Wednesday, October 29, 2008


In less than a month !!! We gonna separate... and yeah, it's our senior year..Senior Year !!! You know what I mean? Lolz..
Don't know where we gonna go, different people going different ways...
Nothing last forever, Nothing is permanent, but our friendship do..
Some says there's no "best friends forever"...
yeah ! because of backstabber. Isn't it?
But NOW, to me, backstabber is nothing anymore.. Without backstabber, there is no friendship that will last forever. You know why? I know, you don't know what Im crapping.. Lol.. After we were back stabbed, we will learned that, beside from the fake friends we have, there are some real friends out there . and here is mine:

The moment we share together
Best friendsss forever
Everlasting friendship
The Chemistry between us..
The best class i ever had !!
Friendship that will last forever. That's what means by Foreverus91..

Now,who dare to say "Best friends Forever" doesn't exist? Slap yourself now...

Till then, tata

"The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart"

Monday, October 27, 2008

A random post before i go pd... huhu...
I'm leaving for Port Dickson.. I can sense you guys saying "aiyoh, again !" "Spm ar, tsk tsk.."
Yes, you are right. AGAIN...
Well, I alone SPM, takkan my whole family follow me SPM meh.. some ppl will ask "why don't you stay at home".. FYI, My parents will not allow us kids stay alone in the house... Apatah lagi overnight wan... Because kadar jenayah sedang meningkat. You know that right? and my garden is a damn quiet garden... Plus, Im going Kasturi tomorrow, who gonna fetch me lar... To express in a better way, I CAN'T drive in KL area, lol... The drivers there are toooooooo... Everything want fast fast...The light baru saja turn Green, they rdy honk you.. But actually, I don't really know the way, LOLZ... I get lost means finish la... who gonna save me..
Jalan also we will get lost, don't say drive.. Every way also jalan sehala, and you know my reversing skill is ma ma dei.. It will take years to reverse 1 car. hahaha
I always sit bhind at the bus, so not really sure which jalan...

anyway, hmm.. I wana go PD la... So long didn't go rdy.. I mean the apartment I so long didn't go rdy... I would take some pics of the newly renovate apartment TO SHOW OFF. lolz... haha.. Wadeva...

My country sedang mengacau ni.. Very luan hor... So, I am thinking of migration. Lol.. Too fast to think right? hahahahahahaha...
Either NZ or Australia... But there will not have mamaksss. hahaha

I like the lifestyle here, but I prefer the education there..

By the way, what's kiasusss all about? Alwayss alwaysss alwaysss when any exams is about to start, I heard of alot kiasusss topicsss...
Being a kiasu is not a bad thing.. But make sure don't naik gila...
A's is important, but attitudes are even more important..
Yeah, people with great results but with a terrible attitude, still they gonna "SU"..hahaha... I don't mean any1, but my cousin with "great" attitude and also great results. so imagine.. They are greater than the Great wall of China... hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
You are always at the top, once you fell, you can't accept, and there goes..........You need anti depressant... Or else...
Finish with kiasu's paragraph =)

Alright, i am half way with Add maths, the
Gonna get the key !!!
2 weeks to SPM. 1 month to freeedom !!!!!
3 months to NS.. 5 months to SPM's result !!!!!!!!!
Time flies and never come back..


You guys will miss my postsss. I know.. LOL...
Oh yeahh !!! Malaysia's Women's doublesss , Chin Ee Hui and Wong Pei Tty, at last, finally, akhirnya,
Clinch their first ever Super Series title this year in Odense, Denmark...
Hualalalalalalala... KKK-TBH reali...
Peter Gade grab the Men singles title... The quite-not-young yet leng chai ang mo...Lol

and yes !
Happy Deepavali to all !!

ps:my kawans, chop place 4me !! After the 1st Air-cond kay !!!
Thanksss.. Muaccckkksssss.. I buy roller coaster and twisties tomato... haha

Saturday, October 25, 2008

High School Musical 3

Today I went to Mid Valley to watch High School Musical
3.. Actually we have a coupon, buy 2 free 1. So ngam ngam me and adik-adik sekalian.. BUT, they say that coupon does not valid for High School Musical 3 because it just released. She said, "you can watch Mamma Mia using this coupon.."
My goodness, mamma mia... I don't know how to menghayati la...
"is ok den, can I have my coupon back? I want 3 tickets for HSM 3..
" ohh.. Then mama mia dun1?"
" No thanks"...
The show starts at 2.15pm but a lot of kids already waiting since 1.30pm.. They can't wait to go into the theatre.. hehe..
Overall, the show was not bad... the song was ok lar... Well, a bit sad when Troy and Gab gonna separate... Saya rasa terharu, but havent cry yet.. Lol
.. Maybe because Im also graduating...
See, their jubah so nice. Nicer then convent's...

