Saturday, March 28, 2009


does my title sounds lala? argh.. watever la.. although i dislike lalas.. huhu
Yesterday I walk around almost the whole town.
I went to metro point with my sister,coz i hungry.. It's 10.45am that time, she need to go scol by 11.30am.We thought wanna go n eat b4 she go school.(act she eat oni, i teman) But I don't know why their stupid management got don't know what stupid rules saying that wearing scol uniform cannot enter the complex before 11am.. That means budak yang pakai baju sekolah can only enter that damn complex at 11am.. so damn stupid and no brain.. end up, we went to the mamak shop opposite metro point and teman her eat.. damnit la..
good thing oso la, i get to meet Aqeela, Amirah and Naqiyah.. huhu... Aqeela going KLIUC and she cut her hair.. haha.. Naqiyah no changes, stil blur2.. Amirah still dreaming of her National service.. Always wearing her PlkN t-shirt.. lolz....

After my sis go scol, lianee n I went and eat McD that RM5.95 set.. cheap lor.. so long didn't eat.. haha.. Seriously McD is a place conquer by the convent girls and high scol boys.. Upstairs reli like jakun's world.. damn noisy, damn happening la.. we met few juniors thr, i forget wat name. ahaha.. After McD, we go scol, I went and collect my reprinted sijil berhenti sekolah, sijil moral n 1 more duno wat sijil. hahaha... after that, yeah !! balik kedai.. =)
I tell you la,my scol ar.. OHh, my EX- school ar, like so different la.. I mean the feeling entering the school is different.. normally i walk pass the staffroom or wherever.. all the teachers i see oso I know wan.. so i will smile smile like that.. But now ar, when i pass by, I see those teacher ar, I tak dapat smile, i xiao bu chu rdy.. coz all like I don't know wan. hahahaha... and the pejabat punya kerani oso I didn't see before wan... sigh...
consider lucky la, we went yday.. coz din terserempak that OWNER of the school... The woman who make our high scol life miserable...huhu..
ok, finish bout yday
*sorry for the stupid stupid word upthr.. wa beh tahan liao*

TODAY, I woke up 5am (i at ns oso didn't wake up dis early noe) because I went Nirvana Memorial Park to pray my grandparents... 1 year once...ching ming ma.. We 1stly go market, buy buy thing, then only went thr.. To avoid the jam, we need to be early.. sigh la. thank god not reli jam.. lots of car but not bumper to bumper..
after we pray then we went home la.. n then i go sleep, then i wake up and eat, then i watch hk drama, Catch Me Now.. Don't know how long rdy, but now only I got time to watch... I watched 5 episodes dy. and now, I am here... =)

Monday, March 23, 2009

An update...

I had no idea wat to blog nowadays.. Last thurs me n eeli went Inti to register for A-level...
W3 took 3 subj only... 4 subj means we need to take physics too.. So, it's a big NO Since we are not gonna do anything that gotta do with engineering...
and yeah, we tinggal bersama-sama.. That hostel is damn exp oorr.. But we took dat wan with attached bathroom, coz my mother say dangerous if middle of the nite wanna go out to toilet n eeli oso say vry mafan wanna go out..
We got that 1 and only 1 room wich has attached bathroom.. lucky huh... not reli...

I got to know that 1 of my cousin is oso goin to Inti for sum engineering thingy.. Too bad la, he gona travel evryday coz his mum dun1 him to stay wa... huhu..
Since ar that fees ar accomodation ar so costy rite, i promise my mum la, i will do well in a-levels... not exactly tht score all As la, but as long as i giv my best.. huhu.. coz i noe in spm, im still not full force.. i know i can score much better if i put in sumore effort. lol..................
so, whts over is over... lalalala..lalala..
Btw rite, my aunty ask me dun study biotech wa... why leeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhh???????????
They ask me to study pharmacy coz its recession proof wa... But i see my cousin study until vry san fu... huhu......
So, i dun care ah, still gt 18 mths to think.. hopefully I can choose the best wan =)

