Tuesday, March 29, 2011

hehe! hi !

class is tiring... wohoooo... only had like 2 hours and 30 mins break? we went and get our t-shirts n to collect our id cards... Then, off we go to the library.... read abit of economics and they we go for lunch... i had chessy chicken rice.. it's tasty but its costy too.. haha... after lunch, went to class.. n 2day there are 2 new students to our econs class... hehe!!..
econs assignment need to be done by i duno when... n i have no idea on what articles to pick..this is the akibat of not reading newspaper....... huhu..
anyway, i hope i can find some article related to microeconomics...
after tht is accounting class.. I duno why when it comes to accounting, the time passes soooo fast.. im lovin' it too..

nowadays, im oweys slpy weyh..everyday, 9pm rdy feel sooo slpy... LOL !!! last time in Inti oweys slp late until let ppl spy... say i go outside play wa until late sumore wa.. damn shit.. lol!
in inti, i usually slp late like 1 or 2am? 3 or 4 am? n latest like erm.. 530am during 1st sem? then, wake up 730am the following day... great ? hehe...
but now.... I slpt at 930pm n wakeup 630am... lol... but still i feel slpy... haha... dono why la...

oh ya, this thurs there is games in my college... every1 need to participate.. or else u can choose to be helpers.. im goin for telematch.. just hope that it will be fine n fun... we suppose to have 4 boys n 4 girls in a team.. But now, my team has 6 girls and 2 boys which i dun really know hu my team member is..... lol!. anyway, we believe in ourselves.. hopefully we can overcome all the obstacles.. haha.. n lecturer says we have free lunch !.. wow !! hahha... nice lar...
free food ! yes! i like it!.. say me crazy... wahaha...

Last sat was earth hour thingy rite? i was at alamanda... Surprisingly, at 830pm carrefour off some of their lights.. not all but some... so it's like the whole carrefour dim dim... haha... i like it !!.. den we went to pizza hut... pizza hut did the same thing... so romantic lor.. hahaha...
eventhough they don't off all the lights, but they did off some.. so i guess.. it still help the earth a little... hope it helps.... :D

i think i have no more things to talk about.. so... till then!
take care readers... have a nice day..

with love,
the author... =)

Saturday, March 26, 2011


the hardworking blogger is back... hehe... but now im a lazy blogger.. Im back to studies.. weeee~ Dun ask me where, if u duno whr... ain't important...
The most important thing is im adapting well.. huhu... I thought i couldnt get use to ppl n the plc thr... But i did it.. =)
The library is now my 2nd home... I have no rooms to go back during my free time like i use to have in INTI.. Thrfore, im hiding in the library.. always... :D
btw, it's kinda hectic.. but i enjoy hectic schedule rather than i have breaks like for so long after one class to another... My breaks for everyday are the same... =D like it... dun nd to memorize.. n i feel dat my everyday is pack with lots of things.. likie although its a little tiring.... ~

hmmm.. my college is big though... i can get lost.. haha... my lecturers are good... accounting n econs lecturer also good good good.. hehe!.. Me like the subjects.....
the parking is big, but need to go early oso to get a better parking space... im travelling la, dats y i hv no room.. its tiring at times, but i think i just need to get use to it... after all, when we work 1day... takkan we stay in office meh? haha... so,have to learn 1st..
traffic jam mmg headache... but u can choose to enjoy it or don't.. haha... u can say im crazy la... but whatever.. it's just simply me... teehee...

If u were to compare with the previous uni... both have their pros and cons.. but for now i prefer my new uni, coz im totally new perhaps... hahahaha... n it's fun exploring new places... haha!! n most important thing, noone noes me.. wahaha! im now happy everyday... no more worries, n surprisingly i dun have the i-dun-wan-to-go-class feelings...

alright, till then....
continue next time...

the author ~

Friday, March 18, 2011


Hey, the hardworking blogger is back.. =D
I've been lazying dis whole week, is time to update before i forget.. =)
McD having promotion, to those hu have the promotion voucher, i tink almost evry1 got.. ahhaha
buy rm 5, n u will get 2 big breakfast for free!!
Therefore, on monday, which is also white valentines day, we went n ate.. haha !!
LOL !! We bought a weekday breakfast, n we get 2 big breakfast free !! So fulll ! hehe...
Dad went phillipines duno y.. for like 4 days... left us at home.. oh yeah! we conquer the whole hse...~

On Wednesday was Inti Leos charity night ! the theme was :Ignite the spark of Love! hey! i saw my leo mission kid... teehee!.. got ling jia yun, ke qing, athena beh (ma jia xuan)
It was fun, going back to INTI again... haha... n i hv the chance to eat the burger again!! Yummy !!!
Jon bought me toberlone chocolate.. Yes !! I damn like chocolate!!! hehe...
n den we jalan-jalan at the newly opened TESCO.. Obviously, it is better than Giant... TESCO gt VERNS... He bought 1 shoe.... for me... but in chinese saying, buy shoe means ask the person to leave, but he say nono.. buy shoe n we leave together.. hehe... pandai la... hehe.. thank you...

