Tuesday, September 30, 2008

YM's day

Yesterday was Yen mun's birthday party.. Her mummy cook alot nice nice food.. Got alot la, prawns, sotong, spaghetti..................
and the cake,strawberry cake.. I never eat cake lk this before.. Her mum make wan.. Yummy.. Can you see the amount of strawberries? Buy where got so many?? hehe
Earlier in the afternoon, we went and buy present.. Then, lianee called and said Amrit dun1 go dy... Ish.. Therefore, I call her and scold her.. No lar.. dun dare..
I PRS okay, perasan....
I got skills wan. I memberi kaunseling, and at last, she went ! woohooo... hahahahaha

Photos grab frm 4everus91

Her day

and yeah!! Of course 100000% we conquer her K-box.. I mean Kong- Box.. hehe..

Lian Ee the future Malaysian Idol..LOL...

" I am a big big girl, in a big big world"

The next Malaysian I wanna vote, after Daniel Lee !

We played this...

Ee Li, Me and lovely shobana... see bhind.. Lian ee singing..

" I am small small girl, in a small small world" hahahahaha...

Alright, thats all for yesterday :)

Monday, September 29, 2008


You see how sporty is this car..

Nice oor...

As you know,I take years to reverse a car, and I take decades to park a car.You know why? Because I dont know I shud turn the stering right or left when reversing the car..LOL

Seriously la, my estimation very damn teruk. That stupid sensor right,not yet kena tiang already so damn bising. I very scare. hahahaha

and pls la, cannot c ppl "P" license ar? why lk to honk ppl wan. Donkeys..

Luckily gt smartag, if not, finish.. I cannot stop in time wan, need to stop and pay surely I will over-stop (nice word leh).. So, I want this car.. Small and cute and sport... Not really small also la.. But i feel very yeng.. huhu...

Yesterday I watch this until 2am.. Super nice...
Lam Fung that gun ka chai damn leng chai. haha...That mai shuet damn jin gak... Peroboh keluarga.. LOL.
Alright, yesterday is Kong Yen Mun's birthday..
My friend who own a Kong-Box at her house.. Damn chunt la. hehehe
I know she wont bother to read this, because she claim that she is lazy. Damn Lazy.. she ownself say wan. LOL..
nyway, May all your dreams ar wishes ar everything come true.. SPM banyak-banyak A1..
Till then, Bye !

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happie birthdays

Oh My!!!!!!!! Bao Chun Lai's hair is GONE !!!!!!!!!
My darling Bao bao...
Why he didn't think properly before botakking wan??
So......................... Not nice la.. So long I din c him play rdy..lalalalalalalala

Today's Shyuan Mey's birthday..
Happy birthday shyuan mey... I know her very long ago, in Yamaha... Get closer during F4... Well, we had a fight early this year, it makes both of us feel unhappy... I am not happie with her,same goes to her.. However, we manage to overcome this. We talk bout what she dont like about me, and what I don't like bout her. When i tell her I wanna talk to her personally, she thought I wana putuskan hubungan with her.. Lol..
What la wei... I wont okie... hahahaha
Ok, so for her present, Me, Meifen, Ee Li with Inthuja bought her an album. I mean the singer Xiao Jing Teng's album... I dont really know who is that.. hehe..
Hope you like it la...

24th September was my primary school's best friend's Pui Yee's birthday..
She's now studying in Seremban's Chung Hwa. 1 asrama school. I almost went there when Im form 1.. Happie Birthday my fren..

