Friday, December 30, 2011

walking down memory lane 2011

In a day plus, we will say goodbye to 2011 and welcome 2012.. I just feel that time reli flies, and ya.. seriously, it really flies.. I remember i was writing dis to welcome 2011 a year ago.. But now, its another year coming.. So, yeah! Basically, this year is a good year to me... Im happy except january?! :)Lets walk down year 2011 and see... hmmmm~


My birthday! :) glad that my friends did take out some time to give it to me... Celebrated at mid valley's garden restaurant or cafe or something like that.. That was with my A-level bunch of peeps.. Another session with my foreverus91.. In 21st century.. :) It's me and lian ee's birthday... She is elder than me a day.. :D Got my 1st iPod touch as present frm my boyf.. I knw i have been making noise to ask him buy me 1... n he really got 1 for me... happy :D

one day after my birthday, is my a-level result day.. Damn! like shit weyhhhhh.... ok, maybe im really nt good enough for this course...~ or u can just say im pretty lazy! n my
strength is NOT in sci subject? alright, whatever it is! i got screw frm my dad.. I knw, its disappointing...haiz... chose this course like very urgently, i never get to go to any education fair after SPM coz Im stuck in NS... and since lots of my fren went to the same college, so do I.. ahahaha! thats me, when im young.. stick to my frens always.. But not now anymore.. hahaha!
Anyway, jz a little advice here.. NEVER GO FOR A-LEVEL if u wanna enjoy college life!


It's CNY! woohoo! but every1 kip asking for my result... WTH! I hate that seriously... ok, we get angpaus and had lots of yummy foods.. weeee! and nothing much la.. jz more on angpaus, foods and whatever we do during cny...~


I decided to restart my pre-u in business subj cuz my a-level is seriously shit! w
ent to Sunway college, and everything start going smoothly...~Business subject is 100% more relaxing than sciences. I meet awesome ppl that make me happy everyday... no heartache like i had b4 in stupid INTI...~ damn tht college.. Pyramid is my 2nd house, movie,makan, shopping all in 1... Feel soooo happy and relaxing although the course is not that relaxing...~ feel happy everyday goin to coll, and when i think of pyramid, we are all so excited :)

This is some awesome people that accompany through thick and thin throughout the program..

Nothing much in April... it's just busy studying and preparing for final exam... Doing assignment, presentation and etc... it was a great experience though..~ in a-level, we seldom do presentation.. but in sunway, we always do it.. and it bcum vry normal, no stage fright.. go out, n just talk...~ :)


Exam month, kinda nervous... Im very afraid that the history repeat... I study n study just to make sure I don't disappoint anyone, and also to get a good result :) my accounting is half pail of water, and im glad that my awesome ppl around are pros that could guide me..

Holiday month! Damn relaxing...~ at house nothing to do... But money kip flowing out.
My boyf birthday~.. For the 1st time, i bought an ice-cream cake for him... Make surprise, and glad it work.. proud a little bit for awhile ok? hehehahaha

Besides, results for 1st sem came out! Oh my god... im jz soooooo nervous... im very scare to see history...~ However, i manage to get what I want...The score for 1st sem is sufficient for me.. thank you Buddha...


July! Back to college! continue awesoming, rock the pyramid and everything!
Watched transformer 3 with jon and his family... LOL.. I slept in the cinema... that transformer 3 is truly NOT nice! All i knw is bumblebee, bumblebee and bumble bee! oh my god! hahaha... but anyway i still watched..


It's our 2nd Anniversary.. Told cha rite? time flies... had a very simple celebration in Victoria Station... he folded roses for me.. and of course my ferrero rocher.. :) and i got him a watch! like finallly... :) great gf i am huh.. LOL... jz joking.. :) n btw, Jon joined Sunway...We are reunited..~ He completed his Diploma in stupid InTi, and move on to degree in Sunway :)
Sunway is much more better than INTI i would say :)


Nothing much in September.. Assignment and tests all the way, followed by presentations... n of course we get to spend more time tgthr compare it with before :)


Final exams arrived... much more heavier compare to 1st sem... doin accounts, maths, like everyday...~ yes, again dun1 to repeat that history... :) After exams, still not freedom, coz i
m worried bout my result.. I promised myself, its the last chance for me to prove myself and to get to a more famous and better university ... therefore, at that month i could und
erstand what stress really is...

Exams end on 10 november, and we had like 3 months break till February! Weeeee~ Went for job hunting in Mid Valley... hey! hols 3 months weyh... nd to get a job... cuz if nt, i will be really bankrupt... im 20, and i think i shall not ask for money frm parent lk so often though.. feel kinda bad... so i decided to work!! woohoo! all i had in mind is Machines! I wana sell apple stuff.. :)
I went and asked and they asked me to email resume... I didn't even put any hopes that i would get the job, cuz i have no working experience at all! In 20 years, i repeat, 20 years... I never ever work before..This is truly my 1st time to find a job... I gt a replied, and ask me to go for the interview, yet I never put any hope too... But right after the interview, the next day, the manager called me and said Im employed... I couldnt really believe it... I can't believe that my 1st job is really working in Machines :) im happy!

