Friday, September 30, 2011

dont und

sumtimes i reli dun und, what is friends.. Friends should kip in touch,no?
make efforts to kip each other updated with own stufff... no?
yea, i truly und the busy-ness due to college uni and stuff.. but hello! every1 has 24 hours a day. NO? why do u need to say u are bz and so on when it is a weekend and it just take u an hour or 2?
grrr... to kip ur friends, to stay in contact, u gotta made effort for it... right?
How is it possible that u have no time at all to meet up? Nvr say u are busy! is jst the matter of u want or u dont want! thats all!
gahh! i duno lah.... ppl change day by day.. I feel so strange...

till then,
im sory if i offended any1..