Friday, September 26, 2008


We are free for a moment... Biology 3 was... I don't know the 33marks part. I only know DCPIP.. LOL...
I don't even know how to count the area. No need use calculator wan right? hahahahahaha.. I don't even know what to press. After Bio3, everyone act like trials is over.. All So happie.. laughing and talking in the 2 hours of break.. But we still have EST 2 to shooooooot...
During EST, after 1/2 hour, Pn Yusnaini ask "class, siapa yang dah siap, boleh hantar" wah... Trials wei.. Melissa was the 1st wan to pass up followed buy shyuan mey.. Then, Esther Chong..I finished, but i dont wanna passup 1st. I wana wait until the time finish. I also don't know why.. After they passup, every 5mins, the teacher ask again "class, dah habis ke belum?"
LOL.. Teacher is so excited wei..
She marked our PHY paper 3.. Edna n Sarah get the highest for paper1.. They hv the same characteristic la, SMART. hahaha

During break, me, eeli, esther chong and mimi were promoting Kasturi seminar... Yeah, i realise that we are so berusaha untuk mempromosikan. LOL. Mostly, we promosikan the teachers.. Lol.. Pn Nirmala said the seminar was okay wan.. So, kawan sekalian, let's go la wei...
Nice wan la, guaranttee you won't sleep.

Alright, Im going to watch greys anatomy.. so damn hot la that Derek... hot untill... you tell me la.. I dun1 tell you.. hahahahahahahaha.. super hot

Thursday, September 25, 2008

1 more day

Tomorrow will be the last day of Trials !! Yeah !!!
After Raya, will be G.Gempur "Yeah" !!!


I Really wanna cry edy.. Don't talk bout Physics and Add Mathss.. I really want to cry..
Cry until no more tears.. ADD MATHS is like... Haih.. I really don't know how to start those quest.. Really no idea HOW TO START wei...
I dont want to do add maths rdy... Trauma la..
When you see the question you MUST answer and you don't know how to answer, what will you do?
When see me go toilet means I don't know how to do, need to go to the toilet and find some inspiration. Don't thought I finish my paper wei.. hahahaha
Add maths I DIDNT EVER FINISH BEFORE, xcept for monthly test.
I guess is enough for today.. Tmr is Bio 3 and closing will be EST 2...
And yeah ! Im gona on9 habis-habisan wit Mimi.. at last, she gt her streamyx.. haha

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Kinda long ago.

15 weird things about myself

1) I eat prawn mee without prawn

2) I eat nasi lemak but sambal seperated

3) I wear sunglass when there's no sun

4) I like Lee Yong Dae but I don't want him to win

5) I sleep in the afternoon, but by 10pm I feel sleepy again

6) I bath very very very long.

7) I use Sunsilk Shampoo but use Rejoice's conditioner

8) When there's wind, I play badminton.

9) Norlia knocked me, I said sorry. What the.. She shud say to me instead.. DAMN...
Because i dono that human was her.. Damn it

10) I sleep without air cond for 2 weeks edy.. ( weird la, bcoz last time I cant sleep without aircond)

11) I like violin. but I stop violin class.

12) I get low marks for chemistry, but I like chemistry.

13) I go tuition by train, go back by bus.

14) When I read about themochemistry, I will sleep. Automatically

15) After I bath, I wont eat anything or drink anything other than water. (because i brush my teeth when I bath, so I will not trouble myself to go n brush for 2nd time)
16) 1 more i add my own.. I COOK MAGGIE MEE with CLAYPOT. hahahahahaha
Tag no one.. I very good..

That's all.. tata.. gotta read up some Biology...Biooooooooo

Monday, September 22, 2008

Burning midnight oil

is very common nowadays.. Most of us does..
Since last Wednesday, I slept at 12am, woke up at 3am, slept at 6.00am, wokeup at 7am.. This had been my sleeping time.. I guess it will end by this thursday.. Yeahh!!
Well, I woke up at 3am.. Amrit just told me that she don't wake up at 3am, because 3am ghost will come out. Oh My !!! Now only she tell..

Amrit: What time you sleep yest wei?
Me: 12 something tak boleh tahan dy, then wake up 3am continue..
Amrit: huh? ooh.. I dont wake up 3am wan..
Me: why?
Amrit: 3am got ghost wan... So I don't..
Me: Huh !!! Ya meh? woi.. dont scare me la, now only u tell..
Amrit: hahahahahahaha.. I also don't know. I heard people say only, so I didn't wake up 3am

Then, comes Lian Ee, she call to ask chemistry thing.. Then i tell that, i will wake up 3am only I read...