Safari World :)

So yeah, besides that, I went to A Famosa with Jon and Friends :) nothing much, im nt 1st time been there, just that with different ppls :)


Here comes the last month of the year! Its a great month! I love it! This month, I spend most of the time working.. It was a good experience though.. I have not much knowledge on Mac, but in this month, i learnt alot... Glad that the seniors there are friendly and always there to give me a helping hand.. Thank you very much!

dinner break: Madam Kwan with Jon Lau :)

On 7th Dec, I got my results.. I got all Distinction for all Part B subject! Happy! 2 Distinction and 2 High Distinction...nt to boast, just to express how happy i am.. :) yay! finally, after 8 months, i manage to do it:)
so, i wasted a year, hmm.. but its ok.. i got my Monash full offer and its all worth it :)

oh yeah! not to forget I went to Singapore on December.. We went there by Flight and come back by train.. Cool enough huh? :)

Marina Bay Sands

ChinaTown :)

We walk all on our own... Its easy to travel there though.. it is just so convinient with that MRT...
Universal Studio is small, but if u never tried other countries' U.Studio then it will be alright...
We managed to take all the rides... Only Jurassic Park is closed.. Damn sad weyh... thats a great ride though.. We went to almost all the famous place like SIngapore Flyer, Merlion, take picture with Esplanade, China Town, Orchard Road,Universal studio, ViVoCity, Marina Bay Sands. We even went to the 57th floor up there to see the scenery.. Take pic with the pool :)

So, thats all for my 2011.. 2011 is a great year for me except the A-level results part.. Im happy that everything is smooth... I got good results in my pre-u,successfully get a full offer frm the university I want eventhough I had wasted a year.. I got my first job that I really want, from Machines.. Thank you! I had great days with my loved ones... n had quality times with my family:)
I would like to thank the Buddha for blessing me and my whole family throughout the year 2011.. I wish for a better 2012, and I hope everyone will be in good health always. :)
Have a great new year ya!

Happy New Year 2012.
With Love,
the author ~


This was what I need to complete on 2011, lets see how many I had done :)

1) Love myself more. [Done]
2)make my sister follow my footstep [i think i did]
3) make my dad's money well-spent! [Yes, I did]
4) Shut someone's mouth and prove tat woman that says i dun study and likes to play by entering a prestigious uni be it in malaysia or sumwhr ard the world.. [yes! I did it!]
5)communicate more with my cousin frm overseas.. [I guess i did it? :)]
6) love my sister more [ of course i did ]
7) love my true friends more. [done, do u guys feel my love? :D]
8) exercise more, get slimmer [i doubt this, i think its opposite]
9) maintain the friendship with Foreverus91 and INtiANS
[Foreverus91 yes, but INTIANS seems not much]
10)read more newspaper to gain knowledge and improve ENGLISH.
[hahaha... still about the same]
11) Be girlish [halfway]
12) Begrateful [yes]
13) Don't take things so serious [done]
14) Beware of spy! [done]

p/s: truly learn alot in 2011... :)

thats all, toodles! ♥

Monday, November 21, 2011

Hi Hi !

Heylo!! Long time no see.. I have lost the inspiration to blog.. However, I'm back today for a little update.. :)I don't know what to write as I couldn't really recall things that hap
pen. Lolz..Anyway, let's start off with October. I shall be able to remember la k..Sad things first. I lost my iPod in Sunway Pyramid. I couldn't remember how I lost it. Maybe ppl steal it from my bag cuz my bag wasn't zipped when I check. I guess it's when I'm lining up buying cha time.. I cried for few days.. thats my birthday present from my bf.. :'(
so sad.. noone will ever know how much love and care and investment i put on the iPod..:'(
It accompanies me all the time , whenever im happy/sad/bored/not bored. it is like a never-leaving portable bf to me... LOL... good description? hahaha... but suddenly it disappear.. omg,i couldnt accept.. unlike those rich one, no offend.
ipod,iphone, tablets,all ada.. 1 belum rosak, beli satu lagi.. how i wish i can bcum lk them...

Ya, nxt is deepavali! went to Shobana's house.. nice house, got big padang..
we had sparkling juice to celebrate :)
sparkling juice, i forgot what flavour :D

Then, There is one day we went to station1 cafe... to try... hmmm.. okok la... can la.. :)

Taken at station1 cafe
and hello! i love u lahh hensem, jz i seldom use my mouth to say it out..
read my heart lah.. hahahaha
oh btw, i love u, doesnt mean i like ur friends k, i hate some of them :P


You Are The Apple Of My Eye

It's a nice movie.. I watch TWICE!!! 1st time with Jon.. cinema so full... If you love someone, tell him/her. Don't wait till people get married. u will be a little regret though..and if u love some1 dun hurt them...Do not do things that they dun like :)

2nd time You Are The Apple Of My Eye with Kim @ sunway pyramid..~
and then meet up with Shu Li @ Wongkok.

Next! Job hunting in Mid Valley... Thanks to my foreverus (amrit, edna, lian ee and yen mun) teaching me how to write resume... muaks ! Thanks kim for accompanying me to go for interview... keke...She left me outside the shop and go jalan-jalan herself. After that, we went to Sushj King... Lepas itu, jalan-jalan, sampat-sampat and then I bought Chatime, and went to Snowflakes cuz kim wants snowflakes.. Long queue oooooooo :)
I just don't understand why i don't like snowflakes. I don't like those things inside... it cost rm6.90 per bowl. Actually its more worth compare to cha time.. but i dun like it... :(

SK peace!

Snowflakes and ChaTime..
there u go, snowflakes and chatime..

On last Saturday, is my aunt's birthday. we went to klang for the birthday dinner.. we had two cakes.. 1 blueberry cake and 1 coffee ice-cream cake .. hehe...
on the way to Aunty's birthday dinner :)

I just remember up till here.. Better than no updates la rite..
Haha... till then,
take care..