Kohi and I plan to go Lowyat n survey laptop price, coz we duno wats the market price ahh... hahaha...... Any1 wanna join us go lepak??
do you think i need to buy laptop 1st? i scare later buy edi din reli use.. Then after a-level, when I reli reli nd dat time, the new laptops, paling updated wan come out.. takkan i buy again? then ma rugi rite... haiyah...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


My genting trip was so so.. tak cukup puas.. so we think of going again... haha
I went both outdoor n indoor but outdoor dun get 2ride evrything coz it's raining..
But I got free flying coaster.. haha..
Genting arcade semakin improve n the harga semakin naik.. 1 game RM3.. You imagine how much that earn.. huhu..

At starbucks while waiting to check-in.. waited for 300 over people okie
me n jocelyn at a ride.. duno what name ar, i jz noe it's hanging on top wan.
hanging wan..
at outdoor, antique car

Newly open Beryl's.. the price is okie.. Not reli expensive.. hehe..
ignore that fella bhind k, tak fhm2 ppl wana take pic
The big clock.. hehe


Today we had a gathering before Edna leave for NS.. Lian Ee happily sell her I-talk to Edna as she hardly use in camp.. hahaha..
n now it is called as U-talk, no more I-talk.. sebab transfer user rdy.. hehehe..
Lian Ee fetch Ee Li and her sis, amrit, me, kohi n Edna to Jusco with Innova and we met our teacher Pn Lim thr with her kids. haha.. Damn berjodoh.. lolz
we had lunch at Bistro n then went n watch Dragon Ball !!! U noe !! Dat Qi Long Zhu...
That Goku quite hensem ah.. haha.. Kohila said he is better than Edward Cullen..
The story ending is like....... sucks la.. haha... But some part is interesting..
Before to the cinema, we went n lepak-lepak at those shops.. We plan to buy the same necklace everyone of us.. Tetapi masa tidak mengizinkan, so nxt time la. haha..
I had lots of fun today meeting them again.. Esther the singer is unable to join us coz she gt college... So, this is the kebaikan org malas yg not yet go study.. hehe..
Anyway, we gonna plan go lepak in other place again bringing Esther along.. hahaha..
so, esther siah, u see la we got think bout u noe !!
Last but not least, i need to promote !!

This is the mrs bean Amrit !!! amrit !!!
huhu !!

So, thats all for now...
Edna, take care n have fun in NS...
Don't worry k, u got U-talk can call call us..

Monday, March 16, 2009


Yesterday I slept 4am.. 4am !!! my latest was 3 stg.. Skrg telah mencecah 4am... break my own record.. So well, im too happy.. coz Chong wei and koo-tan won swiss open.. lalala...
super nice to watch...
I chat with amrit till about 3stg.. we talking bout her family stories.. Lolssss...
I like her stories, vry nice.. Reali like in the drama.. At 1st, im "fishing" edy, but the more she say, the more i wanna noe... haha...

and talkin bout results.. Congrates to my kawans hu score excellent result.. To those hu feel their result is still not good enough (but act rdy alot biji As) dun worry,dun be sad, try harder next time.. huhu..
Im happie and also not happie with my results la.. anyway, it's over, and im relief.
i promise myself i will do better in college... see la, hope my matlamat tercapai.. Btw, still hv bout 1 mth n weeks b4 my coll starts.. so boring ahh...
Fus91, let's go lepak the whole town lar.. huhu..
Let's go mid valley again !! I long time nvr go...

another thing, i get to know that the woman of my ex-school, fyi, is the owner of my ex-school, probably gt stg wrong.. she gonna abolish st john. wth.. n she make sports day lk x semangat langsung by cancelling the most exciting event, tug-of-war... siao za bo ah she.. Kids suffer mann with people lk dat... huhu

oh yeah, I finally can go out with Amrit edy... She say she can join us on Wednesday for Edna-b4-leaving for-ns-gathering.. hehe..
I never went out with her b4, xcept visitings la.. i mean go kai kai lk dat.. I never, never okie...
So, i shall see what lame jokes she will talk about. haha..
ALright, my room is messy again...not even a week.. n im gonna pack my things to Genting... hahaha
I miss Genting Highland !!! woowoowoo........
I miss flying dragon and coaster... huhu..
Till then, take care peepsssssssssssss ( i learn peeps frm harjir the shark)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A day

