Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Why am I back?

My topic today is why am i back to blogging? I don't know why am I into writing these days? Previously, in school I hated composition so much. Be it English essay, BM karangan. We surely have one during the weekend one. Am i right? Sigh.
Now that I had get rid of composition life, but then I came back here to write. HAHAHA! *slap my own face*
With me have a kid now, there are so many things I wanted to share. Happiness, Sadness, frustration and perhaps some parenting tips and ideas? Not only to share, I would also like to record down those beautiful memories. The next post coming up will be my wedding summaries. LOL!  After two years. Who still cares right?? Anyway, Just to record it down. :D
Till then.

Thursday, October 12, 2017


Ola !
I had been mia for 2 years from this blog. I had no time to blog though. Who still reads my blog?
I guess the last proper updates is 5 years ago in 2012? OMG!! Seriously?! Time really flies!! 5 years... So many have change..
I'm married with a kid now! woosh!
Soon I'm gonna blog about my marriage, my pregnancy, my kid! I need to blog it out before i forget bout it. Those memories are precious. But, i will blog if i have the time la.. :P
Till then,
Thank you for reading if you still do.

PS: i just read thru my previous posts. They are so childish. hahaha! I've grown up so much now. The feeling expressed aint the same anymore. So, stay tune!