Saturday, October 22, 2011

iPod touch white

Yo!!!!!!! Finally..I gt my new white iPod touch :))))))).. My post from whitety iPod:)It's so hard to get it.. Everywhere is out of stock.... iStudy , Machine, Harvey Norman, My Byte.... Finallllly..... I got it! Woohoo... To the person who never thought of returning my iPod.. U jaga-jaga la... Humph!!!!!!!! Ok, till then... Workshop tomorrow in college... Gotta drive myself yo! Long time x drive..
Have a nice weekend ppl!!
With love,
The author :D

Friday, September 30, 2011

dont und

sumtimes i reli dun und, what is friends.. Friends should kip in touch,no?
make efforts to kip each other updated with own stufff... no?
yea, i truly und the busy-ness due to college uni and stuff.. but hello! every1 has 24 hours a day. NO? why do u need to say u are bz and so on when it is a weekend and it just take u an hour or 2?
grrr... to kip ur friends, to stay in contact, u gotta made effort for it... right?
How is it possible that u have no time at all to meet up? Nvr say u are busy! is jst the matter of u want or u dont want! thats all!
gahh! i duno lah.... ppl change day by day.. I feel so strange...

till then,
im sory if i offended any1..

Sunday, August 28, 2011

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Sunday, August 14, 2011


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

730 days.. ♥

Happy 2nd year anniversary ! here comes the 2nd year.. Eventhough it is much more simple compare to last year.. But i would say its a simple yet memorable one.. no doubt.. :)
Thank you!
Sorry for nt making much effort this time, for you know what reasons ya.. But i promise i will make it up for you nxt month... He drove me to Sunway, n waited for my class to end at 4pm.. :')
I have test dat day sumore.. thanks for ur luck btw..n Luckily i have 2 and a half hours of break in between, if not, he will be dead bored..~ We still manage to go to Pyramid Full house for lunch :) then back to class and have my test.. n after class, we went to KLCC.. haha... We went and buy our frame.. we buy a frame every year so dat we can see our changes from year to year right?.. We hang around thr, n we ate New Zealand Natural ice-cream.. Yummy! *thumbs up*
After that, he brought me to Victoria Station, a western restaurant famous with steak.. It's sumwhr located along the road, whr u can see alot of country's embassy, and ampang park or sumwhr near there..i dun reli noe whr.. haha...

Cake @ Full House,Sunway Pyramid :)

Yo! This is the place :)

i forget the dish name :)

This is their grill chicken sumthing.. i forgot the name too.. not bad.. a little spicy..
Their speciality are beef but we dont take beef..

act cool yo..


Handmade from him... those red in color wan are handmade roses..
There are 8 of them, and plus another 3 real roses.. not in pic, due to sum prob :)

Without the light..n this is 2nd year frame:)

Now, 2 years has gone by.. thanks for everything that you've done for me...I know it's never easy to my boyfriend :) I can see it, don't worry.~ Perhaps, im stubborn, didnt seems to understand what u actually need although u repeat n repeat to me.. but 1 day, u will know, im not that noob after all.. keke... May our love continue to grow ~.. ♥

Last but not least.. I Love You, dear.. ♥

Sunday, July 31, 2011


Hello Blog!.. hmmm~
In a blink of an eye! it's now the 2nd half of the year... we are stepping towards the 2nd month of the 2nd half of the year.. haha! do u und what im saying?... I hope u do la.. hahahaha,.. LOL
my eng is not that good.. thts y.. :(

Life's good... everything is good if i dun put on too much hope... hehehahaha
But we must have hopes.. aren't we?
New sem alrdy started for a month! Just finish my 1st macroecon test.. I love economics..~ and accounting? abit or alot? hehe... n after half a year, i can truly figure out where my strength is, and what i like the most... isit too late? i reli hope is not...~

I shud be confident, not gonna be like in a-levels... whatever i do, i dun think it is correct.. As a result, i need to go n kip bugging my fren.. dis wan how , dat wan how? so sad.. I feel that im vry troublesome... but thanks to them hu never say NO in helping me.. Im glad tht i have u guys to help me in my days in a-levels :)

coming up are more test! tues, wed and next mon, and duno when when when.. oh gosh!
But life's still good despite all the tests, and assignments... Thank you Pyramid... You always made my day.. haha!
but this sem, we went thr not vry often.. coz our breaks are jst an hour plus.. lazy to run along the canopy walk... When we walk frm uni to pyramid, we are full of energy and excitement.. but when we walk from pyramid to uni, it's lk taking us yearssss weyh... haha! No motivation to walk back to uni.. haha!

I love my life!
Oh ya! watched transformer and harry potter, and mr popper's penguins... actually thought of watching penguin with 4everus... But masa tak ngam for most of us... soo..,. i watched it in pyramid again.. hmm.. Damn funny that movie.. the penguins are soooooo cute!

Transformer 3 sucks to me.... haha! luckily it's free ticket.. i hardly understand whats going on!..
Frm the start till the end, I jst know which is Bumblebeeee and i love bumblebeeeee.. other than that, saya tak tau.. n i slept..! LOL.. for jst a few minutes la... haha... Besides, I watched Harry Potter with my gang of frens and my boyf in pyramid.. It was okie... I didnt sleep...At least better than Transformer 3.. Luckily.. haha! if not, im wasting money again!

Okie, next what movie arr? No more... jst this few... wuwu.. so sad..
but the best movie of the year, i still think it should go for Fast and Furious 5!
I never like that kind of movie, but FF 5 is truly awesome! Im lovin' it! the sports car are so "handsome".. LOL... wrg adjective, but nvm... haha! i min bergaya lar... haha!

yeah!, recently, i has dis kind of thinking... I wanna work in a bank... i wanna work in Standard Chartered.. I want to work in CitiBank..
THis is because i shall stop thinking or dreaming to work in a food factory, or anything to do with food.. yeah! i love food.. haha!..
But dream is just a dream... It will slowly fade away, i knew..
time to put up a new aim..
I wana work in a BANK!!! A very high ranking or very grand punya Bank!
Thats my aim... :)
In future, whether i am an accountant or an economist, my aim is still working in a BANK!
I wanna make my new dream come true :))))

Alright, im reli running out of things to blog...
Till then,
Take care readers..
Muaksszz ♥

Sunday, July 24, 2011


有时候,我觉得我很多余。总觉得没有陪到你,心里很不安。我觉得自己好像给你不够时间。但是现在才发现,其实你并不什么需要我的陪伴/时间。 你可以有跟多节目去打发你的时间。是我笨,想太多,以为你需要我。你更本没让我觉得你需要我。 所以我想的一切都是多余的!你说过的话,我记着,但我不会相信!我从此,也不会再因为觉得自己陪你不够,而愧疚! 一切,都够了!我没有感觉!

