Sunday, August 30, 2009


Sabah trip was so so..
Not to say not fun la.. but it's relly the lousiest vacation i ever had..
Even worse than that Indonesia trip..
Not to say wat la, but maybe Tawau and Semporna isn't for kid lk me la..
i went thr for 3 days, n i felt lk it's 3 weeks..
Furthermore, there hv no shopping complex like we have here.. No Jusco, i accept la, but not even a Tesco in a bigger town compare to Kajang.. sigh..
cn die stayin thr.. They open their shops at 8 stg 9am n close it at 4pm.. wat la?!
No night entertainment wan..
N u dun get to se e any indians.. n yeah.. NO MAMAK !
we jalan the whole town area, but yet, we fail to find a mamak store..
The only thing that impressed me was there hv KFC.. N duno la, their chicken is much more bigger in size compare to here wan.. n their cheeeezy wedges that cheesseee oso lebih lebih banyak than here wan..
So, 1st day rch tawau airport, den we went to semporna.. From Tawau to Semporna is 1hour ++ journey.. swt..
Den the 2nd day, went to Mabul Island.. Eheh, pulau sipadan cnt go, coz need permit.. damn..
So, mabul island oso nt bad.. near to sipadan.. thr's few island near to each other wan la..
Anyway, mabul or sipadan doesn't make any difference.. After all, it's the same sea la..
So, me n sis went 1st i dun1 la, coz not that i din snorkel b4..
That mangkuk wants to snorkel so much.. kononnya, laz time when she snorkel in Redang she still young, cnt rmb.. alahai.. cincai la.. teman la..
so.. yeah.. we went to Kapalai to snorkel..
Seriously n honestly, stillll nothing beats Redang.. It's the nicest ever la..
Kapalai still not that nice..
No baby shark, no turtle... only so many nemo n dory..
n ikan bilis..
But somehow, it worths the 25 bucks la.. 25 bucks for snorkelling is cheap oo..
so we suppose to stay thr 1 night.. But we didnt n forfeited the room we booked..
coz thr seriously.. u are stranded on the island.. no plc u can go..
So, we went bk to tawau town.. Thought la, got shopping complex, can jalan-jalan.. Got sum street lk petaling street cn buy things.. mana tau, u sampai pukul 6pm, everything close rdy..
anyway, they dun even hv those petaling street n shopping complex la..
so we lk aimlesssss ppl, walk around the town.. n it's so quiet eventhough it's juz 8 stg.. You compare la, to kajang.. sigh.. car oso cnt move..
Damn la.. so went bk to hotel to sleeeep lk a pig..
n thr is whr i start thinking bout my result... coz it release on tht day..
so i sudah tak boleh tahan, n ask my fren to chek for me.. Bcoz thr No internet la okie.. in semporna got, but tawau dun hv.. so sad..
After that ar, chek rdy, i tot i f**l... n i cried the whole night..
But actuali didnt.. lolz.......
so, the nxt morning, 3rd day liao la.. so damn happie, coz cn sit aeroplane fly bk to kajang.. yeah !!!
But the flight at nite.. so..... need to suffer in the nothing-town for the whole day..
Im so sick of it.. haihh... Bored lk hellll.. At home lagi best.. at least i still cn play comp, or go out n play the swing..
so, finally at night arrives, at midnight we reach lcct... HUHUHUHUHU...
so happpppppie la wei !!
n basically, thts all bout the 3 days torturing bored sabah trip..

BUT.. 1 thing, this trip make me realise how fortunate i am to have everything im having now..
COmpare to the kids back in sabah.. When i was their age.. i just need to go to kindagarten, play, eat, slp.. But they need to carry a basket with different kinds of kuih to selll.. bsides.. sum in kampung even dun hv baju to wear..
therefore, i noe im fortunate than alot ppl...I get what i want, n i would try to change my oweys-not-satisfied attitude..
I need to learn how to be 知足
thats all from me today...
although im still emo, but i will change.. =)


