Friday, August 29, 2008

It had been a month since we are been streamed. Although I'm not happy with it, but luckily im still surviving in the new class.. Everything runs okayly. Friends in my class are also okay.. Therefore, you still see me going to that school.

i go to school is actually to go and take those latihan-latihan that teacher photostate

and korek tips from kawans. We had just celebrated our Hari ko-kurikulum and Patriotic day.. 7.30-12.30pm... It was break into half.. 1st half is hari koko, the other half is patriotic. Don't have any special or very nice performance la, except the sketch done by form 4s is kinda entertaining. other than that is all sing song sing song. The songs are almost the same... Very boring. If not because of the koko marks I wont go sch.. We kena tipu, tot wana give koko marks.. Dont hv also...

2 days ago, there was a heavy downpour in the town named Kajang. I guess around Klang valley lar.. So, Banjir takes place. I didn't really enjoy the banjir that happens, because Me, Ee Li, and Mimi went Kasturi. Basically, Lian ee's and my shop that row la, banjir paling teruk. Because it is the lowest region... So, according to her, banjir up to knee level..Nice leh

This wan in living cabin there... then another side is the jual satay wan. I guess la.. Not I take wan also... heehee. Higher region, din flood until that terror...

Metro Plaza really banjir until very terror...I went with lian ee just now wanted to pay some bill, the centre also didn't open. Computer kena lumpur I think.. Ogawa shop, fuyoh... Those massage chair don't know become what... Escalator also sot...

So many cars kena at the basement. So nice car, Nissan Latio, Sentra, Avanza 1.5, Vios,Honda City, Accord, Civic,MyVi Mat tou yau..See also sakit hati wei..

Of course got Proton wira, saga, iswara... This incident tells me that, next time I buy car, must not buy so expensive wan, won't kena rain can edy la... average enuf.. If kena anything also won't so sakit hati ma.

Peoplessss, please bear in mind that rubbish will clog the river and will cause flood. Let me tell you that, in this world got something called RUBBISH BIN/DUST BIN/ RUBBISH LORRY. Please throw your rubbish into those things. Don't simply fling your rubbish into the river. So damn tak bermoral though i vry But at least I didn't throw rubbish to the river..

We susun-ed our table for trials on Tuesday. 1 class contains 25 candidates so 5 Berlian and 5 Intan and a few of 5 Zamrud occupied the upper floor of the exam block.. We don't need to worry bout the flood. Yeah ! But the lower floor's candidates and the candidates in the hall need to worry abit. But I dont think so the flood will come again in such a short period la.. But it's unpredictable...

Surprisingly, Lian Ee, Mei Fen, Me and Shobana is sitting in the same row. Wheeee... We shall discuss about datukships during our finish-the-paper-time. lol... Trial will start on the 2nd of September, not 3rd wei.. aiyoh !... EST 1 will be our very 1st paper.. and EST 2 will be the very last paper.. huhu.. EST 1 also very tension wan neh... I wish something I know will come out...

Lian ee read that Lee Chong Wei is the newly world no.1 in NST at mamak stall..
She just love sports section.. See paper only, she will see bhind..

Lian Ee: wei wei.... Chong wei world no.1 edy? U din tell me wan?

Me: ohh.. yalor, that day i saw in internet dont know yes anot wan..

Lian ee: (read very teliti as though she buy the paper edy)... Wei... reali wan huh?! wah.. see their points..

Me: how I know leh? you thought I count their points meh? But I think so la, coz LCW enter more final kua... Lin dan got gold edy, enough kut... world no.1 gv ppl lo...

Lian ee: wei, reali wan ar? I hope it last la, but izit reali he world no.1 huh?

Me: how i know?(wanted to go edy, stand so long outside the shop) I think reali la, i saw in internet lok...

Lian ee: Later u go bk faster chek you noe, den msg me. Rber !

Me: yayayayyayaya.. faster walk la.

Ranking Date: August 28 2008

LEE Chong Wei MAS 76820 8759 9 1 10 85579
LIN Dan CHN 75040 9040 9 1 10 84080
BAO Chunlai CHN 60740 7002 9 1 10 67742
CHEN Jin CHN 59890 6494 9 1 10 66384
DWI KUNCORO Sony INA 52900 5987 9 1 10 58887
JONASSEN Kenneth DEN 51400 6295 9 1 10 57695
LEE Hyun Il KOR 49070 5547 9 1 10 54617
GADE Peter Hoeg DEN 46800 5911 9 1 10 52711
HIDAYAT Taufik INA 47060 5583 9 1 10 52643
SANTOSO Simon INA 46920 4385 9 1 10 51305

and so. here it is.. LCW mmg sah and realli world no.1........ Diikuti oleh tembok besar china... Let's c how long it last.... the points is abt 1500 different only......