Monday, July 11, 2011

wishing u all the best in ur work, i wont be disturbing u.... peace....
kip on quarelling with u just bcoz of those idiots. why cant u just dun quarrel with me too bcuz of those ppl? eventho u x quarrel, can u pls get rid of ur dissatisfaction? it is so damn annoying when i see that,... i hate u when u show me ur bu shuang-ness... why do u wana bu shuang me, bcoz of those ppl?! har?
hu is more imp to u, btw? why oweys oso dem? i fucking hate them ok? can u pls have a clear cut between urself and damn?
cant u und me? my feelings? my sensitiveness? why the hell is like u wana bu shuang me lidat, jz bcoz of those ppl ah?
i dono how to think... den u?
i live in once upon a time, so u have no responsibility to pull me out of it?
im not trying to blame u, is just.... you noe i hate them, n why do u wana do sumting or go into sumthing, that have them in it, since u clearly noe i wouldnt like it... dont u?
i doubt that..

all the best n good luck,

Sunday, July 10, 2011


everything like shit! i talk what oso shit !
i hate questions la shit! damn lahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

i hate question!

You hate questions... you hate ppl talk much... So do I! I hate questions tooo. i hate ppl ask me WHY WHY WHY! damnit!
so annoying... u know vry well its annoying right, so why ask me?
I mean, if i say nothing den pls la.. u pandai-pandai either reli nothing or i dun wana tell u, i wan u to figure it out urself, as simple as that.
I hate answering WHYsss question. wokay?" get it?

If u dont like me giving u opinion, then dun ask me how ok... i would shut my mouth! just for you.
im sick of it! enough... im not ur maid or whatever... dun think that u can bu shuang to me... im just giving u opinion, trying to solve ur prob. n u talk to me so bu shuang-ly..
Seriously, honestly, sincerely, im bloody bu shuang!... i feel like throwing things, even my laptop!
Im tired ok.... i have my things to be done too.... i give u some opinion just to hope that it can help u. if u dont wana listen, tell me to kip my mouth shut... dun nd to let me talk, n then come n bu shuang me! i feel so idiotic!
IM not blaming YOu!
iM blaming myself for being so busybody!
Im busybody !

Monday, July 4, 2011

new sem

New sem is here... wheeee~ me lovin' it!
we have few korean classmate in eng class.. but they are exchange students and only will be here for a month.. :(
They are nice nice ppl... fun and friendly.. :D

Accounting lecturer was fun... her class is not bored.. hehe... lots of jokes and stories :D
1st day is kinda awesome.. cuz it's 1st day, so yeah! we dun reli have classs.. hehe...
we have longer break that is.. :)
Soooooo... what else besides pyramid? hehehe.. i went to popular to buy some stationaries and off we go to mamak for lunch.. hehe... i had maggie goreng,as usual... su-ianne had her tomyam meehun and peiqi had her roti canai.. LOL!!

n it was ard 12pm... we ran back to class as usual.. not reli run, cuz we had like 15 mins b4 class starts... :)
tomorrow will be sooo freee... cuz i only had 1 classss which starts at 2.45pm...
wow! this is just for the first week. wuwuwu..
Anyway, stilll is ok... me still lovin' it!
n yes, im repeating again and again... I LOVE IT! hhahaha
I didnt had dis feeling in inti.. lolz... duno y... hahaha
anyway, its nt imp nimo... hehe

oh ya! im a little afraid for macroeconomics... microeconomics is easier... most of the people say tht... n surprisingly, my macro lecturer. is my microeconomic's teacher's sister... You get what i mean? hahaha

today, is goooood to see everyone back... after 1 month of hols... =)
yeah ! my target for this sem... no target set...
just do my best.. =)
i loveeeeeee college cuz i loveee it... hahaha!with the koreans.. ♥

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


6 more days till 2nd sem starts... oh my.. in a blink of eye, 1 month had passed... this is the last 6 days of my holidays... But now oni my cousins are back from US and Russia for summer break.. gahhhhhh~... aiks.. but nvm, i still cn hang out tho.. LOL...

Last sem result had released last wed, i was so nervous... the result was slightly unexpected.. But im thankful with what i had.. Thanks Buddha for everything:)
I will double up my effort this coming semester... I hope everything will be going smooth.. :)
so..this holidays i thought is going to be like soo soo soo bored mann.. cuz is like 1 month and 1 week.. but nope... is not that bored after all.. teehee... the 1st weekend, i went to Genting Highlands with Jon and my sisters... The 2nd weekend in June, i went to Pyramid to meet up with friends, and then went Port dickson. The 3rd weekend, went and celebrated father's day, Jon's birthday and also meet up with foreverus91, and this few days ago, wich is the 4th weekend, i went to pyramid again.. ahaha... n this last weekend b4 my new semester starts, i will be spending my time wit my aunt from aussie, and the cousin from US.. so... there goes allll my weekends this holiday...

