Sunday, June 29, 2008

8 VIPsss In my Life..

These are the 8 orang yang important to me. You know why?

No.1 ---> Esther Siah: always give pelbagai theory in life. Although I not that understand. I still appreciate.

No.2---> Amrit: give me great advice all the time..

No.3---> Kohila: always there for me when I need somebody to talk to.

No.4---> Edna: always remind me to do exercise on add maths.

No.5---> Lian Ee: always tell me Koo Kien Keat's condition as well as gossips..

No.6---> Ee Li: give me encouragement when I need to do something.

No.7---> Sarah: do funny things when I no mood.

No.8---> Shobana: care for me.

Friday, June 27, 2008

sleepless night

I slept at 8pm yday night.. Dont know what happen... Sorry, kohi.. I didn't pickup ur call..
I woke up at 3 o'clock in the morning..8pm-3am. 7 hours. Enough d...Suddenly, I thought of watching EURO semifinals ESP vs RUS...
But, Im lazy to go down to the hall and therefore I tried to sleep back.

Mana tahu cannt oso.. So, I also on the radio.. Play my sis's game boy.. (curi frm her room)hahahaha... Until bout 6am, Ee Li smsed me, ask me 2 rber bring fries and sausages 2sch.. ... huh ! I almost forget that satay sticks.. Luckily I rber... Then, I pretend to go wake her up, di samping itu, put back her

Half of them must be setting up the stall and the rest are in the badminton court berkumpuling right now to listen nonsence... hehe...
Esther Chong said she wana play guitar and sing song to attract customer.. Will she seriously do that? hahaha...

Chao... I gtg ..
Yeahh !
Spain won 3-0 !!!
Germany vs Spain..... Spain or Germany? Dont know..
2 team oso goood.. Let's see the luck by who's side....

Thursday, June 26, 2008

i still like my pics la.. i dont know hw 2 put pics if i using those classic templatess..

Well, I had settle my probs...
Thanks to my friends who give me advice or advise? (dont noe wich wan)..

Tomorrow will be canteen day and also report card day. I can't hadir for that lar, which i reali want to go.....

I like to see ppl fight for nuggets and all. "I first, I first !" I like to collect money....
huh ! today teacher come in gv us that sijil berhenti sekolah, to isi our name dan lain-lain.. fake wan of course.... then teacher talk bout our testimonial. She said evrybody will get C for co-operative.......
HUh?! Why?!
Because she said alot teachers complain that our class alot of click, and not co-operative...
Hmmm.. I wonder... So, tomorrow is the time for us to prove..
Teachers, Im so sorry to say that you all are wrong.......
Semoga 5 Berlian untung banyak-banyak tomorrow.. Yeahh !

p/s: amrit, my kitkat u eat rdy not? Nice leh... hahaha.. Have a

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I shall change

I shall change:

1) less sensitive
2) open 1 eye, close 1 eye
3) listen less, bother less.
4) talk non-straight 4wardly.
5) hardworking abit until Nov 12.
6) be independent. Berdiri di atas kaki sendiri.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

$$ hurtsss

haih... What the moon is all this?
Dude.... (learn frm eeli,use like dis arr?) Is money that important than friendship? Maybe..

Money or friendship?
gossips den gossips la, I dont care, because evry1 does. Dont say you nvr okay...
But I feel, if you are my friend, stab me from front, not bhind. Because my deskmate oweys stab me from front. OWEYS..

Anything can just come to me.....Is it a must to tell a third party

Malu nyer,, lol

We embarrass ourselves just now.. Me and Ee Li.
Canteen day is drawing near. Therefore, Ee Li took up the job to buy the food that we gonna sell.
Nuggets,sausages and fries....

