Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Introductory to my pregnancy journey

Hey there ! this post today is also a major throwback to a year ago.
It is my pregnancy story. hahaha...

Okay, so we plan to have a baby after few months of marriage.

So, we started to plan after Chinese New Year around March.. It took us almost 4 months to succeed. Some people may think 4 months only mah... But to me, it felt like so long la. I am that kind of I want now means now kinda human being.
The disappointment that we face or maybe only I face every time when period come. I will be like... "why arrr? where go wrong? I calculated wrongly or what" Normally my period quite accurate. There are months that my period came late for four days, is like giving my hope. so i went and test, but i only get one line. Then, I will be crying inside the toilet alone. Not long after, my period will come.. zzz.. The more I want it, the more difficult it be. But my husband very positive guy. He will say.. Ohh nvm la... don't have ma don't have lo. next month maybe have.

After two months of negative result, I started to scare I got problem and wanted to consult doctor. I search online and they say you must keep trying consecutively for 1 year only consider infertile. Then only you go seek for doctors' help. Wah... one year arrr... I am a person with very little patience and always with negative thinking. Actually I thought i can give Jon 1 big birthday present one on June, but I get a negative result again. So, I cry again in the toilet. Then he keep say no need keep thinking about it. The more we think, the more difficult to get. Then okay la.. I slowly forget bout it and didn't think much of getting pregnant d. We then focus on our family vacations to Gold coast and Boracay the following month.

Surprisingly, I got pregnant after coming back from our family vacation though.
The End.
Stay tune for next post ya..

Saturday, November 4, 2017

The JC Wedding

This post is a major throwback to 1 year and 10 months ago. The reason of this blog post is mainly as a remembrance of this special day in our lives. We only married once. So yea, I think I need to blog it out before I forget the details of it. :) Let the beautiful pictures speaks the most of it and I will add in bit by bit ya..

Jon X Carolyn

The eve of our wedding, we had buffet in my house and a few of my bridesmaid stay overnight in my house and some stay overnight in each other place and come togethet in the morning to my house. We chit chatted till late night 2.30am before we finally keep out mouth shut and close our eyes, yea.. we had so much to talk about. I woke up 5.30am in the morning, and my make up artist arrive. Imagine I only had 3 hours of sleep.

      My make up artist (Vincy) is awesome.


  I'm very lucky to have this bunch of girls as my bridemaids

I think my dad is a bit touched. So am I :')

Meanwhile at his place :')

This pair of married snoopy that was used on our wedding car. It was the first gift he gave me during
our dating days. I asked him, why do he gave me such gift since we are like just dating for erm 4 months? He said, "ohh.. coz I know we will eventually get marry" I don't remember the exact conversation but its something like this :')..  

He and his Heng Dais

Angpow giving session i guess

Oreo eating session

Yoga poses

Waxing hahahahah 

Lick the cream on the face :D

Games are simple just for fun and the girls don't have the intention to "play die" the hengdais la...

Sign somekind of agreement. His promise to me. LOL..

Successfully get over all obstacles. hahahaa

After the game session, we carry on with prayers and tea ceremony...

Too many photos.. So i did not post all yea.. 

My maternal grandpa..  He is a loving man. :)

My family <3 p="">

My father side

My mom side

After that, we rush back to Jon's side for tea ceremony. 

                                            Officially enter our room as husband and wife <3 p="">

Jon's paternal grandma

Dad and Mom

                    His ever so funny grandpa.

they are my new family members

Jon's paternal side

Maternal side

Our Hengdais and Ji Muis. Thank you for being a part on this special day of us <3 p="">

It's about 3pm when everything is done. I took a quick shower and rush to the dinner venue as my make up artist is waiting for me there at 4pm. Gosh! I only get to nap in the car for 30mins. better than none la huh... 

Our photo corner

This fountain has a meaning according to the decorator la.. it means 细水长流。Meaning the relationship will last forever. Something like that..

The main table

Our venue is full of flowers

Our live band from Rhapsody Entertainment

Emcee of the day: CK Lee. 
I found him together with our band. Many people had good comment bout him. He is good. He make sure we know the flow as well and clarify about many things including how we will address our relative on stage.

Our guess arrive around 7pm. It was the peak. Even the apps we use also crash for awhile because too much people at the same time checking in. Yes, we used QR code for the guest and entered their table number, guest number and so on. QR code was paste on their invitation card envelop. We just use the iPad or iPhone to scan and we will get where their seats are. Although it crash a lil, but luckily Jon's hengdais are IT pros so they manage to solve it ... Thank you so much !

Our photo booth pics.. The guest can take unlimited photos from our photobooth and will get printed with our prewedding pic in it. 

