Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last post for year 2009..

Time flies, n now i had leave high school for a year.. 2009 gives me happie and also sad memories...
It is normal to gain something and loss something.. N when you loss something, you will understand n know how precious it is..
Despite losing something very important, but im glad that I could still carry on with my life.
Maybe people will think that I have those tidak-apa-attitude, but don't tell me you wants to let others see your sad face all the time..
Although I had the thought of giving up everything for a few times, but luckily i didnt..
As I know, everything happens for a reason.. Perhaps i just need to grow a little faster den the others... If tis is god's will, i will always accept it..
In life, there is always gain n loss.. when u gain something, you will definitely loss something..

Throughout that particular period, Im glad that my friends are there to comfort me and all.. Giving me useful advice n support whenever I need.. Thanks for letting me know the true meaning of friendship.. You guys noe hu are you all rite? =)
In this period, I get to understand n know more things.. I know i had misunderstand some true friends that I thought it will nvr be a true wan... Im absolutely wrong.. Besides, I also know who are true and who aren't...
Anyway, it's not important, I know it, n it's enough..

I felt lucky that I didnt screw my exam.. not happy but lucky.. I have the feeling of not going for exam.. I just feel what i've read=nothing...
Although it's not that good, but I thank mum n god for everything...

So, me in 2009.. alrite..
You can say 2009 is a wonderful year for me, n oso a bad year for me...
In the 1st half of 2009, I just feel so happie... This is the true me.. Im always so happie no matter what happens...
I stuck in NS happily, forming a big family, wich consist of bro sis, mum dad n uncles aunties..
n den, every sunday, my mum(real mum) will come n visit me.. I repeat, EVERY SUNDAY, she drive frm kajang to port dickson, n drive back frm port dickson to kajang every sunday !! she comes, n bring me food, bring me chocolate, everything i needed... I just duno what to say..
In future, i will love my kids just lk how my mum does..
n some weeks, she juz purposely say nt coming, coz busy, but oso came just to give me a surprise.. tat time, although im in the camp, but i felt very happie..
3 months in there.. I felt no stress, so freeeeee.. lk im a bird...

n then when im free frm NS, I collected my SPM results.. yeah, it's not as gud as the others, but im okie with it.. coz the effort i put in is nt enuf, so the result i cnt say much lor.. =)

after that,around april I enrol to Inti... I started college life there... I met alot of friends over meifen and harjir.. n I make new friends, and I found long lost friends... It's like inti is the place where we reunite.. coolzzz..
May-july started life is fun, provided if you know how to enjoy it..
No doubt, 1st semester was damn fun i can say..
so study a-levels, huhu.. my classmate are awesome, i duno how to say...

Mid of August sem break starts, I went Sabah.. a last vacation with mum wich is naik aeroplane wan.. =(
the place sucks, but we go in a family, that is a-money-can't-buy-back memories..

On september... College starts again.. huhu... 2nd sem, sudah besar panjang.. hualalala...
as usual, class n all... dulll life... but quite a number of movie we went for.. but only 1 movie that i watch is worth n enjoying wich is FD3.. It isn't bcoz of the movie is nice, but bcoz we went in a whole big gang, n i love to go out wit the gang... Other than tat, all the movie, not reli enjoying... huhu...we just go, bcoz wanted to.. when all you want is enjoy life, ppl bomb you,how sad?.. wuwu..
Don't enjoy wana wait until old?? Life is short, enjoy every moment in life !!

On October, it is the month I never feel happie until now, the last day of 2009...
Everything comes 1 by 1, 1 following by another..
I get so stresss ( act i duno wats the meaning of stress )... feel so uncomfortable... not feeling free at all..
Everyday you just feel like there is spy or something around you.. You need to think n think n think before you do something... n dat time, i reli feel lk i don't live for myself, i live for otherssssssss.. wana eat sushi oso nd to think for so long. sigh.. mind you, tht feeling is one that I hv never encounter in my 18 years of life... fuhhh...

On november, i have nothing to say... saddest moment happens.. I know it will arrive, but it's quite sudden...

n December... Things get better,bcoz holiday, not in inti.. im a bird again.. freeee..
n now it is time to say goodbye to 2009... n welcome 2010..
Oh dear 2009, you leave happy n sad memories for me.. I duno to thank you or to blame you.. Both I will but I tink i will thank you a little more,a little only, bcoz you gave me 9 out of 12 months of happy memories..
I also thank you bcoz without you I wont be able to grow a little mature, i will oweys stay in my comfort zone,nvr walk out of it..

So, 2010 is coming, and yeah ! I hope for a great 2010.. Full with fun n laughter just like how I use to be since young...
I hope year 2010 bring us good health, good wealth (for our parent,so we oso cn get ma, HEHE), happy life, n good results for all my friends..