Treasurer of 5B, Harjir gave her RM 50 to buy the foods. So, RM 50 for us is big la... Rasa can but alot of things..
After lunch, (meifen;s lunch) we go and survey the price for the stuff. Actually, we just plan to survey but end up we BUY ! Our main intention was the shop in front of market. But we went into CCK mart instead.. So, we makeup our mind to buy 1 dozen and 3 packets of nuggets, 3 packets of fries & 2 packets of sausages. So many nuggets right, the worker purposely get a box for us... Then, we wanted to pay..

We have Ringgit Malaysia 5o only. But thetotal was RM111 sumthing. Double the money we have. Where on earth we have so many money la... We started to get panic... Ee Li try to ask the people to kurangkan. But how much can kurang? we only hv RM 50... Plus our own money also RM70 plus....Ee Li, keep on sei lo, sei la. die la, omg !!
So... we hv no choice but to tell the cashier

Ee Li: Emmmm... We dont have enough money wor... Can we put our things here 1st, we go and take money and later come back again?
Cashier: (with that kind of face, not willing to let us go) harr.. ok la..

And we run as fast as we could to borrow money frm my dad..... We mmg very malu..... lol... We got our money rdy... So, I bring my sis along to help us take thing. 15 packets leh, very the heavy.. On the way to CCK mart, we pass by another frozen shop. lol.I mean sell frozen food shop.. Beside S.Recipe... We went in n ask how much dis and that... The malay guy dgn sabarnya tell us dis n dat...
So, we find out that the fries and sausages are cheaper than CCK mart.But Nugget the same brand expensive RM 0.15. We buying 15 packets, so will hv to pay another RM 2.25. We even borrow calculator from the shop. hahaha...
Therefore,sebagai peniaga yg arif lagi bijaksana, we plan to buy fries and sausages frm the frozen shop and nuggets CCK mart. We went to CCK mart to buy 1st and while walking there, we think how to tell the CCK cashier donwant fries and sausage

Carolyn: Arrr... We dont want fries and sausages can ar? We only wan nuggets.
Cashier: huh? dont want fries and sausages dy?
Ee Li: Ya... We dont want rdy, we dont hv enuf money.sorrrrry..
Cashier: errr.. so u reali dont want fries and these sausages arr..
Carolyn: emm. yalo.. coz we dont hv enuf money.. sory ar..

She pack all the thing dy. The box also siap dy.. But we ask to take out the box, coz cant put into the fridge... hehe.
After that, we went back to the frozen shop.
Oleh sebab wana mengelakkan rasa kekok, Ee Li and my sis stay outside to jaga the nuggets and I go in and buy the fries and sausages... We get to jimat about RM 5.00... But tired enuf to take the things and go to different shops. Plus dapat malu......... hahaha...
Until my shop, we thinking how to chuck in all the things into the fridge? Sungguhpun Ee Li got two fridge, but I dont think it's enuf to put.. So, brain start moving again, and at last pass to Esther they all hu r having Physics tuition in Excel while I take the fries and sausages... Actually Im not suppose to take since Im not going for canteen day...... But my sis goin, so she can pass to my classs. hahaa...
Im so disappointed that I cant go lar.. Im sure my class will make it a successful wan, and we 5 Berlian are out to prove that We Are United !

ps: MEI FEN, XIE XIE ni feng fu de wu chan

Monday, June 23, 2008

Streamyx very suck

Steamyx sucks nowadays.. For awhile disconnected. If not, the speed is slow like tortoise... I cant even upload a single pic... My goddd... I wana write to star paper dy, complain streamyx teruk....
Last time not like that, now only slow like what only
. S.L.O.W !
Until cows and sheeps come home, pic still not yet upload. Therefore, I also lazy wana upload Shoban's and Ee Li's bday party pic..... Wait until I wana zzzzzzz...
Yeah ! It's Monday.. As usually, we study in McD... THis time, SHyuan Mey join us. At last, got 1 ppl join. Improved ! Actually, because her dad cant pick her on time, then only she joined us.. Hmm.. I ate banana pie for the 1st time. That Shyuan Mey keep on promoting.. Not bad lar... But I still prefer apple pie. U know, A for apple ! hahaha