Yesterday, I went to Inti to enrollllll..
Alright..n i bring something back to my hostel, if not later i need to bring alot of things..
The feeling stepping back to the room is something great.. hahaha..
Suddenly, like i miss that room, tht table, the toilet, the ever so cold air cond..oh ya, n climbing up to the 3rd flooor... call me crazy la..
Enroll liao la, wich means holidays coming to an end. and sem 2 is gonna began very soon..
So.. New semester, New beginning, New fooood, New drinksss, New mood,most importantly, New carolyn.. yeah !
Yesterday im so emo la.. But..
After i think n cried the whole night long, i decide to stop emo-ing..
My heart's burning sensation is slowly reducing..
Being happy is always what i like to be.. n that is why, i laugh like crazy..
people say arr, always happie rite, look younger wan..
At times, certain peoples might make me feeel so sour, bitter,miserable, unhappie, anything la but not sweet.. I duno hw 2 explain..
n certain words might be juz so sensitive to me...sumtimes, is juz a sap sui word, but i will take it seriously..
Somehow, i think, not evrything can goes the way i want.. So, i guess, i just have to endure it, and start to think lk a grown up kid la.. although, i love to be childish.. huhu..

Don't think, Don't ask, Don't bother
that three words might be useful.. No matter what people tells, I don't think bout it, don't care n don't bother..n I guess i will be fine......hmmm.. i guess... kononnya i can.. But eventhough i cnt, but i try 1st..
So, no matter what, i will try to accept it.. although i reli dun lk or mayb hate or jealous or sumthing lk dat.. i will man man change.. all i need is just TIME..
Today, ns got gathering wei.. at seremban2 jusco.. but rite, i din go.. 5pm woh..coz i got things to do..
n coz im not gona gao bai edy.. hahaha.. 38 po..
I guess thats all..
Till then...
Happy Advanced BirthDay to Malaysiaaaa !!!
52 yrs old liao.. huhu.. elder den me.. haha

Saturday, August 29, 2009

what do i want?

you see.. 3 post in a day...
i very wat ler now.. i reli duno how la wei..
like dis cnt, like dat oso cnt..
I oso dun even noe wat i wan..
I think i have evrythin i shud have..
But yet I am NOT satisfied..
wth mann...
I just feel like punchin people..
I wanna throw people into the sea..
My heart is on fire..
So burning..
Very burning..
eventhough i cried. but still it does not works..
why isit lk dat?..
I feel evrything, everyone go against me..
Pathetic... seriously, i feel like going to a place whr i duno any1..
i feeeel like wana Argh.. duno how to say la..
stupid dumbo pathetic fool..
I vry damn emo, i vry damn bu shuang la..
But wat i cn do? what shud i do?
The worse part is, i duno wat y im emo.. why am i like dat?
maybe i noe, but........
watever la... hu caress...
i don't know whr to release my anger, whr i wana go cry, what i want actualy huh?..
what more i can say?
im pathetic...


stupid post

this is a stupid post..
i duno..
i duno anything..
I dun even noe my decision is right or wrong..
I duno wat im doin is correct or wrong..
i make it big sumtimes..
im not determine to do anything..
No aim, no goal, no direction..
so lost..
so lost in a dark world..
just walking aimlessly..
i cn think nothing..



Why isit so empty?
the feeling is...
Nothing in me..

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Monday, August 24, 2009


Saturday, August 22, 2009


Nowadays.. I do things wich is so called "challenging" quite often..
But somehow, I dono where the courage from n i did it..
I reli duno whether am i suppose to do it..
What if one day the secret reveal..
Although it's scary at times..but.. haih..
huhu... Dono la..
Im goin sabah on tues.. n yeah.. the 1st time to east coast.. izit called east coast? haha..
Kononnya to pulau sipadan la.. But duno la.. haha..

till then..