Oh ya, Lianee showed me the she-and-ukraine-guy pic. omg ! hahahahahaha

lianeeeeeelianeeeeeeee....... haiyoh..round round oni no day no night......... lalalalalalalala...........

Trials in about 96 hours time... Good luck and all the best to all of you who are sitting for trialss !... dun say trials only MA....

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I skip school today as scheduled... It is a right choice. I watched the closing ceremony, where I miss out last Sunday.
Wei, don't say I din study okie, I studied maths and add maths. Around 10.30am, Me and my sister went to Mcd.. I like the breakfast.. So long didn't eat d..

After lunch, Ee Li, Mimi and Syahirah came to my shop.. They after school dy, then my dad fetch us to Kasturi..
We went Bio and Add maths. Suppose to go Physics den add maths. But Mimi and Ee Li say that Physics teacher not very good. So we change to Bio...
Never go to 1st class add m3.. The teacher damn not nice mood in the first class... He said we are damn clever(he reali uses the word damn) and make him look like a fool standing in front there.. lol.. Walao, nice sentence... Because we have no question to ask.. But actually, we really understand dy ma, ask what leh? he teach very ez to und you know...

End up, we regretted for not going Physics.. Syahirah went, and she said it's damn nice... Very easy to understand..
Therefore, we will be going tomorrow instead of Saturday because Saturday is different teacher, plus it's merdeka eve... Alot ppl right... Bus will be pack...

I just know that tomorrow is my sch's hari koko and patriotik day... Why so early?
Haih... Everything is so different now... DIFFERENT...

Monday, August 25, 2008

I woke up at 7 am today.. I didn't pack my bag, I haven't fill up my water bottle, BUT ! I am still in time for school.. Wheee !! Well, you know la, I very pro wan what... I memorise time table dy, although it's new okay. I will be late if I purposely did it.. I did it the whole week the week before the sch holidays... If I want, I will do it..
I wouldn't even care if I got points or not... Let it be.. If dont hav means? and If got, so?

When I step into the school compound, only the bell rings.. The moment I stepped into SMK CONVENT KAJANG, the feeling is just so different.. The pavilion become so sucky...
Yuckssss.... The color of the pavilion, the floor covered with tiles rdy...
I didn't donate !!!But my youngest sister do.. Argh... that budak yg taat setia..assume hers went to sekolah rendah fund.. NOT secondary.. I will never donate.. Ny second sister ask me whether want to donate or not,I told her NO NEED.. Save RM6, go eat at happy happy cafe, still got baki... Ya, I know although it's only RM 6 !! Don't say RM 6 la, RM 0.06 also I wont donate !!!!! If it's 2 years ago, I WILL DONATE.. But now, slowly wait la... This is because that human owns the school. "THIS IS MY SCHOOL" wah !! Say until so damn big, then want money time, come and find the students for what? Smart ass.. you ownself kao tim la.YOUR school right?! stupid

Cover with tiles nevermind, somemore paint the pavilion until like kindagarten.. Pink colour wa... yerrrr....
Please...... is not kindagarten la, don't know why so tasteless wan.. Extremely lame..

If anyone who feel that I don't have the rights to talk because I didn't donate, please tell yourself you are WRONG ! Because my sister donated, and who's money?! My parents $$$!!!! and therefore, I can talk on behalf of them !
sorry, i am just to emo.. ya, emo.. the word correct right?

Don't know why, recently I just feel going to school is a damn tension thing to do.. Last time not like that wan. Rubanar didn't come school 2day, she extended her own holiday.. I feeling like doing it today also, but postponed la. My turn tomorrow.. I think la.. Time move very slow in school unlike holiday time.. I got souvenir from Lian Ee.. She bought it from Cameron Highlands..A long huge pencil...
Why ar? always go Cameron?? Do what?? See vegetables and fruits only arr... I shall go and explore one day..

That's all for today...* i miss this phrase*

Saturday, August 23, 2008


I brought my handphone to school. (Not Purposely, TERbring)
I didn't off it ( I don't even know the phone is in the bag)
Doraemon song on air ( My ringtone)
From I don't know where, the dicipline teacher came to my class ( I din realise)
I quickly took out my phone and wanted to off it.
My deskmate non-stop shaking me..
That teacher look at me.
I look at her and automatically I hand her my phone.
Suddenly, I hold back, I showed her my tongue, and said "Bluek, my phone very canggih, I know you like it, but I won't give you" (can you believe I said that??)
She ask me to let go my hand. ( I increase my force)
Then, my phone dropped !!!!
I woke up, it's 9am in themorning. My phone is on the floor.

YES!!! above is just a dream... hahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahahahahaha......

Wei, If kena means finish lar, We will only get it back end of the yr if they din sell our phone la...
Provided if you have pin number, or else, teachers( not all la, but got) will explore it..
You know what's their favourite section... Don't need to say... LoL...

