Friday, June 26, 2009

sick of it..

so sick of it..
it..I love to complain..
I dun like this, i dun like that..
Everthing also i like to complain..
I hate dis, i hate that..
Im not satisfied with this and that..
what the hell is wrong with me? huh !!??!?

human being including me, are selfish..
Im trying nt to be selfish..
Sometimes, i really feel vry frustrated..
But how u wan me to show my anger?
in front of people meh?
but it's so hard for me to hide..
whatver.. it's late
Goodnight !
missss you alll..

Monday, June 22, 2009

IM back !

Hiihii !!! here's an update at last.. Im bzing dis 2 weeksss, ya bz, lazy, but im nt tired.. I don't lk to talk about tired.. haha.. Last wk, me, eeli n meifen n weikean went to klcc..
We nd to do some survey for the club's mission.. oh-so we went..

at the playground


Now you seeeee
Now you dont.. haha

so darkkkk
stilll the zha zha queeen

No need to introduce dy lor

after the surveyin, we jalan, n balik... the train is pack la okie.. But rite, stilll we are able to cramp in.. thats all la, for the trip..
i duno what to describe la.. i no ilham la..
Next, is the children camp...
err last lasst week ah? yala yala...
i mean children camp rite, are those children frm orphanage came to inti, n we organised a camp for them.. evry yr lor..
meifen suppose to join me n eeli as the faci, but she gt something on, therefore she put us aeroplane lor.. haha.. Not bad la, it's fun though..

On mon, the cute cute thailand boy
selva, another cute one

me n julianty.. she's frm indonesia..
little chun fei, vry hard to take pic with him

chun meng

The group,Blueberrrry rockssszzz

soo, i guesss, thats all la alrite... dun la say i didnt update.. gt update wan.. hahaha

till then, take care !

Friday, June 5, 2009


since today's chemistry class is cancelled, so my class starts at 2pm.. We knew it yesterday edy..
SO,THEREFORE,SUO YI, OLEH SEBAB ITU, I already plan to sleep till 12pm... But IT FAILS, because of sum reason...
I am so no mood today.. Because I reli dun like it,.. n later is Maths classss, worse mann..
eeyer... feel like goin back home NOW...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


It's my 300th post...
what is expressedfeelings? to express what i wana express..ya, sounds lame.. but? why care?

Can I be what people wants me to be?
Am I weird? Am I terrible?
I will try.. to change
But sometimes it is just too hard to gv a sudden change, where people will never know hw hard it will be..
I guess all I need is just to cry n cry until i puas la..
Crying doesn't help,but its 1 of my way to express my feelings..

Jusco day.Random

Yesterday, class finished at 12pm.. as usual la.. we ppl plan to go seremban 2 jusco again for then 2nd time.. You know nilai damn "IN" wan loh, wat oso x da... Therefore, we need to go seremban.. the nearest we ever discovered.. n i lk la, coz so nice.. we dun hv to squeeze in the train..
alot ppl wanted 2go at 1st, but somehow left 4 of us.. shopping queen, vimala oso put us rocket.. hahaha. is ok,nvm la.. we 4gv her wan..

So, we took ktm to seremban, n frm seremban's Ktm, we 4 ppl took a cab.. actually we juz wana ask the price wan, n it surprised us, as it is cheaper compare to laz week, n we dun hv to walk to terminal 1.. No need walk walk we had lebih seorang den last week, but yet, we get cheaper price.. so... you think leh, we happie anot?
hahaha.. do u understand my sentence? hehehha
We reach Jusco around 2 sumthing, n Ee Li the jing ling bao bao wants to eat McD.. frm Inti, she keep on: I WANT TO EAT MCD !!!.. so, okie la... mcD cheap ma.. hehehehehe..

n so, at Mcd i meet up long time no seee punya NS friend, Bernard.. haha..
he very bz wan,must book appointment.. so thanks ya for cuming.. =)
then after we eat rite, all of us go jalan2.. ehh ya, the whole jusco we finish jalan rdy.. basically, it's lk cheras selatan n taman equine's la, all jusco the same ma rite..

1 more ting,vry damn important, we didnt buy things la.. i only bought sunsilk! eeli oso.. haha
so, we including transport fee all, we didnt use more den rm50.. huhu.. dah bertaubat la tu.. at 1st, i wana buy the jacket that i hide it under wan.. still there u noe.. hahahaha.. but dun1 la.. waste$$...

So, after that, xue wei wana play drum wa.. i tot she playin real drum or wat, rupa2nya the kids wonderland thr.. lolzzz..
while she n swee chin play drum, me n eeli went and drive car.. wahseh, so long din play ah.. so cheap oni, rm1 only.,. that Genting ahh, eat people's money u noe, rm 3 perplay, sumore they extend the time vry little only... ish ish..
hahaha.. tak sangka, pukul 5.30pm edy.. n so we wana go back lo, on the way out, we saw big apple donut.. i duno nice anot la, coz i think i eat b4, den i oso think i din eat b4.. cz i seldom eat donut ma.. we share2 la 1 box.. SHARING IS CARING.. =)
on the way out, i meet Jie Ying my NS friend also... walao, i cnt regconise her.. after few seconds,only i noe.. coz she coloured her hair edy.. imej yg baru.. haha..
n so, we naik taxi again to save sumtime, as we hv clubs meeting, n poor meifen is waiting for our arrival.. hahahahahaahahahahahahaha...
so sorry meifen.. let u fa meng for 1 hour..

So, this is our Jusco day.. n next we plan to GO AGAIN.. we are in love we Jusco... haha
This time to Sing K.. maybe? see how la.. hehehe

Oh ya, am I proud? eeli say I proud n lcly... how? the stupid fcbook quiz about the eye colour wan also say i proud wa...
Am I reali proud? ya meh? sei la...
huhu.... but whatever it is... itu diri sebenar la.. give me time to chnge.....
There's no way for me to chnge in a week or a month..
n i duno hw la, talk less or talk more?
n i cnt simply smile at ppl noe, later ppl tot i gila siao or what.. that wan worse..
so till then.. tata...
air conditioned room cold ar?
it's lk Yen Mun's karaoke room's tat type of air cond.. or lk shopping complex dat kind of air cond, u say cold ar?
why isit ppl lk to wear so little cloth? or clothes? they wont feel cold izit?
i am just very curious... hahaha..
juz a random stupid question pop up in my mind.. akibat ans too much quiz frm fcbook rdy... haha...
k la, this is such a damn long post..
I shall stop here 2day.. n continue once i hv stg pop up in my mind again..