Lian Ee: so what time you want start to study la?
Me: don't know aa, later la at night 1st.. or wake up 3 lk dat la. But I heard Amrit said got ghost wan leh..
Lian Ee: YALAH !! According to Christians right, they say ghost comeout at 3am.
Me: Really? I din heard before wan. Yes anot wan?
Lian Ee: Don't know, ppl lk dis say la.. But you see, I also same lk you wake up 3am.. Nothing also..
Me: yalor, nothing also.. Aiyah, nvm la... We study 3am..
Lian Ee: K la..

Lollllll.... So, conclusion, I'll still wake up at the same time.. hahahahahahahahahahaha..
Tomorrow will be Phy 3 and Chem 3 ! huh!!! Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Two also must crack head. How can??

Till date, all the subjects are HARD !!!
HARD I mean HARD la.. Maybe only me? Whatever.. I feel HARD. SOme like never expect to come out, but they came out, some expected so so much to come out like SOAP, but didn't...
People says trials are usually harder than the real wan. I hope so...

Yu dik tong hang 1st episode today, Mei Fen the drama addict just reminded me...
She wanna watch Cheng Ka Wing who she says is Jin Gak wan... hahahahaha
Yat kiok dap liong shun..

Till then, Bye !!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I tak boleh tahan

Chemistry !! Argh !!!!!!! How to memorise the cleansing action of soap??!! Hydro what soluble in what?? Alright...

Today's Harjir's birthday.. My f4 till now punya friend. My treasurer. let me tell you that, I don't really like her during f3.. Because I thought she is sombong type. But after awhile, I feel she's actually a nice friend.. Very funny and love to talk... and I sat with her during f4.. heehee
yeah ! today also KKK-TBH birthday.. Lol... My diamond pair.. hahaha..
today my blog turns 1 year old. Yes ! 1 year old... See the very 1st post, was 18th September 2007... 365 days ago...
Exactly 1 year. Time passes very fast. Faster than bullet train..

I wanna say that Malaysia's men doubles semakin teruk. Zakry-Fairuzizuan fail to clear their 1st gurdle in Japan Open as they were beaten by a I-never-heard-b4 Indonesian pair. I guess is a young pair.
Wong Mew Choo also lost to Indonesia's Maria Kristin Yulianti aka olympic bronze medalist..
But the men singles is strong. Roslin beat Boonsak the lawyer. Boonsak !.. STRAIGHT SET, while Lee Chong Wei beat Sho Sasaki from Japan.. Straight sets tooo..

Till then, I need to go back to soap and detergent and SALTS !!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Science Subjects

Science subject lining up. It's Biology 1 and 2 tomorrow.. 8 am... So, I still have 20 hours more to revise...
Bioooo biooo biooooo !!
Inheritance and Variation I am still blur.. I hope it will only come out in P1.. yeah ! so that I can shoot with my machine gun without seeing also.. Lol
Whatever.. Im gonna readddd bout meiosis and mitosis...
-gerak gempur is trials, trials is gerak gempur- you get what I mean? yeah !

Bye !
good luck people ! 1 week and 2 more days to go !!
We can do it !

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My top ten most favourite food

1) Sushi
3)Pizza Hut
4)Char Kuey Teow
5)Shark fin soup
6) Wan Tan Mee
7) Prawn Mee
8) Scallop
9)Chicken Chop
10) Anything got cheeeeeeese

Ten things I love doing

1)Watch dramas HK,Korea whatever drama
2)Gossip with foreverus91
3) chit-chat with Kohila during Bio
5) play Monopoly
6)watch Fabregas kick the ball
7) Insult Norlia (act is not insult. Telling the truth of Norlia)
8)Laugh and talk loud loud with eeli during Pn Lim's class
9)Explore my friend's pencilbox
10) Play tennis.. (in my fon)

5 types of guy that I like

1) As cute as Fabregas
2) As hot as McDreamy
4) Loving and caring
5)speaks alot of languages