They will read it out during the assembly,
Because P.R.I.V.A.C.Y is not in their Dictionary.

My dream interesting leh... hahahahahahahahahaha

Friday, August 22, 2008

Im ready for the challenge ahead

Holidays is coming to an end... School will be reopening this coming Monday although Im not looking forward into it.. This also means that trials is very very near. You can count the hours..

No matter what, I will be ready for the challenge ahead..Tuesday I dun wana go school. My own holiday, I APPROVED ! Don't worry, I will not give out MC without chop... I will give 1 letter with my own rubber stamp... APPROVED by Carolyn Wong. lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala...
No more holidays before trials, except National day ! Trial will be starting on the 3rd and luckily we only have EST on the 3rd of September only 1 subject in that whole week. After that, only we will start with our compulsory subject... But it is still very near... I can feel the heat.. lol..
I want to score an A1 for add m3 and Biology..

So, we study together okay... Semoga anda semua berjaya !!! Jia You !!

Oh yeah ! My Idol become Datuk... Datuk wei...
Can you imagine? hahahahahhahahahahahahaha..
Don't insult okie. Pls...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I love you Lam Fung..

I had finish my drama, Heart Of Greed.. I know astro sudah finish.. and I know I am so slow..This is due to the timing problem.. Astro show for about almost 2 months for 40 episodes.. Whereas, I finish it in 2 and a half day !! Pro leh... It's my profession... The dvd player having high fever... hahahahaha..
That drama really "Dak Dak Dei".. lol.

and here is my new favourite, Raymond Lam..
He is not very very handsome compare to Kevin Cheng... Butnot bad also.. lol..

Alright, till then...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

4 science subject in 1 day is totally dead meat.. I went 4 tuition continuously today with Esther Chong, Ee Li and Mimi.. 1st time continuously..I don't know how Esther can get what teacher says... 4 diff teachers, 4 diffs subject...

Usually we ( me, eeli and mimi) go two days. But 2day school holiday ma, and Esther's dad can fetch.. SO, we decided to accompany the lonely Esther.. hahaha..We went for Bio, and then Chemistry. Followed by add maths and Physics...
Although is like dead meat, but kinda fun .. The Bio teacher draw something funny, but he himself don't laugh..why? Chemistry teacher, we find out that she understand cantonese.. Add maths teacher, hahahahaha.. I laugh 1st... undescriable.. lol... Physics teacher, Esther said today he din gel his hair...what so imp..

During the journey back home, we joke like mad.. Laugh untlllllll. ( me and esther la, plus eeli Mimi flu, cannot laugh so much)
We compared our school teachers with Kasturi's teacher..
If we had Kasturi's Bio teacher to become our school teacher, this is really fun..You know? He draw the tree undergoes transpiration, the tree got eyes, nose, mouth, and holds a handkerchief wan... I guess all the student in school can score A1 if he teaches...Bio teacher is no more innocent. Innocent from the outside, but Inner is so damn don't know how to say... Ee Li said that he mentally corrupted with the example he and reproduce.. gosh.. No la.. Compare to our school teacher, there's is nothing that they can be compare.. He is way better than sch's.. 1 thing says it all, he can teach well without Projector, but not the school teacher..
Imagine if school no electricity.. "kelas, boleh balik awal" hahahaha !!! nice wei..

Chemistry teacher is the best ! She teach like so easy wan, but don't know why when we read ourself is so difficult to understand.. I like her pronunciation...very chunt.. she joke also La..
If were to compare with School's teacher, I tell you,school's teacher explain 1 whole week, also I will have 0% understanding..Not pn lim la..

Oh well, the add m3 teacher, my fav !! He loves to ask people to use common sense..Esther said, he likes to puji himself.. But he is smart what.. So, nvm la... I pity the marker that he uses.. He write so so so hard.. Until got sound..poke poke poke like dat.. But it's big and clear and dark enough for ppl hu sit bhind to see..He got his own style of teaching.. Now only I know, draw trigo graph, you shift the x-axis, not the graph... lol... Chunt..(kohi's new word)..I hope that he can teach differentiation and intergration... They said vry easy !
But school's add m3 teacher also chunt.. She has her own method of teaching too... Both of them are equally great... 1 geng, 1 chunt.. hmm.. No comparison..
Ok, mimi, the teacher wear that wan, is not gold ring.. is yellow plastic ring..i tell u rdy,fashion.. now all use white gold wan... don't patahkan my semangat.. hahaha...jk..

The physics teacher is so blur today.. He said he also not sure the question.. What the...
But still he is better than our teachers la.. We learn light today.. Converging and diverging.. The class was so empthy.. Not even 1/4... Mayb is late rdy.. Time passes slow if you go evrything in 1 day.. Break it half so that you can breathe easily.. lol..