Yday, there is this church dinner... im not very sure.. is just uncle ask us to go, n we just go... hehe... dinner at the restaurant.. Melia something something.. newly open after Prima there.. The food was ok la.. Not too bad.. oh ya.. dun misunderstand me.. Im Not a christian... bukan... I dun get it why people say im a christian just bcoz i have a english/christian name.. im not ya.. dun ask me rdy.. hehe..keke..

Before that, me, kim , n meifen met up in mcD, to eat the breakfast again.. LOL.!!
Then, we left for hot air balloon in Putrajaya.. but meifen, x join...
Unfortunately, we went there 12 something, but we only can see the hot air balloon at 5.30pm.. So , i simply drive around Putrajaya and yes! we found Alamanda !! Lucky day!!.. hehe.. =)
Im so proud of myself la, we can manage to not get lost in Putrajaya which have i duno how many precints.. haha... Then we ate NANDOS, eat BIG APPLE and watched BEASTLY!
Something like beauty and the beast lah.. okie... my sis says the movie vry nice, but i feel its just so so... maybe a little comedy la.. haha...
i rate 6/10.. my taste oweys different frm others.. ppl say nice, i say no.. ppl say not nice, i say no too.. haha

Then by the time the movie finish, it was around 5oo pm.. we thought of hot air balloon again.. at 1st, din plan to go rdy wan.. then, we went again.. But unfortunately again, the weather doesnt allow the hot air balloon to fly.. so, yeah.. disappointed once again... then, it drizzle..
we ran to the car.. Once we are in the car, it starts to rain heavily.. Lucky back... haha...
We are not lucky coz we din meet the hot air balloon eventhough we went there twice.. We are lucky in other way whr we dint go missing inside putrajaya n we din bcum ayam basah... hahaha..
I know, u are protecting us.. Aren't you?
When we lost something, we will gain something... n i believe in Karma... don't you?
After all the lucky n less lucky things, we planned to go back kajang... n den it jams ! omg !! unlucky again.. then, after a few km, it's so smooth again which is not vry usual.. we are Lucky back.. haha... I really dono how to describe the day... it's not really that bad after all.. =D
Alright, n today im goin to LCCT to pick my dad.. Hopefully, i still rmb the road.. n i noe u will accompany us there.. =)
pics later... n thts all for my 1 week update.. =)
tata !!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Jogoya Day !!!! woohoo !!~


It's fun !! but the yummy-ness depends on individual... I personally felt that TENJI is a better one.. But since it has promotion, so who cares ? of coz the one with promo.haha

On wednesday, me, kim, yee chong and jon was there in JOGOYA starhill gallery !! haha... we were so desperate... on the other hand, it's to celebrate yee chong's advance bday ... we treat him jogoya.. so nice lor.. envy him!
Jon join us after his class... But we dun wana lose anything, so we took KTM frm kajang n change to star lrt to reach Hang Tuah, n we walked !! Yee Chong said he always go n he noe the road, so he will bring us there ! he so bahagia gt 2 girls accompany him... But OMG !! that yee chong, hate him! coz he make me walk like mad ! I told him to take monorail to reach Bukit Bintang but he dun1 listen to me! i did my homework b4 i go to a place wan.. gud leh.. haha !!!
So, x take monorail n we walk frm Hang Tuah to Bukit Bintang !! From time square to duno whr then to BB plaza, sg wang, lot 10, lowyat.. OMG !!!!! n only finally reach... if it's not bcoz he is the birthday boy, i sure chop him!! wahahahaha... tan yee chong i just joking arr, dun angry! ngek..
We reach thr on time.. wheeee~ At 11.30am sharp we enter the restaurant.. So happy n im so 38.. coz nvr go thr b4.. LOL !!!.. but interesting.. that time oni 3 of us... haha... jon hvnt cum... wahaha... gt class.. wahahaaa.. we talk alot, sambil eat eat eat.. the food was fantastic.. can say lk dat ar? haha.. okok la actualy.. haha! diff ppl diff taste de la... then, jon came 1pm lk dat... he talk less, eat more.. coz he rdy rugi 1 and a half hour.. ! hahahaha!
The salmon sashimi was great ! the salmon sushi was great! omg ! i reli like salmon..i duno how to describe, but u can go to facebook and see those pic.. now, when i browse back, my saliva banyak banyak.. haha
The dessert! Haagan Dazs n that New zealand ice-cream.. haha! yummeh!!!
got alcholic drink sumore.. im nt drinker girl lol.. drink 1 sip rdy lk wan vomit.. kim de worse.. hvnt drink finish the waitress took it away... so sad.. ahaha..
we suppose to leave the restaurant 2.30pm.. just 3 hours duration for us to eat..they wrote it on our receipt. but we oni realised when it's 3 something... so, since 4pm the lunch end.. we just sit there n act duno .. LOL.. evil huh?! hahaha... we crap we eat, we drink, we crap again... fun!!
it reminds me of penang trip in TAO !.. but enni is not here ! :((

around 230 pm we took alot of dessert, duno what cake what cake la... to make a birthday cake for yee Chong !.. we even ask the waitress to gv us a candle n borrow lighter... They reli do have candle yo.. haha !! great ! fantabulous.. haha... we sang birthday song for him... in jogoya u noe.. haha... n i hope he reli like it la... show u sum pics.. hehe

colourful alcoholic drink.
i x drink alcoho.l, so just drink coconut.. i miss my coconut so much..