5 things I love doing when Im emo

1) Listen to the radio
2)bang my room door as hard as I could
3)Scold whoever I want to scold
4) Show faces
5)Play electone, on until loud loud

5 things I love doing when I'm happy

1)Blog it out
2) Tell my friends
3) study ( got mood means I can study)
4) teach my sis maths (gud mood ma right?)
5) Ownself make Milo Ice and menghayati...lol

10 ways to win my heart

1) Don't compare me with others
2) Romantic
3) Give me alot of chocolates
4) Being honest
5) I say yes, you don't say No.. Lol
6) Play alot types of musical instrument like drum,violin, trumpet,saxophone, clarinet, oboe,harmonica......
7) knows what I think without me telling
8) Bring me to Ocean Park
9) Tells me what's coming out for Physics
10) last but not least, fire that head of mistress for me.

My five top most favourite junk food

1) Twisties tomato
2) roller coaster
3) Pringles( green wan)
4) double decker
5) Potato chips

5 things I wish could happen

1) SPM is abolished
2) NS is abolished
3) Car don't need petrol anymore
4) 10 As for spm
5) Malaysia snow for 1 day

10 ridiculous thing I wish to do before I die...

1) Own a resort
2) Meet Fabregas live
3) Kiss McDreamy
4) slaps and box that lady
5)Buy all brands of watches
6)Own all different design of MP3,MP4,MP5
7)Buy alot alot alot of bagssssssss
8) Colour my hair blue
9) Perm my hair lk Maggie Mee (no mann)
10) Cover all the rivers, so that we don't have to mandi in the river during NS.

My top ten recently most addicted songs

1) Piano -------------- -------------------Fan Yi Chen
2) Bu Gong Ying De Yue Ding ------------- Jay Chou
3) Yuan Lai Ai Qing Na Me Shang---------- Gigi Leung
4) Hu Xi De Tong---------------------------Fish Leong
5) Cuo Ai ---------------------------------- Zhang Dong Liang
6) Love Story ------------------------------ Fan Yi Chen
7) Time Of my life -------------------------David cook
8) Li Xiang Qing Ren ---------------------- Rainie Yang
9) Hua Luo Shui Jia ----------------------- Hacken Lee
10) Kong --------------------------------- Justin Lo

10 people I want to tag

Everyone in my list..xcept yang sudah kena.. :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Happy mooncake/lantern festival people !!!
Have a wonderful day..
Enjoy eating mooncake and menghayati bulan with your loved ones... : )
Don't only see the moon.. Feel the moon.. hahahahahaha

Mooncake festival oso i woke up early. 7 am.. Forced by mimi.. She scare she will be late for tuition.
Very kan cheong, you know why? I know. Lol.. After tuition, we went to SeGi College and see see got wat course.. Very convinient wei, I can just go next door, The Summit and shopping.. hahaha

Yesterday, I went to the temple, they hav this potluck arr, for mooncake festival.So many food. Then got lantern making competition. Those small kids really creative arr.. 5 people. kecil-kecil wan, can create one lantern with those recycle punya material like paper ar, bottles...

till then. tata...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus : )

I went to Tiara Beach yesterday... 2 days 1 night.. Kononnya la beach... We bertolak 11.30 am...

Me and Jocel...

I saw this tengah jalan.. I always saw... Lol
About 12.30 pm, we reached...
1 org pun tak ada.. So, we can check-in early..
about 2 something we went to the waterpark...
Very small water park. We berendam inside the water until 6pm...
Halfway in the water, then we went and play table tennis.

Malaysia Team

China Team.. Who scare who now?
We won of course.. Who play you see.. hahahahaha
After bath...
Me and Eve..

SAW??!! Arsenal !!
After that, we went to my apartment.. Mine la... Tanjung Tuan, The Regency...
Still half way renovating.. We go jalan-jalan there..

Then, we visited our neighbour.
It's also a very damn expensive Resort Hotel...
Same par with The Regency.. Lol..
Then, we went and have our dinner..

