Friday, July 31, 2009

I screwed Bio.. huhu..
Nt enuf understanding kut..
I noe that i read b4, but huh.. duno hw 2 write..
I screw maths too.. Okie, it's maths okie..
swt la...
The quest damn I duno wat to say la..
huhu.. I leave it blank lk dat..
So pityful..
I wanna cry :'(
Finals.. I will try my best..
It's weekend..
Be happy..

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Let It Be

Let it Be...

Just let it be and I shall move on..
Nothing is permanent..
Eventhough how much I care, and how much I don't want things to change..
That is out of my control..
Being really happy is something I hope to achieve.. I mean really happy as acting happy will be so suffering..
So, just let it be...


Sunday, July 26, 2009




别人常常把我看成是个,每天都很开心的人。 哈哈。。


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect

I had much of laughter this 2 days.. Mainly because of the crazy people around me? hahaha.. yes it is..
Im laughing all de time.. maybe until ppl thought i 38.. but.. haih.. if nt laughing, wat cn i do somemore? hahaha..
But as i said, being happy doesn't mean that evrything is perfect.. there is still something keeps bothering me.. When I feel something is right.. n on the other hand, something, or sum ppl make it not right again.. Im so complicated la haiyoh...
Theres ppl for me to bla, but not free.. so sad..But But But But But...
when it is time to be happy, y shall i let go the chance to be happy rite? haha..
nyway, i feel muchie better these days la, but still not completely..
coz sometime i still feel la, y are ppl lk dat?.. when he/she is with diff ppl, he/she will hv diff character/attitude.. why isit macam itu ah?
I love to know human's behaviour and their thinking la.. it's so tiring to guess what are they thinking at times... n rite.. i maybe shud take psycology lor lk dat.. hahaha..
ehh, realise not? im updating my blog lk kinda often edy rite?
nowadays i becum a late sleeper.. i sleep in the afternun, n slp damn late at night.. my latest was 5am yoh.. i've break my sweetest record.. so sad..
oh ya, i wana talk somemore is rite,
Till then la, i wana go n slp ler..
Good nite ! tc peeps..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I can't understand

Why is it always evrytime most of the time is my fault??
What the hell is wrong with me la weyh?
Why isit evrything happen, eventhough is ntg to do with me, but then it still involve me?
Sum whr goes wrg, sure me wan ar? Y not other ppl? y must be me? I so teruk until everything oso me ah?? Im so frustrated, BUT...
Actually what I suppose to respond huh? "yayaya, my fault.." or how shud i gv the damn ans?
why izit Im the one to be blame.. Only i make ppl angry izit? Ppl wont make me angry huh now?! so shit la..
Hu is thr willing to explain to me why???
Am I tooooooo bad, toooo terrible or what?
Whats the 1st impression i give off to people?
I also don't know..
Can people tell me arh?
People can be so bzbody at times.. I am tooooo.. But rite, find a right time la si boh..
Not ngam u, den dun kpoh so much la..
Im kpoh toooooo.. But i learnt how to see ppl's air muka.. people bu shuang dy, den walk away k.. I still cnnot understand laaa... Maybe exam coming soon, dats why like this ar.. is this a good reason? I dun think so..
What is emo? I finally know...
But still I dun understand...
Why people are like that... Only look frm the surface n make a stupid conclusion..
Im not a girl that can express well..
I laugh to the max, I laugh like crazy is bcoz i wanted to laugh, n i think it's always the best solution for anything.. But not now anymore...
In fact, I feel crying is much more better...

It will be different, if i have sum1 to bla bla bla to.. but they are bz kids.. perhaps, they wont hv patience tooo...huhu

till the nxt no understanding post...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

NS little mini small reunion..Leo Mission

So, as planned.. although nt muchie people came, but still got people come.. haha
We had the gathering at A&W Seremban.. Lian Ee and I take ktm fro
m Kajang to Nilai, and then from Nilai, our NS fren, Yen came n pick us up, coz it's bored driving alone to Seremban.. haha
n so, we continue our journey frm Nilai to Seremban by car.. This is what we
call transit okie.. haha
We reach thr 11 something, nobody u noe.. Tak da seorang pun..
We thought "omg, we 3 ppl onia?" die lar.. n frm outside thr, Ain came
.. The one who organise this gathering.. Although nt evryone can make it..but still.. gathering la.
n we notice Azam.. Wah, the hair long until cannot regconise... still li
ke that cute la, except the hair is longer oni.. n den Jun came rdy.. I cannot spot any difference lor, only ther hair lor.. haha..longer + spikier... Then cikgu sue came.. She still look exactly the same.. Abby and Alang and another girl i cannt recall her name came..
After makaning, we talk talk lor.. Still 1st batch the best teacher said.hahaa