Im now conquering the whole house,I can do whatever I want to do. Up 2 me.. hahahaha... Me and my sis only at home ! Yeah !!
I want to cook maggie now.. No time for me to eat just now.. Bye !

Monday, August 18, 2008

High School Musical Ice tour

It's Holiday !!

Here is my High School Musical post... I went there 3.00pm to collect the ticket..
My sister bought 1 activity book which cost RM 10 and I think is not worth it ..
I saw some people spend RM 20 for 1 keychain.. 1/4 of ur palm.. so small.. I see some ppl willing to buy 1 hat which cost RM45... got 3 kids..each people 1.. Fuhhh.. 45 x 3??
ALright, cut the crap...

High School Musical Ice tour, 15-20 August...

The Stage...

Start of Something New

Bop to the top
What I've been looking for. Troy block Gabrielle.. Basketball competition
Chemistry equations
The audition, Ryan and Sharpay

We're all in this together !!!

Part 2 after Intermission...
My camera battery exhausted.. I don't hv intention to bring camera actually. But is in my bag edi.. Ngam ngam enough for part 1..

Part 2: summer holiday.. I took with my phone. When going to finish..

You Are The Music In Me
All of them...

Overall, the show is nice lar.. Gabrielle and Troy paling tak mirip. In fact,
Ryan and Sharpay more real.. Ryan super hensem... Troy not bad la, but hair too blonde..
Whereas Kelsi also look alike..

My dad and mum plus youngest sis is leaving for Sabah tomorrow... Huhu... Pity me wei, stay at home.. Well, Im determine to study for trialss especially the Physics.. Trialss in how many HOURS time.... My chemistry result is often teruk den Physics, but somehow I feel Chemistry is easier..Bio.... I dont know anything bout Inheritance and Variation.. That teacher said giving extra class during holidayss.This tuesday and wednesday.. Tahupun holidays, I will not step the cement of the school also.. Lagipun I no transport..
Tuesday I got tuition... Oh gosh ! tomorrow wei... 1 whole day.. But won't feel boring wan.. Esther Chong will fetch us again.. That tuition's Bio teacher better aa. At least, won't sleep and the time pass very fast..
* The End *

Sunday, August 17, 2008

That's It..

Lee Chong Wei's match is over... He lost tamely to the world No.1 Lin Dan..
Was not his day, and the crowd was against him.. Malaysian supporter are sleeping.. Don't shout at all... He make many mistakes today.. His awesome net becomes don't know what net.. His estimation is terrible.. Don't know why he loves the match so much.. Sending the shuttler to the net uncountable times.. and he likes to smash out.. Lin Dan is smart, and he read his game well. Chong Wei just couldn't turn the game.
During Chen Jin match, they trained on net. You can see that clearly... But his smashes are really sharp and attacking.. No doubt he is the world's best, he deserve to be the gold medalist.. With the support of his girlfriend, lagilah. win..
Don't know where is Lee Chong Wei's girlfriend.. Din see her bayang also...
Whatever it is, he had bring back an olympic medal.. He tried his best and got a Silver.. oklar...
What to expect.. first malaysian single to reach the final..
Better than other athlete who went there without bringing back a single medal..

great olympian...

Michael Phelps wins his 8th gold..This guy is talented.. Gifted by god.. The pool is his.....
Zhang Ning rocks, she successfully defend her title beating XXF... Feng-Yun lost to Kido-Setiawan... Cai Yun is too action.. Kido is Imagine the wind and cloud lost !!! haih...
Lee Yong Dae just won the XD gold medal partnering Lee Hyo Jung.. Lee Hyo Jung become the biggest winner in badminton.. 1 gold, 1 silver for XD and WD respectively..Paling teruk also that Koo-Tan la.. They very Koo Tan isit??haiyer.....

So, badminton event in Olympic had concluded.. China swept 3 out of 5 gold medal..
Next week will be rhythmic gymnastic.. Im waiting for it...
Taekwondo oso...
Yesterday Me, Mimi and Ee Li went tuition in Kasturi.. Syahirah didn't follow.. ee li said she abit memory loss.. Gosh ! Memory Loss?? Get well soon my friend..
Ok, so Ee Li's parents fetch three of us pergi balik... We reach there in half an hours time.. Fast leh.. It's half past 11 when we reach there. Our tuition start at 12pm.. So, eeli's mum bring us to Central Market first.. Central Market !! How many years ago since I last went to Central Market?? Oh well, we masuk and we jalan-jalan.. We saw 1 gerai sell the hang handphone wan.. Put alphabet that wan leh..can wear as bracelet too.. Own self choose. Something like DIY... I tell you, 1 alphabet RM3 at least. If I do ar How much? Count for me.. But is nice la... We anak baik, didn't buy.. hahaha.. On the way out,(we want go tuition dy) Ee Li and Mimi kena bang by a malay guy.. I think he purposely wan.. Hold the handphone, talk like nobody's business then bang on people. Bang edi nvm, stare at ppl somemore.. eesh. No manners..After tuition, Ee Li's mum ask us walk back to Central Market.. We need to cross about 2 or 3 roads.. Suddenly, hujan turun dengan lebat.. Luckily I got bring Ee Li's umbrella, return back to her.. hahaha.. But got or no umbrella, the result is still the same. My watch wet, my phone wet, my bag wet..
lol.. Anyway, thanks to eeli's lovely parents.. hahahaha...

