Tuesday, June 28, 2011


6 more days till 2nd sem starts... oh my.. in a blink of eye, 1 month had passed... this is the last 6 days of my holidays... But now oni my cousins are back from US and Russia for summer break.. gahhhhhh~... aiks.. but nvm, i still cn hang out tho.. LOL...

Last sem result had released last wed, i was so nervous... the result was slightly unexpected.. But im thankful with what i had.. Thanks Buddha for everything:)
I will double up my effort this coming semester... I hope everything will be going smooth.. :)
so..this holidays i thought is going to be like soo soo soo bored mann.. cuz is like 1 month and 1 week.. but nope... is not that bored after all.. teehee... the 1st weekend, i went to Genting Highlands with Jon and my sisters... The 2nd weekend in June, i went to Pyramid to meet up with friends, and then went Port dickson. The 3rd weekend, went and celebrated father's day, Jon's birthday and also meet up with foreverus91, and this few days ago, wich is the 4th weekend, i went to pyramid again.. ahaha... n this last weekend b4 my new semester starts, i will be spending my time wit my aunt from aussie, and the cousin from US.. so... there goes allll my weekends this holiday...

But the weekday sometimes can be kinda bored... i tot of looking for a part time job... but at last, still i stay home... LOL... i nvr work b4.. okie, alrite, my parent doesn't force me to find a job or stg.. i feel so blissful, stay at home, like a queen.., have not been in the working world ever.. but this is not a thing to be proud of.. haha... ppl like my age, alrdy had so much experience dealing with ppl in the society, while i still havent even leave my comfort zone.. thats bad!
i have to, n i must get a job, during the nxt holidays... hehehe...

oh yeah, gonna talk some bout the gathering.. teehee.. every1's looking good... hmm.. we just love to gossip.. n there goes our 2 hours++ to 3 hours.. non-stop laughing and gossiping.. haha.. i love it.. hehe... the gathering is to celebrate sarah's, shobana's and eeli's birthday. hehe...

we had fun, seriously... with them, i dun have to fake myself, cuz i know they are true...i jz can be like so care free.. dun have to bother bout nything else.. hahaha.. we went mcd.. i feel like im in high school still.. haha.. i rmb we did have our lunch in mcD when there is koko.. haha.. it was fun.. :)

i think thats all from me... continue nxt time.. hehe.. till then

with love,
the author~

Sunday, June 26, 2011


超想哭,但我答应自己,不需再为他哭。真正值得你为他哭的人,绝对不会让你哭。不是吗?是他问我要怎样,我本来真的不想说,因为我已经猜到后果了。但是我不想他一直叫我出声,我还是静静的。就只好说了。可是,他反而用我说过的话来反咬我一口。心好痛,我没用,我哭了。为什么呢?明明是他问我要怎样,我说了,他不接受,无所谓,但为什么还要咬我一口? :'(
其实,我好想打回去,清楚地告诉他,我说的话并不是他想象中那样的。可是算了,就算说了,他肯定会问,要不是这个意思,是什么意思?我又不回答。。 就算了吧,我都不懂要怎么解释,可能说了也不会明白吧..



我害怕他生气,其实是怕他的脾气才对。有时候,他做事会跟心情走。我怕! 有时候,很想说,但又不想好好地被教训一轮。就这样,一天一天地过。
咳... 这就是我。我不知道该怎样。一切,顺其自然吧!

我很希望,你能清楚地知道我在想什么。我很希望,你没误会我。我很希望,有一天,你完完全全会了解我。 我很喜欢人陪,我怕寂寞。我能表达的就只有这两句。其他的,我不会表达,但希望你会知道。




Friday, June 3, 2011

641 days, 15384 hours, 923040 mins, 55382400 sec

Happy 1 year and 10 months honey star !
Omg!! sounds like food.. but hu cares? LOL
so yeah! u ! happy 3rd ! hehe.... suddenly i have the urge to blog bout monthsary...
Well, i duno wht to say... Just wana blog... haha!
anyway, i dun need to say much huh? u noe right?
sometimes, not everything nd to be said out, u can feel it.. right? =)
So, once again my dear... Happy 1 year and 10 months... Always and always we argue alot... argue day n night... u sob i sob... wuwuwu... just bcoz of those idiots that doesnt worth a penny.. it's useless i realize, and luckily we manage to pull through... thanks for ur patience... and thankiu for ur advice during my emo-ing days.. i appreciate it... :D
Study hard, study smart...! You can do it!
once again! happy 3rd handsome boy! ily jz the way you are! ♥