Shark Fin soup..
Crab !!!!! Damn cheap... RM 22.80/kg...
Can la.. cheap laa...
: )

The next morning, which is this morning lar... We went for cycling.. 30 mins..

SOooo Mannyy to choose
Yeah !! Cycling is good for health.Pavilion stage..
I write this on behalf of Mei Fen, since she like it, I'll give her.. hahahahhahaha

After cycling, we changed, and again masuk to the pool..This is where we get wet...The Octopus...
Half way bermain air, we eat again...
It cost RM 10.. Nasi lemak usually RM1, but now additional 1 zero behind...
We check-out at 1pm...
On the way back, we went to Seremban... Terminal 1 that bus station..
Mummy bought a new fon for Jocelyn the NAUGHTIEST girl !!

Jocelyn and her phone !!
NO 3G, NO memory card, VGA only.. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
BUT ! It's original zitron wan. !!! argh !

Last but not least, 60 days to SPM... huhu...
Overall, Tiara Beach is a place that is suitable for kids below 10...
Above 10 right, better go to real beach...

Till then, chao.... !!!

Ps: Mei fen, specially for you...
any moses's fans right, no offence okay.. I only wana show meifen he is really Tak !!
hahahahaha... yes, bernice sot edi.. Meifen, then u shall marry him.. Lol...
I will delete it, after she sees... hahaha

Alright, Nicholas Teo live in Malaysia in AEC channel now... Mei Fen said she saw me on tv wa... Bluffff me wan.. Whr got?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

911? 7 days more to go...

Today is US twin tower explode's 7th anniversary wei...
Semoga world peace okie... Lol.. Pls dun create bomb edy k...

So, all teras subject had finished except for Mathsss.....
Sejarah seriously... I shoot from the start till the end xcept that adat perpatih.. Lol.. I expected it.. Im not like Mimi Koh.. She can read and masuk brain. I can read, but cannot masuk brain... No matter what, sudah over.. Don't care la..
Science subject is coming.. Bio will be the 1st among all.. Followed by Chemistry, Physics, Phy and Chem 3,Maths den Add maths...At last, Bio 3 and EST 2... 7 more days to go ! Let's countdown !

Well, I need to read some Bio, then some Chemistry, then do some add m3, and some maths.. Last only read Physics.. Physicss arrrr.. I dont know a single thing about Electronics, electricity.. Basically all f5... You teach me how to sit for trials?! I only know about F4 chap 3... If I wanna become engineer means no need la... Brain cannot think so fast, better don't be an engineer.. Menyusahkan masyarakat later. hahahahahahaha..
Okie, enough of crapping.. chaoz.. I wanna go sleep although it's 8 something only.. You see huh, 2 days right, din sleep enough, demi Sejarah lar ! So, now I must sleep kao kao................ Until my mother come and bring sugar cane to chase me out of the room..
That's all I wanna crap.. Bye !!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I don't like to read Sejarah !!! Who likes right?
you tell me lar for what???????

Btw, stress is what i choose to write for essay.. Really damn stress writing that >350 words essay mann !
As you know, I DON'T READ...
Imagine how good is my vocabulary...

Yeahh !!! Im going to Port Dickson on Friday since no exam on Fri... Yippie ! I skip school !!!
lalalalalalala... Im going to that Tiara Beach,since matta fair selling the room so cheap right due to bulan ramadhan...
You guys sure gonna say "trialss ar, go holiday somemore arr "!!!!
hahahahaha... RELEASE STRESS wei... hahahahaha
Im goin there to read my Bio happily...
But there don't have the real beach... My apartment will be better.
Who want to join? We meet there okie? Bye !!
Just skip school. Is okay...
Write letter to say u studied at home(kononnya)only what.. Ez job..

雪怡十七岁 !

My dearest friend, Esther Siah turns 17... Pity her, she need to sit for Sejarah II on her birthday.. She is my kawan since standard one...Yeap.. Yu Hua girl but we don't put comb in our pocket.. lol.. A very funny and loving girl.. Although sometimes she is irritating, but I like to get irritated by her.. She had alot of talks on loves... Simply said, she is a pakar cinta.. Whoever needs help, she will certainly give you great advice.. Besides, she is an athlete... Pelari terpantas SMK CONVENT KAJANG... hehe

She loves to sing, love to act, love to talk !