Prom theme: Last waltz..
Gab teaches troy how to dance..
Two best friends

aww.. So sweet..

A worth watching movie... Especially for fifth formersss...
till then, toodles... :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Graduation pictures

Finally, Sarah gave the correct CD, and I got the pics.. some graduation pics...
wif Pn Lim
The talkative gang in class Before going back...

My ever so entertaining addm3 and m3 teacher, Pn Lim..
(x+5)(x+9); dy/dx; b-4ac; f(x) =)
I take so many shots with her, and she chose this place.. Lol..
Me: Lao shi, lai pai zhao..(teacher, come take pic)
Pn Lim: haa? Pai zhao ar? pai shen me oor.. (take pic?)
Me: shi la, kuai dian kuai dian...(ya, faster faster)*chik chak*
Me: Aiyoh, bu mei de la, zai lai guo (not nice wan, take again)
Pn Lim: aiyoh, ni pai zhe bian na li mei? pai zhe li ma...(u take here whr got nice? take thr ma)
Me: haa.. ok la okla.. kuai dian kuai dian.. wo yao na shi wu le.. lol... (ya.. ok la, faster faster, i wan take food dy) lol
This teacher of mine is a very damn nice teacher... You see her 1st time, abit scare. But actually not scare wan.. Lol..
Her teaching is great and her homework she gave is like mountain so high..
She say we must scor Quality A, not Lucky A.. Lol
Leaving school, i will definitely miss her.. lar..
Till then, im done with graduation pics.. Foreverus91's turn...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Today's Jusco Members Day... Very cheap !!! I went and reach 8.30am !!
Maths period also not yet finish !
I grabbed some tee and jeans... my sis grab colour pencils.. adui...
My parents grab oil, milo.......Lol... The groceries are cheap !! huhu...
Got 1 girl, girl or lady? buy so so so many clothes.. Take until like mountain so high. I think she buy and keep for chinese new year la...but CNY oso 15 days only. 1 day 1 also no need so much ler..
and yes again.. I saw the boyfriendsss hold so many things for the girlfriendsss.. and I can see the guy's face: "aiyo, buy somemore ar? faster lah" lol... the girls slamber je... so bad leh..

Although I din go school but I know it is a good choice.. :)
I learn something bout Biology today.. Subtopic: Kidney.. *artificial kidney*

The dialysis machine...

The screen.. Damn canggih wan..
This is a dialyser.. It does the ultrafiltration work... I guess la..
Sodium Chloride. To prevent cramp during dialysis treatment. also I guess wan..
Very pain wan.. Two needles poke the artery and the vein..

That's all for today. Pontenging again tomorrow. Break record, 3 hari berturut-turut..

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ee Li salah interpret my sms. hahaha.. I know she will. Lol...
and so she reach bus-stop at 12.45pm and the 1st bus left rdy,haha.. But, still we make it la.. We able to chop 2 rows of place... Harjir, Kohi,Ee Li and me who ponteng, went to chop plce 1st.. The others comes half an hour later by Mei fen's car.. They sesat, and so they simply ask ppl who wear uniform where's kasturi.. haha.. main ask only...

After chopping place, me and Kohila went popular to buy something. We didn't bring the seminar card with us... Mana tahu when we come back, they ask to show the card b4 going in. TAT AUNTY I tell you...
We don't hv, so I tell her we din bring out ler, inside class ehh...she oso din say must brin along. Then, what sumore? SHE GIVE US THAT LOOK lahh !! That moment I feel like... But, it's not the 1st time la, uncountable time...
if we students wana curi masuk, din gv seminar card oso wont hv notes wat.. So why she giving me that look?? zhen de shi za dao..
Should give rating to the workers... Then I will give them Z to the power of infinity. hahaha.. not evil la... mmg I have to give.

So, kawan sekalian, Mr Fong nice leh...won't look at the time right? I say edy wan ler.. Better than... ehem dun1 say la...
Kohila non-stop telling me he is innocent.
"ehh, he so innocent"
"yalor.. I tell you edy. I 1st time c him, oso feel like that
*laugh* wei, he so damn innocent lah"..
and got 1 girl sitting few rows bhind us said " ehh why he so cute wan?" omg.. so loud..
Yeah ! I love him... so innocent... Everyone said that, he can be an artist besides teacher. Because he's art is tahap tertinggi. He can draw very well...
Lian Ee keep on saying he is emotionless..because he can don't laugh when he tell so funny punya joke... kagumnya...
Meifen and Inthuja gonna fall in love with him soon.
Mimi no need say, thinking of him every moment..