I went and watch High School Musical just now.. It was okie... Ryan is the most handsome among all.. I shall update it tomorrow.
Im having gastric now... Stupid...
1st time in 2008...The medicine also don't know fly where rdy..
I thought I can break record. No gastric this year...
Damn..... I need soya bean, soya milk, whatever soya...
Dun care la, just sleep, cannt feel wan. lol
Till den, I cant sleep... Feel disappointing for lcw.. lalalalala...
So close yet so far..

Friday, August 15, 2008

Lee Chong Wei, the hero !!!!!! muackss

Yay !!! At least a silver medal is in Lee Chong Wei's pocket.. 1 more step to bring back the country's first gold medal !!! No matter what, he ends Malaysia's 12 years medal drought...
Lee Chong Wei rockssss... He so damn geng...
He won the match against Lee Hyun Il, 3 sets.. 21-18,13-21,21-13.... He hug his coach like monkey... cute.. hahahahaha
His netplay was awesome... China people keep on shout Korea, Korea can assure China a gold medal ma... hahahahahaha...

He is the sole survivor,but he manage to handle the pressure... Not bad... Improved !!
Here,I just want to say Lee Chong Wei is the Best !! The Best The Best !!! The Best !!!
I hope SPM essay will ask to write bout Lee Chong Wei, the hero.. hahahahaha2 best players in the world...

Although Lin Dan not yet play, but I know his team mate, the generous Chen Jin,wil let him enter finals... So, Let's see the gold medal match between the world's top two player, Lin Dan and Chong Wei this Sunday,17th August 2008,8.48pm..... All the best to Lee Chong Wei of course...Go, Lee Chong Wei !! Jia You!!!

Im not sure whether it's 6.30 pm or 8.48pm.. Astro said 6.30pm.. But the official website's timetable shows 6.30pm is mixed doubles bronze medal match,follow by mixed doubles gold medal match and last but not least, the Men's singles gold medal match.. It will be 8.48pm...
The website:

I hope it's 8.48pm.. Because Im going to Bukit Jalil again, to watch High School Musicl ice tour something..4.30pm somemore... Ok, dun laugh... My sister go, so i must teman.. Haiz...If I know its Final match aarr, I lie her say no more ticket aa... Ishh... lol...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Super boring day in school.. I slept during Sejarah... About 1 period? Until Rubanar wake me up.. hahaha.. Shyuan Mey envy me.. IS ok, I will teach you how to sleep in class.. Conclusion is boring day, I should not have gone to school and I miss my Lee Chong Wei's match.. So....... haiye...
That Esther siah promised to sms me the result after the game... Until 1.15 pm also no bayang.. So, I sms-ed her instead.. The budak say she forget my number.. ISh.... This girl..

Anyway, he won !!! beat Sony Dwi Kuncoro straight sets...21-9,21-11.. and he will meet Lee Hyun Il from South Korea.. Must win mann... !!
At least 1 bronze medal ma... Dont make Mas so memalukan..
Kau sai lei... lol
Don't know why Bao Bao so teruk edi wan? Lee Chong Wei vs Bao BAo will be nice... haih...
Another semi will be Chen Jin vs Lin Dan.. Let's see who let who masuk final??
Surely Lin Dan la.. They want him to break record ma..They want top seed to win the gold medal.. Ish.. Lin Dan how old dy, 4 more yrs, wont hv so many energy dy, whereas Chen Jin still have chance... Surely that coach will ask Chen Jin to show face only, simply beat beat so Lin Dan can rest more before the gold medal match..
Game 1
Player/Pair Points
LEE Chong Wei


4 5 6 7 8 9

10 11 12 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
KUNCORO Sony Dwi 1
2 3
4 5

7 8


Game 2
Player/Pair Points
LEE Chong Wei 1 2


6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15

16 17
19 20 21

1 2
4 5


8 9


Tak tentu arah punya Kookienkeat-Tanboon Heong sudah lose... I Expected.. Where got people lose 6 time edy, continue losing wan leh? haiye... Kido is just to good la although I din watch.. But I know la.. haha.. KKK-TBH is great defence player, therefore they lose lor.. Where can play defensive game leh.. No attack, No win lor...
Tomorrow, hope that Astro will show The Lees match okie.. I must watch, have to and need to.. Because very long I din see him edy...

