Sunday, November 30, 2008

Me too freedom

Today I went KLCC.. Very damn tak han... I wanted to buy 1 bag.. But see here and there also tak ngam..
The Isetan there, parkson grand all got sale.. Damn banyak orang... The escalator oso must beratur.. Escalator !! People there shop like mad wan.. KLCC is orang kaya punya world.. I prefer Mid Valley.. The price lebih affordable. to me la.. Because im broke and im a poories. hahaha..
KLCC is for riches. huhu...
you say I jealous or whatever, oso i dun care. I still will say this: RM 299.90 1 stupid handbag. 50% discount.. =RM 150 sumting. Like this oso call cheap?
I heard those siu lai lai said: "wah hou dai aa" very untung.. wth la... LOL
Too much money don't know where to fling... I go petaling street and buy 1 ciplak wan ppl oso duno lar.. what for wanna buy those 50% wan..
and I saw alot eeli's "fav".. Alot pityful boyfriends.. Carrying plastic bags and handbags.....

Christmas tree.. So fast... still got sumore, not yet finish build,haha

My sister's name? kembangla she..

About 2.30 pm.. Me and my sister went to the plenetary theatre auditorium to watch the Junior Original Concert. It's nice mann..Gabriel Yeap i thought is a girl at 1st... c wrong edy.. Represent Malaysia in Singapore..
Vry damn creative boy.. 12 years old saje..
People gv him 2 bars of notes, he improvise until duno how many mins long punya song..

The stage
2 Stageas
The young composers.. The whole shirt and pants red wan, beside the black shirt boy,
that girl, named Celestine Yoong. She compose 1 song. Become co-performer for another 2 of her friend's composition. Damn geng wan...

All the young composer age between 6-15... Some compose for Piano.. Some for electone.. I of course prefer electone...
They can be better than Jay Chou.. They step the pedal like.. duno how to say.. some already mmg pun sudah better than Jay Chou..

I didn't went pasar mlm, but my youngest sister went. SO, I ask her to buy the following:
Very nice la I tell you... The legend of Demisgod. wah sehh... I like it la...
So real ! it's real la.. If not, how got this kind of show rite.. hahaha..
I love Linda Chung.. hehe

Off i go... Im gonna watch the middle 1 1st.. after that will watch Kevin and then only watch Love Exchange..

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hong Kong Open

The yellow vs Black... The black lost... I feel so irritating when I see that TBH retrieve the shots... Duno what the hell he's doing.. He loves the net so much.. eesh... Damn lah...go carry the net and sleep la. Haiyoh !
The Yellows keep on smashin, yet TBH giving them high high balls.
They lost wildly.. LOL 21-12,13-21,20-22.. What a score la..
That KKK is also not any better. But better than TBH la.. blek...

Hopefully, Zakry-Fairuzizuan able to beat the Koreans. Although duno hu they gonna meet yet. but 90% gotta be that Koreans lah... huhu.. Im not gonna watch... Luckily nt KKK-TBH, if not i will feel tak
I like Zakry's hair la.. hahahaha.. The Fairuzizuan like not yet wake up.. oh ya, Boonsak bcum fairer edy la... He actually can beat that Chen Jin wan... do so damn banyak many much mistake... I tot can see Peter Gade wan.. He out already.. yer...
okla... I wanna go kai kai...
Bye Bye !!!
SPM finish rdy really shuang la... hahahahahahahaha
I wanna watch twilight laaaaaa..... Nobody teman me... not scare wan la.. haiyoh=(

Country Height

Yesterday 9.15am, meet Ee Li at dim sum thr.. Then, off we go to Lian Ee's house.. After evryone reach, Lian Ee drove us to C.Heights... 6 of us only.. Amrit, Sarah and Kohila didn't join...
We played badminton and tennis. That tennis is 10000x harder than badminton..
I think we pick up balls more than we play... Therefore, we lantik Esther Siah as the ball girl. hahahahaha..Roger Federer's girlfriend
Before become a ball girl