After Biology was add maths. Teacher came back, luckily...if some guru ganti takeover, lagi finish.. He said his backbone dislocated..
But the class is not what I expect to be.. I don't know why the teacher talk so different today... hmm.. backbone side effect? His jokes very cold today..dont know what "your mind is dirtier than my mouth" ! lol...
actually the teacher not lk dis wan u noe, u all salah faham edy... Lol...

Tomorrow im not going to school again.. I think Im gonna get surat amaran if I berturut-turut lagi until AFTER Deepavali holi... But, my friend Mimi will be there to teman me.....Yeah Yeah !!
Thurs got Physics g.gempur. Lagilah I dun wana go ! hahaha

That's all for 2day.. expressed what i wana express :)

p/s: so, meifen how's my taste? Dou jiang my taste not bad wan lok...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Today Sarah suppose to give us the graduation photos.. She save in a disc.. Hmm.. When I open, it's a blank disc. Lol...
I thought my computer cannot support tiam.. Lol..

we never go back to the rombak class.. hahaha..
We do what we like to do.. After all it's still left bout 2-3 weeks.. We chit chat bout lots of things..
Talking about prom.. Esther thought can only bring boys to prom.. Pity her..amrit suggest that she shud bring her brother.. Noone know oso.. Girls oso can la moi.. Lol.. She don't know who to find, so she decided not to go... hahaha.. But Mei Fen is going.. She asked me wanna go not, but i just don't know how to say "Ok, go lah"..n ee li oso din go.. I tak biasa go that kind of place, that kind of atmosphere just not my type... Lol...
Go den go disco lar.. hahaha..

Durin Bio, Yee Thong,mimi and me kaji-ing S.H.I.T word.. hahaha

Oh shit, my mark so low nia..
Hey, you know? SHIT is a bad word
huh? ooh... but vry normal what. Thsn the word start with "F"?
that wan even worse than shit..
ohh, then dont say shit say urine?
LOL.. say Faeces la.. oh, faeces !


Then Me and Ee Li talk about inventing medicine.

wei.. i study biomedical sci la, then i invent alot ubat...
ohh ok ar.. Good !! what ubat?
I invent ar, no need telan wan, no need jab wan, only apply.. Like cream like that wan..
Huh? Then people internal pain u ask them to apply cream ar?
ooh ya hor.. So, I invent ubat that can cook with rice and eat together, no smell wan. Just eat, then can cure edy wan
Ooh !! wei, then you invent oso la, can put inside juice then drink wan..
okay oso.. can can

hahahahaha.. syok sendiri la...

I planned to skip school this whole week. Which mean I will only go to school after DEEPAVALI holiday.. Yeahh !!!
Tues: Got seminar, dun1 go school
Wed: Jusco Members Day, want go shopping
Thurs: Seminar
Fri: Lazy

Talking bout seminar rite? I don't want go dy la... The teacher i want I dont think he can make it.. Yer.. Not nice lame jokes... :( From somewhere I heard he admitted hospital rdy due to backache... Backache wor, so geng wan meh? backache only weyh........

Tomorrow's my off day, no need to wake up early ! Yippie !!

ps: Gem of Life 1st episode today !!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A day out again

Went out for the whole day again.. Meet up Mimi and Ee Li at 11am in KTM... We headed straight to Kasturi 1st.. Just in time.. hehehe..
So, it's the last day of tuition... hmmm.. Overall, it's not bad la tutioning there.. Met Aunty Pat in Kajang station!! My ex tutiton teacher..i wave to her..
Aunty pat: Wah, go where? Go shopping arr?

Me: huh? No la.. Go tuition ler..
Aunty Pat: Where? Kasturi ar?
Me: hahahaha yeah...

Rating time..
Physics: A star, if mr Tan I have no comment..we skipped his class and went to add m3.. lol...
Add Maths: A star

Biology: A star
Chemistry: A and of course star, the bestest teacher for Chemistry I ever had..

But I tell you,there rite, teachers very good.. But the workers there arrrr.. The collect card wan arrr especially the aunty arrrr... She is so what la... Almost all the workers are RUDE..
That's what I wana say.

Alright, My mission complete.. I successfully take picture with my Biology teacher, Mr Fong.. Sungguh cute la him... Lol.. After class right, me and
Mimi went out there noe.. Actually I wanted to fang qi edy.. I very shy.. Lol.. Since the class today was quite empty, so I waited everyone go out 1st.. Like thiss.. Ee Li, inilah li vry malu wana c him wa, so she went toilet and hide..

Me: Teacherrr.... ermmmmm...
teacher: yes?
Me: can i take picture with you??
teacher: Ohh.. sure. okie !
Me: erm.. teacher ar, you smile okie?

teacher: huh? ohh! okok.. LOL..
I say leng chai means leng chai, don't argue with me..
alright.. shall c him live, u will say. "Wahh" !!