and tomorrow, pls dun forget to wear st.john uniform... Lazy lar...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Too "lucky"

So "lucky" me to get NS... So many things i want,but don't get arr, pian pian get NS...Lucky draw din see I get... Get phone, get car, get free holiday trip din see I get..
Kohila said is ditakdirkan...
Anyway, it didn't like sadden me or whatever la... I get NS happier than that class streaming thing aa... After all, some of my friends also kena... Not I alone... The lucky ones that I know...
Rubanar,Lian Ee, Edna, Harjir, Li Ying, Mimi,Darsheni, Leena,Shyuan Mey and Esther Siah,got sumore, i forget dy.....Mimi cheked twice... I check for her dy... She checked again... She probably can't blieve that she is so "lucky"...
Amat bertuah la us... People wan oso cannot get..(make myself feel better)lol..
Esther Chong said if can,she willing to change with me..She wan go wa..

I don't mind to get NS, But I cannot go Malaysia Open lor.. I not yet take lcw and kkk's signature... arghhh.......
oh ya ! Yee Thong kena too. She told me that if we are 1st batch, we will be celebrating new yr in the prison... Prison break... lol...

Ok now, i want to tell that Choong TAn Fook and Lee Wan wah lose their match to south koreans...
Wong Choong Hann also lost to Chinese Taipei's dont know who dy.. Beat Taufik, then lose to some dont know hu.. Aiyoh !! Oh ya, ditakdirkan la...
Wong Mew Choo also
lose dy.. Lose to Lu Lan.. 29-27.. Imagine how heart breaking is that.. I thought can see Lee chong wei and Wong Mew CHoo win together ma...haih...

Kookien keat-tan boonheong Versusing Markis kido and Hendra..
Markis is cute. hahahahahahahaha...
Hope they dont underestimate world champions eventhough they nvr beaten by them before... Don't forget to watch them live okie??? Hope astro show la... So long I din see Koo Kien Keat dy arr...Mimi again cannt watch arr, she got Bio tuition.. hahahahaha... mimi mimi mimi....

Till then, Zai jian !

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Today, a few parents of form 5's students went to see that headmistress..
The result is, SHE LIES...
She told parents that we are all VERY HAPPY in our new class. Some people maybe..
But there is alot who is NOT happy with it...Biggest lier...she say she will just consider and see again.. Consider la, slowly consider. After hari raya still she makaning ketupat and consider.. we get to know that she scolded teachers too because of timetable thingy... This kind of boss ar ! I lari lor.. Still work for her meh? Wait la, 1 day all teacher cannt tahan her d, her school become teacherless. Then she will know..Dong ga mm da,da sai ga... Ok, stop this story..

Esther Chong's dad fetch us to tuition today..
we have this problem deciding what subject to go for.. Biology,Add m3,Phy and Chemistry either 2...
At 1st, wanted to go Bio and Add m3, 2 leng chai teachers.. lol..
but Esther said the Phy teacher not bad, ask us to try.
ok also, sekali gus see two handsome wan not good, later saturday dont have edy. lol..
At last, we chose Add m3 and Phy.. Choose edy, masih keliru.. Go which wan 1st??
Esther again said, if we are late, dont go add m3, bcoz the teacher will ask to go other class 1st.. So, we think we few minutes late d, better go Physics 1st...
Emm.. Not bad lar the malay teacher.. English not bad...

Add maths very fast finish arr.. I tell you, i really like that teacher... At 1st, i like that Bio teacher.. Like at 1st sight.. But later on I like that Add m3 teacher.. I lebih suka add m3 teacher. lol...omg, i seriously in love with that addm3 teacher la. hahahaha

Conversation in the bus...

wei.... I like that add m3 teacher la.. how? (eeli shake head,smile smile thr)
what how? wei he marry dy la.. like for what?
ya meh? how you know?
Neh,,just now I saw he got ring his finger color sumore...
Ya ar? ohh.. I also saw..cheh.. Now ppl marry all white gold wan ma... Where got gold? Maybe he old fashion thinking, wear gold ring leh?
No la, marry edy wan la..You go la, go ask him...
Lee chong wei also gt gold ring.. got girlfriend only, din marry yet..
Aiya, don't want laa. Him arr? eeyer.. Choose Bio teacher la, he so young, lebih ngam.. Sumore so innocent... Better la..
Yalor hor.. My yuhua fren also say Bio teacher good oor... But I still like the add m3 teacher la..
yala yala, nxt class i'll go and ask, "teacher, you marry dy ar? because my friend minat you you know?" ok?ok?
Ehh, you gila wan ar you? no need!!!
yala, u like ma, i help u la (laugh laugh laugh).....
Then, here it goes...
wei.. later you sms me you know... Must you know... Kookienkeat's result arr !
Why? you cannt watch ar?
Yala, I cant watch, I got Bible Knowledge... Must you know, i wait 4u to send you know.. I very tak selesa if you dont send..
Haiya, 2nd round only what.. Why u so scare? NOt your husband play also la..
You dont know la, u MUST sms me !! I wait 4 ur sms wan you know.. U must !!
ya la, yala, fan dao......