I wish idiots totally go away from me. PLEASE don't come n go, want go, den go, don't ever come near me, coz i wont let u free..

2010 resolution

  • DRIVE TO GENTING (since i get license till now,haih)
  • IMPROVE MATHS (i wan pn lim n aunty pat)
I think until here 1st, when I think of new wan, I willl add in !!... hahaha..
So, people !!! 13 hours to year 2010 !!! yay !!
A start of something new...
Forget the past, buried it in ur memories n look forward !!..

we misss you lotsszz...

Till then,
with love,

Sunday, December 27, 2009

1 year anniverssary

"Tahniah, anda dipilih untuk menyertai PLKN sesi 6/2009"
I cried for days, grumbling for weeks, blaming the government because they choooose me to go NS.. tell mum i dun1 go, write letter for me.. i want go study, wanted to ask Inti write letter for me.
Asking why other people don't get... But why I get...
So many x puas...

Until the day comes 27th December 2008, I wake up unwillingly, until 8.30am still dun1 go bus station, padahal must rch there by 830am.. I drag the time, say hvent pack this n that..
But luckily I got Lian Ee and Amanda who got the same camp with me...
The 1st day in that camp, we grumble non-stop... Electricity supply suckss.. toilet so dirty.. Makan tak kenyang, tidur tak lena... The dorm full of mosquitoes... people thr all x kena.. so awkward... all lk got 1 gang 1 gang... felt vry hard to mix with them.. after 2 or 3 days..
me, amanda n lianee have to separate... they 2 in the same company, while me alone in another different want.. But thank god, I have lovely dorm mates, got some friends who I can get along with... Lian ee n manda in Alpha, me in Charlie.. sad..
Basicallly, can get along with the whole dorm people la.. No matter chinese, indian or malay, evry1 is friendly towards each other.. that time is around 1st or 2nd of January.. =)

n as day pass on, we getting closer to each other... I have a mum over thr, wich is my head of dorm.. she has alot of children... haha.. she has evrything in her locker, so we wont free hungry or anything wan.. on the other hand, my dorm people are vry helpful.. we bekerjasama menjana kecemerlangan...
because of that, we won net ball i tink? n oso futsal, n yeah... Kembara halangan... hehe..
both girls n boy.. boy i tink 2nd place ler. haha..

during cny yr break, our bond rdy strong.. that time we also felt a little sad to leave each other.. hahaha..
Oh ya, n my class character building class.. my PK 5 !!!... It leaves footprint in my heart.. I miss all my friends n my two teachers from PK 5...
That class, is where I make more friends.. Im lovin it..

thanks to NS, im able to wash my own clothes............... n yeah, tc of myself la.. haha..
n yeah, frm thr i learn not to be too choosy on food, although is not vry vry nice la, but is just for us to feel full ma rite.. hehe..
n bekerjasama.. so that we win alot of competition.. hhahaha...

so, i MISSS ns yo.. If there's 1 more chance for me to go again, I WILL go again.. hehe...
till then..

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry christmas !!

Merry Christmas everyone !!
Hav a great one !!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Jalan-jalan. Walk-walk


Yesterday went jalan-jalan..
We ( carolyn,amrit,jon,kohila, shobana n lianee) went to Midvalley..
We went thr by car... NO KTM this time... huhu..
Coz lianeee says wana drive... dia mau pandu..
Alrite, so we are malaysian, thrfore we actually plan to start the journey @ 10am, so we tell ppl 9.30am.. You noe la.. malaysian sentiasa lambat.. haha..
But poor jon he reli wait thr 9.30am.. vry menepati masa, but me n shobana oso rch around the same time la.. =)
So, while waiting for the others at the plc yg sudah ditetapkan, me shoban n jon talk-talk inside the car until we saw 1 kembara bhind us..

carol: eh eh, lianee reach edy oor, bhind us..
Shoban: huh? whr? reli ar? isit?
Jon: yameh.. u see wrg la.. Not her ler, her car not this color la..
carol: oor.. ok lor..

so we ignore..n cont talking..
After 10 mins, we cnt tahan, n called lianee, she says she rch 10 mins ago.. LOL...
Rupa2nya, the kembara is mmg her... But we cnt see is her. hahahahahha... so she waited thr 10 mins.. hahahaha..
After kohi and amrit arrived, off we go to MV.. Although we rch thr around 10.30am, but still v hav a little difficulties in finding parking... But still we manage to find la... 2 parking side by side sumore... Thanks to shoban and lianeeee.. hahaha