After playin.. We went to hawker stall for char kuey teow... Then, we went Jusco Cheras Selatan. Actually, we thought off jalan-jalan after makan. But end up we decided to watch Madagascar 2... hmm.. Funny show... All of us bought adult ticket.. except Shobana. hahaha
We tell the fella 5 adult 1 child... and we assume Shobana is 12 years old..
Kids price only RM5...hahaha
The person who take our tickets din even chek, and we get through it.. yay yay yay !!! Smart leh... We graduated from smart reader okie..
After the movie, we went mamak. Wanted to try fried ice creams. but only 2 biji la. RM 4.10..
Better eat McFlurry la den.. So, we ordered roti tisu..hehe
After minum-minum.. Lian Ee send us back..
btw, now my whole body pain la.. Esther siah la, play tennis wa...
That racquet is so damn the heavy.. But the Roger Federer's gf aka shobana, kecil-kecil cili padi. can beat so hard... Im impressed... hahaha

Today, I can watch Koo-Tan play.. I waited for so long.. huhu...
They finally beat Indonesian olympic and world champion, and current world's best...
I hope the stupid astro don't cut the match half way. Or else, I will call astro and ask them go knock the glass. LOL..
People pay so much, suka-suka go cut.. Vry fun huh.. and better don't show stupid rugby.. most of the malaysian don't watch rugby...
Oh ya, Chelseala remind me of arsenal and chelsea's match tmr.. lalalalalalalalala..
hahaha... Whatever la.. win or lose, still Arsenal the best ! huhu...
alright... i chao 1st.. tata..

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Today is the last day of SPM for us la... It's EST.. everyone act as though SPM sudah over...
Early in the morning before 10, me and Amrit reach school dy... We reach school early to discuss Kohila's birthday celebration.. hehehe... Lian Ee is the latest. She bath for 1 hour.. My goodness.. After everyone reach, we went out and order cake.. 10.30am that time...

Me and Amrit before everyone reach
U see.. Not bothered.. You see sarah..
"Aiyah, EST sap sap water"... LOL

Paper 2 is kinda tricky.. That waves thing., I guess everyone read until can memorise..
"The waves, from ripple to giant breaker to the sea shore" bla bla bla
... Finally, at 3.15pm......
SPM is totally over... Invigilator tells us that we have finish our job as a student, something lk dat.. Whee !!!

This is our hall.. Hall??

This young woman,named esther siah too excited until go crazy edy

me and Esther at my place
Me and Sue Reen
Ee Li

Esther Chong.. So damn cepat change baju rdy..

Balveen,my ketua keceriaan

Once upon a time, it's my class !! both 1 and 3 BerlianIn the staff room.. No teacher.. We conquer.. You see that Esther Siah!!As a PRS, I enter twice only..
The Pavilion... the tilessss... RM 6 each !!
Amrit and I
The birthday gurl, Kohila
The lame badminton court..
My deskmate for a month, Rubanar..
Last pic in school.. 4everus91

We lepak at school until 4pm.. Then, off we go to KFC to celebrate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CelebrAte Kohi's birthday of course..

While waiting for Lian Ee,Edna, Sarah and Shobana to bring the cake..
Happy Birthday Chelseala!!!
Foreverus91.. Edna photographer
There is a story behind this wonderful couple I tell you..
We don't like this guy.. He very gay... Gay until take handbag..
He holds his gf's handbag..he even put beside him, as though his wan la.. LOL..

I know ee li very dun like guys hu take handbag for the girlfriend wan..
EeLi: *1st wan to notice the guy* ehh ehh you all see the guy..
Amrit: what guy? ohh.. Why?
EeLi: U see u see, he takes the gf's handbag..
Carolyn: huh? what is that? what handbag?
Amrit: Ohh ! I saw...
Ee Li: neh.. that guy ar.. take the girl's bag..
Carolyn: aiyoh... another one arrr..
Ee Li: Why nowadays ar, the guy like to take the gf's handbag wan?
Amrit: *laugh laugh*
Carolyn: yalor.. duno why la.. they like baGs kua...
Ee Li: eeyer.. Dun1 lik dat ma.. If the girl go toilet, then hold for aWhile nvm.. Now, you see.. beratur buy food oso must hold.. haiyer !! Very what one wor...
Amrit: ehh ehh.. come we take that fella's picture.. I wana post in blog...
EeLi: okokok...

and so.. we took alot pics of this couple.. We pretend to take esther, but actually .. hahahaha
After KFC, lianee fetch me and Amrit back... Thanks lian ee ! driver yg amat baik...
So, that's all for today..

