Friday, March 30, 2012

X insecure X X lonely X x horrible attitude x x friendship x x love x

Hi Blog, Is me blog!
i had not been updating for like jz few weeks. Good job huh? hehe...~
anyway, today im here to release wats in my heart this few weeks.
Uni is tiring... the assignments and tutorial  more than enough to stress  me... 4 subjects...

Sometimes, i kinda admire those who work and study at the same time.. I wonder do they have time to finish up tonnes of assignnment? How do they manage their time without getting tired? how this and how that?
hmmmm....~ its week 5 now, and test is coming nxt week, assignment due nxt week... Lots of things coming next week... I still havent started my assignmnet :'( Perhaps i suck in time managing...
However, looking at the brighter side, I will have a week of break after that! Weeeee!~
Nowadays, I feel so tired. It's nothing to do with the lecture hours as my lecture hours are shorter compare to other uni. Instead, it's bcoz of traveling, the times that I stuck in the jam.
I reach home around evening everyday. I laze on the sofa n then eat my dinner. By the time I finish my bath, it will be around 9pm.. I know I should start my work straight away, but I start facebooking. When it's 10pm, I started to feel so sleepy, and I jz slept off.. Pfft! Haiz.. My attitude is horrible and I hardly get my things done.
But 1 thing I woke up 6am everyday, my biological clock just wake me up at 6am everyday. I usually do my work in the morning...~ however, I do not have sufficient time cuz I go uni at 7stg or 8 stg.. 1 to 2 hours are not enough though.. Haha... But it's better than none.. Anyway, I would try to clear off my bad habit Aka facebooking and become better in managing my time...

Next, I would like to say, I'm truly struggling in friendship these days... Once I entered uni, everything seems different? My friends are like all split out, going on different routes, why can't we be like before, just like we used to be? I guess we are all further apart now. Sometimes feel awkward to each others. Or perhaps no more same topics to talk about.. Hmmmm....~
Why is always love and friendship the harder to use, I use to hope that my boyfriend would join my friend, and I have one. I feel blessed.. But sometime, frens feel shy to join cuz they don wanna be light bulb, I und n i know it's uncomfortable. Therefore, I try my best to not make ppl feel that my world is oni me n my bf.. I believe, everything can be fine if we ourself can manage it well... Times with friend and love should be made equal.. In uni, we should care for friends feeling though. They are the one that will make ur uni life wonderful and memorable.. U can have plenty of private times wit ur bf want after classes.. Bf and gf do not need to stick to each other 24/7 rite? cuz each of us need some time for our own. Agree? Haha.. Just my opinion..
I do not wana lose my friend bcoz of is love, n friends and friends. Both are important i guess. But maybe sometimes the power of love is greater than friendship. Thus, people tends to put more time on love instead of friendship. But agree or not u might regret it later..

This post is long, and it's all me alone ranting.. Sorry if it's boring.. All this are just my opinion, agree or not is by a matter, n I apologize if Any of my words did offended any1 of u.. :)
Till then,
Toodles! ♥

Friday, March 2, 2012

Week 1

~Friend sudden change
~walk alot
~in the process of adapting new environment
-Love change
~did not make any new frens :(