Friday, December 31, 2010

Walking down memory lane 2010

I can't believe today is the last day of 2010 !! 2010 had been kind to me.. it's a good year indeed compare to last year... I couldn't ask for more... i tak sampai hati say bye bye to 2010, but im excited to welcome year 2011! I hope it will be a great year tooo.~
So now, lets have a glance on wht i hv done in this past 12 wonderful months..

JANUARY : the 1st time i've celebrate my birthday in inti.. INTI the place full with laughter and tears... It's sum kind of water splashing party though coz most of us get wet..=)
not to forget foreverus91 hu celebrated with me in 21st century 2gthr with lianee!.. the surprise really....... haha.

FEBRUARY: was CNY, but din reli celebrate coz of sum reason... But the 1st valentine,was simple but memorable.. thanks for everything...

MARCH: College hectic schedule.. evryday routine.. go class, lunch, back room, class, diner, study, sleeep... the day repeat again and again..

APRIL: same ting happens, but busier as AS is nearer.. Oh ya, n welcome the new born of my SE w995.. why am i telling here huh, is coz that this time i realli bought by my own. 100% my own money. I felt so proud... hahahahaha

MAY: was AS... exam is nvr easy to me.. n dats y, its hard la... stress lor.. as usual..

JUNE: HOLIDAYSSS!! Went to GAmbang water park.. I will recommend u go thr if u wana go SUnway's wayyy cheaper...~

JULY: Just right before semester starts.. went to Genting with sum of the coursemate... 15 ppl in a room.. Challenging yea? haha... then study lunch, back room, study again... routine continuesss... had meet up wit foreveru91 for amrit n ee li's birthday =D

AUGUST: nothing much happenn... still normal routine~

SEPTEMBER: in college... 5 days in college in a week.. celebrated esther's birthday in terpanyaki..

OCTOBER: A2 starts... stressszzzz..~

NOVEMBER: this month quite happening... The end of the few papers, i went to PD, den cum bk for the last paper.. Then, I went to Malacca on the day I finished last paper. After 1 week, we go to PEnang.. Damn miss that trip weyhh, seriously!.. hahaa...~

DECEMBER: went to Melbourne for 12 days... Quite enjoying ... the thing that impress me is the weather, n im seriously thinking of migrating.. Lol... jz thinking lah okie!
Doncaster is really a nice place I would say..~
I love Box Hill too.... n the cherries and strawberries, i eat damn alot weyh.. even my sis normally nvr eat, oso eat alot.. sambil pluck, sambil put inside the mouth.. hahaha!

12 months passes real fast.. Everything cn consider running smoothly... I dunoo bout u, but i feel this year passes realy reallly fast weyh... Goodbye 2010, Welcome 2011 !!!
In this 12 wonderful months, i learnt alot, gain alot... I learn not to care bout things that will make me suffer.. Learn bout letting go things that wasn't meant to be mine... Learn bout human attitudes and behavior.. and every year, i did learn bout true friends =D
People come ppl go.. i let u go... goodbye and good luck in life. i feel so sad to see you~

THis year is good.. n i hope 2011 will be better!... All the best to you all in 2011 !!
Specially to foreverus91, wish u guys happy always, good wealth, good health, n most important thing good results in studies !!
Thank you 2010 for everything...

To You:
You had leave us for a year...~ Although you are nt around, but no worries, we are able to take care of ourselvess..
What more we have so many caring uncles and aunties, n loving father..
My aunty is like worrying about what i study.. I felt so sorry... I hope what i choose now, will ease u all punya kebimbangan... Im sure alrdy ease la.. hahaha...
I couldnt ask for more... i noe im lucky enough to have so many informative uncle, aunties, n cousins around me..
So mum, be happie.. we are fine...~ =D
Miss u n love u alwaysszz...