WE ARE FREE !!!!!!
Yay !!! lalalalalalala
Tomorrow, we are off to Country Heights !!!!!!!!
We gonna have Country height's Open... NBA, Gym, black jacking.. Whatever !!!
snooker maybe? hahahahaha...
toodles !!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I am bored.... I know SPM still got 1 day...I still got EST...
and then I got 1 month nothing to do at home, and then I go "holiday" for three months.and equals I don't have break...To kill my boring-ness, I wanna watch all this ! I want to watch Raymond Lam !! I wanna watch Kevin.... hahaha

Last One Standing: Kevin Cheng,Roger Kwok
Legend Of The Demigods: Linda Chung.
The Four: Lam Fung !!!!!!!!!!!
When Easterly Showers Fall on The Sunny West: Chermaine Sheh,Joe Ma
Your Class Or Mine: Bobby Au Yeung
A Journey Called Life: Linda Chung, Ma Chun Wai
Catch Me Now: Joe Ma
The Building Blocks Of Life: Alex Fong, Tavia Yeung
Love Exchange: Anita Yuen,Miu Kiu Wai..
Life Art: Kevin Cheng..
Liong Chai Si Doi -->Century/era Of 2 wives (direct translation frm Cantonese)lol.... Bobby ..
The Drive Of Life,The Brink Of Law,Dicey Business,Father and Son..(i noe im outdated,i havent watch although Astro sedang or telah menyiarkan.. But who cares la.. hahaha)

I am going to watch all this................. I think I cannot finish in a month time..nvm...
DRAMAS: Making my life richer...
Im currently with SPeech Of SIlence... DAmn nice.. Go watch if boring.....
Toodles !

Happy Birthday Kohila

Today's my friend's birthday.. This friend of mine is a very loyal Chelsea and Katak's fans... She is very smart...
Sejarah to her is sap sap water... Chemistry is her favourite..
Presenting you my friend, Kohila...
Oh, She likes to be known as Chelseala...


Don't how many thousand shot we took..

Your Chelsea, your Kaka(for once i say it),your John Terry...

and here, I wish you all the best in everything..
May you own Chelsea club, be a Chelsea's team doctor and to be anywhere near Chelsea.. Last but not least, May our friendship last forever..

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Physics over, left EST !!!!!!!!!!! Yippie !!
We got our school magazine, and it sucks.. The Magazine like shit la..
half of the 5 Berlian not in the mag.. wth la... Don't know which human's great job la.Idiotic, pathetic lady... Perhaps the publisher's great job.. Hmm... Our class page was okie lar.. so so la...Got my face, can edy.. haha.. Tak kisah nice anot la... Not bothered...
I want to sleep secukup-cukupnya tonight.....

I got the NS letter rdy.. Yeah... Im in the same batch and same state and same place and same camp as Lian Ee.. lalalalala.. At least got 1 person I know wan.. Very lucky?? yup, i guess so... Pray hard and you will be blessed.. Lol.... lalalalalalalalala
Im so happie la, I got kawan !! yeah yeah ! I like them la, coz put me in Port Dickson.. So damn nice punya tempat..kononnya la.. hahaha....
Li ying oso got the same state but different place...Thank god I got the 1st batch and I got Port Dickson my rumah holiday... u noe, got pantai wan, beach...
So I can have more holidays...I can swim everyday.. lol..If got camp in genting, wahh. Nice ehhh... Dream on...haha
Overall, Im only there for 2 months and 2 weeks? Very damn fast over wan i know.. After im back.. SPM result coming out, I finish egg... =)
I cannot go and watch Malaysia Open la... eeyer... So what wan la... why they wana do on January la.. haha..
Hong Kong Open starts today.. Yes ! got badminton again... LCW finish egg la... Lin Dan too geng for him.. LCW good, LD better... hahahahahaha..
oK, continue crapping later.. tata

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Yeah, In final !!