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

so bored

holidays are bored..
when there's no hols, we want it, but when we had it, we feel bored..
Maybe it's only me la.. haha..
What I did is only sleepin,on9-ing,eat, tv..
really aimless child la..
Today, went to KFC to meet up with Kohila n meifen n eeli..
Not a vry long meeting, but at least we get to seee each other =)
n so.. we wait till high school dismiss their students, so that we can see mrs bean aka amrit.. haha..
n not to forget we saw esther chong too.. she cute la, wearing uniform.. haha..
Still the same estherchong.. =)

haihya... bored la wei..
any games ar? to kill my boredom
dun1 fcbook game rdy, so bored..
the quiz oso ar.. saya malas lah nak baca soalan..
oh ya, i juz finish 1 packet of roller coaster by myself (vry important ah now?)
supposingly share with my sister.. sharing is caring.. ahem..
but she gt birthday party to attend..
Seee la, she not holidaying oso so many programmes.. haha
therefore, i eat alone... nice aa wei..

i guesss thats all for 2day..
will continue crapping sum other day..
take care


Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I have no idea what to do..
it's had been a week of hols.. as my hols starts on last wednesday..
Blogging here is one way to kill boredom.. huhu..
the prob is what to blog about.. I reli don't know...
once upon a time, i can reli crap alot.. But now like no more idea leh..
cum la, talk bout the genting trip..
That genting i tell you.. No more la.. I don't want go edy la...
My purse kena curi rdy.. pickpocket noe.. stupid..
Because of that, im now license-less... bsides that ar, i need to do new ic ahh..
N kena pay rm100 compound ah.. stupid wan..
eat money oni.. You thought i wana lost it ar? ppl curi wat.. ish..
But anyway, it's a great experience..
So that, i would remember forever, n be extra careful next the way, it's a money-can-buy experience..
Fyi, the plc there is not crowded.. n im stupid enuf to let that idiot successfully steal my purse..
Thank god that my student id didnt bring back.. still in inti.. If not, gonna let inti suck money again.. huhu..

alrite, thats all frm me today..
take care people..


Saturday, August 15, 2009

the first sem

Semester 1..
The fun n laughter...
I learnt alot..
I meet lots of new people n make lots of new friends..
4 months just fly like that...


study session @ dining hall aka fake starbucks

Sepang gold coast.. toilet

Children Camp 5


@ dining hall

Library with sze yien
Trip to klcc to survey..

Leo mission 2 Petrosains
Leo Mission..

with meifen @ klcc park..

yen Fern and I, jaga booth for emcee training..

Harjir... Street Party 2009

With muigeik after badminton session..

Adventure club..Blindness experience

At Chemistry Lab..

The 1st time to Seremban 2 Jusco..

The very 1st panasonic party we had.. at block D..

Blood donation.. Publicity did their banner..
fast n efficient..


With Chiao ann, before maths class.. one of the smarty in my class

Friday, August 14, 2009

lose edy,so sad..=(

seeing lee chong wei bowing out of the world championship..
3 sets weyh.. huhu..
Lousy la he play..
No attack, got la.. but not sharp..
He dreaming or what la aiyoh.. 1stgame, leading but kena chase.. 2nd game, not bad..
3rd game, same case with 1st set.. haihh... sure ppl will bash him again.. sigh
But on the other hand, both doubles check into the semis..
Unexpected, the zakry-fairuzizuan pair make it to the semis !! huhu..
n of course my diamond pair.. kookienkeat-tanboonheong..
Now, Peter gade n lin dan playing.. Peter gade so leng chai.. huhu.. hahaha

Today, i slept err almost the whole afternun.. frm 2pm-4pm, den 4.30pm-5.30pm..
seriously, sleep oni la kerja saya.. Because fcbook, nothing to play rdy ma... tv not nice to watch.. nothing to eat..
My sis all pergi sekolah.. Sem break damn bored lorh... But i blieve at this moment only..
It will becum more happening.. hahaha
Im going port dickson next week la.. lets go la..
go beach.. wah.. so nice lah.. jakun, din go beach b4..
i miss chicken roll la.. fyi, it's like the kfc twister.. sumthing lk dat la.. but nicer n cheaper den kfc..
yummylicious.. ahahaha..
Tomorrow sisters all got sch.. Kononnya, replcment for hari raya.. eleh... ask people go gotong-royong got la.. ish...
n tmr, my sis got duno wat st.john 1st aid quiz wa.. good luck oor..

