Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Do I suck?

Ignore my dis post, if u dun wish to read...
Honestly, am I aiming tooo high?
Am I not qualified to aim that high?
Why kip on questions?
People feel i can't or I feel myself cannot success?
I really so suck?
I really so terrible isit?
Why like that?
Eventhough suck, cannot have a dream meh?
tell me why why why

N u !
Why u like that?!
As if im ghost or vampire or whatever so scary? Dun dare look at me...
why leh?
I will eat u isit now?
My teeth gt so sharp anot ar?
You think if i really eat, i will eat you kah?
why u dream like that huh?
Or u think im stupid huh... so, if look at me edy leh, i will spread stupidness isit?
why acting lk dat?
Not in drama oso... why wana act?
or isit it's ur trueself?
U reveal ur trueself dy zit... i need to go n have a look when gt time...
coz nw bzing...
but i guess no point rite.. u are not any1 to me..

damn irritating..

Saturday, August 14, 2010


There is a question mark almost in every1's head... Don't know which to choose, which to go for.. All this is because, no.1 money. no.2 time...
If these two tings doesn't exist.. I guess most of us gonna try try dis course, try try the other wan... How nice, if all the courses are free.. N i wont get old... I can try whichever i like.. n choose the one that i love the most..
But thats all juz a dream.... I need to wake up now, to be more realistic !

On thurs, i wana cry so much but no tears... =(

oh ya, Why do most of the people,including me at timess think that medicine, pharmacist, dentistry all this.....job opportunity only will be high... Why can't they look on other side, beside all this there are still a wide field in science... why can't be a nutritionist,food technologist or a radiologist or whatsoever other than those stated earlier? Why can't I just don't think of pharmacist and open my eyes to see other things huh!?
I duno why am I locking myself into that small particular medical field only...
My dream is always to be a biotechnologist.. I want to be in a lab, so that no need to kip on socialise.. I can't talk with people that Im not familiar.. If with people im familiar i can be talkative...
i heard my bio lect say, when in the lab that need to dress up like an astronaut, im so interested.. hahaha... It's like something special ! =)
I duno why everyone keep on say no job no job no job make me change my mind again and again... from young i wana be teacher.. --> lawyer (influence by survivor law) ---> biotech ---> food science ---> biotech ---> pharmacist ---> nutritionist ---> biotech... Im vry tired thinking and thinking...
Choosing pharmacist is honestly not what I want, but what people tells me how successful can I be... From the day I wanted biotech till now, no1 supported me before... even my dad told me dun choose biotech..maybe influenced by my aunt or whoever, I duno lah.. =(
I want i want so much... but no1 is there to give me support.. But somehow, he opened his mind, and ask me study whatever i want.. I so surprised, and he say just dun regret... thats all.. wah ! Im happie lar.. n he even ask me go ask la bout ur biotech... i like it ! muacks...
Perhaps it's truee... job opportunity is low... but cannot say no job at all also kan? Maybe there is always a job, but because kip on demand for high salary thats y dun1 work, den equals no job lor...
But I believe, if you are good, no matter where or when, there will always be a door opened for you... paling teruk, i becum lecturer la... wahaha.. !
But biotechnologist is what i wan seriously.. of course pharmacist is better la, or u can say high class or higher grade... But I dun think my capability is that high.. my lect say, we must noe how high is our own capability... not simply think, i can la, i can la.. then aim high...
I used to think, I can la, i can la.. But i realised and I know where is my capabilty now.. n i need to accept it.. =)

So, no matter what, i hope 1 day, i can study what i really wanted... but i still need to go around and find out.. perhaps there are something more interesting than biotech? who knows? hehex...
Let's strive hard for our dream !

To calm myself down yesterday, I went and watch movie again! LOVE in DISGUISE !!
Starring WANG LEE HOM and LIU YI FEI..

It is a sweet, romantic and a little funnny movie.. I feel it's nice !! NICE lah.. my comment for every movie is NICE.. I rate 8/10...
Ah de so sweet he bcoz of the girl do alot thing.. =)
n the song is nice !!! I like it !!
Wang Lee Hom is vry talented rite? As i know, his whole family are in medical field... But still he is now successful in his vry own way...
I hope, 1 day can be successful toooo... in a way that i like...

Till then, tata!
Have a nice weekend...
Cheer up, people !! Go watch Love in Disguise !!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Inception is nice !but dun reli understand.. but after friends discussing bout it... i tink i noe what is all about.. The back up plan is nice!!! funny and romantic oso.. =)
The Jade and the Pearl nice oso ! got lam fung, ah sa, and joey yung...
haha... nice, funny... romantic? abit abit la.. hahha...funnnny!!!!!!
Sorcerer's apprentice is okie... Hmmm.. like got abit fake coz Dave so fast can perform the power.. Fuyohhh.. haha
Salt nice again !!!! Thumbs up ! Angelina Jolie is so cool.....cool lady!...
The Last airbender... Nice leh !!! To me lah... Im waiting for part 2, 3... haha !!...
Only water and air also so powerful.. If plus with earth and fire.. fuyoh !!!
NICE !! duno hw 2 describe...
alllllll the movies to mee also nice ! hahahaha... so dun ask me oor.. coz i only noe NICE! haha!
This summer got so many movies... Im going to broke la.. hahahaha!
But if continue lk dat cannot lah... coz arrr... wan exam liao... wuwuwu :'( sad...
my nxt attempt will be on cats and dogs, going to distance, razpunzel and ai qing tong gao by wang lee hom... wahahaha... continue to broke... haha !
till then, wan balik inti....
my roomate is alone... :(
so, i go bk pei her... i vry gud hor? lolz... jk la...
tmr bio quiz... duno gt anot wan..
gene tech !!!!!!!!!!!! im cuming !!!!!!!!!