But the weekday sometimes can be kinda bored... i tot of looking for a part time job... but at last, still i stay home... LOL... i nvr work b4.. okie, alrite, my parent doesn't force me to find a job or stg.. i feel so blissful, stay at home, like a queen.., have not been in the working world ever.. but this is not a thing to be proud of.. haha... ppl like my age, alrdy had so much experience dealing with ppl in the society, while i still havent even leave my comfort zone.. thats bad!
i have to, n i must get a job, during the nxt holidays... hehehe...

oh yeah, gonna talk some bout the gathering.. teehee.. every1's looking good... hmm.. we just love to gossip.. n there goes our 2 hours++ to 3 hours.. non-stop laughing and gossiping.. haha.. i love it.. hehe... the gathering is to celebrate sarah's, shobana's and eeli's birthday. hehe...

we had fun, seriously... with them, i dun have to fake myself, cuz i know they are true...i jz can be like so care free.. dun have to bother bout nything else.. hahaha.. we went mcd.. i feel like im in high school still.. haha.. i rmb we did have our lunch in mcD when there is koko.. haha.. it was fun.. :)

i think thats all from me... continue nxt time.. hehe.. till then

with love,
the author~

Sunday, June 26, 2011


超想哭,但我答应自己,不需再为他哭。真正值得你为他哭的人,绝对不会让你哭。不是吗?是他问我要怎样,我本来真的不想说,因为我已经猜到后果了。但是我不想他一直叫我出声,我还是静静的。就只好说了。可是,他反而用我说过的话来反咬我一口。心好痛,我没用,我哭了。为什么呢?明明是他问我要怎样,我说了,他不接受,无所谓,但为什么还要咬我一口? :'(
其实,我好想打回去,清楚地告诉他,我说的话并不是他想象中那样的。可是算了,就算说了,他肯定会问,要不是这个意思,是什么意思?我又不回答。。 就算了吧,我都不懂要怎么解释,可能说了也不会明白吧..



我害怕他生气,其实是怕他的脾气才对。有时候,他做事会跟心情走。我怕! 有时候,很想说,但又不想好好地被教训一轮。就这样,一天一天地过。
咳... 这就是我。我不知道该怎样。一切,顺其自然吧!

我很希望,你能清楚地知道我在想什么。我很希望,你没误会我。我很希望,有一天,你完完全全会了解我。 我很喜欢人陪,我怕寂寞。我能表达的就只有这两句。其他的,我不会表达,但希望你会知道。




Friday, June 3, 2011

641 days, 15384 hours, 923040 mins, 55382400 sec

Happy 1 year and 10 months honey star !
Omg!! sounds like food.. but hu cares? LOL
so yeah! u ! happy 3rd ! hehe.... suddenly i have the urge to blog bout monthsary...
Well, i duno wht to say... Just wana blog... haha!
anyway, i dun need to say much huh? u noe right?
sometimes, not everything nd to be said out, u can feel it.. right? =)
So, once again my dear... Happy 1 year and 10 months... Always and always we argue alot... argue day n night... u sob i sob... wuwuwu... just bcoz of those idiots that doesnt worth a penny.. it's useless i realize, and luckily we manage to pull through... thanks for ur patience... and thankiu for ur advice during my emo-ing days.. i appreciate it... :D
Study hard, study smart...! You can do it!
once again! happy 3rd handsome boy! ily jz the way you are! ♥

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

say yo!

Hey there! so, how r u people doin? fine? not fine? sad? happy?

last last week i catch up-ed with lian ee and yen mun.. hehe... yen mun twice, lian ee oso twice.. haha..
Last last sunday, we went for badminton... me, yenmun,lianee... before badminton, we had KFC breakfast.. great !! hahaa...... cheezy burger.. owh so yummy !!.. then we went for badminton.. n after badminton, we went to oldtown.. LOL...due to we havent talk enough! LOL.. yeah, got alot to talk.. too bad the others can't join.. if not, i tink we need to go mcd, pizza, sushi and so on .. hahaha!
we talk talk talk talk ... hahaha...

then on monday was wesak walk! hehe.. me like it !! jon, his bro, me , my little sis walk... then lianee, her sis n my sis on duty... after that, we went to Al-salam sg chua to yum cha.. n had a gud laugh... haha... we just have got so many thing to talk arr... LOL...
then on wednesday, went out with yen mun to yum cha .... hmm.... she wanted to watch movie.. but i dowan, coz i will end up sleeping in the cinema.. =)
so, we talk talk talk at oldtown..
By the way!!!!! OLDTOWN got promo from mon-fri 3pm-6pm ada MY TEA...
from rm 3.90!!
quite worth it la... 1 drink n 1 bread n a few more combination.. go try!

then last friday after paper,pei qi, patrick and his fren, su-ianne and her bf,me n lydia, oh ya plus jon went to the pyramid.. hahaha... we went n jalan-jalan n eat... n then PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN !!! woo hoo... but lydia didnt join us for movie...i thought i would fall asleep... but surprisingly i didnt.. haha..

Pirates of the caribbean is superbly awesome! =)

After movie, it's 5 something... me, pei qi and jon went to oldtown for tea... hahahaha... it's rm3.90... pei qi kip complain she is the light bulb and even her drink is the light bulb to... LOL.. damn funny...

lol.. wan smile den dun1 smile.. haaha

pei qi ...

enriched choc, white coffee and enriched choc..
pei qi claims that her white coffee is the light bulb.. LOL

after that, fetch pei qi back and home sweet home.. =)
hmm... overall i had great days with them and a great week.. =)
but these few days reli unhappy.. =(
cont in the nxt post!.. till then
take care

with love,
carolyn.. =)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

damn it !

FML ! seriously !
im breaking down.. lying to myself that im happy but im not happy at all..
why am i influence by those pest? why?
damn it !
im trying my best to get out off it! why can't i do so?
i seriously need to get out of all this shit... n i promise i will take revenge...
u took away my happiness, n u will have to return double to me !

