Sunday, August 28, 2011

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Sunday, August 14, 2011


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

730 days.. ♥

Happy 2nd year anniversary ! here comes the 2nd year.. Eventhough it is much more simple compare to last year.. But i would say its a simple yet memorable one.. no doubt.. :)
Thank you!
Sorry for nt making much effort this time, for you know what reasons ya.. But i promise i will make it up for you nxt month... He drove me to Sunway, n waited for my class to end at 4pm.. :')
I have test dat day sumore.. thanks for ur luck btw..n Luckily i have 2 and a half hours of break in between, if not, he will be dead bored..~ We still manage to go to Pyramid Full house for lunch :) then back to class and have my test.. n after class, we went to KLCC.. haha... We went and buy our frame.. we buy a frame every year so dat we can see our changes from year to year right?.. We hang around thr, n we ate New Zealand Natural ice-cream.. Yummy! *thumbs up*
After that, he brought me to Victoria Station, a western restaurant famous with steak.. It's sumwhr located along the road, whr u can see alot of country's embassy, and ampang park or sumwhr near there..i dun reli noe whr.. haha...

Cake @ Full House,Sunway Pyramid :)

Yo! This is the place :)

i forget the dish name :)

This is their grill chicken sumthing.. i forgot the name too.. not bad.. a little spicy..
Their speciality are beef but we dont take beef..

act cool yo..


Handmade from him... those red in color wan are handmade roses..
There are 8 of them, and plus another 3 real roses.. not in pic, due to sum prob :)

Without the light..n this is 2nd year frame:)

Now, 2 years has gone by.. thanks for everything that you've done for me...I know it's never easy to my boyfriend :) I can see it, don't worry.~ Perhaps, im stubborn, didnt seems to understand what u actually need although u repeat n repeat to me.. but 1 day, u will know, im not that noob after all.. keke... May our love continue to grow ~.. ♥

Last but not least.. I Love You, dear.. ♥