Wednesday, May 25, 2011

say yo!

Hey there! so, how r u people doin? fine? not fine? sad? happy?

last last week i catch up-ed with lian ee and yen mun.. hehe... yen mun twice, lian ee oso twice.. haha..
Last last sunday, we went for badminton... me, yenmun,lianee... before badminton, we had KFC breakfast.. great !! hahaa...... cheezy burger.. owh so yummy !!.. then we went for badminton.. n after badminton, we went to oldtown.. LOL...due to we havent talk enough! LOL.. yeah, got alot to talk.. too bad the others can't join.. if not, i tink we need to go mcd, pizza, sushi and so on .. hahaha!
we talk talk talk talk ... hahaha...

then on monday was wesak walk! hehe.. me like it !! jon, his bro, me , my little sis walk... then lianee, her sis n my sis on duty... after that, we went to Al-salam sg chua to yum cha.. n had a gud laugh... haha... we just have got so many thing to talk arr... LOL...
then on wednesday, went out with yen mun to yum cha .... hmm.... she wanted to watch movie.. but i dowan, coz i will end up sleeping in the cinema.. =)
so, we talk talk talk at oldtown..
By the way!!!!! OLDTOWN got promo from mon-fri 3pm-6pm ada MY TEA...
from rm 3.90!!
quite worth it la... 1 drink n 1 bread n a few more combination.. go try!

then last friday after paper,pei qi, patrick and his fren, su-ianne and her bf,me n lydia, oh ya plus jon went to the pyramid.. hahaha... we went n jalan-jalan n eat... n then PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN !!! woo hoo... but lydia didnt join us for movie...i thought i would fall asleep... but surprisingly i didnt.. haha..

Pirates of the caribbean is superbly awesome! =)

After movie, it's 5 something... me, pei qi and jon went to oldtown for tea... hahahaha... it's rm3.90... pei qi kip complain she is the light bulb and even her drink is the light bulb to... LOL.. damn funny...

lol.. wan smile den dun1 smile.. haaha

pei qi ...

enriched choc, white coffee and enriched choc..
pei qi claims that her white coffee is the light bulb.. LOL

after that, fetch pei qi back and home sweet home.. =)
hmm... overall i had great days with them and a great week.. =)
but these few days reli unhappy.. =(
cont in the nxt post!.. till then
take care

with love,
carolyn.. =)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

damn it !

FML ! seriously !
im breaking down.. lying to myself that im happy but im not happy at all..
why am i influence by those pest? why?
damn it !
im trying my best to get out off it! why can't i do so?
i seriously need to get out of all this shit... n i promise i will take revenge...
u took away my happiness, n u will have to return double to me !