foood!! im so blessed to have so much food...

i wish to drink allllll these chocolate~ lolcrab crab.. kiap kiap u..Birthday cake and birthday boy
n here is the pic of all of us..

After jogoya, we went to pavilion since its just side by side... the yee chong wanted to treat us snowflake, but we are too full .. hahaha... actually we wana watch a movie, but the timing is not right.. so, just walk around n then balik rumah... then, yee chong n jon back to INTI.. n there goes our jogoya trip...
I enjoy the whole day... with good food n great people..i love to go out with these people coz they vry easy going n dun put anything in heart... hehe... i would like to try to have dis experience again with foreverus91... sure vry kecoh n happening.. hahaha...
thanks for making my day, u people.. i love u all muchie muchie.. hehe


yesterday, i went to cheras selatan with jon to watch I AM NUMBER FOUR! great ! nice ! interesting, fabulous, fantastic! haha.... after that , our lunch is just hotdog, popcorn n ice lemon tea. great !.. haha... after movie we went to s.recipe for the tea n cake thing.. but dun und y, what cake i want oso dun have wan... at laz, i ordered hazel cheese, but i can't feel any cheese... In fact, jon's expreeso cheese was better... he gave me his n eat mine.. thank u.. hehe.. then after finish eating,he tell me actualy he oso dun like tht hazel cheese... LOL.. im like O.O
he say he vry gud coz he help me eat.. LOL.. i know la, no need say... pig...haha

n he won me a cup from Genting by playing basketball in the arcade.. LOL !!! dun ask me gt touch anot... blekkk... duwan tell..hehe.. but i like it... hehe...lie me.. sei yeh... but suan la, forgv u coz u xin ku.. =))
hehe.. my cup... i memang like to show offf.. ngek.. dun like jiu suan.. haha

okie... so.. my updates till here 1st...
im vry hardworking blogger... hehehe...
nxt post will be vry soon.. hehe

bbye.. n tc..
Love, the author

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Heyo! My blog seems vry active hah! Hualala!
Sticky sticky! Eat rdy sweet sweet de! Thank u 4the sticky! you r nt sweet! U r sticky,haha! I knw u wan me to stick u oni ma. waHaha..kk, til then bb! Hv a gud weekend!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yo !!

Hey, it's the 3rd month already!! why so fast? aiyooo.... ! CNY over for 2 weeks rdy...
Nvm, that means it's nearer to the nxt CNY... ahhaha...
Recently, i have dis pathetic human being who ask me not to disturb my boyfriend.. I hope u noe who u are... It's not the 1st time, n i can't stand anymore... I would wish to express here.. hmph !.
im neither surprise nor shock or whatever.. I just feel that its pathetic to hv human being like that..
Im thinking... WHO THE SHIT U ARE to ask me not to disturb my boyf....n how i disturb him? talk fon took ur life ar? You jealous isit? idiot! I also havent say u disturb my boyf, n u tell me nt to disturb him...
Please, DUn joke with me.. I dun like this kind of shit jokes.. Im not as friendly, playful, or jokeful as what u think, useless pathetic idiot.!

Go get a life, go joke with ur family members and friends, dun joke with me!... u wana joke with me? can... but not this kind of jokes, please!
You are big enough to use ur brain n think.. PLEASE GROW UP !
You can say im small gas.. But i have use up all my patience seriously... It's not the 1st time.. n im dead drop tired with u.. wokay?!
Please stay away frm me, n get lost frm my sight.. I dun wish to see u now, n oso in the future (if i reli can, i reli dun1 to see u).
Thank you...

If u wan, please bear with the consequences... Im a person hu kips all the hatred, im telling you now.. Dun regret.. This is my LAST WARNING..!

ok, pfft!... My feeling expressed.. Done ! ..
Just dun und why on earth has dis kind of childish ppl... I thought im rdy vry childish weyh...
But gt ppl worse than me... omg! reli took all my patience la that idiot specimen..

okie...so ! dis week was a hatred week.. wat the shit man !.. i feel lk smacking that person...
I dun wish to lose a fren like u... but if u continue with ur those jokes n attitudes, i really dun mind losing u..

Stay tuned for Jogoya post! The food thr reli makes my day !!..
till then, take care !!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


GET LOST NOW !!!! NOW !!! NOW !!!!!!!!!!