We studied add maths today. Trigonometry. A headache chapter. Sin cos tan cot and so on...... After that, yala ya la... Gossip continues....... Okay, today no couple.. 1 also dont hv.. But I saw 3 business man. Talking so loud. I cant dont listen to them. 1 man is talking to the other 2. He talk from the starting we reached McD, until they left.. His friends were good listeners... Dont know what business la... Seems untung alot.. The figure he told was big...
After that, back to our own stories... Alot la we talk.. We talk bout our choices.. But Ee Li keep on say my choices not good... I saw alot my choices.. Chew chew very choosy, dat's y hard to find.. hahahahaha
We talk until I forget the time 5.40pm only I balik..........................................

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Yeah ! Yeah !
Zakry Latif-Fairuzizuan won the Indonesian Open 2008 !
Which means they win back to back title.. The Spore and Indonesia.....
Phewit !!!

I watched the 1st and 2nd game only.. That time, 1 game all I chao rdy... After that, I called miss Lian Ee to update me.. This gal ar, I tell you... Before I say anything. She say they sure lose

Carolyn: Hellooo, Lian Ee ar?
Lian Ee: Hello, ya... Wei.. They lose la..
Carolyn: huh? Later you can tell me whether they win or not, after the match? I cant watch dy, wana go out.
Lian Ee: They lose wan la...
Carolyn: Oi.. No lar...
Lian Ee: Wei.. I can tell you now la, they will surely lose..
Carolyn: (rushing wana close the fon dy.. )Noooooo.. no la, no la.. Later u update me kkk, thks...
Lian Ee:they sure lose wan... Ok la..
Carolyn: Bye bye..
Lian Ee: Bye

And you see now, who say lose huh !!! Ishhhh...
I predict they will win in trailing 3 sets.. Because the indo and usa combination's age is catching up... They get tired if they play rubber set.. So, therefore, malay pair will hv the chance to win and they did it.. Yeahh !

Turkey will meet Germany in Semis right? SO, I will support Germany. ! They rocksss, beat Portugal away.. Yes !!
But, Turkey is the 1st team I support during 2002 KOREA JAPAN world cup... The 1st time ever I watched football.(bcoz no need wake up middle of the night and watch wan)
They got 3rd place if im nt mistaken... Then, in the finals, Germany vs Brazil, I support Brazil, but I like that Germany's goal keeper.. hahaha... At last, Brazil won !
I support Germany this time !!

While Spain and Italy, I would choose Spain.. Who ask Fabregas to be there. I Love Fabregas !!

Just now, I chat wit Amrit at foreverus91's chatbox.. Because that msn not working.. hahaha... Very nice leh.. Mine only dont work... dont know why.. MSN ni..... eeyer.. Semakin I wana sign in, semakin I feel wana bang the pc...

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Finally, after 1 whole day, my blog become like this..... From 8 o'clock in the morning until 5 o'clock in the evening... At last ! I successfully edited my blog....
Of course, not I do myself.. Amrit do 4me wan. hahahahaha..
I give her the web and ask her do 4me...
I Love You !
Vry complicated.. My thinking very straight 4ward, so I dont know how to edit this and that. hahaha

Friday, June 20, 2008

Today's koko's assembly. conducted by kadet polis... Esther Chong sungguh yeng.. hahaha
We sing songs without music... yeer... I dont know today got badminton meeting.. I didnt ask Shama also, because I tak jadi sms her.. malas to sms..... tersleep dy yesterday night.. : ) plus my phone cant press at all also. So , I also forget bout it..... I need a phone badly... Without a phone is like how ar? like something missing

Therefore, I didn't bring t-shirt and also my racquet...I get to know it in the morning when I reach... Actually I wanted to call my sister to bring for me when she come sch in the afternoon. But too late because of some reason, and I also think no need lar. I have no mood to play badminton...