This is my last post for year 2010..
Once again, Happy New Year 2011 in advanced!!

the author~

Thursday, December 30, 2010

merry christmas 2010 and happy new year 2011

Yesterday we went out to pavilion, time square and look out point... hmmm.. this is to like celebrate the belated Christmas and the advanced new year... =D So, we went out at around 1 something, and reached pavilion at 2pm... then we went to the cinema to buy tickets for TRON LEGACY. Ppl say it was interesting, nice, whatever. But to me, i slept... maybe to me is not interesting... I like those more on love story yea.. =D After movie, we went to Time square.. time square is not in list actualy, but bcoz my shoe gt sum prob halfway in pavilion, n it makes me sakit kaki, so we went to time square to buy new one.. is urgent... pm me la, i tell u why it's so urgent.. hahah..shy to tell here. why go ts rite? bcoz i cnt afford to buy in pavilion lah... there all so high class wan la.. i so poor, no money buy.. n even u rich, i dun think it's worth to buy thr.. all those are like 300++ 199.90.. the cheapest i saw is 99.90.. kononnya sale.. discount 10% is so called sales la.

So, we went to ts, search for around an hour, i finally found 1 that i like it.. to be more exact, is jon hu found it.. lolz... not bad la, the taste nt bad.. haha... After that, jon went and buy mouse.. then we went to look out point..

the journey from pavilion to look out point is around 20 mins.. but we took one and a half hour to reach... depending on my phone's gps, we manage to find half of the way, then we hilang dy.. drive around here and thr, u-turn, bla bla bla.. n ask ppl nearby, finally we reach the peak... =D nothing is impossible.. Even we duno hw to go, but dengan semangat tidak berputus asa, we finally complete our mission... teehee..~ yay yay !! the finding direction parts although is hard, but fun.. stupid gps say drive north east, head south, bla bla... we dun even noe wht they talking.. Lolzzz..coz we oni noe left and right.. But so much so.. we reached.. by the time is rdy 8pm.. hungrynya.. luckily, not much ppl... after 8 stg oni more and more ppl... hehe...

vry hard to find u ler dear look out point

not bad this restaurant

The view is nice...~ i like it... can see twin tower and KL tower clearly..

The view from our table.

We ordered Cream of mushroom, cheesy ham chicken chop, and cheesy sausage chicken chop..
At 1st, we wanted to order extra 1 mashed potato.. but turns out, the person gv us for free. haha.. lolz...

jon's cheesy ham chicken chop

we got the free mashed potato.

cheesy sausage chicken chop..

so hungry meh u? lolzz

Overall,the food is not bad, the price is reasonable.. the view is nice.. the service is good too...
I have no complains after all.. hehee.. but oni the parking, a little bit expensive to me... =D
After makan, we went down to half hill and enjoy the scenery..
Then at laz, home sweet home...

As a conclusion, although in the middle is like not vry smooth.. but in the end evrything turns out smooth... n we lost our parking ticket weyh, but thanks to the restaurant guy, picked up n pass it back to us...~ Thanks!!!!!!

Thanks to jonlau, hu willing to take up the challenge to reach the look out point without giving up.. *hugs* Im happie... To be exact, i would say a pek cek n a happy day..

So, belated merry christmas and advance happy new year people!!

Next post will be walking down memory lane year 2010! stay tuned.. Lolzz!

Take care!
the author...

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Im here confusing... sigh~
I think Im mad... Im changing my mind again and again......
In Australia, bachelor of commerce is so famous... Everyone is aiming that course and therefore the entry requirement for commerce is higher than engineering....
People are telling me to do accounting, commerce and etc instead of my food science and nutrition..... fuhhhh~... no more confident on doin my course... sad case..
Yesterday thought of staying firm, go ahead with what I wana do.... The purpose i go to edu fair is to just ask clearly about my course, like getting rdy lidat.. LOL..
But don't know why my leg itchywalking here and there and finallly reached HELP... They are famous with their Psychology course as I know... So, im thr to like just ask around... But the person is just so friendly... Like vry easy to talk toooo... perhaps they are truly psychologist that catch my mind lah... lolzzzz~..
I have sum sort of power to change my mind to take up this course hahaha...
Coz i oso open up my mind to accept people's opinion la, saying nutrition is nt so gud in malaysia... thats y i thought of migrating... but cuming back to reality, what if i tak dapat migrate as population in aus is like more n more ppl migrate... then aku ni mati kebuluran lar... kesian....