Yeahh !!! Lee Chong Wei in Final once again.. He won the China Open Semi Final match against Park Sung Hwan from Korea in 3 sets... 17-21, 21-8,21-7 !!! huhu...
Perhaps he just wants to lose the 1st match? That stupid livescore really useless wan... Gila wan.. Cannot open also.. eshh...
Most probably he will meet Lin Dan tomorrow.. Or confirm will meet LD, because LD gonna meet a chinese, and the chinese will gv him way to meet Lee Chong Wei.. Perhaps Lin Dan miss Lee Chong very muchie... Sudah 3 bulan tak jumpa.. haiz. kesian....wooowooowooo...
So, hopefully KKK-TBH can overcome Koreans again..
It's tough for them la, ppl at top form leh, they la.... haiyah.. Nvm la, tomorrow i see LCW good enough already, but if can see WD will be better... IF can see KKK-TBH will be perfect ! !
Still, Bio not yet even touch Physics

1 more week, 3 more days..

After 2 weeks, there is 1 more week awaiting us.. 8 more papers, and we are free!!!
So, it means that we really really really gotta leave high school.. Get Out of convent. LOL
Unlike that time after graduation we have to go back to school again..
Honestly, Will we go back and visit the school? The teachers? The lab workers? The canteen makcik ? =pThe food? The koperasi? or perhaps the toilet? lol..
I would say
But if i wanna see the cutie Pn Lim, I will.haha
Seriously la, I didn't step to the bookshop for more than 10 times since Im transferred to Convent.. I just feel the thing there like, I cannot trust.. You know the bookshop's location is damn strategic, it's outside the primary school's toilet.. Lolz..

Oh ya, NS thing cuming out the day we gona be free !!!! huhu...
Yala, I make up my mind to go la.. If not, how to cheat? Go college ar? They will tangguhkan for you. Imagine if you 20 years old go la, ppl all there young young.. You only the eldest. Damn malu la.. hahahahaha..
I really hope that I can get 1st batch.. I can go home alot times..lalalalalala...

Today, I wanted to watch China Open Semi Final wan...But no Astro at home. MD, WD, MS went into Semis. and 3 also meeting KOREANS... Im starting to like Lee Hyun Il.. But he not in action rdy... haizz.. So yeng.. wear earring sumore.. ahahaha
Well, tonight 10pm astro Ria don't forget to watch Lee Chong Wei okay??
The raising fund for his coach's wife for kidney transplant wan..
I heard that, it's really funny, entertaining.. Very gao xiao !!
10 pm, channel 104, is actually repeat of wednesday wan.. But whatever la i'll watch..
Me and Sister got nothing better else to do except moonlight resonance AGAIN.. duno round ke berapa edy... So, We browse through the Pizza Hut Website and decided to order pizza delivery...
Waiting for 11am, they buka kedai, and im gonna call 1300-88-2525.. haha..
GTG... I havent finish Biology laa.. Aiyak, it makes me think of Mr Fong la.. Lol.........

Till then...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

4 more days

Today was Moral and Add Maths...
Add maths 1 was okie lor... But add m3 2? haiyer.. I so happy la when i did the 1st quest for paper 2.. Because no need use formula right.. But when I see bhind... Fuihhh...
Oh yeah ! The examiner was kind.. My graph paper rite, almost wana cannot tahan that benang punya tension dy.. she tebuk another lubang for me.. and tie for me also.. Because i shivering cannot hold the benang properly.....hehehe...hahahahahahaha.. Thanks !
Pn Lim said that motion quest was very easy.. I don't know anything also..hehehe..
Moral time ! walaoeh... until 5pm mann... I am at school for 10 hours? Kai wan xiao... Moral was very very very hard for me only..... I don't even know how 2 do the 1st quest.. Suddenly got petani.. and rite, the examination hall is so damn hot !!!!!!!!!!! I cannot tahan la......
Lolz... I think i sleep for awhile la.. 15 mins? I sit beside LiLi.. hahahahahahaha... She keep on writing, then drink water, then sleep, then wake up, then do again.. hahahahahahahaha.....
Hafal all those aktas.. 1 oso tak ada... who ask trials comeout so banyak... huhu.......