Ok, dats all frm me today..
night night..
take care..


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Have a break

It's sem break.. It finally arrive..
n yeah.. im gona visit my home again.. Genting !!
here i come..
Today is the 1st day of my hols.. Whr i went huh..
Jusco la.. where else can i go..
The only different is, i went to bukit tinggi's n not cheras selatan =)

After that, in the afternoon went bowling with yeeling eeli n muigeik.. Since mui geik cum to kajang..
So, bring her to the tempat lepak in kajang..
It's kinda bored la.. holidays..
but once you hv sumthing to do, or sumwhere to go.. It's gonna be fun!!
2 weeks of sem break, im gona sleep as much as i could.. watch as much movie as i could..
Not to forget my badminton matches la..
The on going BWF world championshipin Hyderabad, india..
But nowadays like see or dont see also same wan..
My dearest lee chong wei n 3ple K.. hopefully go all the way until finals !
till then..
take care.. H1n1 very kuat nowadays..
wear mask..


Friday, August 7, 2009

somehow.. somewhere.. sometimes...
different people different point of view..
But what i can really see is my point of view is damn different frm others..
Maybe only i feel dat..
So, whatever.. this post is a total crap.. dont read it..
im just randomly posting up some crap..
I just feel that i hv no plc to talk things wich i actualy wanted to talk.. n thts y here is whr i am.
Why am I so different frm the others?
n why do i care what people think of me? (yeah, again.. dis quest)
I reli duno why n why n why i wana care wat ppl think of me, this is totally none of my business, but why m i thinking huh?
WTH again..
I tell myself i would never care.. But it's just a temporary wan..
I care the most what people think about me..
I feel so sickening sumtimes..
n when u hv no place to tell, it's even worse..
I try going further n further but later people will think sumthing else again.
Damn it !!
crying sumtimes help, sumtimes dont..
But i hope it oweys helps..

maybe i love being emo nowadays, i don't know why.. huhu..
I can be patience. but my patience hv it's limit..
Im trying hard to 4get bout it, but it oweys come back when i reli wanna 4get it..
My friends wouldn't be the plc for me to tell..
How would i wana tellll.. Just tell off is not an ez task..
Say will be easy, but when u wana do it? it's 1000000000000X hard..

Im always optimistic and blieve tomorrow will be better.. But not now anymore..
It doesnt't help nymore..
From now on, people around are no more like high scol whom are ez to deal with..
Different peoples has different weird characters.. I reli duno why lk dat..
So, we need to learn to deal with hard-to-deal people..
I noe, this is no longer convent.. n this is why i miss high scol..

As a conclusion. I just don't feel comfortable now.. I wish nothing will change frm the beginning till the end..
I reli dont feel comfortable..
It's so sickening..

emoed by,

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Yesterday I slept 11pm.. I woke up at 9.30am..
10 and a half hour.. I had never sleep for this long for the past 1 week, or 2 weeks? yeah..
n now 10 n a half hours, reli satisfied..
What a sleeeep.. huhu..
That kind of satisfication.. how 2 describe ler..
For the past weekssss, i think the most I sleep also not more than 5 hours.. It's lesser than nap !
Curious heh, what i've done.. hehehe

Evry night, melepak kat so called starbucks.. Namanya melepak, but actually we do study alrite..
We called McDelivery middle of the night, huhu.. n reli cham la.. you noe why?
We called 1 something, they deliver around 3am.. fuhhh.. n u may guess wat time we slp.. n the nxt day is 8am classs..
Although it's tiring, but it's college life.. Once in a lifetime weyh... So y not? hahaha..
Eventhough sleeping late is not gud, but somehow, it's fun !! hahaha..

so... what m i doin now ah? suppose to study la.. But.. haihya.. sungguh no mood..
Till then..
Have a nice weekend..
N to foreverus91, so sorrry.. cnt meet up..

last but nt least, take care ppl !!
H1N1 oor.. drink more water, sleep more..
Nothing inportant means dun go outside,stay at home watch astro.. so nice rite..
nothing is better den ur own home..
tata !!