Saturday, October 31, 2009

Yesterday me n kim meet up with Shu li.. at 1st @ mcD wan, but then we went to Oldtown..
Although not a long time talk la, but is fun ler.. bcoz ah kim vry funny..
After old town, we went n play poool...
I duno hw 2 play oo.. simply shoot oni.. hahahahaha..

at the carpark
so colourful..

Actually i dunplan to go out wan.. But so long nvr see ma rite.. so, i oso go lor.. hehehe..
I 1 week plus din properly update blog rdy.. Bcoz of sumthing and Im a bit busy..
I busy, but i can on9, no time to blog only.. =)
No la, bcoz ntg special or interesting for me to blog about oo..
i 4dAYs got class ni dis week.. mon dat day no class.. so nicee ooo... bcoz monday's class most pack wan... 1 hour break onia.. wahh...
start frm dis cuming monday, Inti will be damn quiet... coz short sem students all finish exam.. start their hols dy..
wuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwu.. why a-level long sem wan? but 1 and a half month more, my turn for holiday... yeah yeah !!!
we are done with bio presentation.. moral's wan next. but not presenting, we do video.. wheeee... haha..
k ar... finish crapping..

Monday, October 26, 2009

We as human, cannot always take things for granted...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

No title

I don't know how to differentiate between right or wrong..
I do not know how to differentiate who treat me bad, who treat me good..
Who loves me, who doesn't..
Who cares bout me, who don't..
Who likes me, who hates me..
Who is real to me, who is acting..

Maybe my mind, goes somewhere wrong, n makes me think of all this u call it nonsence..
But sincerely, i feel much suffering... Im so sick n tired of all things that had happen.. it's gona b a month.. But now...
I found out, I still can't really "put down"..
As i wana do something, i nvr fail to think the consequences n like i need to check my surrounding b4 i wana do anything.. Why isit like that?
Why am I changing to becum lk dat?
Why m i so scare? what hv i did?
why do i need to live like that?
n am I faking my laugh and smile at this period of time?
Do you see the difference of this post n the last post?
Is like two huge different thing..

If I nvr study thr, maybe evrything will be different..
im not saying i regret... But will it be better or worse?
Will it be happier just like in NS? saya rindu plkn..

All in all, i just hope that things will get out of my mind...
I wouldn't want to go crazy..
My life is simple, but i duno how it becum so unorganised, n complicated..

1 thing i wana know... if u see the person u hate dislike getting hurt, will you be happy?
a random quest pop up frm my sumthing wrong mind..
Am I evil?

~to be continued~


Sunday, October 18, 2009


Yday, went to Genting with eeli also..
Basically, genting is bcuming bored to me rdy.. The theme park, nothing much to play, the indoor same case.. Arcade oso nt reli worth it.. The 1st world plaza pun sudah saya jalan duno hw many rounds.. huhu.. Casino, underage.. haiz..The weather damn hot... While queuing for ride huh, wait under hot sun, my leg oso hangus... n arr, now my face pain..
so we eat dinner b4 balik n rch home around 10pm.. emmm... i so scare my cafe world hangus.. luckily didnt.. hehehehe..
All in all the trip is ok la, fun oso la.. coz we sat pirate ship twice.. fuhhyohh.. Chi gek betul.. hahaha


This whole week was okie... At least i dun reli see things n heard things that im sensitive to.. huhu.. lalalalalala... Maybe because I hv chose to view things in different angles n im happy with it... but somehow, i talk sarcasticly sumtimes when it had gt sumthing to do with that incident..
up to u, u lk it or not.. I need time to digest..

Oh ya, I went for sushi twice in a week.. kisiao whatsoever.. haha... Can't help it, coz it's rm2 per plate.. wattodo?
On tues, i went with szeyien. america, eling, n few other classmates.. Damn chunt la that day, we beratur for around 15 mins, n the sushi all sedap-sedap belaka.. all those is wat i wanted to eat..
Feel so satisfied.. hehe...before that, im still thinking whether to go or not to go... later ppl say i eatful.. mampus once again.. But.. i decided to go, as i go with my friends plus hands n legs are mine! goin with frens is full of fun n laughter.. if i din go, i'll regret.

