Thursday, February 28, 2008

Irritated but funny.. hahaha

2day v got back our maths n add maths paper.. Disappointed wit maths paper but i expected it.. 1 more mark to A1. all bcoz of that last quest.. n dat shade shade part.. ISHHHHHHH... But im surprise with my add maths paper.. It has gone 2 a higher level.. a "B". although it's nt A, im satisfied.. But it's juz monthly test, n the quest is kinda straight 4ward..

Durin maths paper discussion, pn lim shoot me.. Ee Li oso kena abit, but nt as much as me.. 4 ur infomation, Pn Lim love shootin, eeli,me, meifen n shyuan mey.. I was askin edna dat last quest hw 2 do.. she sits bside me ma.. n she's my teacher 4 maths n add m3..

Ee Li
Pn Lim

carolyn arr, talk sumore..
Teacher, she din talk, she askin me hw 2 draw dat straight line..
ooo, emm..
(den she continue... Amrit tell me my ans wrote terbalik, den i turn bhind.. of course i mus respon ma..den eeli tell me sumtin, i 4get wat edi..)
talk sumore...u noe hw 2 find da x value??
teacher, v discussing la... where gt talk?
i noe hw 2 find d !! Edna teach me edi..
Ok, hw 2 find?? explain
Neh, dis 2 points u join 2 gether den get 1 straight line.. n dis two dot is the x.. (pointin my graph paper)
huh? wat point point oor..
(whisperin) intersection, intersection..
O !! da two intersection is da point !
Ah, yes !! i want dat word, intersection.. wat point point
(den nxt quest, askin 2 sketch graph wan.. pn lim shoot eeli pula..)
wat graph is dis?? smiling graph arr,.. sum ppl duno hu ar, draw straight line arr.. hu ar, hu ar..
Teacher, me la.. I noe u wana say is me... dun nd tersirat teacher. (laughin)
Although she always shoot us, but v still like her bcoz her teachin method was superb !!! I can say she's da best teacher 4 maths n add maths throughout my 5 yrs in convent.. eventhough she din cum, still she wil giv us paper 2 do.. haizzz
2mr hv est.. I cant imagine wat mark i'll 2get.. As i noe, my essay was"fantastic".. Write a report as a chairperson of waste disposal in town.. hahaha.. better say CEO of alam flora as esther said. hehehe..

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's over !!!!

Hooray !! after 3 days struggling.. exam finally over !!! Cant imagine wat my marks wil b.. mostly all the subject, i shoooot.. But whatever it is, i wud nt bother much.. maths din get A oso nvm.. Edna said: aiya, maths oni ma.. hahaha..

Alright, after monthly test, i'll b concentratin on driving. Yeahhh !! Im goin 4 dat long long ceramah on how 2 drive dis Sunday... Y sunday??? aiyoh... After dat long long ceramah, i'll D.R.I.V.E... hahahaha

cant wait.. Hopefully by mid term exam, i wud b able 2 b a "P" license driver.. dat fella say 2 take a license, nd bot 2 to 2 n a half month.. I started on end of Jan, so by May i tink so complete kua.. hahaha

2day after test, the whole class turn crazy.. Sum went 2 Intan.. sum duno go where.. Teacher oso nvr care bout us, it's moraL wat.. hahaha

Well, i was shock wit my moral markss


Me ( not tryin 2 boast k !!)

Eh, carolyn, u get 98 for moral wei.. congrats.

Huh? u mean i get 98 ar? Me? Me?? Me???.. Dun play la u, i where wil get 98?? U c wrg edi la.. is the person above me izit?

NO,reali wan.. I c frm teacher list there. 98 la.. i c it..

(vry "kan cheong" go n c frm teacher list oso n i saw 78)

Edna, u c wrg la.. 78 la.. is "7" nt "9".. I say edi la, u c wrg rite??

No la, dis wan per 80.. nt yet plus 20 marks... nah, 78+20=98 !!!

o, okok.. thks..


but of course gt ppl higher den me la.. 3 ppl get 100 leh.. Harjir, Inthuja n Jeeva.. as u can c H,I,J.. 3 in a row.. (they copy each other) hahahahaha

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Exammmm !!

