Sunday, October 21, 2007


Introducing my new puppy, Sky !!!!! Phewit !!! Gave by aunty..... I duno wat breed is he...
one an a half month old... Cute?

named Sky
Sleeping, duno y he sleep lik dat..


K, tmr continue exam.... haizzz

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Young pair lift the title !!!!

My fav Koo Kien Keat.

Tan Boon Heong... My fren's fav. guess hu ar.. He oso cute oor, but my frens wan, i cannt take


Dis young dynamic pair,the other name,(diamond pair) 4 me la, clinch their 2nd grand prix title in Macau Open !! By beating the veteran pair. hahahaha.. So nice match 21-18,17-21,23-21...

Losing in the deciding game..18-20.. But confidence leads to win the title. They manage 2 wrap the game at 23-21.. Kien Keat fell down n injure his knee,juz 2 saved the shuttler. He reali plays his heart out.. Blood flowing out, so sakit hati la, c edi... :-(

But pity the veterans play so hard 2 beat feng-yun. but din win the title.. lol...

K, nitezz, tmr maths n moral, They won !! So i oso mus win !!! But it's impossible.. hahahaha

-carolyn- 9.28pm

P/S: Hu more hensem???? Kien Keat or Boon Heong????

Saturday, October 6, 2007

All Malaysian Affair !!

My idol,KKK-TBH
Defeated markis kido-hendra setiawan,21-18,21-11

Malaysia's veteran pair, CTF-LWW

Defeated top seed Cai Yun-Fu HaiFeng.. 22-20,21-18

Ok, my idols up there, is in Final !! haha. after defeating reigning World Champions Markis Kido-Hendra Setiawan of Indonesia ! While the veteran pair, defeated top seed Cai Yun-Fu Hai Feng of China 2 set up an all Malaysian Affair in Macau Open!!! Great hor... So, Malaysia flag wil keep flying in Macau. But hu wil gonna win da champ? I hope KKK-TBH wil win it ! Both pair r eager 2 win 2 qualify 4 nxt yr Olympic..

If they keep playin the same way lik dis, of course can do well in nxt yr Olympic n Thomas Cup 2.. So, till here.. all the best my fav pair !!! KKK-TBH..

They did da same as Arsenal... !!! Frm Doha till now, Indonesian markis-hendra nvr beat kkk-tbh b4.. So, they r carryin the same ting as arsenal.. Unbeaten Run !!

Go, Arsenal, n kkk-tbh !!!!

Gotta study, exam oor. But still mus watch 2mr's final.. hahaha

Monday, October 1, 2007

Exam !!!!! :-(

Exam is around the corner, less than a week.. So fast, our finals !!!!! Luckily nt Olympic Finals yet (SPM) hehehehe. SEA games finals oni..
Everyday bio,phy,che,add m3, until siao.. Plus sej. OMG !!!!!! Y la, v mus learn sej???? 4 wat purpose??? use in medicine? or use in engineering??? Ishhhhhh... study until siao la.. Luckily gt 1 week break, but no use.. Can't enjoy.. Envy those PMR candidates, after exam, wings will grow n start 2 fly wherever they want. lol.. Still better than none.. Hari raya n deepavali holidays. Yeah !!!
MM.. After dis exam, oni real holiday !!!!!!!!! Long Long Holidays !!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait 4 it....
Im so proud 2 b a Malaysian.. A multi racial country, so many kinds of delicious food, can learn so many language, bm, eng, chinese, tamil,cantonese, hokkien, hakka,n so many more. N da most important ting is the HOLIDAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks 2 so many races in Malaysia gave us so many HOLIDAYS !!!!!!!! hahahahahaha

K, till den......
-carolyn- 7.02pm