Friday, April 29, 2011



Sunday, April 24, 2011


not happy... nt bcoz of college thats for sure.. My college treats me well.. college friends treats me well... everything's good... but just i am not happie.. oh yeah ! last tues went to INTI... got ding dang !! haha.... it's actually the idol 2011.. but i think it is more bout Ding Dang for me... Me n kim rch there around 7++.. people mountain people sea... beratur till the basketball court... I never see such scene before in any event in inti... nd to beratur so long.... its so obvious it's bcoz of Ding Dang.. haha...
The idol.. is so so... i dun min the event...the event was great.. u can feel how much effort the committee has put in to make it a successful wan... but i min the IDOLSSSS... they are not as what i expect... they can have better idols in finals maybe?... no offence.. but this is my point of view... Honestly, its real bored ... but luckily they kip Della bhind... therefore, there are full of ppl in the MPH till the end of the event..
thats the way.. good ! not to mention i fall asleep... slept for ard 30mins.. haha.. great me.. im jz too tired... n they ain't Della... Lolz.. so bad la me..
Nyway, congratz to the winner... the oni 1 that I lik is the group winner.. the 2 gals.. others are just, i-duno-what-they-are-singing.. :(
Previous year's idols are better i would say...~
haha....~ so, thats all bout Della n the idol...
alright, now i realise that i kinda lost some contact with my frens... the a-level friends, foreverus91... seems lik damn long no see... a-level friend i tink hard to oso cyberly meet... can meet wan some oso duno go whr dy... haiz.. now reli.. i oni left 1 that can always meet.. haha... say wana go vacation tgthr... some jz say oni... okokok.. but end up ffk u... some see oso nvr see the post wan.. duno bz bout what.. haiz...
foreverus91 pulak.. we all different hols.. kinda hard to meet.. but i noe we will soon meet in may.. you people must n better make it yo !!.. haha... miss u all muchie... <3

okie... later i am going to 21st century with jon... we long time no pak tuo le lor.. hahahahaha... coz different sch dy... now i wana sleep rdy.. goodnite n i love u readers.. muak muak

eh ya! i saw somebody came back to fb.. that time i so happy coz she disappear frm fb.. now she is back.. so yucky... i hope she leave msia faster coz she dun suits her...i min msia dun suits her.. hualalala.
til then...

with love,
the author~

Saturday, April 16, 2011

it had been a month... almost a month... Everything is fine... im not adapting to the new environment... Im adapted... =) eventhough u think i like to boast, but still i wana say... im actually vry gud in adapting in new environment... frm yu hua to convent, i tink i use up like jz a week or 2... in NS, i use 1 week.. :D n frm high school to inti... i think i use 2weeks or 3?.. LOL.. n frm inti to new college.. i use ard 1 week to adapt.. :D

Bout friends... when im still young, i just kip thinking i got only this few friends... No matter what they do, where they go, i wish i could stick with them... hahaha... reason is bcoz we can get along, we are same "channel" that makes us vry close... but after all the experience, i realise whereeever we go... there will be still at least 1 or 2 person same channel with u... what i wana say is, no matter where u go, u still have friends.. but bear in mind, dun forget the old ones when u have the new ones.......... neh the peribahasa say what old wines are still better something something.. LOL...

im now in the city rdy...hehe... no more jungle jungle, tesco giant n etc...
yday jon lau came all the way frm the jungle to the city... yay! we went full hse... wah!! nice !! nice !!... meet su-ianne thr lol... so kiu la liang moi.... then walk around hunting for bags.. but dun hv 1 that i like coz im choosy.. =) After that we went for movie... that singapore movie....hehez... laugh until i stomache pain lor... by the time the movie finish, it's 5stg d... it a -little jam... then we balik ler... we talk fon sambil drive back... good experience.. n my car not enough petrol ler i feel... i dun reli noe how to pump petrol thou, lucky gt people help[ me... thanks... then home sweet home lo...

okie, thatz all for today... i willl cont later...
breakfast with yen mun!!! @kfc... weeeee~

Friday, April 8, 2011


April is here...woohoo !!vry fast weyh.... hmmm.......
im now here to read my econs.. for the test.. okie.... nowadays i tend to sleep vry early rite as i told u all earlier.... waseh.... i slept at 9pm yday, n now woke up at 3am... hahaha... but end up studied at 4am... hehe...
alright, i guess my brain works better in the morning... I hope i will be hardworking n do dis oweys..
thank u jon lau, for willing to wake up middle of the nite to wake me up... hehe.... i will study hard hard.. muak u... =D
sorry for argue argue with u la... coz of some ppl... ish ish !! ... oweys oso bcoz of some ppl....
grrrrrrrrrr....~ irresponsible... !

alright, sch is not bad....... the pyramid is great... =) LOL !!!
hope i wont be buying n buying... =)
The aim for the year is to learn how to skate !!!..
Im waiting my boyfriend to join me... Faster leave Inti la... tht place so bad memories... woohuhu... i bring u see leng lui in my school... wahaha,,

to be cont...~ back to econs.. =)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

hehe! hi !

class is tiring... wohoooo... only had like 2 hours and 30 mins break? we went and get our t-shirts n to collect our id cards... Then, off we go to the library.... read abit of economics and they we go for lunch... i had chessy chicken rice.. it's tasty but its costy too.. haha... after lunch, went to class.. n 2day there are 2 new students to our econs class... hehe!!..
econs assignment need to be done by i duno when... n i have no idea on what articles to pick..this is the akibat of not reading newspaper....... huhu..
anyway, i hope i can find some article related to microeconomics...
after tht is accounting class.. I duno why when it comes to accounting, the time passes soooo fast.. im lovin' it too..

nowadays, im oweys slpy weyh..everyday, 9pm rdy feel sooo slpy... LOL !!! last time in Inti oweys slp late until let ppl spy... say i go outside play wa until late sumore wa.. damn shit.. lol!
in inti, i usually slp late like 1 or 2am? 3 or 4 am? n latest like erm.. 530am during 1st sem? then, wake up 730am the following day... great ? hehe...
but now.... I slpt at 930pm n wakeup 630am... lol... but still i feel slpy... haha... dono why la...

oh ya, this thurs there is games in my college... every1 need to participate.. or else u can choose to be helpers.. im goin for telematch.. just hope that it will be fine n fun... we suppose to have 4 boys n 4 girls in a team.. But now, my team has 6 girls and 2 boys which i dun really know hu my team member is..... lol!. anyway, we believe in ourselves.. hopefully we can overcome all the obstacles.. haha.. n lecturer says we have free lunch !.. wow !! hahha... nice lar...
free food ! yes! i like it!.. say me crazy... wahaha...

