hotel.. rp2000 per trip. nt even rm1. vry terkenal with beca n the horse pull wan.. duno hw 2 say.. kereta kuda.
v cant sleep, the hotel 2 terukk..


b4 goin 2 borobudur, v stop by dis silver kilang i tink.. dis wan is dat candi lo.. made frm silver the stairs are steep.. steeper den batu caves
i arrive in Borobudur ..

our lunch, sate ayam, egg n kangkung cost rp 29000=plus minus rm 10 oni.. I nvr had lunch less den rm 20 b4 with whole family..

This is the place "NAUGHTY" where i spend my own rp 15000..

dis is the pencil box which i bought.. rp9000=rm 2 sumting, almost 3.

sell all dis ting lo, nt clear la, i use fon, lazy wan2 use camera..
It's sumting lik our G.I.R.L. !! But the price in Naughty is 100 % cheaper by at least half frm GIRL..

Plastic frm Naughty
MT !!

MT !!!
Milk Teddy !!! I bought the middle wan, but brown. rp24500.. about rm10 0ni.. The cheapest i ever get is rm13. but now, rm 10..

this cheese bread cum frm indonesia,gt chilli sause wan.

My watch

My sis watch

our watches..

Im so looking 4ward 2 cum back !!

dis is wat we do in the 2hr 30 mins journey.. KLIA, here we come !

the trip is ok.. the nxt place i wana go in indonesia is Bali.I guarantee it wil b a better place den yogyakarta..
In conclusion, Malaysia is better den Indonesia, food no.1...

Oh ya, i bought sumting for foreverus.. But the quality, pandai-pandailah.. ok.. i noe u all wont mind rite...
I guess dat's all. sum i wil tell in scol.. coz in blog hard 2 tell. hahaha
Yeahh ! nw swiss open, KKK-TBH clear 1st round !