So, after school Edna, Amrit and Me went to the baru renovated's indian shop... Become restaurant dy... Amrit and I ate magggieee goreng while Edna ate rojak mee...
When I ate with Ee Li 2 days ago, they got put taufu and some dont know what extra thing into the maggie. But today dont have... Ishhhhhhhh

So i ask the man..
Me: excuse me, kenapa itu hari ar, maggie goreng saya ada taufu dan banyak benda lagi, hari ini takde huh !
Man: oohh.. taufu arr. Sebab belum goreng.. Esok datang lagi lah, ada taufu...
Me: Esok ar? ooh.. bye bye..
Amrit and Edna laugh laugh laugh.. hahaha..
Not yet goreng arrr. 1 pm dy, lunch time d lar.. Tak goreng goreng.... Ishhh

2day add maths tuition cancelled ! Yeahhhhhh !! The boringest tuition...... Because the teacher's school report card day... so cant make it...
After eating, we go Pustaka Jasa jalan-jalan... too many time as badminton starts 4pm...
Then only go back to sch... We sit at the canteen and talk talk.... Suddenly they talk bout primary sch time and then form 1 time...AHhh ya ! We talked bout Esther cried ! hahaha...
I also teringat my primary in Yu Hua.. Hmm... So nice !!! I miss the food there...

After talk talk eat eat in canteen, only we go for badminton... Nobody wan... SAy until so many ppl 200 over members, We see see 20 oso dont hv... and right, all also 5 Berlian only wan... 90%... 2 form 4 only...I borrowed Kohila's racquet coz she brought 4me . hehehe...
Dunlop wan leh.. Not bad.... green color, she used orange color.. She'll know why la.. hahaha..
But not nice to play today. When thr's no sun, it's windy... When no wind, the sun will come out...
Tambahan pula, I wearing that st john half uniform, that shoe sumore not comfortable.... I feel like take off my shoe and play lar...
Okay, im gonna stop crapping here.. wana go tuition !
Bye !

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I skip koko.. pisssssssssssssssed

Yes ! I skipped St john and Science club today. A last minute plan..
Yesterday when they paste up the notice saying there's St john meeting, we decided to go..
But this morning, Kohila asked me a few times whether want to go or not, I feel like dont want to go... hehe

She said mayb must kawad, which everyone of us don't like to. At 1st, I said I want to go, coz last year rdy, few more times left.. But during Bio, she asked me again. Then I say I don't know... Means I feel like pontenging la.. hahahaha..
Then we discuss again during Moral. Ee Li for awhile say go la go la, 4 awhile say dont want go St john, go science cub only. Then at last ! Yeahh ! All no need to go..... Because we saw the sky is getting dark... So, st john surely in pavilion only.. kawad might me going on. Later on, Lian Ee said conduct by form 4.. Plus right, my shoe is not comfortable, because it's not my shoe. My dear friend Charlene, dont know who is the person she terexchange with..
With the reasons above, we decided not to go..

Im so angry with that girl ! Meifen, ur" idol" !
She sat on my table !!!!!!!!!! Sat on my table nevermind. She sat on my books on my table ! What the !!!!! She is just so annoying !
Yesterday, she just "out sell" me and Mei Fen, and today she sit on my books !
It was Moral, I was sitting in sarah's place, coz she went agama dy.. I sat front row this week, so that girl went and talk to teacher about moral project i guess. And she nicely rest her butt on my table with my BOOKSS on it, and talk to teacher. My bookssssss okay.I pantang la okie..... I feel like slapping her. I seriously wanted to ask her whether she know what period or not now? Moral okay,talk to teacher you can sit down arr...

School also got rules saying dat

Eventhough u want to sit, u don't check ar? U dont check whether got anything or not before you sit?
I want to throw her into the world's biggest rubbish lorry !!!!!!!!!
Yeah ! She is a pretender.................
Since she dont check before she sits:
Next time, I put alot of nails on my table, let her sit...