KKK-TBH won !!!!!!
21-12,21-16.. straight sets !!!
Yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lee Yong Dae-Jung Jae Sung beaten by Denmark in straight sets...
Now, KKK-TBH dont hv them edy.. I hope they better play properly.. What a golden chance...
shit, i kena NS... nvmla, sei zao sei la.
I say i got gastric, say my hand got prob... see can pendekkan masa onot.. hahahaha
Stupid sms wish me TAHNIAH sumore.. ish. geramnyaaaa.. Feel like throwing my handphone.... Tahniah ur head la tahniah... Should say, dgn malangnya, kamu dipilih.. Jangan nangis ya...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Demam Olympic

Olympic Day 3...

Lee Chong Wei (mas) beat Ronald Susilo (sin)..
21-13,21-14... Straight set..Bao Chun Lai beat don't know who... Straight set...
Lin Dan beat Ng Wei.. Straight set..


Not bad, not bad... Probabaly Taufik make a number of unforced error..Maybe he tak kisah edy, since he win before...
Kedua-dua pihak main dgn bersungguh-sungguh..
Wong Choong Hann's defend improved..
Hope he can win a medal la...

Wong Mew Choo(Mas) beat Petya(Bulgaria)...
Straight sets.....
Advance to q-finals..

Upset of the day

Tine Rasmussen(Den) is out !!!!!! OMG !!!!!! defeat by Indonesia's Maria Kristin Yulianti...
Miyuki Maeda / Satoko Suetsuna (JPN)beat Yang Wei / Zhang Jiewen(CHN) (defending champion)
Saina Nehwal beats Wang Chen

kay, so I was planning to ponteng la.. At 1st, I tot of pontenging tuesday.. Tomorrow lor..
But I checked the schedule, Koo Kien Keat-Tan Boon Heong playing tomorrow 7.05pm.. So, I still can watch..Long Time no see them.. hahahaha... So, tomorrow ponteng plan, cancelled. If got heart attack ppl, better don't watch... Because penjajah very the dangerous... KKK-TBH also tak tentu arah wan..

Perhaps, I will be pontenging on Wednesday to watch the repeat of World Championship round 2, Lee Chong Wei vs Sony Dwi Kuncoro if the match is morning... got MD q-finals also..
90% I will ponteng Wednesday

Till then...

ps: amrit,i din sombong la..... you dont angry la.. Nxt time I see u on9, i talk to you okay.. Jgn merajuk... lol... I buy kitkat for you.....

Friday, August 8, 2008

Im waiting and it finally arrive.. 8th of August,2008..
Once in a lifetime.
Tonight, will be Beijing Olympic 2008's opening ceremony..
To those who going tuition, nevermind my friend, I'll watch for you..
Or else, Im encouraging you to ponteng tuition...
Olympic is 4 years once you know.. hahahahaha
Lian Ee, don't cry.. I know that you are very patriotic.. Malaysia 10th team, and maybe you come back from tuition also not yet come out..

Seriously, I tell you Lian Ee, your deciding skill is so teruk. Two choices. Go or don't go only... Think until like wanna choose husband like that. Goshh.. No need la. I say no need la okay.. You see la, tuition every week. Olympics 4 years once, and today is once in a lifetime..So, you decide..

Lian ee said Jay Chou gonna sing with Celine Dion... I think it will be nice.. But Jay Chou... emm. I don't want to insult la...
Anyway, I shall just stick to astro everyday from now onwards. hahahahahaha.
My favs... Diving, Swimming, Cycling, Gymnastic regardless of artistic or rhythmic, athletics, and also Badminton of course... Best bet you know...
Any medal from Olympic also Badminton bring back wan leh...
In Malaysia la, Kohila, im saying Malaysia okie, Badminton the best...
In england only you say la, football the best.. hahahahaha

080808 so nice oor.. Temple so so so so so many people registering... So many people marrying I saw on news.. hahahaha..
I'll choose 111111, 11th of Nov 2011 or 121212, 12th of Dec 2012.. hahahahaha...

Till then, Bye !! Bye !!

Oh yeah ! Just now the Sejarah ceramah was just ok.. Not too say not boring, and not to say it's boring.. Boleh tahan la..

Anyway, today is Balveen's birthday, Nice date.. lol...we sang her birthday song in the assembly... Emm.. When perhimpunan bersurai but students not yet dismiss... So, whole school know her birthday dy.. hahaha
Happie Birthday Bear... Although I know u might not read this...