Yday was Bio, Physic and Moral test.. Moral still ok.. Physic n Bio totally blank. Duno wat i write on structure n duno wat i shoot in obj.. Haizzzz.. cham laa. Result sure vry "nice" wan...

2day worse, BI, Sejarah, Add maths n Maths.. How can dey put add m3 n m3 together?? Im so confuse with those graph's formula.. Both hv graph.. ishhhh... Sejarah's essay.. Wah !!! wonderful mann..
they ask 2 write faktor kemunculan nasionalisme.. But duno what history i created


wei esther, that essay how ar?? i duno which is which la.. pemangkin nasionalisme n kemunculan nasionalisme..

Oi, yalo hor.. which is which?? I tink i write pemangkin la.. Die la.. I put evryting inside wor... evrytin i luan zha inside. i juz write whatever i tink.. (eeli: pemangkin is bab 2) Bt i tink i write pemangkin la.. aiyoh

huh? reali wrg edi ar, den how la.. 0 mark arr..

No la, gt 1 or 2 the same wan.. neh, da sistem sumting wan..

oo, dat sistem pendidikan n sistem pengangkutan n perhubungan ar?

Ahh ya la... U gt write dat anot??

duno oor, i tink got kua

got den can la... nvm la..
(n both laugh laugh off v go 2 canteen)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sports Day 2008 !!!

Yesterday was Sports Day !! It wil b the last sports day in scol since im in my final yr of high scol.. I took pics hehehe wich i usually does not. Last yr edi wat, wan sum memories... Btw, BLUE HSE IS NOT LAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohooo !!!!!
V got third placing dis yr.. although is nt 1st, but v were happy..

Red hse perbarisan..

Blue hse perbarisan

Yellow Hse

Last but not least Green Hse perbarisan

Me n Celine

after 1 whole week of stayin bac, our mascot is ready !!

Blue hse aerobic.. Bubbles dance wit cookie..

Me wit Bubbles, 1 of our Blue House Mascot..

Me n eeli

Yellow n blue hse's mascot

Me wit Cookie monster..

Esther, YM, Me, Smey, Ee Li

My fren, esther

Sports day over !!!!! Let's pose !!

1st>>> Yellow hse (defending champ)
2nd>>> Red House
3rd>>> Blue House
4th>>> Green hse

Well, sports is over, n da nxt thing dat the great headmistress did 4 us is monthly test.. Im not prepared n im sick now... even yday's thomas cup qualifyin i oso din watch finish.. Badminton leh, hw cud i miss it, it's not me wei... But i cant afford 2 open my eyes, n had headache.. Hw nice if im still nt feeling well on Monday, n no nd 2 sit 4 the test !!! CHOI CHOI CHOI..
eventhough i noe dat i wil 2 fail for my test, i wil nvr skip it..Dun care if still sick, i'll still go n sit 4 it.. I'll nvr skip test !!! I wont skip the exam bcoz im scare of failure.. No mannn... Wish me gud luck k 4 the exam.. i'll go n study now..
Oh ya, remind me 2 brin bullets 2 scol tmr. I'll shoot as much as possible. Basically, it's my last last time 2 shoot in test.. No more shootin after dis,gotta prepare well for future...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

We won 3rd prize on Chap Goh Mei

2day,is Chap Goh Mei n oso 3rd place playoff for tarik tali were btween Blus Hse n Green Hse.. Well, im in Blue Hse as well as 4 tarik tali...
We won 3rd place !!!! Although v wish 2 go into finals, but our hope was blowed off by red hse... Expected la.. Red hse evry yr in final.. But at least we won sumting.. N take sweet revenge 4 our juniors in afternoon session.. hehe

The 1st round was hard 2 pull.. Both teams hv high spirit, n wanted 2 win so so muchh.. Both team doesn't wana let go the rope until last last minute.. Blue hse won da 1st round.. Fatiha fell down,cryin coz was worry she cant do better.. After consoling her, v went 4 2nd round.. Our confidence has gear up abit after winning da 1st round although there's possiblity 2 lose.. Actually, v almost lose when green hse members, fell down n the rope went senget 1 side, evry1 tot is over rdy, but luckily v still pulling... after so long tahaning, finally blue hse bcum the winner !!! Yeahhhh !!!! Cheh wah!!!!