Our friendship will last 4ever..

After school, we lied to her saying amrit lianee n shobana nt coming.... We brought her to Pizza Hut, while amrit, lianee and Shobana went and take her cake... Lian Ee drives them around the town.. Lol.. Mei Fen is unable to join us coz she has no transport..

It's a hamper we bought for her.. A whole year supply of chocs and sweet.. hahaha and two pairs of earring... She loves sweets and those girly girly things..

The girl with her present/hamper..
友谊永固 !!

Happy Birthday Esther... Hope you like what we planned for you..
Big girl edy la.. Don't play play and sing sing la...Learn how to cross the road okie... haha..

For more pics right, proceed to F.Us91 ok.. Adik amrit will post up pic later..


Last night, Me, Mimi and Mei Fen bersama-sama plan to study until 2am.. So, we bersms.. Not non-stop la... I tersleep at about 1am. Mei Fen slept at 1am too.. Only left Mimi.. She studied to 2am in the morning.. Mimi smsed me b4 sleep.. Smart girl she, know I slept rdy... I woke up again at 3.30 am. While Mimi woke up at 4am.. Yeah ! I earlier. Then we bersms again. lol... This is the way how we study... We slept for only 2 hours? yeah...

Under this condition..

With the help of this,my garfield.and this ( i still hvin Olympic fever) lol..
Original okie..
I manage to study THIS.. Huhhh !!!
and this came out for trials. I forgot...
It is exactl the same in the brown book ! argh !

It's p1 sejarah and Moral tomorrow.. Haiyoh ~~!!!!! SEJARAH SEJARAH !!!
While moral is very boring because non-stop writing.. Berpage-page...
Till then... Bye !

Sunday, September 7, 2008


I got one friend, the very one friend of mine. She took my stationery such as pen and LIQUID PAPER !!!!!!.. Ya, I know alot of color, very convinient, and my liquid also vry nice. No nd press can come out.. she didn't come school the whole week.. hah !!
Not the first time la, not only stationeries, notes also...
I sms-ed her, double check whether she took or not, but I have no reply... But nvm, I waste RM10 to buy liquid rdy... Forget bout it...
But the problem is, I don't know why she don't reply wan.sudah berhari-hari since I sms-ed her.. Last tues? yeah ! Damn.. 5 sen only not RM 5.00..
Be abit responsible lar... Duh.. at least juz gv me a simple ans la, YES/ NO... vry hard izit? Nxt time, I won't lend/borrow lar.. You slowly wait la want me borrow/lend you wa..You see la, next time I won't reply her sms also... How urgent also wont reply. Blek...
huh ! I very angry now.I want to go and read love story konserto terakhir first.............

Yeah ! I got a new watch now.. A ciplak watch, better than none..Not ciplak oso la, can la..haha
My ODM is really fake until............................ putus rdy the tali...
I found out PK time , they also gt sell dat watch.. Wah lao weh... RM 397, I only bought for RM 39... Nobody know it's fake also... I shall ask them whether can repair my tali or not...
Alright, till then... Bye Bye..
Tomorrow, Im gonna sit for both BM papers... Hen pa, hen pa,hen pa.............Pa dao...................shui bu zao...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Chat with Vvip =)

I just watched Lee Chong Wei's interview II... funny, touching.........
Pity him la, friendless..
Lee Chong Wei never bring anything to class. Only bring pillow... wah seh... I also wanna do that !!! How nice..
His and mew choo relationship damn funny.. Talk phone until no credit still wanna talk.. talk talk talk until use public phone... haha.. Di Xia Qing very interesting i feel : )
what relationship can keep so long wan... Fu yoh ! pui fook mann.. 8 years wahlao... some ppl no need 8 months also break up dy..