Then we went to the cinema 1st, not us hu watchin, but kohi nd to help her bro to buy tix... hehe
N actually she wanted to show us LENNY.. But too bad, we beratur at the express lane, n Lenny is not serving tht lane.. so, we dun get to see him...

vry hard to smile lor now..
Merrry it's us...hehe

After buying tix, we went for brunch at Little Penang duno wat la.. since evry1 say no 2mcD, pizza, kfc..
The food is nice la.. boleh la... im lovin it oor.. i ate prawn mee, jon makan nasi lemak chicken,n v share share eat lobak n ice kacang... lianee ate asam laksa, kohi ate ais kacang while amrit n shoban eat nasi lemak too.. But rite abit costy ler...
After brunch, we went to The Gardens, coz the bridge is juz bside little penang cafe... We walk thr, and laugh laugh, take take pic around... loitering around, and then balik MV... hahaha..
We arr, like aimless kid oni, then we went to MPH... Mag session... amrit n shoban teasing each other sayin that those magazine cover those model are their mums n dads.. so funnnny... hahaha..

After that, went to JUSCO supermarket to buy stg to eat.. haha.. chocolate, rocky, famous amoz biscuits.. haha.. Guess what? WE saw our ex-classmate PRESHA.. hehehe... Their reaction damn funny lar.. ahhahaa... We then walk lk aimless kid again.. that time almost 3pm... Then askin here n thr.. "oi, where wana go lar"?? "eh, u think la, u think la".. hahahahahaha... we ppl..pretty pretty ladiesss

At 1st, wanted to go to the PET SHOP, but then we ended up in COSMIC BOWL...
WE PLAY BOWLING !!.. haha... METRO POINT near2 dun1, MV so far, want !.. hahaha...
But that BOWLING CENTRE is more like a DISCO/ PUB.. haha.. Coz they off the lights, n put those colour colour will turn turn punya light, u get what i mean ?? hahaha.. yeah..
In the dark, quite dark la, we played bowling... My 1st time.. quite fun !! hehehehaha.. kohi excited !!scoress
Before we leave the disco like bowling centre...

After bowling, time ngam ngam.. 3.45pm... After Jon went n buy drinks, we headed to the carpark..
n yeah.. we finding finding for that carpark pay station as it's situated at the other corner from whr we park our car..
pretty girlss again

After back home, aku x boleh tahan.. My leg pain lk what oni.. i straight way masuk bilik and SLEEEEEP.. but of course I cook 1st la... i min Cafe world.. hehehee..
quite a fun day la.. although not buy buy buy things, but with talking n laughin, it makes my day.. thanks u guys... hehehehehhe...

So, a pic of us to end this post..

Till then,
tc yo !

With Love,

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

2nd sem comes to an end

Im here to conclude bout 2nd semester.. so, 2day marks the last day of 2nd sem...
Well basically, 2nd semester goes well okayly thank god..
At least, Im capable to overcome those bad things that happen..
Although I cannot accept it, but I try, try to see things differently in order to menenangkan myself..
Climate change nowadays rite? So yeah, nothing is permanent... I always believe that.. Everything will change, no matter how much you don't want to..
Ok ya.. Sem 2, I never go to Bagan Lalang which is Sepang Gold Coast... The beach..
The sand is lk tepung, niceeee.. windy... shuang...
But yeah, due to somethings. Didn't go this semester ler.. wuwuwu... ='(

okie, so before things turns upside down, we had steamboat party.. nice ler..
we make college life damn happening lor...
Rmb tht sushi bonanza... Even it's Seremban, we go all out sitting ktm transit with taxi just to reach sremban 2 jusco to eat..
we then went n watch final destination 4, n we around 10 ppl went and watch 2012 together...
The movie session together.. fun..

Leo mission to Zooo Negara.. huhu... We went n clean those animal's cages... n i cleaned the lion's wan.. great experience..

Oh ya, 1 more.. the steamboat session.. I miss steamboat alot..
We can go all out just to get what we want.. because of steamboat, we went all the way to Serdang..
I know, it will be hard for a 2nd time steamboat...

Besides, study for examsss.. because of some of my personal things, I couldn't focus much on studies, but still thr are a bunch of them, who are so care of my studies.. thanks to you guys, for patiently explain to me subject by subject...
Although study till late at nite, is quite tiring, but I have lots of fun especially the last week of sem 2... You guys cheer me up.. thksss...
Yeah, the result is not important, the most important thing is the process.. I enjoy the process of studying... sincerely..

Tired of studyin, sit at basketball court..

Steamboat @ inti...

Chemistry lab with vimala hu speaks mandarin
study session at N block.. But that particular day is our offf day..

D.I.Y Steamboat @ inti..

Chemistry classs
Mui geik and Carol the poser..

Steamboat @ Serdang.. Im lovin it...