After that, we went to KLCC.. That Mimi who actually said DON't WANT TO GO, wanna study Bible Knowledge saying that her exam will be this thurs. But at last, she went with us too... You see la this gal.. ishh..
and here I present you the two princess who join the KL tour under me, carolyn.. Lol This is their 1st time to KL.. Xiao mimi and Xiao Li.. They come frommm..... China, Guangzhou and Hang Zhou.. Yeah !

Once we entered KLCC, we hunt for food. So, ended up stay in Burger King. Can refill drink ma..
After that, we went to have a look of that "Study In Australia" thing...
Ngam ngam we go time, talk about Biomedical Science and Biotechnology. That's our main point going thr.. After the talk, we jalan-jalan there, and get
some goodie bag and plastic bag. huhu..
I guess we are a little young for that... But nvm, as I said, plan for the future. LOL...
So, after visiting thr, we went KinoKuniya. Because Ee Li's parents say fetch us bag since they also going KLCC. Thanks uncle and aunty for the ride and the dinner.. hehe
Kononnya, study there wa... jia jia de.. Since there don't have our F5 books, so we use our own books
This girl reading Bible knowledgeReading Bio. :)

reading Bioo too...

and so, ppl caught us taking pic. She thought we taking pic of their books. Omg ! perasan.

About 6 lebih we balik.. On the way back, Ee Li's mum ta pao some food back home..
Our dessert... Cheesy choc.. Apple dont know what and white choc something.. We didn't finish, too full..We sapu the cheesy choc.. eemm.. yumm
After makan, we clean up because Ee Li's maid
on leave..

Mimi put sabun

Ee Li rinse the plate
and I susun on the shelf, since is an ez job, so I clean the table also..
Actually, table not dirty also. hahaha

1 day had pass... 3 weeks to SPM...
tata.. gtg !

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Date: 18 October 2008
Venue: Prescott Metro Inn
Majlis Junjungan Kasih Kenangan Budi...

Today was our graduation day !!! woohooo...
I reached metro Inn 9.05am lk dat la... hmmm... alot ppl wear Punjabi suit... It's just simple...
Actually la right, i don't wanna wear my punjabi suit that my cousin lend me wan. But since she lend edy, I just wear la... Don't want broke her heart. hahahahaha

There's one don't know from where punya General Manager aka ex-convent student who came and gv 10 minutes of speech. I personally feel that she is lack of manners although she is ermmm a GM, came back from dont know england, africa,canada, america or don'tknow which part of the world.. ya mayb she's a GM and evry MUST listen to her. The ex-head prefect was better compared to her schoolmate...

1st picture surely take with her. :)
Me and Edna
Foreverus91 without Amrit, with Mei Fen..Aiya, blurrr...

After that, we were entertained by all 5 classes's performances. 5 Intan's sketch was great..
Very entertaining. Yashini who acted as Pn Sakuntala should be awarded best actress of the year. hahaha
5 Berlian of course nice la, my class what... We did slide show title "Our Journey"..
hmmm.. how sweet...Our class performance.. Great singers, pianist (hidden), and guitarist.

Then, we had makan-makan session. Buffet RM 30 sungguh tak berbaloi as Sarah said.
"semua pun tak sedap la".. hahaha. yalor..
The queue to take food is so so so long. I think people who came out from the lift are all scared by us young kids.. lol..

Beside of table, there is a mirror. We seldom take pic from the mirror, so Esther goes: come come let's take our pic from the mirror. hehehe..
Esther Chong, the "yeng" girl. i wan sleep rdy la.. :)

Me and Edna
Kohila and Carolyn
Lee Chong Wei's die hard fans..1 of my sweetest friend, Shobana..
Mei Fen, The making of Christmas Tree..I Love Lam Fung, She love Chan Hou
The mirror !! Us. Esther, whr you looking? heehee..

We exchanged scarf, for terkini
The smartest girl, Sarah.
Sithara the funny girl.
Me and Tien Pao
The tall Inthuja
Harjir, My treasurer..Me, Lian Ee, Sarah, Esther and Mei Fen, block peoples way to go up the stairs. :)Sales and Marketing department. How can we help you?

So, Ee Li went back 1st... She is going Mid Valley and at the same time promoting Amrit's Punjabi suit.. Yeah... Go Ee Li !!!
I followed Lian Ee fetches Mei Fen to Metro Point because her parents was there and then fetches Sarah back home... hehehehehehehehe..Sarah also tumpang Lian Ee rdy !!
The passengerss
The driver. LOL

This is the paling "man" that she can act. hahahahaha..
Stuck in traffic jam look. Still can laugh.

Btw, still got pics la, but not with me only. Upload when I get it..
Alright, gtg... Today Grey's Anatomy last episode for this season.. !