Act, kinda unfair, why v nvr pull against yellow hse 1st, n green against red?? Hu noes blue n green can beat yellow n red rspectively??? Lazy la they all.. ( guess hu sumore la) wana make tings ez n fast... haizzzzz..
Anyway, v gt 3rd place d, close 1 eye la... Wil Blue hse make sum difference dis yr??? Hopefully can !!! Oh ya !!! our mascot 4 dis yr's sports wil b Bubbles (ppg).. hehehe.. N 1 more sesame street wan, wat monster dey call? blue wan, cookie monster arr? sumting monster wan.. Hopefully, it can b done !!!!
2mr im kawating(nice eng).. hahahaha.. I nvr kawad b4 in dis pass 5 yrs... Dis yr is the final yr, n i wana try sumtin i nvr tried b4.. I wana enjoy as much as i can !!! Dis few weeks, almost evry1 skip classes, especially ajk's for the rumah sukan.. students in n out frm the class room, teacher oso bzing wit saringan la, cross country stuff.. So, after tmr,which is our sports day, evrytin wil goes back 2 normal.. wait til sambutan hari koko n patriotik, but dis wil not as "meriah" as sports day !!.. haizzz..
Exam in how many days??? 3? omg omg !!! I nd TIME !!!!! Our great headmistree was the greatest among the greatest hu mix evrytin in a month... S.I.A.O !!!!!!!!!
Let's c whether she wil cum tmr? Or she went TURKEY again???
Blue Blue Blue !!!! Tmr no matter BLUE win or lose, Blue is oweys da best !!! V r dynamites k !!! Go, BLUE !!!!!!
Happy Chap Goh Mei !!!!!! Gotta wait 4 another yr to raise my income. hahahahaha

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Yeahhh !!! I passed !!!

2day i went for undang test in the morning.. Reach there at 930am.. But i oni get 2 sit 4 the exam at 1230 pm.. wait outside so so long !!! The quest is kinda tricky, the ans almost the same.. But, im lucky dat ive pass it !!
I juz read sum quest while waitin outside.. N guess wat? the quest i've read came out exactly !! Im so happy !! But oso scare coz sum of the quest bhind i cnt ans, n im tinkin " die la die la, nd 2 sit again in 1 week time,nd 2 waste daddy's RM40 !! Gosh !!!".. But when i click "ya", "keputusan".. I was shock 2C dat i get 44/50 wich is 2 marks above the passing mark. At that moment, im so relieve.. n i tell myself that evrytin we do, we nd confidence. My confidence gear up when i get fulll marks in that ujian warna,penglihatan.. I nvr change any of my ans throughout the test,bcoz i noe dat da 1st feeling is oweys da correct wan.. I experienced dis in evry scol exam.. hahaha

Oh ya!! yday was st.john exam.. re-examination act.. I din go coz cannt go due to my lost id is not reported.. Therefore, i nd 2 sit da exam in high scol wich is wat Lianee told me.. HUH??? HIGH SCOL? is my 1st sentence replied when she told me dat.. U noe la, go ppl scol n sit wor, duno hw wan, duno wat wil happen.. Go Yu Hua better, copz there is once my scol b4... haha.. But Luckily, my dear fren Mei Fen is accompanyin me there..THks, Mei Fen.. If nt, i duno hw..such a wonderful fren of u.. hehe. Im nt sayin others nt wonderful k.. lol.. hahaha.. Exam wil b in 2 weeks time.. Hopefully i can make it a successful wan. hehe.. Use my 1st feeling method 2 sit 4 the exam.. Start 2 read up my 1st aid book wich i nvr touch b4 since last yr's adult exam. haha.. Hav 2 memorise cpr again.. Duno y those ppl so free.. Evry yr invent new sequences.. haizzzz...
Btw, scol exam is in how many days??!!?? Oh no !!! dis is the oni time i can get better result coz it's the least topics... Carolyn Wong, pls b hard workin abit.. bcoz of future n $$$ work hard abit !!!!! haizzz...
Ok, till den... crap more in the nxt post !!!
Yeah ! CNY still on, n im goin 2 my aunty's hse 2nite 2 collect angpau..Whee !!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Chinese New Year Quote..