Thursday, August 7, 2008


I think I should open the blog to public again... Because im writing.. ehh no.. Im typing what's in my mind and don't need to tell why to any1.......
What's a blog btw...
A blog is for me to write about my thoughts.. WHAT I HATE,what i like, my happiness and my sadness... Conclusion, it is MY BLOG, I write WHAT I WANT TO...
So, excuse me, Who are you to questioned any1 who has a blog what did we write or why we write...
We gave 1 inch, and you want 1 feet..

To the somebody,who you think you are the one, Mind your own businesss mann... Don't be so busybody... Kepohnya...

Well, maybe you don't understand what is a blog, but ppl can read should have no problem to understand the title.. EXPRESSED FEELINGS....
I guess you have no understanding at all.. Pity you..
Everyone have their rights to voice out, when or where they want..
Copy and paste?
hahahahaha.. I laugh my lungs out...
I know our post is all so wonderful and unique, as well as antique... Wanna keep it for remembrance??
If you think ink is cheap, go ahead with your next step...Last but not least, STUPID YOU


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Today was not as bad as yesterday.. Well, the physics teacher is a sarcastic one. She kinda scolded Rubanar because she brought her bottle into the lab.. Last time, our teacher let us bring in... and 1 thing, she don't let us open our reference book.. I found it funny.. You know la, the textbook don't have enough examples what...

Maths was okay... The teacher is my form 3 maths teacher. She's nice.. So, it's not bad... I won't look at the time during maths... After all, she explain with full of expression.. But still nt as funny as Pn Lim la... Kekurangan sesuatu. lol...
I got my A1 for maths.. I didn't fight for it la.. Is tercicir wan... I pick it up... : )
I will not let my maths go down... I got B during mid term.. Ishh ishh ishh..

Ohh !! I sell my matriculation borang to Nawal.. The RM 10.50 wan... I don't want to apply la.. If get, also will ge far away... Nearest will be Malacca i think.. Selangor satu pun don't have. Tambahan pula, I don't think can get. RM 10.50 leh, buy 1 mcd value meal still got baki can buy magazine... So happen Nawal wanted to buy online, so I just sell to her then she don't need to susah payah lor...

Tomorrow is the most relaxing day.. Don't have any science subject.. I would like to see how our pj lesson goes...

lalalalaalailalalalalilalila... I don't think so i can skip school which I wanted to..
Okay, I bersabar... Be patience, and wait for the old lady to change her mind.. But i don't think so lor.. This kind of people.. haiihhh... Menyusahkan masyarakat.. Still dont dare to drive car to sch.. 3rd day.. hahahahahaha...what she scare actually? hahahaa...


Monday, August 4, 2008

Like Hell

First day in new class is like HELL !!!

My left,right,front is all different people. Even the teachers...

I don't like any1 of them...

The class is not interesting at all !!! HELL la means..
But luckily got Lu ting and Li Ying tell me some lame jokes. Or else it will be worse than hell.

We had to learn bab 7 of history again..

Normally, the time pass very fast.. But today, 5 hours is like 5 months..

I can't stop looking at my watch..

We combined back with our own class and teacher during Moral... So, what's the point shuffling us???

If can, i don't want to combine back.. That kind of feeling is really as terrible as hell..

I planned my ponteng time table.. I shall not go to school twice a week.

Mon, Wed, or Tues,Thurs... Mostly Friday I will ponteng, I don't want to see that monster's face during assembly and I don't wish to be in school..
I rather change school where I don't know everyone...

So uncomfortable...

I can't get use to the environment. Here, im announcing that I fail to do so...
I feel that Im now a kindagarten kid, refuse to go to school. That damn school in Kajang.. It will be wonderful if ever I had a chance to go back to Yu Hua.. FYI, their headmaster wanted to stream too.. But a few wakil went and have heart to heart talk with the headmaster, and the headmaster agree to their points and they don't need to change..
So, everyone, never ever put ur children in this damn school in Kajang. It will be a fantastic school if and only if "something" is decomposed...

The school is like a haunted house...

Sunday, August 3, 2008


We can't tickle each other anymore during Bio... Pisum Sativum !

No more Lee Chong Wei and Koo Kien Keat stories in class

Forever Love
I won't get to beat her butt
My crazy friends
I will never get to sit beside her during lesso

When I look through all this pictures,sighhhh... All this pics shows me how united we are.....
Not only few of us.. But the whole class..
How you expect me not to see their faces in class anymore?
Not to talk loud and laugh in class during pn lim's lesson with them?
I received Sarah's sms.. She seldom sms me... But i received one just now..
I cried...
I won't forget you, Sarah ! Muackss
Biology, must listen to Normala, not listen to me arr. hahahaha...
Hmph ! Is juz 2months or 3 monthssss.. After SPM, We will go out together kkkkkkkkk !!!!!
We berlumba secara haram kkkkkkkkkkk??!!!!