He don't buy ring to melamar, must specially make wan.. cheh...
NXt time, I also wan.. hahahaha..
only 1 thing, not romantic.. sigh... But too romantic also not good.. very ez dirampas..
I feel Chong Wei and Mew Choo pair is more lovely compare to Lin Dan and Xie Xing Fang..much more cuter and funnier.. LD and XXF is Jie Di Lian... lol...

Till then, Bye.. Gotta read sejarah again... argh ! i want brand!


Oh ya.. Today is Esther Chong's birthday.
The one and only yeng guitarist and musician friend of mine.. Besides, she is a friend who owns alot of jokes.. lame jokes, funny jokes and etc.. Not to forget her IQ questions and all sorts of magic that she use to entertain us in class...
Happy Birthday Esther Chong chong... Good luck in your Trials, gerak gempur and of course SPM...

Friday, September 5, 2008

1st time

First time, only Me and Ee Li went tuition.. 2 of us only,because Mimi and Syahirah didn't go.. Study you know.. Sejarah coming up... S.E.J.A.R.A.H
We go by bus, and come back my train. Train sucks.. Today we reach early 2.10pm? yeap.. We went to popular to hunt for Yen mun's sejarah book, unfortunately, no more stock. It's a good book la, that's why... huhu.. I use alot money today.. RM 10 just for 2 and only 2 liquid paper. Trials lar, but now only I remembered that can't use PEMADAM CECAIR.. But dont know izit real SPM or fake SPM.. You see, I forget again.. Duh ! I normally think twice before I buy something, but not today. Maybe because my purse is heavy enough. It's still beginning of the month. LOL.. Wait la, middle of the month, I'll suffer... Eat roti canai everyday.
RM 10 fly away..
After tuition, we met Claire.. Now only we get to know that she tuitioning there too... But we hardly see her, because we are not in the same building. So, this is why we take the train instead of bus back home.. Claire said train faster, although it's expensive abit.
Yala, it's fast. BUT ! It sucks la.. Pack like sardine... Reach KL central only, finish la.. The people all push you until kemek.. Bottle in my bag also kemek dy la..
Got 1 I guess is Indonesian guy, lean on Ee Li like nobody's business... Ishh... Thought what? Alot people means can simply lean on people arr ! So rite, we planned not to sit train edy.. Pack nvm la, somemore, those ppl arr... really......ewwwww

Bio teacher today gt 1 little small smile.. very micro smile.. lol.. because he use microphone rite, so when hp got call or msg.. got some sound wan ma.. It happens twice.students all laugh. so i think he also cannot tahan and tersmile.. Buy lottery k, because we hardly see him smile.. Everyday also so cooool, don't know why wont smile also..But won't like sombong that type la, innocent is the word. I want to ask him 1 day, why he don't smile.smile won't rugi wan.. Lol...
Mimi missed that scene...

Alright, tata... Sejarah ! O.M.G !!! Why on earth we have the subject called sejarah??!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Life is about change

Life is all about change
From the moment we are conceived
But as we go through this thing called life
We tend to go for comfort, rather than achieve.
There is nothing wrong
With having comfort in your life
As long as you don’t let it
Keep you from growing because of strife.
The more we grow as a person
The greater our attitudes become
as our soul strengthens
The easier it is to get the job done.
I’m not saying that as we mold our attitudes
Our life becomes problem free
But our minds tend to
Think a lot more clearly.
Life is a Journey, not a Designation
Therefore as we grow through life
We need to cut back on Procrastination.
Everything in life involves change
No matter what you want to do
So you might as well embrace change