See la, 1 day I take away her chair when she want to sit..

Yes, evil me...... But all this is just specially think for her....
You all sure say, books only ma, betray only ma... But i cant stand her. blek
And I dont like ppl cross over or sit on my books ! If i put on the chair, n u sit on it, is my fault. Because chair is mmg for sitting. But im putting on the table ! The place which suppose 4me to put my things !


Oh ya, our school back gate become wider. Yesterday 1 student's daddy dont know how he broke the gate or duno la what he did, until the whole gate came out. He said he see students very difficult to come out bcoz the gate is too small, so he push the gate and something. The guard and the parent almost fight... The guard holding a broom stick.. My godddd ! The parent tot the guard wants to whack him....... Hahaha. Funny la those adult. Then he said, mau hantam saya ar? marilah marilah.. Fuyohh !

Because tak boleh guna rdy that gate, so terpaksa do 1 new wan and bigger wan.. Actually we need to thanks that child's dad also.. If not, the school wont do a new wan.. : ) I wonder who pay for it? The dad or the school?

p/s: charlene, I didn't kutuk teacher... hahaha.....
dont 4get to find my shoe... : )

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I want to stop rotating

I want to stop rotating lar... I don't want to change place every week, very damn ma fan....
But, the dumbo jumbo in my group dont want to give way.. I think right, teacher should arrange our place according to our height... Some ppl so tall yet they want to conquer front seat..


Monday, June 16, 2008

Long storiessssss : ( : )

Horrible morning... Pn N just spoil our wonderful Monday morning. It's PJ for the 1st two period... She likes to ask us jog. So we jogged 2 rounds. After that, we divided into 2 groups, 1 group basketball and another one is Netball. We always play only basketball, netball, galah panjang only....... No other things better 2play. Ishhhhhhhhhhh.......

So, me,eeli, edna,amrit all in basketball plus mimi,joanne and esther chong. Then that Pn N suddenly only come and ask Joanne to join netball... For sure she dont want la right...... eeeyer...

She so kesian, noone bother bout her, stand in the middle of the to gangsss...... Then we called her back when that pn N dont realize.... After she realized, she ask her go back again. Joanne said dont want bcoz the netballl gang thr told her that they hv enough ppl rdy. Pn N still forces her... So, Esther Chong subsitute her to go there. Then the teacher went and ask the netball gang. Netball turn story and say Joanne reluctant to play with them. Ishhhhhhhhh. That stupid bawang... Dumbo Jumbo ! They LIE ! Not good ! ishhh... But the teacher blieve that netball gang there... Which part of Joanne knows how to lie ! Hopelessssssss

During the game, that teacher keep on menentang basketball team means our team la.... I want to shoot, she say my footwork wrong. Sarah took the ball she said fault... So smart, she play la then... Bowl ! Me and Ee Li always wait at the goal there, wait for chance to shoot whenever we got the ball. But she said cannot like that. We mmg play like that since long time ago. Last time she nvr say anything but today she talk so much ! Purposely wan...

Then she said our team like no energy,no sportmanship..... Ishhh... Which part she see we dont have? If we never have, we wont even play la, sit down there and talk or we wil pura-pura play only la... Anyway, is juz PENDIDIKAN JASMANI la, MSSD, MSSS MSSM or what also.

Before we go back 2 class, she scold every1 once again...
" THIS CLASS IS THE WORST CLASS !!!"... I taught so many classes , but this is the worst wan ! Chinese click with chinese, indian with indian, malay with malay... Really? Then Sarah with us, she is Chinese meh??
hohoho... Give us an award or certificate la, to certified us as the worst ! blekkk....


After Physics tuition, Me and Ee Li went to MCD to study.Mathematics today... No 1 joinning us yet. We say rdy, we reali wil do wan... Hmmm..we kinda pat kua... We saw 2 couples, 1 is artistic couple, another 1 is........
we give them gelaran as dare to lose couple...

