Tuesday, September 18, 2007

He Won !!!!!!!

Wo yoh, spiky hair..

Yeah !!!!!! He reali win !!!! Beat the olympic Champion Taufik Hidayat of Indonesia in a thrilling 2 sets 22-20,19-21,21-19 in 65 mins. So long, i sit down in front of the tv 4 1 hour n 5 mins.
But he shud hv win it straight set, do so many mistakes let ppl force out a rubber set.But at last still win.. Smart game !!! lol...
Nxt wil b Taiwan Open !@! China team wil nt b participatin due 2 visa prob. So Chong Wei wil b the top seed , yeah !!! Hope 2 c him win again !!!!!

P/S: Amrit, dis pic still apek meh??? Spiky spiky wan wo.. gt style abit...

Yeah !!!!!! My fav in final !!!

My fav...... I noe amrit wil say ah pek..... But if c properly ar, where gt ah pek? Budak oni.. lol

Once again. my fav player (darling kononnya), Lee Chong Wei went into the final. His 1st ever Japan Open final. N set up a final clash against Olympic Champion Taufik Hidayat of Indonesia in Japan Open.. The oni malaysian survivor since q-final.. Phewit !!!!!!! (applause) :-) He defeated 2 times World Junior Champion Chen Jin n 2 times World Champion Lin Dan both frm China in a row en route 2 the final

Yes !!!!!!! Won !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The match was so exciting !! Can't blieve dat's he is back !!! Beating CJ n LD, 21-7,21-16 & 21-19,21-15 respectively.. Brilliant defence, amazing net. Perfect smashes.Everyting nice, n plus wit sum luck... Lin Dan is good too.. Perhaps he did many mistakes... Last yr,defeated by Taufik in semi, n dis yr meet again in final... Dat's a chance 4 him 2 take sweet revenge.. hehehe.. Hope he wil take the opportunity, n dun make me disappointed.. :-) Cw ar, cw.. Mus win la... If lose oso nvm, but make sure rubber set.. Dun lose straight set... so, all the best 2 him 2mr..
i gtg......... Bye !!! wana zzz,tmr watch him play. hehehehehe :-)

Trip 2 Langkawi

I miss my add maths, Physics n Chemistry lessons 4 these 3 days.. Luckily Bio Teacher oso absent, but i din c her in Langkawi.hehehehe
3 days 2 night trip 2 Langkawi by Air Asia hu oweys delay... Actually our plane is 1025, but delayed 1 hr.. The journey is exactly an hour. So v reach there at 1225 sharp... hmm... 9 of us...My family n my uncle n aunty.. V rent a van frm the airport, n go kai kai ourselves with the help of the map.. hehehe
On The Plane..
Selamat datang ke Pulau Langkawi !!
Langkawi cable car.. Unfortunately, din open....sob sob
On the van dat v rent.
In eagle square.. Nt clear, my phone cam nt dat canggih.hehehe
Langkawi's sea... I lik da blue sky...
My sis, me n cousin, Kimberly
My sis n me.. In a restaurant which recommended by my fren, Esther.
Actually, went 2 Makam Mahsuri 2.. Now i noe the story.. B4 dat, blur blur oni... But no pics, coz the ppl say cannt take pics.. haiye.... We went under water world 2.. But juz outside, coz went b4 d ma, ntg wan. waste $$$.. better buy CHOCOLATES !! So nice la, chocs... hehehe I get my cadbury breakaway !!
Oh, 1 ting, i wana share, Ppl in Langkawi hu sell chicken rice has a poney tail,but is a guy... I went 2 two diff shop, both sell chicken rice. The person hu sell, both wit poney tail. But diff person. funny hor.....
I guess dat's all for now.. gtg..


New Season

After merdeka, is a new season..... 2me.. the 4th section of the yr. Well, 3 more months n we wil say goodbye to 2007..Still gt so long 2 go, so better enjoy. i cut my hair recently, i duno ok 4me anot? So, dear amrit , giv me sum comment,coz u asked me 2 update dis blog. I guess vry boring. I feel dat. I dun hv inspiration to write. hahaha. Duno y?Oh ya, here, i wan2 complaint about dat teacher, hu 4B shud noes. Our sej teacher, ish, pandainya she pujuk us ar, if she get A 4 her practical,belanja us eat KFC.. Lik dis oso kinda tiru la... rite? She teach lik dat ar? i definitely fail her.. triple Z !!! hehehehe. wit the previous wan no diff, except she doesn't call me often 2 ans quest, whereas that previous wan, oweys tembak me.. N all her sentence tersirat.. I dislike ppl hu talk tersirat wan. But not my frens... hehehe. Sumtimes tersirat oso quite nice.. Vry funny. But i juz dislike dat person hu talk tersirat. Dat 1 oni.. heheheOk, nxt, Wat am i goin 2 do in this new season? do my best in end yr exam.. Dun1 talk bout exam. Besides, ermmm... wat leh? ohh.. wan2 do well in my electone concert. Since the concert is a christmas concert, means december kua, so long time 4 me to practice. Hopefully, i dun step wrg pedals n 4low wrg rhythm.. I dun wana memalukan diri sendiri ma. hahahahak , till here, vry tired..Bye !!

Yeah !

Happy 50th Birthday Malaysia !!!!!!!!
Jalur Gemilang dibawah naunganmu Jalur Gemilang kami semua bersatuPerpaduan kedaulatanAmalan murni rakyat MalaysiaJalur Gemilang megah kami terasaJalur Gemilang kibarkanlah wawasanMerah, putih, biru, kuningJalur semangat kami semua
Dis yr's theme, Malaysiaku Gemilang !! Reali gemilang leh... Y suddenly i so patriotik ar?
Act, Malaysia nt bad le.. Food so nice.... Gt Genting Highland(my company) hahaha. Gt so many beaches... So many diff races.. Can talk so many language, dialect...
31 Aug, Malaysia's birthday !! So, here 2 wish Happy Birthday Malaysia... May all malaysian dreams cum true.. every1 be well n happy...... Good health (the most most most important ting.) Wealth oso mus gt la.. But belakang kira.. hehehe
Football society pls gt improvement, juz lik badminton, hahahaha. Dun memalukan dis Gemilang n Terbilang punya country.. lol...
K, till den, duno wat i talk.. Juz feel lik bloggin..
So, every1 Happy National Day !!!!!!!!!