Monday, September 28, 2009

Leo Mission

On Sunday was Leo Mission.. This time we went to the Zoo to have community service.. most kids from myanmar joined us tooo... hehe... we gather at 6.30am @ MPH.. Yes, we are damn early, reach ZOO NEGARA around 8 stg... we were grouped into sections.. n my group consist of 3 adults (shugan, jon, carolyn) n 2 kids (patricia and vincent) were assigned to the lion and tiger's kumpulan.. huhu.. Great experience washing the lion n tiger's cage.. phew... We got back around 6 stg in the evening.. huhu.. Although it's tired, but we had fun.. thats all =)

Group pic..

Lion and his wife, i duno call wat..

carolyn and duno wat is the thing

Carolyn n shuganCarolyn and Jon..

The lion..
the basin not in the toilet


tiger cage..

Sugarrrr... Shugannn
Lala pose..

Our group.. The tigers and lions section..

Kawanku... Shugan..

With Chiao ann @ madu/lebah ssection..

Till then, nitezzz

Monday, September 21, 2009

Never Know

I will never know why isit like that..
n I hope that i won't need to know that..
Im sick of it..
Too tired...

Good night !

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Who you think you are

Find me when you need me, n treat me lk grass when you don't need..
when u hv ntg ard to entertain u, you come to me, n when u get things to entertain u, phew.. i wont get to see ur shadow.. what is all these?
Damn annoyed ok..
Can u just stop it huh..please..
Sumtimes i just wondering, keep guessing...
Am I important???
Im disappointed..
n i agree with my fren, The word "BELIEVE" had a "LIE" in the middle..
So, shud i believe or not...



Thursday, September 17, 2009

A fun wednesday

Wednesday we had Chemistry practical.. So, inti now set a rule said dat u cn only enter ur lab with lab coat.. huhu..

hahaha.. Labcoat lalalalala... but rite, i tell u.. this labcoat is of coz better den convent's la.. haha


After lab, we have Chemistry classss.. 4 hours of chemistry.. walaoweh... Class ends at 4pm, and phewwwwww.. off we go to Connaught pasar malam.. There are a total of 10 pppplssss.. eeli,swee chin,yen fern, me, jon, yeeling, szeyien, america, lady boss n boss.. But unfortunately, the weather was bad, and we didnt jalan finish la.. it's the 1st time for me to dis connaught pasar mlm.. haha.. i din noe that it's located just so near frm ucsi.. damn near la alrite.. After that, we went to serdang and we ate steamboat.. buffet kind of steamboat.. hehe.. you can eat all u wan.. neh.. u noe rite, middle is soup wan, then side thr can lk barbeque wan.. hehe.. I think i barbeque more than the soup wan.. haha.. It's nice lerr, the fud.. not bad.. haha.. We this kind of on-then-on people reli geng wan lor.. wan go den go wan.. hahaha..with mum, eeli.. haha

szeyien.. the oweys laugh wit me fren.. haha

Yeeling, our tutor.. oweys teach us, coz she vry intelligent wan..
Jon.. my long lost friend.. =)

America... vry funny fren..

with yen fern, swee chin, szeyien n eeli...

Germagne and sze yien..


Half of us..

n so.. we reached Inti around at night.. full like anything.. fuhhh.. damn full lor.. bcoz we ate alot ice-cream toooo.. n too much consuming butter.. huhu.. haha
so... it's a fun day ler...
till the next post..
take care

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I dun1 nything

sem 2.. feeling sucks..
mood sucks..
everything is bad..
I don't like it, or i shud say i cnt adapt well..
I duno how to say..
I duno why, my mood swings lk dat everyweek, without fail..
I just don't want anything... ANYTHING, EVERYTHING..
Wat oso I dun1 !!!!!
I DON'T WANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want NS...
theres nothing to think about...
Although, it's tiring, but Im happy..
Till den..


Why do people care for you only when they need you?
n they just leave u alone when they don't need you

I dislikie you.. hurt ppl, but you dono.. always oso lk dat wan ler.......
Saya dah biasa.. biarkan je la..

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sad Case

Im not a mind reader.. I cnt read ppl's mind..
So sad.. wuwuwu..
Whoever can, plss teach me..


Happpy Birthday Esther Siah


dear esther, happpie 18th birthday to you..
18 yrs old edy.. U are now legal to do anything u want..
So, wana wish u all de best in life, may all ur birthday wishes come true and have a great time with all that you love.. =)

Misss you..

Monday, September 7, 2009

What's going on

Im just wondering.. and Im curious..
What's going on with myself??
My mood swings like nobody's business..
I feel so uncomfortable..
Why izit lk dat huh??
Can people tell me ar, whats going on with this silly girl?
I can go gila if this things continue lah..
But I know, all this is what I choose to be..
What am I now, is what I choose to be..
So, no need to ask any1, n no nd to blame any1, but only myself
Mampus, you noe what m i talking?
I bet u won't know..
Therefore.. Im now stopping here..
Till then !

Friday, September 4, 2009

1st week of 2nd sem

It's now the 2nd sem..
1st week seems freeee..
But.. Bio, chem and Maths started sum teaching.. a little bit..
So... Mon was hols rite, n we only started going class on tues..
All the lect were changed, xcept for mathematics and statistics..
Chemistry was bored.. Biology teaches at a very fast pace.. n Moral we havent reli start..
My last sem's lect was reli gooood.. Maybe the new lect are good tooo, but uptill now, still the previous lecturers are the best..

yeah, it's only the 1st week, but quite fun n happening though.. Wednesday was our classmate yen fern's bday.. so, we had a little surprise for her, buying a cake for her n we sing K in Music box.. around 20++ ppl? almost the whole classs 85%.. n we make the whole floor full of cream.. Lolz..
On tues and thurs was movie day..
FYI, my college friends are mostly ON-THEN-ON kind of people.. hahaha..
When we planned something, surely on the spot jadi wan..
So, on tuesday we suppose to watch Orphan, but don't have. so sad ler..
:'( Therefore we watch 1 chinese movie called Vengeance.. duno wat ler.. Not that nice la.. OKOK je..
n yesterday rite, mins thursday ler.. Cukup geng la.. Whole gang went and watched
The Final Destination 4..
It's a nice movie to me la.. although some part quite scary, and geli also la..
But not bad la.. I nvr watch 1,2,3.. So i duno la.. Which part nicer..
After watching that movie rite, i feel i must live life to the fullest..
Everyone only live once...
Be thankful with what you have n who you are today...

Oh ya, next week got biology quiz dy.. so fast... n the tcher teach vry fast too.. Her notes vry smalll... haih.. i cannot get use to it..

Tomorrow, Genting day again.. hahaha.. Not sien wan meh oweys go?
Ok lor.. wont vry sien la.. boleh la... hehe.. cooling plc wat.. n it's my 2nd home kononnnnnnya.. hehe..
K ar..

Till then...
Have a nice weekend peeps..