Artistic couple 1st...
They are from Yu Hua. The guy is ex-Yu Hua. The girl is F5, my ex-school mate...But I jia-jia dont know her... lol..
The guy dgn romanticnya drew the girl's face..I think he studying drawing lar.. Unfortunately, I didn't see that drawing, Ee Li saw and told me, bcoz I sat opposite direction ma... Then, the girl complaining very ugly... haha.. Aiyoh, in my opinion rite, ugly oso say nice la, since her bf draw for her. hahaha... If not later he patah semangat... Suddenly dont know how, the girl got a paper..the guy teaching her to draw human figure...
-Must 90 degree
-draw eyes 1st...

we basically heard everything they said, nxt table only ma.. hehehe...

After that, Ee Li's sharp eyes, tersee another couple. huh ! The guy from High school, and the girl from our school, convent.. lol.. why high sch, must with convent? hahaha... ngam key ar..
The boy ask the girl 2be his girlfriend. He meluahkan his perasaan...
they talkkkkked................................
suddenly the guy say,
"if you dont want just go." kinda loud..
yer..... so rude wan.........
say la, "if u dont want, nvm, I'll find another one". hahaha. joking..
If you dont want, is okay, I wont force you. see later how 1st... sumthing like dis ma....
Then the girl explain.......
bla bla............ No, I cannot concentrate sumthing...
Then, the guy ask after SPM can go out 2gether or not......
after that, we didn't listen rdy...

Walao weh! me and Ee Li can't stop laughing. Now what month only? SPM arrr... Nxt yr lor...
At last,they didn't berjaya menjadi couple. Pity the guy, cinta yang ditolak...
We analysed that the girl dont like him, that's why guna cara yang out-dated saying cannot concentrate in study to menolak...... Hope that guy wont patah hati so fast... Good luck in the nxt attempt.. hahaha.. Kagum his bravenessss... Because some guys arr, they like, but will ask his friend to tell.. this one different one. zi ji lai ! Fuihhh..

We thought this will be the last couple we seee, coz wana go back... Then here comes another couple. Chinese and Indonesian... At 1st, we dont know whether they are or not, then Ee Li teach me ar,
If you see they sit opposite to each other, means they are couple, if they sit serong opposite means not !
because they sit that table got 4 seats wan.. And they sit opposite, so eeli say yes, ialah couple.. hahahaha.. I just learned that.

Another one again ! inside the car wan.. they take pictures.. lovelynya.... haiyoh, so many pics they take.... goshh. Under afternoon sun. But luckily after raining.
So, although our morning had spoilt by Pn N.. But our afternoon was great enough to menebus our terrible morning. hehehe... see so many lovely and funny things happen... hahahaha
Ya, I crap too much... Till then, bye bye

ps: ohhh... She still havent give back our pjk test paper... how many weeeeeekssssss?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Germany, ishhh.... Singapore Open

Alamak, Germany lose mann... What the germany ! ishhhhh...
Like that also lose arr..... Memang tak patut !
Oh yeahh ! Spain won 2-1.... lalalalala....

ahha.. All malaysian final for Men doubles in Singapore Open... 1 part bcoz Singapore Open NOT POPULAR, not much(very least) top player want to compete there. hahahaha.... Another reason, Memang malaysia's men doubles not bad wan... Lack of confidence only... n very fast hidung tinggi only. Or else, China, Indonesia, Japan, Denmark all no fight ! SINGAPORE no need say, memang NO FIGHT !

Lee Chong Wei in Final ! Yeahhh ! But his girlfriend didn't go into final.. Kesiannn... Beat by Tine Rasmussen from Denmark. This player memang geng lar. WMC and Tine also berjaya menumbangkan tembok besar China, but Tine is memang better........