Our banquet starts at 8.30pm. Yes, it's so late. I know.. It started off with our immediate family members march in, and then us <3 p="">
I do not know why I dont have the picture of jon's brothers marching in though.. grrrr...

Jon's parents

My sis and my dad.

Flower girl (Jon's sis) and flower boy

and then us <3 p="">

This lighting is quite annoying that it affects our photos. I had told them I do not want this kind of lighting beforehand and yet they give me this lighting. *very angry*

Cake cutting.. My smile becomes so unnatural cuz I smile for the whole day. Cheek also stiff alrdy weyh...

This is how our venue look like..

Our 2nd march in, my favourite gown from Gelly Wee makeup studio.

Then, we proceed to our popping champagne session. Before this wedding dinner, I always afraid bad things and shameful things will happen. Since our second march in will be coming down from the staircase. I keep thinking all sort of"what if". What if he stepped on my gown and we both tumbling down the stairs *face palm* Then, what if when we are pouring our champagne, suddenly the glasses fall apart. Oh my gawd! all these scenario keep playing in my mind. I was so afraid all these thing might happen. But luckily, IT DID NOT. :DDD 

Watching our Same Day Edit Video and Photos.


I'm actually very afraid that the glasses will fall apart and break. *touch wood*

Family member were call on stage for yum seng session.

okay, this is a surprise and we dont know why this game basically test our 默契..

The emcee will ask question for example: When u argue who said sorry first? Red rose is ME and White rose is HIM. Then we need to take up the flower in the count of 3 and see is our answer the same. hahaha! it is funny la...

After the game, Jon gave a thank you speech. Talking in front of almost 700 guest, I CANNOT! 

We took a wefie with our guest, asked by our emcee. haha :)

Some yum seng session. We did not went to all tables cos it is impossible to finish :'(

Our bunch of friends, not all here yet.

My ex colleague who are fun to work with.

My highschool friends, where have others been?

Our Cinematographer and Photographer for the day

Our live band team and emcee. Yes, they are together 

Last but not least, this very important person. My Make up Artist for the whole day (Vincy) and also helping me to choose my wedding gowns
I highly recommend her to all who wants a bridal make up. 

Our last picture of the day. I think Jon also smile whole day until face stiff edy lah.. hahaha.

Basically like ordinary wedding banquet, ours end around 10.30pm and guest slowly leave the hall. After all guests leaves, we took some pictures and I went and change my gown. Saying bye to my gown :'( It's once in a lifetime wearing only cos you won't be marrying for the second time. haha!
By the time the whole thing ended, and we went back home, it is already around 12 midnight. 
I don't know what others feel, maybe just another day passing, but to me, I'm not going back to my own home which I feel a little weird and a bit of home sick. Trust me not, I had never leave home, unless for holiday.. I keep thinking, will my dad and my sisters miss me? Yes, obviously they miss me cos there are now less one person who talk so much. It become a little quiet at home. When I think about them, I'm a bit sad though. 

Well, so what I can comment about our wedding day is everything runs smoothly. It's a nice weather. My wedding gown, my photographer and cinematographer, my live band, and my emcee are all superb. I find them all by myself except for the photographer that was recommend by others. Not to forget the food. Most of my guest said that the dishes are awesome, and I'm very happy about it of course. The only 2 thing I have a little regret is that 

1) We have no time to take a very wonderful photoshot and videoshot with our Ji muis and Heng dais. Why we dont have enough time? haizzz....

2) The lighting during our march in..I already inform I don't wan that kind of red color lighting when I went and see other customers' wedding as sample. My videographer won't able to take nice shot due to poor lighting. I don't understand why the person (they called him event planner as he is the one who decorate the flowers and all of the hall) still use the lighting. Anyhow, no doubt the decoration is nice la. thanks to the beautiful flowers. It wouldn't be nice if it is not because of the flower.

Anyway, it's over. No point crying over spill milk. :')

Basically, this sums up my wedding day. However, wedding day is just a beginning of our future. I am grateful that I am able to marry my first and only love. I am also glad that our family are modern families which is easy to get along with.
Thank you so much to each and everyone of you who attend our wedding and for all your wonderful wishes. It means so much to us.

So yea... I had married at the age of 24. If you wonder I am still young to marry, and doubt could I handle a job as a wife, as a daughter in law, sis in law, and all the laws, I would tell you, sooner or later you will need to handle. Age has nothing to do with it. Also, don't worry that marriage will tied you up. It is a myth. It is how u handle and how you communicate with each other.

This post took so many days to be completed. I was wandering how to upload our same day edit video and photo here but it says more than 100MB can't upload. I shall find another way then.
Till then.

Thank you for reading.

the author.