n i duno y 3rd batch oso cn go bk for a week wan.. we 1st batch is for CNY ma, now got any CNY meh? y can go bk wan? So unfair !! no need apply oso get 1 week, we apply so hard oni 1 week... hmph.. but over edy la.. hahaha.. lolz.. Then we sing birthday song for cikgu sue as her birthday is on June.. Ain bought a cake.. so nice of her..
Ohh, i tell you, that A&W huh, open only 1 counter.. ishish.. People all need to beratur for only 1 counter.. and is 11.45am brunch time.. they open 1 counter onia..
lolz.. sooryy for complaining too much la.. Just for fun !! No fun, no la
ughter, very bored lor !!
Most of them who came is Charlianssss only 2 Alpha and 1 Bravo and Deltaless..
Hormating pose..
The cake is nice.. whoaaaaaa!
Top: Jun, Ain,Yen, I forget the girl's name, Azam
Then it's me, Lian ee, Cikgu Sue, Abby and Alang

hu's tongue longer !?

Ain the organiser.. we shud thank her

cute leh cikgu sue..
Forever dont look at the camera..hahaha
Passengers and the driver...

After A&W, we went to Terminal 1.. Terminal 1 okie.. haha.. We walk around aimlessly.. Just WALK.. and finally reach 3pm where Ain needs to go back.. her bus 3pm lor..
Then, We also went back to Nilai.. Then, Yen show us where's her house, and guiding us almost whole Melati near Inti edy.. Memang inti dah.. n then, she drive into Inti.. haha.. I show them my block n which room sumore.. Then we went out, n phewww to Nilai KTM..
So, thats how la we finish lepakking..
It's nice to walk together, haha.. hang out together.. lolz..
n my chicken mummy in malacca jealous liao, coz she cnt come, n we syok syok go jalan2 togthr..
I guess, thats all for the gathering story

ps Manda, cikgu sue says she miss you =)


Leo Mission had ended last weeek..At last and finally.. Basically, it is not a successful wan.. This is what I think as a programme master, because the prog dont run well.. Besides, as people all saying, it doesn't even touch the objective of this mission.. Some children may have gain knowledge, but some reli entertainment..
The prog dont run well n yes, im indeed very disappointed.. But it's okie, at least I learnt something.. Seeing those kids doesn't respond to ur planned activities.. that kind of feeling.. fuhh.. But after entering the Petrosains, you see their curious look.. hmmm.. n smiles on their faces... happy to see them happpy..
taking that arifoto, reli hightech lor, instant print.. I din even know gt that thing eventhough i went there for like how many times edy.. haha..We are late to gather outside bcoz of that Arifoto.. haha..Sook Meng,Melanie, me and Jamie
On Mon and Chun Meng.. I knew them during children camp dy..
two little kids, yi wen n sally..Inside petrosains..
In the dark ride... Jon, shugan, and yi wen !!

Hope the nxt Leo Mission will be more successful than this.. =)


I hv ups and down during this week.. feel realy down, n oso happy throughout the whole week..
i dono why isit lk dat.. but just this kind of feelings, very damn annoying. I dont wana think much, but there is just something i hv to think..
hmm.. vry hrd to explain.. sometimes, i just feel like blaming everybody.. but rite.. its wrong kan? so, i just hv to withstand it, eventhough that im no wrong if i blame that fella..
Und what i crappin heh? =)
why down ar? bcoz the sudden chnge of environment in the classs, n it's oni me can feel it n so, i hv nobody to share with.. Mayb too long no break?
what say u if ppl dun agree with u? I mean whats ur reaction?
Im oweys wondering, if i say something, n ppl DUN agree with me, what reaction shud i gv?
anyway, this week, ntg much, xcept i slept reli late, but still hvent break the 4am record.. hmmm.. I will nvr wana break the record.. I hv a sweet reason under it.. huhu
recently, i really dunoo hw 2 write out my feelings.. Unlike last time, whr i juz bla anything on my blog..ehehehe
Till then.
tata !

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Random thoughts and updates

me with sum update.. heehee.. 1st of all, presentation pic.. emm.. i tell rdy rite, my group finish rdy.. yeah !! ahahahaha.. so, on tues is act a vry free day, but we had bio replcment. so we have 4 hours of bio n 2hours of mathss.. phewww..
but, is ok la... sooner or later gona replce bk.. n i heard attendance is till this week oni.. huhu.. so happie !! hiphop hooray ! *jump high*
This is our group for presentation..=)
After Bio classss..
chea yee, carolyn, jin yong,eeli and pearly..
My mpw lect wor..