Today I can't watch LCW play,he will meet INA's Simon. :(
Win la plss



Zakry-Fairuzizuuan beat Teik Chai-Woon Fui...21-18,21-17 if im nt mistaken..
Tine Rasmussen (Den) beat Zhou Mi (HK) dont know how much......
Du Jing-Yu Yang (china) beat dont know who from Chinese Taipei....

N now mixed double playing.... In my opinion, INA will win. Indonesia vs England
Last match of the day will be Lee Chong Wei .. woohoooooo...
XD faster finish, den I can watch.... faster la,faster la...

Now I know clearly who is Gan Teik Chai. He looks like budak/remaja belasan tahun, lol.....
Kinda handsome too. To me la okay... If he cut his hair shorter, spiky ar, lagi nice i tell you.. hehehe.. His look doesn't match his age i feel....

Lee Chong Wei won !!! Yes ! ! 21-13,21-5
tight game durin 1st set..
2nd set, fuyoh ! almost break record !
beat Simon Santoso until 15-0 !!! and win it 21-5..
This wan reali luo hua liu shui !!]

Okay, I gtg..... Father's Day celebration. Bye !!!!!
ohh... i luv lcw ! he so cute !

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Ee Li

Alison Chew, happie birthday !

Ee Li is my kawan since form 1... She always come and ask me for money during form 1, because she is the class treasurer aka ah long.... : )
She is also my desk mate since form 4... Very tidy punya girl. Although she always bully me,but I forgive her since she is so cute.. hahaha... We go tuition together-gether, eat roti canai and maggie goreng together whenever we sudah wana pok kai..we share.. n recently we got couple study together. Huh ! We love Arsenal !!! The Gunners !! She like Walcott (dont know hw to spell)..
Wish u a very happie birthday ! !
All the best in gerak gempur, trials and SPM...
I love to have you as my friend because you are very funny too...
: )
p/s: lili, since you gv ur love to me, i also gv mine to you, i Love you too.. But i scare later your husband sekalian cum and find me.. hahaha

Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Mei Fen !!

願你在這特別的日子里﹐都享有無限的快樂 !

Besides Foreverus, MeiFen is 1 of my close friend.. We know each other during form 4.. We get closer because of football (although v support diff team), badminton,artist-artist and also TVB dramasss..We love 2 xchange dvds... Not to forget gossiping too..You know, she reads chinese paper, therefore alot "ba kua" news.. She is my CNN for badminton results whenever I didn't watch the match.. We plan to watch nxt yr's Malaysia Open again provided if it's in Bukit Jalil lar..(we go take alot yonex and 100 plus k?) : )

We always berpakat with each whether to do Sejarah nota and pecutan minda or not... 2 timesss of pecutan minda, we don't want to finish it. hehehe..

She is a smart and humble girl.. She knows everything, but always rendah diri, saying don't know, not sure... haha...

Once again, I wish you Happy Birthday my dear friend...

May all ur wishes come true... Hope you can meet Lee Yong Dae nxt Malaysia Open... I can help you take picture. hehehe

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

School Reopen

School had just reopen....
Let me conclude:

24th May to 27th May: Stay at home... Superb boring...
28th May: Outing with 5 Berlian to KLCC... (almost evry1)
29th May: at home
30th May: same
31st May: same
1st June: Shopping
2nd June: Study with Kohila, Physics tuition.
3rd June: Desa Waterpark...
4th June: at home
5th June: Driving lesson, Chemistry tuition.
6th June: Exam
7th June: Shobana's Birthday @ KFC
8th June: visiting 1 old aunty
So, this is how i spend my holi... Boringgggnyer...

We just got back our paper..... Add m3, Bio, Phy, English, BM p2 and EST p1....
huhu.. Me and Ee Li is the "top scorer" for EST p1... Fuyoh ! Baguskan? lol...We didn't get more than 10 wrg oso wert.. Amrit get 30/30... Fuihhh... Top scorer yg sebenar.. Congrats Amrit..
We got back our Biology papers frm our Biology's teacher today... Almost everyone was pissed off.. Her marking is just so........ undescribeable... Like this wrong, like that tak boleh... We must write 100% like her answer sheet only can get mark... ishhhhhh...
Of course we fight for markss.Until 2 period finish also not enough, we will be continue to argue tomorrow. lol..