Or change will embrace you.
I went school today.. Not because Im hardworking, terpaksa ler because of some reason.
less than 10 people in class. We were shifting here and there.. To find empty classes...
Yeap.. learn some chemistry or you should say discuss some chemistry...
Next, next friday is Chemistry !!! oooohhh... still got 14 days... Very "long"..
It was raining heavily today.. For quite long, before tuition starts, till tuition ends.. But, still I can't see pantai Kajang.. No flood... sigh... I want live wan.. I don't want people record let me see.. hahaha...
Nothing much la today, study with amrit they all, then I go chemistry there.. How nice,if the school can let me choose subject to study just lk tuitions.. It will be superb nice.
Ok la, I need to copy my add m3 notesssss... I lost some of it..
You know la rite,this is carolyn.. I always like that wan... If not like that, then how? it's not me rdy. Because only I will like that.. I always lost things easily, I lost my paper always, anything to do with papers it's for sure I will lost it.. You give me thousand of files also useless. Because, I am like that, I can't change. Don't ask me why, because I don't know the answer... But i guess is call irresponsible.

Not only lost paper or notes,I will lost pencil, ruler, eraser,watch, purse,5 bucks, 10 bucks, even 50 bucks,also I will lost it.. whatever that can lost, also I will lost it..
But never ask whether had I lost my handphone before. Because it is the only thing i didn't lost it before.. and touch wood, I don't want to have that experience.

For now, tata... I go copy first...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I have depression I do admit

Admit that I have been depressed,

Thinking how much I wish I could be happy,

Thinking how much I want in life,

Thinking how much you can miss someone you love,

Thinking how fast the time passes,

Thinking how fast SPM will arrive,

When I look back I can see how much this depression has been there in my

I need this to be fake,

I need this not to be true,

Yet again its true I have this depression that makes me sad inside and the

My depression has caused me to see how sad I can be,

How it makes me feel,

How this depression makes me think of cutting and suicide,

But we're all human,

We have all have something to overcome,

I will overcome this depression once and for all,

I fight back some how,

This depression I will get rid of someday,

For now I have to deal with it.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fuel came out... Yes ! fuel came out... But don't know what I wrote...
I hope what I wrote will give me markssss...
After EST paper, we had half the day free... We study our own... I analysed some add m3 question.. huhu... Went Kasturi today, we almost late...230pm sharp we reach there.. But no need to thank the bus driver. He is so damn rude.. When we reach only they say Physics class is cancelled.. No teacher.. huh ! So, we went for Chemistry instead to substitute Physics time.. After that only we go add m3... The teacher so damn funny.. on the other hand, he very.........
i said i very good taste wan right, I don't like him rdy.. Lol...

but i like the way he teach...
He gave us differentiation, and he said will come out in SPM.guaranttee.. If not, he will chop his head for us to play.. hahahaha..
So, me and Mimi planned, if SPM we din see the question, we shall go n find him...

Tonight,I shall read my Bio.. I'll try my best to finish at least half of f5... but i know i surely tersleep ler... hehe..
Tomorrow Im not going to school.. Whee !

Pontenging is good... They say after you ponteng more than 44 days, next time you very hard to find job... but whatver la, If i ponteng everyday until SPM, also wont 44 days le.. hahahahaha

Say yes !

till then........

Monday, September 1, 2008


Hihi ! It's now half past six.. I studied some Chemistry. At last, I know why the voltmeter will deflect like this and like that. sigh... Now only I know..
Yesterday was the lamest merdeka I ever had. No fun, mayb bcoz trials is near.. No mood.. I only hear helicopter sound early in the morning... Bising betul !!

I suddenly thought of that tips website that we beria-ria go n find out two years ago.. LOL...Therefore, I come on9.. heehee... But is for real spm not trial also. Too early to check out now.. 1 month after should be just nice.. I think that ppl is not illegal la, if not, radio station wont invite him to give tips... Dont know he legal or illegal la...
They selling most of the subject tips.. well, 8 books, RM 200.. "cheap"? cheap huh... I pk rdy.. RM 200 i can go kasturi seminar still gt change..
I only need that 3 subject... So tak untung then..
Aiya, forget bout it, no need la.. ownself study.... I also ask ee li help me buy adabi edy..

to.....mo..moo....rrr..ow.... is TRIALS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Argh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EST, im coming.. ooh, u coming to me?
scare,no scare,scare, no scare,scare, no scare,scare,no scare,SCARE...
good luck,good luck,good luck...