Last sat was earth hour thingy rite? i was at alamanda... Surprisingly, at 830pm carrefour off some of their lights.. not all but some... so it's like the whole carrefour dim dim... haha... i like it !!.. den we went to pizza hut... pizza hut did the same thing... so romantic lor.. hahaha...
eventhough they don't off all the lights, but they did off some.. so i guess.. it still help the earth a little... hope it helps.... :D

i think i have no more things to talk about.. so... till then!
take care readers... have a nice day..

with love,
the author... =)

Saturday, March 26, 2011


the hardworking blogger is back... hehe... but now im a lazy blogger.. Im back to studies.. weeee~ Dun ask me where, if u duno whr... ain't important...
The most important thing is im adapting well.. huhu... I thought i couldnt get use to ppl n the plc thr... But i did it.. =)
The library is now my 2nd home... I have no rooms to go back during my free time like i use to have in INTI.. Thrfore, im hiding in the library.. always... :D
btw, it's kinda hectic.. but i enjoy hectic schedule rather than i have breaks like for so long after one class to another... My breaks for everyday are the same... =D like it... dun nd to memorize.. n i feel dat my everyday is pack with lots of things.. likie although its a little tiring.... ~

hmmm.. my college is big though... i can get lost.. haha... my lecturers are good... accounting n econs lecturer also good good good.. hehe!.. Me like the subjects.....
the parking is big, but need to go early oso to get a better parking space... im travelling la, dats y i hv no room.. its tiring at times, but i think i just need to get use to it... after all, when we work 1day... takkan we stay in office meh? haha... so,have to learn 1st..
traffic jam mmg headache... but u can choose to enjoy it or don't.. haha... u can say im crazy la... but whatever.. it's just simply me... teehee...

If u were to compare with the previous uni... both have their pros and cons.. but for now i prefer my new uni, coz im totally new perhaps... hahahaha... n it's fun exploring new places... haha!! n most important thing, noone noes me.. wahaha! im now happy everyday... no more worries, n surprisingly i dun have the i-dun-wan-to-go-class feelings...

alright, till then....
continue next time...

the author ~

Friday, March 18, 2011


Hey, the hardworking blogger is back.. =D
I've been lazying dis whole week, is time to update before i forget.. =)
McD having promotion, to those hu have the promotion voucher, i tink almost evry1 got.. ahhaha
buy rm 5, n u will get 2 big breakfast for free!!
Therefore, on monday, which is also white valentines day, we went n ate.. haha !!
LOL !! We bought a weekday breakfast, n we get 2 big breakfast free !! So fulll ! hehe...
Dad went phillipines duno y.. for like 4 days... left us at home.. oh yeah! we conquer the whole hse...~

On Wednesday was Inti Leos charity night ! the theme was :Ignite the spark of Love! hey! i saw my leo mission kid... teehee!.. got ling jia yun, ke qing, athena beh (ma jia xuan)
It was fun, going back to INTI again... haha... n i hv the chance to eat the burger again!! Yummy !!!
Jon bought me toberlone chocolate.. Yes !! I damn like chocolate!!! hehe...
n den we jalan-jalan at the newly opened TESCO.. Obviously, it is better than Giant... TESCO gt VERNS... He bought 1 shoe.... for me... but in chinese saying, buy shoe means ask the person to leave, but he say nono.. buy shoe n we leave together.. hehe... pandai la... hehe.. thank you...

Yday, there is this church dinner... im not very sure.. is just uncle ask us to go, n we just go... hehe... dinner at the restaurant.. Melia something something.. newly open after Prima there.. The food was ok la.. Not too bad.. oh ya.. dun misunderstand me.. Im Not a christian... bukan... I dun get it why people say im a christian just bcoz i have a english/christian name.. im not ya.. dun ask me rdy.. hehe..keke..

Before that, me, kim , n meifen met up in mcD, to eat the breakfast again.. LOL.!!
Then, we left for hot air balloon in Putrajaya.. but meifen, x join...
Unfortunately, we went there 12 something, but we only can see the hot air balloon at 5.30pm.. So , i simply drive around Putrajaya and yes! we found Alamanda !! Lucky day!!.. hehe.. =)
Im so proud of myself la, we can manage to not get lost in Putrajaya which have i duno how many precints.. haha... Then we ate NANDOS, eat BIG APPLE and watched BEASTLY!
Something like beauty and the beast lah.. okie... my sis says the movie vry nice, but i feel its just so so... maybe a little comedy la.. haha...
i rate 6/10.. my taste oweys different frm others.. ppl say nice, i say no.. ppl say not nice, i say no too.. haha