Today,Ee Li and I studied Physics in library. Surprise? Group study become couple study. hahahaha.. Kita harus bersungguh-sungguh since our physics mark is so "high" rdy... For what? wat else other than SPM? we also don't know anything lar...But nvm, as long as we willing to study ma....: )
Tomorrow, we will be studying Chemistry. hmmm... In SB curry hse I guess. hahahaha..

Sunday, June 8, 2008

端午节/ Dragon Boat Festival



Today is dragon festival day. Neh, we eat dumpling wan.. lol
I remember this story la where primary school time, teacher told..
This festival is to remember Qu Yuan, a poet... He commit suicided because the king don't believe him or something like that... Then he jump down to the river or sea, I forgot. But rakyat-rakyat sekalian very sayang him. Therefore, they don't wan the fish to eat his body. So, they make those dumpling and throw into the sea/river. Every 5th day of the 5th month in lunar calendar, they will throw dumpling into the river/sea.. That's how the dumpling come from. Besides right, got some more activity during this festival. Some competition lar, row boat wan...
That's what I remember my teacher said...
This wan, competition.. Dragon boat, can see?
Okay, that's all.. Bye !!!
School reopening tomorrow...

Friday, June 6, 2008

I hate being tested

Please stop testing of me. PATHETIC... What you want to know, just ask me lar, no nd test wan. I really feel like giving that fellow 1 slap.... But I didn't.
Fuuhhhhhh........ Im sick of it..

Happy Birthday Shobana

My 1st pic with Shobana during Form 2.. lol

May all your wishes and dreams come true.
SPM straight A1sss........

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Juneeee rdyyy arrr

It's Juneeeee !!! The sixth month of the year.. Time fliessss... That means 2 months to trials and 5 months to finalsss... huhuhu... Do you think with my laziness, I can finish revise 10 subjects in 5 months? Nothing is Impossible, but I tell you, for me is impossible.

Ohhh... now i can feel my $$$ flowing... I still got hutang yang belum dilangsai... isshhhh... My ah long esther siah will come and find me... huhuhu..
Father's Day is comingggg. So many kawans's bufday is coming... Hmmmm... pandai-pandailah you alll.. Hint to me okay, because I really don't know what to buy... But dont la say you want diamond, I die...

This morning I went to Alamanda Carrefour. Actually we want to buy 1 DVD player. Because both my DVD players were strike by the lightning or thunder?hangus rdy...My dad say buy cheap wan enuf, spoil edi wont sakit hati. But my sisters arrr.............. Want to buy those which have karaoke wan.... eww... What so nice to sing la right? Not that very free also... Sound pollution got lar.. lol.. At last, we didn't buy..

Then I went to Metro..not metro point.. My sister want to change watch battery. But, unfortunately they say her watch they don't hv the battery to change.. huh? watch battery not standard wan ar???.. Then we went into Giant to buy some junk foood... Potato Chipssss. :-)
On the way back, I saw my fav electone... Yamaha got like exibition something lk dat at Lower ground floor.. My stagea ! mINI stagea only... big stagea lagi niceee... Very exp..
I'll buy my own 1 day. Next time my own house must have an electone. MUST !! hahahaha

fuhhh... Yeah, im gonna sit for my driving exam this friday.... mmmm..... I scare la....
But after Friday, if everythin goes right for me, I can be a "P" license driverrrrrrr... ..... I cant wait for the day to come, but also dont want the day to come so fast. What crap is this?!!

That's all for now... AMrit juz remind me to buy Mcd ice-cream.. RM0.50 for the 1st day of evry month... Let's go !!