Thursday, August 30, 2012


Hello its week 5 of my uni! Hmmm... This sem is tiring, n it is getting tougher and tougher... :(
business law is confusing... I cant understand all... So, i truly salute lawyers...
Well, in week 7 gonna have 2 test and 1 assignment due.. hmmm~ im gonna have sleepless night ....
In conclusion, uni is fine, i started to be more and more independent.. oh ya! n i joined the monash amazing race..wahahaha! just for fun, i dun think can win.. hehehaha! It's open to non monash student oso.. come join us, will you? :)

So, olympics 2012 has ended... Quite surprise that we manage to secure 2 medals. 1 from badminton and 1 for diving:) Congratulations to both. You guys make us proud to be a Malaysian :)
Is so close yet so far for DLCW to bring back the gold medal, but it is still fine.He gave his all and all his effort touched all malaysian heart.. I really like the ESPN commentator's words " Skills win you medal, Attitude wins heart" It is so true, that DLCW has put all malaysian together and win all our heart.
As for the diver, she is only 19 years old... I guess not much people aim medal frm diving.. But she made history by being the first female in Malaysia to bring back a medal from Olympics. :)
So ya, thats all for Olympic yo! :D

As for work, as usual.. Public holidays, or weekends... Cuz im kinda busy nowadays dy... hmmm~
The new retina display macbook pro is sellable, i believe it could be everyone's dream mac..

Talking about shopping.. I shop alot in groupon? like an aunty already? hehehaha... finding yummy yet cheap foods :) Not only that la, me n my bf bought a watch each for our own...besides, He bought me 2 tops from Zara.. Thank You :))
As for movie, we watched Step Up Revolution, the Dark Knight Rises, Amazing Spiderman (long time ago?)macam itu saje i guess... hehe :)
I feel Dark Knight Rises is not nice at all..But alot of my friends say very nice, and i was tricked to go and watch.. hahahaha.... Just kidding la :)
However, it is not nice for me. I slept for almost an hour.. i guess Avengers and Spiderman are way better than dark knight .. :(

Last but nt least, its the 3rd year for me and you :)

Happy 3rd Anniversary! We planned to have our dinner at Teeq Restaurant the rooftop.. But unfortunately we are told that they are having private function at the very last minute... So, we went to Pavilion and end up having dinner in Ben's.. Well, i would say the food was ok.. Not too bad.. But i think other western restaurant are better.. That is my own opinion.. Well, it has been 3 years:)
Happy 1097 days! Thanks for everything you have done for me, n making me one of the quite blissful woman on earth! haha :D Although im sometimes noisy. making you dono how to do, but deep in my heart, i always love u..
LOVE YOU LOTS!! <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
This is our yearly photo frame. We promised that no matter what gift we have for each other, photo frame is the compulsory wan for both of us, and needs to be same.. So, as u can see, 3 photo frame = 3 Years Anniverssary! Thanks for your awesome idea ! :D

Alright, thats all for today!
Till then,
With ♥