Im going to this electone or piano concert arr on the 30th November.. who wan go? who wan go?
mari mari... go together-gether.. hahahahaha...
Nice wan la................ I hope the performer is Japanese.. LOL...
Sure very geng wan !!!

Alright, back to Chemistry... all those very tough wan coming 1 by 1...
Btw, lam fung rocks.. !!! hahaha
and yes, mei fen wanna act in mama bai ngai..Lolzzzz... With her pity hole... hahaha

Sunday, November 16, 2008


1stly, Im still with add maths... Since friday okie.. So, u pandai-pandai know la, how's my other subjects.. Im determine to score full marks in Section C, but i always stuck in the last question in all the 3 questions exclude motion.. Because I don't know a single thing bout that... I know it's ez.. But i hv not enough time to learn...Whatever it is, I would try to get it right at least for 1 quest, index number...huhu...

2ndly, I havent even start my Pendidikan Moral... I not yet even open the Moral book since trials la... I would do it on 18 Nov 1pm... =)

3rdly, I would like to say my idol win again...
Lee Chong Wei win the johor open.. wahseh.. no doubt la, mmg King of local circuit... ohh.. The girlfriend wong mew choo also win... National King and queen ma... Lian ee vry jealous when newspaper wrote "his gf,his gf" hahaha..
Koo Kien Keat-Ng Hui Lin swept the XD title... hmmm.. Not bad la, this combination... :)
KKK lose the MD la.. Ish ish............ Still like that arrr.. haiz...

4thly, I wanna express that my inspiration... yeah, the gunners my inspiration falter once again...
They were beaten 2-0 by Aston Villa? ya... What the !!!!!! Damn la...the striker miss the goal la, haiyer.... same points with "2 alphabet" tiam, sumore that "2 alphabet" less 1 game.. ish ish...
Arsenal ni buat apa la..................... Why lk dat wan? So cha edy wan?? eesh ish ish..
Ehem.. But as a loyal supporter/fans, I always gv my fullest support no matter what..
No matter how many times they gonna win or sebaliknya,I'll still support them.. lol... This is call taat setia arr.. hahaha.. perasan... Since kohila so taat setia to chelsea, I also taat setia to
Arsenal.. lalalalalalala...

5thly, i wanna tell, yesterday I watched the last ep of speech of silence, the in front i not yet watch.. hahaha.. Nice, sad show.. and this morning/afternoon I watched the last ep of when dog loves the cat (the title is sumthing lik dat la) gallen lo act wan..
bak kata pepatah melayu, seperti anjing dgn kucing.. gt 1 peribhs lk dat rite? so, how the cat like the dog or the dog lik the cat ar? hahahahaha.. vry cute la the kucing and anjing sekalian...

keep on disconnect, so damn menyusahkan, so damn irritating......
The speed already dont know why so slow edy la, nvm. sumore keep on disconnect...
So lao ya wan.. eeyer... Next, that stupid friendster also.. Siao edy... open oso cannot open... gila wan..

7thly, i would lk to tell how's my SPM going on.. I oso don't know la.. BM also like that edy.. Peribhs,6marks.. wrg edy lor... Sejarah, no need to say la...
Eng emm... oh ya, i chose the 1st wan to write... Actually I wanted to write My Perfect Future Husband.. Interesting kan? But I scare the examiner will say i sot.. hahahahahahahahaha..
Maths okie kua.. Hopefully okie lor...

Lastly, I finish ranting..... and I wanna wish all my kawans who are going to sit for Science and Bible Knowledge paper tmr, Good Luck and All the best..
Good luck, good luck.. all the best,all the best.. add oil, tambah minyak, Jia You !!!!!