I guesssss i need to make a wise choice lar...
that nutrition course i can oni get a local cert which is frm UCSI n i think it's so so the person hu consult me doesn't convince me at all for the course... huhu... with around the same price I can get a psychology cert from Flinders Aus... so, its more worth and base on job wise.. psychology is a better wan compare to nutrition rite.. haha
but duno la... i dun even noe do i hv any interest... But nowadays no more studying for passion i guesss.. need to study to get job oso la.....
Im so confusing, but i gusss it is nt a bad choice after alll... although HELP is not as grand as INTI,...the building is older than INTI.. but... nvm la haih..... new environment oso gud lar... HELP is kinda near to mid valley and bangsar village though... LOLzzz...
I guess once i step into psychology, no more back to science rite. huhu... nvm la.. im tired rdy.. haha

Sunday, December 12, 2010

melbourne, ily..

Im leaving in 2days time.. Oh crap ! NO !! I dun wana leave melbourne... I dun wana leave doncaster... Dun wana leave bryan n megan + Misty ! Oh crap... shit !
so sad..
The weather here is fantastic... I like the weather here.. Eventhough it's summer... But it is still cold coz is just the starting... huhu...
I always dun like western country coz it dun hv night life.. evrything close at 5pm.. except sum of the days they open till later .. latest oso 6pm.. LOL..
But their weather !!! Perfect !!! their everything is sooo advance...
bad still have to go on, need to go back to malaysia...
not to say dun miss anything, or I really like dun miss anything ahh!... I guess i dun miss anything, coz there is nothing for me to miss lorh.. dun ask me am i sure coz im sure la alright...
haha..~ a few pics.. nxt time oni blog bout it...
great experience and great memories..~

I will misss u alotttt... MISTY !!

I love u, Kangarooo

Sweet and juicy and cheap... dip in chocolate BEST !

Those yellow wan is not flowers, its australia's lalang.. weeds.. haha.. u see la.. weeds oso so nice..

Till then...
In 1 and a half days time, HELLO MALAYSIA and GOODBYE AUSTRALIA =((((((
but anyway, cousins are going back to malaysia tooo.. hhuhu... but i hope malaysia is lk australia tooooo.. =(((

till then~

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Penang trip with love =)

Penang trip has finally come to an end.. i like it !! I love it !! syokest trip for now !! hehexzzz...
I had lots of fun !! I can't stop laughing n talking nonsence in that 3 days trip.. it will be a great memories !! so...i decided to blog out, so that i would never forget this wonderful trip ! =)))

Start off with day 1, 645 jon's dad fetch me, jon n yee chong to LCCT as our flight is the 1st flight of the day wich is 835am... jon lau is a big head prawn.. my camera charger n batery forget to bring, coz he kept it.. Luckily i brought another wan .=) we reach LCCT only an hour b4 the flight coz we are pro..hahaha.. we dun have to wait long for the flight,
yay !! the flight duration is oni 40 mins lol.. those ppl havent finish eat then the air stewardess ask them to kip the table rdy.. lol.. we reached bayan lepas at 915am.. n enni is rdy thr to pick us up !!.. Then off we go to my favourite place for dim sum !! the dim sum is cheap thr for sum selected shop.. but i think is only for tht shop.. luckily i remember.. u may go n hav a try.. Opposite KDU college.. 1st round
2nd round. sum are 1st round wan, but mostly are new dish.. haha

went thr b4 2 years ago, n luckily still rmb.. we ate alotttttttttttttttttttttttt n oni cost us around rm 50.
Then we went to Kek Lok si... we are lousy enough to not take the cable car to the top. coz we can't find it.. mempersiasuaikan.. those drive car ppl, laugh at us.. whole road we 4 ppl walk...

FINALLY ! We reach the top !!!

LOL...haha !! after that, went n eat asam laksa,popiah around kek lok si.. yummy ! n nt tht exp.
After tht, wanted to go to Penang Hill, but it's renovating.. no jodoh.. so, we went n eat char kuey teow..... yummy ! dun get tipu by the look, it's delicious.. use duck egg wan

After that, we went for cendol.. Yeah ! kip eating... it's penang what.. hahaha

then went to Sleeping buddha.. =))
after that, wanted to go batu ferringhi, but it rains.. =(. so we went to watch movie @ gurney plaza, the social network.. I cannot und the movie.. bored.. =(
Then we went for TAO.. A restaurant name.. Sumthing like jogoya, but it is cheaper by 1 kali ganda.. I eat damn much.. OMG !!! Yee chong oso. till the waitress scare us.. haha !!