Then by the time the movie finish, it was around 5oo pm.. we thought of hot air balloon again.. at 1st, din plan to go rdy wan.. then, we went again.. But unfortunately again, the weather doesnt allow the hot air balloon to fly.. so, yeah.. disappointed once again... then, it drizzle..
we ran to the car.. Once we are in the car, it starts to rain heavily.. Lucky back... haha...
We are not lucky coz we din meet the hot air balloon eventhough we went there twice.. We are lucky in other way whr we dint go missing inside putrajaya n we din bcum ayam basah... hahaha..
I know, u are protecting us.. Aren't you?
When we lost something, we will gain something... n i believe in Karma... don't you?
After all the lucky n less lucky things, we planned to go back kajang... n den it jams ! omg !! unlucky again.. then, after a few km, it's so smooth again which is not vry usual.. we are Lucky back.. haha... I really dono how to describe the day... it's not really that bad after all.. =D
Alright, n today im goin to LCCT to pick my dad.. Hopefully, i still rmb the road.. n i noe u will accompany us there.. =)
pics later... n thts all for my 1 week update.. =)
tata !!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Jogoya Day !!!! woohoo !!~


It's fun !! but the yummy-ness depends on individual... I personally felt that TENJI is a better one.. But since it has promotion, so who cares ? of coz the one with promo.haha

On wednesday, me, kim, yee chong and jon was there in JOGOYA starhill gallery !! haha... we were so desperate... on the other hand, it's to celebrate yee chong's advance bday ... we treat him jogoya.. so nice lor.. envy him!
Jon join us after his class... But we dun wana lose anything, so we took KTM frm kajang n change to star lrt to reach Hang Tuah, n we walked !! Yee Chong said he always go n he noe the road, so he will bring us there ! he so bahagia gt 2 girls accompany him... But OMG !! that yee chong, hate him! coz he make me walk like mad ! I told him to take monorail to reach Bukit Bintang but he dun1 listen to me! i did my homework b4 i go to a place wan.. gud leh.. haha !!!
So, x take monorail n we walk frm Hang Tuah to Bukit Bintang !! From time square to duno whr then to BB plaza, sg wang, lot 10, lowyat.. OMG !!!!! n only finally reach... if it's not bcoz he is the birthday boy, i sure chop him!! wahahahaha... tan yee chong i just joking arr, dun angry! ngek..
We reach thr on time.. wheeee~ At 11.30am sharp we enter the restaurant.. So happy n im so 38.. coz nvr go thr b4.. LOL !!!.. but interesting.. that time oni 3 of us... haha... jon hvnt cum... wahaha... gt class.. wahahaaa.. we talk alot, sambil eat eat eat.. the food was fantastic.. can say lk dat ar? haha.. okok la actualy.. haha! diff ppl diff taste de la... then, jon came 1pm lk dat... he talk less, eat more.. coz he rdy rugi 1 and a half hour.. ! hahahaha!
The salmon sashimi was great ! the salmon sushi was great! omg ! i reli like salmon..i duno how to describe, but u can go to facebook and see those pic.. now, when i browse back, my saliva banyak banyak.. haha
The dessert! Haagan Dazs n that New zealand ice-cream.. haha! yummeh!!!
got alcholic drink sumore.. im nt drinker girl lol.. drink 1 sip rdy lk wan vomit.. kim de worse.. hvnt drink finish the waitress took it away... so sad.. ahaha..
we suppose to leave the restaurant 2.30pm.. just 3 hours duration for us to eat..they wrote it on our receipt. but we oni realised when it's 3 something... so, since 4pm the lunch end.. we just sit there n act duno .. LOL.. evil huh?! hahaha... we crap we eat, we drink, we crap again... fun!!
it reminds me of penang trip in TAO !.. but enni is not here ! :((

around 230 pm we took alot of dessert, duno what cake what cake la... to make a birthday cake for yee Chong !.. we even ask the waitress to gv us a candle n borrow lighter... They reli do have candle yo.. haha !! great ! fantabulous.. haha... we sang birthday song for him... in jogoya u noe.. haha... n i hope he reli like it la... show u sum pics.. hehe

colourful alcoholic drink.
i x drink alcoho.l, so just drink coconut.. i miss my coconut so much..

foood!! im so blessed to have so much food...

i wish to drink allllll these chocolate~ lolcrab crab.. kiap kiap u..Birthday cake and birthday boy
n here is the pic of all of us..

After jogoya, we went to pavilion since its just side by side... the yee chong wanted to treat us snowflake, but we are too full .. hahaha... actually we wana watch a movie, but the timing is not right.. so, just walk around n then balik rumah... then, yee chong n jon back to INTI.. n there goes our jogoya trip...
I enjoy the whole day... with good food n great people..i love to go out with these people coz they vry easy going n dun put anything in heart... hehe... i would like to try to have dis experience again with foreverus91... sure vry kecoh n happening.. hahaha...
thanks for making my day, u people.. i love u all muchie muchie.. hehe


yesterday, i went to cheras selatan with jon to watch I AM NUMBER FOUR! great ! nice ! interesting, fabulous, fantastic! haha.... after that , our lunch is just hotdog, popcorn n ice lemon tea. great !.. haha... after movie we went to s.recipe for the tea n cake thing.. but dun und y, what cake i want oso dun have wan... at laz, i ordered hazel cheese, but i can't feel any cheese... In fact, jon's expreeso cheese was better... he gave me his n eat mine.. thank u.. hehe.. then after finish eating,he tell me actualy he oso dun like tht hazel cheese... LOL.. im like O.O
he say he vry gud coz he help me eat.. LOL.. i know la, no need say... pig...haha

n he won me a cup from Genting by playing basketball in the arcade.. LOL !!! dun ask me gt touch anot... blekkk... duwan tell..hehe.. but i like it... hehe...lie me.. sei yeh... but suan la, forgv u coz u xin ku.. =))
hehe.. my cup... i memang like to show offf.. ngek.. dun like jiu suan.. haha

okie... so.. my updates till here 1st...
im vry hardworking blogger... hehehe...
nxt post will be vry soon.. hehe

bbye.. n tc..
Love, the author