Sunday, July 31, 2011


Hello Blog!.. hmmm~
In a blink of an eye! it's now the 2nd half of the year... we are stepping towards the 2nd month of the 2nd half of the year.. haha! do u und what im saying?... I hope u do la.. hahahaha,.. LOL
my eng is not that good.. thts y.. :(

Life's good... everything is good if i dun put on too much hope... hehehahaha
But we must have hopes.. aren't we?
New sem alrdy started for a month! Just finish my 1st macroecon test.. I love economics..~ and accounting? abit or alot? hehe... n after half a year, i can truly figure out where my strength is, and what i like the most... isit too late? i reli hope is not...~

I shud be confident, not gonna be like in a-levels... whatever i do, i dun think it is correct.. As a result, i need to go n kip bugging my fren.. dis wan how , dat wan how? so sad.. I feel that im vry troublesome... but thanks to them hu never say NO in helping me.. Im glad tht i have u guys to help me in my days in a-levels :)

coming up are more test! tues, wed and next mon, and duno when when when.. oh gosh!
But life's still good despite all the tests, and assignments... Thank you Pyramid... You always made my day.. haha!
but this sem, we went thr not vry often.. coz our breaks are jst an hour plus.. lazy to run along the canopy walk... When we walk frm uni to pyramid, we are full of energy and excitement.. but when we walk from pyramid to uni, it's lk taking us yearssss weyh... haha! No motivation to walk back to uni.. haha!

I love my life!
Oh ya! watched transformer and harry potter, and mr popper's penguins... actually thought of watching penguin with 4everus... But masa tak ngam for most of us... soo..,. i watched it in pyramid again.. hmm.. Damn funny that movie.. the penguins are soooooo cute!

Transformer 3 sucks to me.... haha! luckily it's free ticket.. i hardly understand whats going on!..
Frm the start till the end, I jst know which is Bumblebeeee and i love bumblebeeeee.. other than that, saya tak tau.. n i slept..! LOL.. for jst a few minutes la... haha... Besides, I watched Harry Potter with my gang of frens and my boyf in pyramid.. It was okie... I didnt sleep...At least better than Transformer 3.. Luckily.. haha! if not, im wasting money again!

Okie, next what movie arr? No more... jst this few... wuwu.. so sad..
but the best movie of the year, i still think it should go for Fast and Furious 5!
I never like that kind of movie, but FF 5 is truly awesome! Im lovin' it! the sports car are so "handsome".. LOL... wrg adjective, but nvm... haha! i min bergaya lar... haha!

yeah!, recently, i has dis kind of thinking... I wanna work in a bank... i wanna work in Standard Chartered.. I want to work in CitiBank..
THis is because i shall stop thinking or dreaming to work in a food factory, or anything to do with food.. yeah! i love food.. haha!..
But dream is just a dream... It will slowly fade away, i knew..
time to put up a new aim..
I wana work in a BANK!!! A very high ranking or very grand punya Bank!
Thats my aim... :)
In future, whether i am an accountant or an economist, my aim is still working in a BANK!
I wanna make my new dream come true :))))

Alright, im reli running out of things to blog...
Till then,
Take care readers..
Muaksszz ♥

Sunday, July 24, 2011


有时候,我觉得我很多余。总觉得没有陪到你,心里很不安。我觉得自己好像给你不够时间。但是现在才发现,其实你并不什么需要我的陪伴/时间。 你可以有跟多节目去打发你的时间。是我笨,想太多,以为你需要我。你更本没让我觉得你需要我。 所以我想的一切都是多余的!你说过的话,我记着,但我不会相信!我从此,也不会再因为觉得自己陪你不够,而愧疚! 一切,都够了!我没有感觉!

Monday, July 11, 2011

wishing u all the best in ur work, i wont be disturbing u.... peace....
kip on quarelling with u just bcoz of those idiots. why cant u just dun quarrel with me too bcuz of those ppl? eventho u x quarrel, can u pls get rid of ur dissatisfaction? it is so damn annoying when i see that,... i hate u when u show me ur bu shuang-ness... why do u wana bu shuang me, bcoz of those ppl?! har?
hu is more imp to u, btw? why oweys oso dem? i fucking hate them ok? can u pls have a clear cut between urself and damn?
cant u und me? my feelings? my sensitiveness? why the hell is like u wana bu shuang me lidat, jz bcoz of those ppl ah?
i dono how to think... den u?
i live in once upon a time, so u have no responsibility to pull me out of it?
im not trying to blame u, is just.... you noe i hate them, n why do u wana do sumting or go into sumthing, that have them in it, since u clearly noe i wouldnt like it... dont u?
i doubt that..

all the best n good luck,

Sunday, July 10, 2011


everything like shit! i talk what oso shit !
i hate questions la shit! damn lahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

i hate question!

You hate questions... you hate ppl talk much... So do I! I hate questions tooo. i hate ppl ask me WHY WHY WHY! damnit!
so annoying... u know vry well its annoying right, so why ask me?
I mean, if i say nothing den pls la.. u pandai-pandai either reli nothing or i dun wana tell u, i wan u to figure it out urself, as simple as that.
I hate answering WHYsss question. wokay?" get it?

If u dont like me giving u opinion, then dun ask me how ok... i would shut my mouth! just for you.
im sick of it! enough... im not ur maid or whatever... dun think that u can bu shuang to me... im just giving u opinion, trying to solve ur prob. n u talk to me so bu shuang-ly..
Seriously, honestly, sincerely, im bloody bu shuang!... i feel like throwing things, even my laptop!
Im tired ok.... i have my things to be done too.... i give u some opinion just to hope that it can help u. if u dont wana listen, tell me to kip my mouth shut... dun nd to let me talk, n then come n bu shuang me! i feel so idiotic!
IM not blaming YOu!
iM blaming myself for being so busybody!
Im busybody !

Monday, July 4, 2011

new sem

New sem is here... wheeee~ me lovin' it!
we have few korean classmate in eng class.. but they are exchange students and only will be here for a month.. :(
They are nice nice ppl... fun and friendly.. :D

Accounting lecturer was fun... her class is not bored.. hehe... lots of jokes and stories :D
1st day is kinda awesome.. cuz it's 1st day, so yeah! we dun reli have classs.. hehe...
we have longer break that is.. :)
Soooooo... what else besides pyramid? hehehe.. i went to popular to buy some stationaries and off we go to mamak for lunch.. hehe... i had maggie goreng,as usual... su-ianne had her tomyam meehun and peiqi had her roti canai.. LOL!!

n it was ard 12pm... we ran back to class as usual.. not reli run, cuz we had like 15 mins b4 class starts... :)
tomorrow will be sooo freee... cuz i only had 1 classss which starts at 2.45pm...
wow! this is just for the first week. wuwuwu..
Anyway, stilll is ok... me still lovin' it!
n yes, im repeating again and again... I LOVE IT! hhahaha
I didnt had dis feeling in inti.. lolz... duno y... hahaha
anyway, its nt imp nimo... hehe

oh ya! im a little afraid for macroeconomics... microeconomics is easier... most of the people say tht... n surprisingly, my macro lecturer. is my microeconomic's teacher's sister... You get what i mean? hahaha

today, is goooood to see everyone back... after 1 month of hols... =)
yeah ! my target for this sem... no target set...
just do my best.. =)
i loveeeeeee college cuz i loveee it... hahaha!with the koreans.. ♥