Today I went shopping at Jusco.. It's the 1st time i enter a shopping complex after im out from all those pagar.. haha..
As my fren in ns said, v nd to go n shop, coz 3months inside thr.. Our baju all basi rdy.. LOL..
so, i bought clothes.. As though CNY coming soon.. haha..
From morning 1030am till 2.30pm non-stop walking.. My kaki now very lenguh.. haha..
I bought Arsenal purse.. At last !!!!!! huhu...
n yeah, i find out i grow horizontally.. wth... I need exercise, n thanks suereen.. hu ask me wan go exercise anot, coz she also same lk me.. Like she noe im fatter like that la.hahaha..
After that 3pm went Music box and shout... It's so fun to do those thing again...
I drink duno how many cups of 7up, and I duno how many times i went to the toilet..
Btw, I miss NS leh.. Siao anot? I miss my CB class to be exact..
I rber dat time, when i receive that "TAHNIAH", i cry for 1 whole nite...huhu..

So, i've decided to join the bunch of kawan in Inti.. We gona rock Inti 2gthr-gthr.. lalalala...

Ok, so i shall stop here..
TMR im gona visit my house again.. haha.. Genting Highland !!! muack muack...1 yr din go rdy... ke lian betul..
and my darlings in final.. you know? you know?
LCW bt denmark yday nite while KKK-TBH beat Cai Yun-Fu Haifeng..
Long time din c rdy.. Sy rase x tenang...
Now i wanna go on tv..
tata.. take care...

Friday, March 13, 2009

NS Shots part 2

These are random shots taken....

Padang bistro's tree
Fall in love with the tiang
Siput Wan on her birthday
We are suppose to kutip sampah after wira jaya..
But do we look lk we are kutip-ing sampah??

This is the camping bag.. Damn many sand arr inside..
Corin aka ji mummy

Me, Yen Phing and Lian Ee
Lian ee and I while she come lepak in my dorm..
The bed is actually nobody sleep wan, but for guest to sleep..
and the luggage rite, is not ours.. is our guest's oso.. hahaha
Exercise.. urgh.. peace !!
This is when our Charlie's jurulatih bersara..
Lilah and Wan
Jane and I during night duty..Shah.. we got into same PI,same KN and same RBC.. Fuhh..
and ya, same company..
Nadin and Izzat aka pak kaduk and his friend..
They are damn damn damn funny..

I guess that's all... NS syok betul la.. except when u nd to wake up frm ur nap n go kawad in the afternoon, that's the oni thing x syok.. =)
Yesterday was results day... We meet again.. hehe..
and yeah, it's Edna's turn to leave for NS...
Go go go n enjoy Edna !!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

NS Shots

Kenangan yg terindah.............. Flashback memoriessssss......

Bside/bhind of camp

During lawatan keluarga on SundaysWe are on duty that week

Charlie !!!The Charlie's pelawakWith Cikgu Kassim

Wei Feng, Yen Phing, Me and Xin Yi
My cutie friend, halilah and Siput Wan.. haha
Promoting I Talk and P5
My mummy and her koperasi P5tsk tsk.. unhealthy..unhealthy..Lolz
This is AmandaSee what Corin mummy did to my doggie
With Halilah during last day of KN.. Boring until we take pics..

Corin did this during program Integrasi in h
er class..


During rehearsal penutup.. Me and Sharmila at padang kawad
Kawan baik..

We went for khidmat komuniti-- Muzium tentera darat... It's fun..

Xin Yi. Robot, Yen Phing Me and Wei Feng

The fun and wonderful moment in rbc will always stays in my heart.. =)

"Friends are the most important part of your life. Treasure the tears, treasure the laughter, but most importantly, treasure the memories"