1 of the dish i like it sooo much ! scallop with duno wat sauce n cheese n ....

After makan, we went to Padang serai,Kedah wich is Enni's hse.. haha... Day 1 complete with fun n laughter.. =)
The next morning around 1030am we woke up.. After bath and all, it's time for lunch.. Enni's mum treat us lunch.. Yummylicious !!
Then we went around her housing area in padang serai, then to Kulim..

Paddy field around the road

we went and eat curry mee tooo.. by tht time is rdy late afternun.. we rest at home for around 2 recharge a little battery oni.. Then we went and meet up Jia Xian at Kulim for Steamboat dinner !! haha... The steamboat is kinda special.. It dont use gas, but use arang wan.. then rite the soup is nt normal soup or tomyam. It's made up of yam and fish head.. whoah.. yummy lor.. undescriable =)
We ate alot abalone coz vry fresh.. =)
Wanted to go autocity, but raining.. huhu... so, went back n day 2 had complete...

The next morning wich is day 3, we bertolak around 11am togthr we Jia Xian to Penang !!! The 13.5km long Penang bridge.. 3rd longest.
Penang's twin tower.. =)

Then meet up with Chea Yee. and off we go to Pinang Peranakan Mansion... the place Little Nyonya (xiao niang re) and Iron Lady ( nu tou jia) n other dramas berlakon wan aa.. i duno hw to say la.. haha.. Then, we went for lunch at Nyonya cafe where they serve baba n nyonya food..

Yummy betul!!

We then went to HimHeang ...

the famous tambun biscuit shop to buy those biscuit.. My mum always go thr.. =))) need to wait wan ooo.. fresh frm the oven.. great !!

After that, we went to toy museum... damn funny la we pose like those cartoon character.. haha..
Next stop is Batu Ferringhi beach... 6 of us went for horse riding.. It's the 1st time for me i guess arr, or 2nd.. i forgot.. LOL.. they wanted to play parachute and jet ski, but it RAIN again.. so, we cancel.. haha !!

the horse vry tame wan..

Then off we go to Gurney Drive for foooooooooooooood !!I must eat this! evrytime i go.. hokkien mee = prawn meee

By tht time, rain stop dy.. yay !! specially for us.. haha... Then din eat full, kip the place for next station wich is Northam Beach cafe... After that wanted to sit ferry, but too many ppll, so we headed to Queensbay Mall.. Vry big the mall.. haha !! Around 10pm stg.. only we went to the airport.. we damn good la.. this time is 50 mins b4 the flight.. haha... we finally touch down at LCCT at midnight 12 stg.. yay !! gt ppl jemput us who is my dad.. =)
We was hoping for ppl to jemput us in airport.. so sampat.. haha.. yee chong happy coz gt ppl jemput..

We wanted to go to snake temple, but according to Jia Xian, snake temple has like no snakes.. So, since is a waste of going thr, i guess no need lor..
Overall, it's a fun trip.. chea yee said we had almost completed to whole Penang Island.. =) Whee !!~
We had fun visiting places,taking pics till rch our target, happy eating, buying tambun pneah, wah else? oh ya, happy slping... it is jz so comfortable... thanks enni !=)
We slp late by watching that yi hoi hou qing.. my god.. we chase lk crazy tht drama then oni slp.. then we wake up late lol... but still it don't ruin plans wan...coz we geng ma. =)
oh ya, wana thank chea yee for bringing us some place to visit, n bringing us nyonya cafe to eat.. it's yummy !

As a conclusion, It's really enjoying with you people, I will go back to Padang serai to enter the paddy field in the future which i dunoo when... Im happie throughout these 3 days, and i hope that you guys are the same... Wishing you all, All the best in ur future undertakings, n take care...
misss u alll..
I Love Penang and you + You + YOu + YOU + All of YOU la !.. <3
Most important thing is ~WE eNjoy OUrselves~
That should be the aim of this trip...!

Thats all from me today...
tc, n till the nxt post !
the author..~