Yeahh !.. Finally, my room is CLEANED.. Last yr, i clean it 2 days b4 NY.. Dis yr??? OMG !!! 1 day b4 CNY !! Wat wil happen nxt yr? Am i goin 2 clean on the 1st day of Chinese New Yr???? hehehe

Now, im free,hv ntg 2 do.. Therefore, i came out wit all the chinese new year quotes.. Those words ppl wil say durin CNY .. Let's start..

(gong xi fa cai)
(wan shi ru yi)
(nian nian you yu)
(zhao cai jin bao)
(sheng yi xing long)
(xin nian jin bu)
( da ji da li)
(ji xiang ru yi)
(wan xiang geng xin)
(xin xiang shi cheng)
(ma dao gong cheng)
(xi qi yang yang)
(chu ru ping an)
(bu bu gao sheng)
(long ma jing shen)
Only dis is in my mind... hehe..

Happy CNY !!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Chinese New Year !!!

4 more days 2 CNY !!!!! Yeahhh !!! Income might increase in 15 days time.. hehehe..
Alot of tings nt yet done.. My room is still messy.. The last time i clean my room was last yr, 2 days b4 CNY.. N dat was oso forced by mummy.. so, 2 more days i'll b cleanin my room i guess.
Well, my NY clothes had settled. Not as many as last yr.. haizzz.. Duno y,cant choose da 1 i reali like... Mayb i shud watch more tv programme or magazine, c how those model wear.. Some teenage gal hv alot diff of style.. they wear 2 diff color of shoe/socks.. den da hair,duno hw they cut, up there so thick, but down so thin.. duno waT is dat.. I c oni, i feel lik 1 kind la.. look lik samseng n Those hu oweys lepak wan.. Recently,8tv gt 1 new programme 1pm every sunday.. Teach us bout latest fashion.. Wah !! but those clothes can reali make u fashion, all more den RM200.. Where 2 get so much money arr !!!! But dis encourage me 2 study harder, so nxt time i can afford 2 buy. hahahaha
Imagine la, 1 t-shirt RM79. 1 jeans cloth short pants rm129.90.. plus altogether hw much? not yet plus shoe ar, accessories.. but vry nice oor...

Yeah !! 2 more days, CNY holidays starts, Luking 4ward for the holidays. No nd wake up early 4 one whole week... Free frm tuition.. kekeke... Last week reali tiring week, 3 consecutive day of sukan tara.. 100m run, long jump n "lontar peluru".. Guess wat? i contributed 4 points for my blue house... da most i contributed compare 2 da past 4 yrs.. 1 pt each for "lontar peluru" n long jump. N 2 pts for 100m run.. OMG !!! I actually run n get 2 pts??? Unbelievable rite?? But it's my aim act.. Coz last yr bcoz of a few secs diff, i got 1 pt.. so dis yr i wana get 2 pts.. I did it !!! Yeahhh !!

Blue hse is a common loser 2 evry1.. But i hope, dis yr it wud b able 2 change as it's da last yr 4me in blue's ok if it's in 3rd placin,as long as not last.. hehehe.. Oh ya, Rubanar juz told me dat teacher ask me 2 run 4x100m.. Do u tink i shud run??? I feel lik runnin.. Juz running, nt 2 win.. It's F5 !! I wish 2 participate, but sum ting makes me think twice... Hopefully, i can get an answer after CNY..

Ok, i guess dat's all 4now.. Duno when wil b updatin, so here 2 wish ery1 Happy Mouse Yr !!! Mouse /rat??? May evry1 bless wit gud health !!!