After maths class..
poor yee chong stuck at the middle thr..
so, basically the final exam in 1 months time lu.. huhu.. n 1st sem will finish.. time fliess reli fast !!
n fri we hv chem test 2... hopefully better than test 1 lor..
n im done with bio quiz 2.. although nt perfect marks la, but at least better than quiz 1.. huhu..
so, thats all la frm me..
n oh ya, laz sat went convent n meet with foreverus91 except edna,shobana and sarah..
so, the scol added 2 new pondoks which is real green.. omgodness...
that owner of the sch ahh.. haih.. dun talk bout her la.. waste atp..
k la.. till then..
i so upset.. u noe y? bcoz they duno wat im tinking, but y shud they noe what im thinking? nonsense....mmm
recently, i really wanted to know what such person am I actually. i mean my character or my personality.. stg lk dat la..
Am i weird? or am I selfish? whatever la..
sometimes, ppl juz judge u frm wat they see.. or u shall say, when they duno a single thing, n they juz make a conclusion.. i dun lk it, but wat 2do?
What make me feel uneasy is when they talk like nobody business, they juz simply say "ya ok.. can can.." but in the end, ntg can..
Im not happy with sum kind of ppl..
But anyway, why that kind of ppl? i still hv sum nice ppl around me.. huhu..
Being sad n moodless bcoz of those ppl is not
life is short, choooose 2b happy rather than sad.. this is wat i heard frm fren. but sumtimes when u are trying to cover, it's more difficult..
till then,
Toodles !!
~i miss u~

Friday, July 10, 2009

huhu.. it's me ! yeah!
n now.. i would like to crap..
Im done with presentation.. n hopefulllllllly, i will be able to pass..
pray hard !
besides, Im done with bio quiz.. it's ezier compare to the 1st wan..and im not putting high hopes.. hopefullllly, boleh la..
coming up next, will be chemistry test 2!!! full with test, quizzzes, asssignmenntttt, bla bla bla.. but dun worry, although works are sedang bergunung-ganang, i will not gona complain about tired,letih.. n i will still be able to sleep, and play.. huhu..
sometimes, things become better when u have diff point of view.. so, no matter u kena bully,feel lonely or whatever, stay positive, stay strong n u will be able to overcome it..
Be independent, and nothing is impossible =)

hmmm... as i go on, i can see alot types of ppl..
some are real selfish pest.. they tend to keeep evrything by themselves, n are nt willing to share, n this is what i feel dissappointed about because sharing is caring, n i love this 3 words.. n now, they musnahkan the 3 words.. huhu.. u noe what im talking about? haha.. im crapping..

some even worse, they can memperalatkan other ppl, to achieve their goals.. ishh ishh.. bu ying gai.. seriously.. the society is lk drama la.. evrything u watch in drama, is actually happening around us.. huhu.. they can bomb each other to get what they wan.. kagumnya..

n rite, i wana tell wat edy ar.. my fren say they look me as a very happy person.. oh reli heh? haha..
but if dun wana be happy, ownself rugi leh.. y wanna make urself unhappy because of other ppl or other things? nothing is worth it laa.. but sometimes, u need to be serious, don lk me ki siao lk dat.. haha.. hahahahahahahahahaha..
1 more thing be happy oso must sincerely la.. don wan act act wan.. u happy means u happy la, dont when u not happy oso pretend laugh laugh, looks weird.. huhu

Tmr's convent's carnival wich mean foreverus91 gona meet again ! huhu !! yeah !! yippie !! can see pn lim rdy !! hahaha.. yes !!!!!! n
im lovin' it !!
till then !
toodles !

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Blooood Donation

Im so scare of bloood... n I don't know why, i went and join the blood donation thingy..
But I've no regrets...
1 weeek juz passed like that.. n im happy that the blood donation event end successfully..
our malaysian studies lecturer encourage us to go n donate bloood.. He said whoever donated n show him the red book, will automatically get 5 marks...
I have no intention to donate my blooooood.. coz i scare dis scare dat wan..
but so happen, that time ngam ngam our break.. 3 hours sumore.. so my classmate all went to the booth thr.. then, i oso duno y, ppl gv me the form, n i juz fill in.. Actually, after cheking the blood type, pressure all, i don't wanna donate edy.. m the nurse si beh fierce.. It reminds me of
the sekolah rendah time those check gigi punya nurse.. walao weh.. so scare until i cnt talk..
n i see ppl wana faint, n some poke the needle in 1 time, no blood, poke again.. swt...
When I decided to walk out, there gt 1 kosong place.n the nurse "pergi sana".. so i juz ahhhh... die die la...they let me wait so long, n i hv to scare so long...but luckily my frens are with me, to talk to me.. distract my attention.. so.. finally, they inject some i duno what thing, n the vein will bengkak, n terus, they poke the tebal punya needle.. n there goes my blooood.. huhu...

Our banner

Our board

cute leh..

Then the day before, adventure club had that blindness awareness campaign.. so.. our kawan is the committee ma, so we join.. huhu... they gt this stg experience blind thingy whereby u need to be blindfold n walk about 1/10 of inti.. huhu.. somekind of race la.. hahaha

let me introduce la.. sitting wan is mummy n daddy.. standing wan is anak sekalian..

we got 3rd price neh.. hahaha

The next thing is gonna be Leo Mission.. n i hope the mission will be as successful as blood donation event.. But.. huhu.. with tat kind of "object", hard la... Im looking forward to meet the kids from children camp 5 again !! Yeahhh !!!

Till then,

have a great weekend..


sorry amrit, no pic o. coz rite, my pc go re4mat n came bk..