Friday, May 25, 2012


Lots of things happen recently.. Happy, sad, emotional.. Exams is around the corner. My first exam in degree level... yeah...~ i would wish for HD if i can. Who doesn't want HD? But Management is really killing me. I don't really understand :( ANyway, study hard and hope i can do it :)
As for other subjects, i don't dare to put big hopes, but i will try my very best, cuz" life has no rehearsal, and everyday is a live show. Therefore i need to do well in every performance" it's a quote gotten from a friend.

I was working on and off this month. The new iPad is awesome! The resolution is higher now, and the camera which i really concern of has gotten better to 5mp :) On the other hand, i got myself a 2nd hand iPad. Yeah, u might ask why would i wana get an iPad 2, since the new iPad is already here... Cuz, this is the matter of budget. Besides, i think iPad 2 will still make a great job tooo...I bought it from my colleague for rm700.. hmmm~ He didnt use much as he said....~ So, i decided to give a try cuz my iPod touch is really small for me to see, at times :) Sometimes, i also feel shy to take money from dad, cuz i already started to work. So, i wont wanna take money from him to buy the new iPad, so i also decided to buy the iPad 2... After I started working, i know the meaning of hard earned money.. It's not easy though.. In every line, there is always different issues in work..

Lastly, i would talk about my boyfriend... We have ups and downs, this is always compulsory right? We came to a point where we fight like idiots. He told me that i never give him chance to protect me, and i do everything for myself on my own, and dont want him to protect me... I was like zzz, omg, wth,watareyoutalkingabout, areyoucrazythatidontwantyoutoprotectme. not only that, we argued bout families. I heard his mom asking him why he did not contact that girl for so long. He said "no la, nothing. and also give no expressions." He then asked me, "did you heard what my mom say?" I said "yes, so?"
He said: "i wont wana contact those people also, cuz they are not real friends"
I said" yea, u think lk dat, but your mum doesnt know. In future, she will ask you again. So, why not clear the confusion now?"* i started to unhappy, cuz i feel that his mum still likes him to be wit the gal. in my heart i was like, "hey, what am I then in this 3 years? Its 3 years, n u still wants ur son to be with that idiotic gal who make my image go down the drain?" Therefore, at this point, i have sadness and hatred come back again.

I know that this is not my boyfriend's fault. He always don't talk bout that family just so that we can forget  all the incidence causes by them. I know is not him that bring up the issue. Is his......~
I was so sad, maybe u think im jealous.  and to be real i really feel hurt and sad when i hurt what she say on the phone.. After all the arguments we had, my boyfriend, for the very 1st time, stood up and tell his family as in not to talk about that idiotic gal... His mum give a respond that " i was just asking you why did not contact her, as a friend and i thought you all are still friends, Dont misunderstand, i know u have a gf.. " i dono whether it is true, but this is what my bf told me. I hope it is true and everything will stop...
I just wana say, i do not need you to do anything for me to protect me, as in like quarrel with people, fight or etc. You just need to put me in the right place :)
tq and i l y.

thats me these days...
till then,