Then on wed, eeli wan go, she nvr go on tues.. so me, jon, xiakwee,eeli n kar hau went again.. walao weh, it's diner time, therefore we nd to beratur selama 1 jam.. but sumhow we still didnt get to eat wat i've eaten the day b4.. afternun has more choices.. hehe.. at nite rite, damn alot that fried scallop wan.. oni cn see tht..
Sushi.. i din noe when i started lk to eat.. ahahahaha...

I enjoyed myself when im with my friends,
Yeeling, not oni my teacher la, my advisor oso... Thanks for all your encouraging words n ur advice.. Although I can't accept all, but still.. some of ur words makes me feel better.. makes me think more like a matured person.. n to the others of my frens.. kim, america,bosss,kuang jiet, eeli n few more, thanks for hearing my problems n supporting me all the way n oweys be my side whenever i nd ppl to talk to..

I felt much more better this week as i had rdy choose to think in a much more happier way..
Thats it.. don't judge me when u urself hv flaw..... I don't need others to teach me what to do, except my friends and family..

Don't spam my life... My life is full of colours, but because of those no life human, my colourful life slowly fade off.. But now, im gona make it colourful back together with my friendsszz n family...
so to those kpochisss outside, pls go get a life, n make the world peace..

till then...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009







自从那一天起,我已经知道,以后无论我要做什么,讲什么,做任何决定时,都要三思而后行,以免得罪别人,让别人不顺眼。 惹到人家去说“好话”。。



可是永远都不会有人懂这两句话对我的。。。什么啊。。 创伤吧。。。

我现在,变得好假。。 开心得最假。别人都看得出,失败极了。。

是,我正在逃避。。 可是你要我怎样?我看到那些东西,我自然反应就是蒋啊。。
跟我讲啦,你要我怎样? !
这个我懂啊。。。。。。。! 可是有时不是每样东西我都能控制!




Monday, October 5, 2009


Why people kip on teaching me what to do when they are not me?
They don't feel what I feel, and when they don't understand the whole situation?

Sunday, October 4, 2009


My sis birthday @ KFC..
Budak ini mmg anak manja.. tiap2 tahun mesti ada celebration.
tada... this is my sister. Jocelyn wong.. Happie birthday..

proud giler lor

PLay game time

Ayam chicky

Yong Gong Du Shu, Xue Ye Meng Jin!

Adik-beradik yg suka bergaduh, but still we love each other..
Birthday girl vry happy


Nt bad la.. jon make wan...

We make it in the afternun, coz ar.. becoz of me la.. evening later i wan go back inti liao.. so sad..
Although.. sumthing seems to bother me recently.. But because i hv a wonderful mum, dad, and loving sisters, Im able to put a smile on my face again..
n this make me realise that I still hv a wonderful family hu care 4me... A bunch of ever-so-cheerful friend hu care 4me, and lend me their ears whenever i need them.....
Thank You...
n yes, thanks alot to you.. You know who u are.. You've done alot to make me happie,
so.. don't need to ask me what shud u do.. =)
Till then...


~I had enough, i hope its the end~

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The starting point

i noe nothing will be smooth, n the day had begin.. and lets seeeee.. wats next?
The prob is.. the prob does not cum frm my family.. miserable la kan..
Im reali bad la weyh, i didnt realise dat.. hw sad it is.. haih.. sigh.. how nice if i can be more bad..
Today is a wonderful day.. nothing can be even more miserable than today, this wonderful amazing evening.. the starting point of these things is wonderful n yes, i agree there will be more to come.. but the 1st wan is truly very damn challenging..
I reli duno to cry or to laugh or to smile or to wat la.. is like.. fuhh.. i duno who i am now..
if u duno wat m talkin here, is okie.. im just randomly typing, coz my fingers itchy lor...
My mum my dad my sis, everybody, Im sorry...
if i go die, reli dun worth it
Go gv up, means i lost the war..
Go n face it, i duno how...
wth rite...