Toodles !!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Break

4 papers down !! 6 more to go !!!
Sejarah finally over !!! Some even left their history notes and books outside the examination hall.. Fuihh
BM was I don't know how... English hopefully okie...
Maths was too silly to do those silly mistakes.. sakit hatinya..
Just hope for the best...
Work harder for the next paper.. Additional Mathematics...
Well, at last can really sleep for one whole night.. No need to wake up middle of the night. Actually I also don't know why will wake up middle of the night.. lol...
Im out of idea what to blog...
So all the best to all of you, for the next, 6 or 7 or 8 papers...
Jia you, + oil !!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Gunners Raise Me Up !!!

Hooray !!!!! Finally, at last !!! Arsenal aka Gunners show something !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They beat MU 2-1 !!!!!!
According to Chelseala aka Kohila,my full time football CNN, Samir something scored !!!
I am so happy !!
After struggling for duno how many matches, at last they beat something !!!
They gave me some power to read Sejarah !!! huhu...
Arsenal, Arsenal !!
You are so damn powerful...
You are the power in me !! Lol.
Muacksss... Im lovin it
Tomorrow Im gonna wear my Arsenal t-shirt !!!
Arsenal always the smarter choice.. Lol.. For me la.. hehe

Okie, I just watch Kung Fu Dunk just now sambil reading Komsas.. I know im so slow.. The movie since beginning of the year? hehe...
and I semakin see, I semakin feel Jay Chou looks like the sombong Lin Dan..
They are both equally sombong... But somehow I feel Jay Chou is better now..
Jay Chou better? LOL... Yes!

Their basketball mmg....... PALING CHUNT SEKALI...


Why does people can't stop being jealous?
Is just a handphone, like that also want to jealous? Duh.. Like nothing better else to do...
How old are you lah.. So, old rdy, some more wanna jealous.. Like small kids only..
Worse than small kids
SPM less than 100 hours !!!

Till then, Zai Jian !

ps: I love Arsenal !!!!!!!!!!!!! win or terbalik also I love !!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Got Sejarah rdy !!!


Today is the very last assembly for the fifth formers... Yeahh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The last time we need to sing Negaraku... Is a memorable
wan, because we sang without music.. huhu.. Lol
So, we took pics after the assembly..Ee Li so excited leh..
Will we miss the school?? no yes no yes...

After that, Pn Lim and Pn Pushpa came in at the same time.. Pn Pushpa came in to settle our Sijil Berhenti Sekolah.. And you know anot? My Birth cert number typed wrongly... I become don't know who rdy.. LOL... and Edna's also got typing error.. She get Pengawas jawatan.. wahhhhh...Not bad.. My kedatangan 180/192... 12 days only..hehehe...Pn Lim teaching Esther add maths + Maths...

Then, it's time for us to return the textbooooksssss... I pinjam semula M
oral, Biology and Sejarah (i found it !!! Thks Edna) hahahahaha..After everyone return their books, we need to arrange according to subject...Then, together-gether we carry to the SPBT room.. Zhen ma fan !!
Me and Esther in the SPBT room

On the way to the class, saw this cat/kitten again...
Very what wan wor...

After that, we start with our junk food session in class...
Lian Ee brought her so called healthy food... Twisties onion, oreo and tiger biscuit

Pn Pushpa: Who gave u all permission to eat?

We: Nehhhh.. Pn Lim !!
Pn Lim: huh? me ar??
We: yala teacher, dat day tell you rdy..

There will be another session on Monday !!!

Our food !!! Yummy ! Yummy

Twisties tomato...
The class rockss...

After reccess, the prefects went for their Jamuan... Don't know where.. So, the whole school don't have any prefects... LOL...
We chatted outside the class coz the class is too hot...

The low profile Fateha
Kohila aka Kaka's sister.. ehemm... LOL

That's all for today, they havent let us arrange the table.. They like to do things last minute wan.. Ishh.......
Toodles !!
My sejarah not yet finish... I want cry now...