Friday, December 30, 2011

walking down memory lane 2011

In a day plus, we will say goodbye to 2011 and welcome 2012.. I just feel that time reli flies, and ya.. seriously, it really flies.. I remember i was writing dis to welcome 2011 a year ago.. But now, its another year coming.. So, yeah! Basically, this year is a good year to me... Im happy except january?! :)Lets walk down year 2011 and see... hmmmm~


My birthday! :) glad that my friends did take out some time to give it to me... Celebrated at mid valley's garden restaurant or cafe or something like that.. That was with my A-level bunch of peeps.. Another session with my foreverus91.. In 21st century.. :) It's me and lian ee's birthday... She is elder than me a day.. :D Got my 1st iPod touch as present frm my boyf.. I knw i have been making noise to ask him buy me 1... n he really got 1 for me... happy :D

one day after my birthday, is my a-level result day.. Damn! like shit weyhhhhh.... ok, maybe im really nt good enough for this course...~ or u can just say im pretty lazy! n my
strength is NOT in sci subject? alright, whatever it is! i got screw frm my dad.. I knw, its disappointing...haiz... chose this course like very urgently, i never get to go to any education fair after SPM coz Im stuck in NS... and since lots of my fren went to the same college, so do I.. ahahaha! thats me, when im young.. stick to my frens always.. But not now anymore.. hahaha!
Anyway, jz a little advice here.. NEVER GO FOR A-LEVEL if u wanna enjoy college life!


It's CNY! woohoo! but every1 kip asking for my result... WTH! I hate that seriously... ok, we get angpaus and had lots of yummy foods.. weeee! and nothing much la.. jz more on angpaus, foods and whatever we do during cny...~


I decided to restart my pre-u in business subj cuz my a-level is seriously shit! w
ent to Sunway college, and everything start going smoothly...~Business subject is 100% more relaxing than sciences. I meet awesome ppl that make me happy everyday... no heartache like i had b4 in stupid INTI...~ damn tht college.. Pyramid is my 2nd house, movie,makan, shopping all in 1... Feel soooo happy and relaxing although the course is not that relaxing...~ feel happy everyday goin to coll, and when i think of pyramid, we are all so excited :)

This is some awesome people that accompany through thick and thin throughout the program..

Nothing much in April... it's just busy studying and preparing for final exam... Doing assignment, presentation and etc... it was a great experience though..~ in a-level, we seldom do presentation.. but in sunway, we always do it.. and it bcum vry normal, no stage fright.. go out, n just talk...~ :)


Exam month, kinda nervous... Im very afraid that the history repeat... I study n study just to make sure I don't disappoint anyone, and also to get a good result :) my accounting is half pail of water, and im glad that my awesome ppl around are pros that could guide me..

Holiday month! Damn relaxing...~ at house nothing to do... But money kip flowing out.
My boyf birthday~.. For the 1st time, i bought an ice-cream cake for him... Make surprise, and glad it work.. proud a little bit for awhile ok? hehehahaha

Besides, results for 1st sem came out! Oh my god... im jz soooooo nervous... im very scare to see history...~ However, i manage to get what I want...The score for 1st sem is sufficient for me.. thank you Buddha...


July! Back to college! continue awesoming, rock the pyramid and everything!
Watched transformer 3 with jon and his family... LOL.. I slept in the cinema... that transformer 3 is truly NOT nice! All i knw is bumblebee, bumblebee and bumble bee! oh my god! hahaha... but anyway i still watched..


It's our 2nd Anniversary.. Told cha rite? time flies... had a very simple celebration in Victoria Station... he folded roses for me.. and of course my ferrero rocher.. :) and i got him a watch! like finallly... :) great gf i am huh.. LOL... jz joking.. :) n btw, Jon joined Sunway...We are reunited..~ He completed his Diploma in stupid InTi, and move on to degree in Sunway :)
Sunway is much more better than INTI i would say :)


Nothing much in September.. Assignment and tests all the way, followed by presentations... n of course we get to spend more time tgthr compare it with before :)


Final exams arrived... much more heavier compare to 1st sem... doin accounts, maths, like everyday...~ yes, again dun1 to repeat that history... :) After exams, still not freedom, coz i
m worried bout my result.. I promised myself, its the last chance for me to prove myself and to get to a more famous and better university ... therefore, at that month i could und
erstand what stress really is...

