Thursday, November 29, 2007


Finally, 2 weeks of holidays had gone.. Emm, wat i've done??? Playin com, eatin, ZZZing, watch tv programme, last but not least, my badminton matchess. So unbelievable, China cheats... Haizzzz, ppl often say China ppl vry licik wan. But not all la, sum r reali gud.. China hv the umpire wich same country as the player, obviously unfair..

Bsides, went shoppin 2.. Go Time square, cosmos theme park.. I juz found out dat the Super Sonic odyssey ride is not that scary as i last thought.. The 360' turn = NOTHING... U can't feel anything.. C oni scare. I bet if u dare 2 ride on Flyin coaster, den shud b no prob... Act, ntg else nice 2 play la, Biggest indoor theme park In Malaysia oni, dat's y expensive.. Genting theme park better...Pay bout the same price.. Genting lagi worth.. TS there, same floor wit theme park got 1 shop sell clothes wan.. Pattern nt bad, price oso affordable.. Nice nice 1, nt more den rm50.. of course nt branded la.. Nxt,go bowling wit aunty hahaha... Until 30th Nov oni, buy 1 free 1... so, go as often as i can.. after dat, surely seldom go wan..Nw i noe edi, student rm4.50 wit shoe.. normal ppl oso rm4.50 but without shoe provided if u r a mbf card member.. But rber 2 ask twice b4 u pay, gt 1 cashier there, duno male or female, can't differentiate, vry wat 1 aa. 1st tim ask her say diff ting, 2nd time ask, oso diff ting. ishhh... N oso went Bukit Tinggi's Jusco.. Big lik wat.. so many food stores.. vietnam kitchen la, korean la, kimgary, alot alot.. Got $$$$ everyting u can get..

2mr goin Mid valley. hahaha.. wan2 hunt for dress 2 attend my cousin's wedding. So many ppl marry oor... Yr of boar hor.. hahaha... Dis sat another cousin's wedding.. hee... If cant find, then go Sungei Wang.. I love sungei wang, but oweys jam.. so seldom go.. Dun tink i oweys go shoppin, waste alot money oor.. Sumtimes, i go jalan oni, window shoppin, din buy1. lolz..

Well, middle of dec, wil go to ShenZhen深圳_HK香港_Macau澳门 main intention is juz hk disneyland.. ppl say nt bad.. Go nc christmas decoration.. Hope it'll b nice..

P/S: Take care every1, especially health... Ntg is more important than ur own health !! Take care of ur wealth 2nd... Strictly 2nd !!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Exam is over !!!

After 1 month, finally exam is over !! Im free.. Nt totally, as dis is oni F4, cannot 4get wat teacher taught. Gotta keep until nxt yr 's my olympic. Haiz.. Dis exam, i blieve my result shud be extremely "good" as u all noe, i love last minute study. hahaha.. Actually no la, when early time, no mood 2 study, so when reali reachin da exam date, oni kelam kabut..
da whole month reali suffering, oweys wonder n guess wat question wil cum out leh? especially bio, chem, phy n SEJ !! ESSAY !!! add maths oso ar..
emm.. Luckily add maths pass.. cukup makan la hehe.. the most scary 1, dat 3 sub lo. bio, phy che. haizzz... I din expect much on dis as i noe wat i wil get.. If i put too high expectation on it, wil definitely b disappointed. hahaha.. So, everyting take it ez.. I hope in the holidays, i can study wich i usually won't.hehehe... I learned 1 new ting frm my idol, Nvr underestimate any subject, Nvr give up easily!! plus i wil increase my self-confident. i wil "break" da subject n nt the subject "break" me. I blieve dat confidence leads our life. But nt over confident to prevent big disappointment..

Wah !! can't imagine, i hv finished form 4. Last yr, oni finish PMR, juz lik yesterday oni finish.. Time flies... n 4 nw, I wan2 enjoy holidays 1st.. i wan2 play badminton. It had been so long since i last holded my racquet. Duno where i put oso.. Bsides, i wan2 do sumting dat i wan2 do. sounds funny. mm.. shopping, swimming, playin carom, singing,watch drama. whatever la hehehe...