Exams end on 10 november, and we had like 3 months break till February! Weeeee~ Went for job hunting in Mid Valley... hey! hols 3 months weyh... nd to get a job... cuz if nt, i will be really bankrupt... im 20, and i think i shall not ask for money frm parent lk so often though.. feel kinda bad... so i decided to work!! woohoo! all i had in mind is Machines! I wana sell apple stuff.. :)
I went and asked and they asked me to email resume... I didn't even put any hopes that i would get the job, cuz i have no working experience at all! In 20 years, i repeat, 20 years... I never ever work before..This is truly my 1st time to find a job... I gt a replied, and ask me to go for the interview, yet I never put any hope too... But right after the interview, the next day, the manager called me and said Im employed... I couldnt really believe it... I can't believe that my 1st job is really working in Machines :) im happy!

Safari World :)

So yeah, besides that, I went to A Famosa with Jon and Friends :) nothing much, im nt 1st time been there, just that with different ppls :)


Here comes the last month of the year! Its a great month! I love it! This month, I spend most of the time working.. It was a good experience though.. I have not much knowledge on Mac, but in this month, i learnt alot... Glad that the seniors there are friendly and always there to give me a helping hand.. Thank you very much!

dinner break: Madam Kwan with Jon Lau :)

On 7th Dec, I got my results.. I got all Distinction for all Part B subject! Happy! 2 Distinction and 2 High Distinction...nt to boast, just to express how happy i am.. :) yay! finally, after 8 months, i manage to do it:)
so, i wasted a year, hmm.. but its ok.. i got my Monash full offer and its all worth it :)

oh yeah! not to forget I went to Singapore on December.. We went there by Flight and come back by train.. Cool enough huh? :)

Marina Bay Sands

ChinaTown :)

We walk all on our own... Its easy to travel there though.. it is just so convinient with that MRT...
Universal Studio is small, but if u never tried other countries' U.Studio then it will be alright...
We managed to take all the rides... Only Jurassic Park is closed.. Damn sad weyh... thats a great ride though.. We went to almost all the famous place like SIngapore Flyer, Merlion, take picture with Esplanade, China Town, Orchard Road,Universal studio, ViVoCity, Marina Bay Sands. We even went to the 57th floor up there to see the scenery.. Take pic with the pool :)

So, thats all for my 2011.. 2011 is a great year for me except the A-level results part.. Im happy that everything is smooth... I got good results in my pre-u,successfully get a full offer frm the university I want eventhough I had wasted a year.. I got my first job that I really want, from Machines.. Thank you! I had great days with my loved ones... n had quality times with my family:)
I would like to thank the Buddha for blessing me and my whole family throughout the year 2011.. I wish for a better 2012, and I hope everyone will be in good health always. :)
Have a great new year ya!

Happy New Year 2012.
With Love,
the author ~


This was what I need to complete on 2011, lets see how many I had done :)

1) Love myself more. [Done]
2)make my sister follow my footstep [i think i did]
3) make my dad's money well-spent! [Yes, I did]
4) Shut someone's mouth and prove tat woman that says i dun study and likes to play by entering a prestigious uni be it in malaysia or sumwhr ard the world.. [yes! I did it!]
5)communicate more with my cousin frm overseas.. [I guess i did it? :)]
6) love my sister more [ of course i did ]
7) love my true friends more. [done, do u guys feel my love? :D]
8) exercise more, get slimmer [i doubt this, i think its opposite]
9) maintain the friendship with Foreverus91 and INtiANS
[Foreverus91 yes, but INTIANS seems not much]
10)read more newspaper to gain knowledge and improve ENGLISH.
[hahaha... still about the same]
11) Be girlish [halfway]
12) Begrateful [yes]
13) Don't take things so serious [done]
14) Beware of spy! [done]

p/s: truly learn alot in 2011... :)

thats all, toodles! ♥