Tuesday, April 28, 2009

what to say?

What shall I blog about? hmm.. think !!..
tmr, n yeah.. we gonna go for that enrolment.. basically eeli, szeyien n yeeling is ppl that i noe.. huhu.. tiba-tiba i feel takut.. lolz..
I duno la.. haih..
Im thinking la, will it be a right choice choosing the college?
Good or not?
But based on what my friends thr told me, not bad laa..
so, i oso fang xin abit..
Hope evrthing run smooth.. I wont regret entering inti okie..
Im gonna enjoy enjoy, but at the same time study study..
STUDY HARD AHHH Carolyn, you thought ur fees vry cheap ah?
money very hard to earn ahh, you better study properly ahh...
ok, i will.
so, tmr im gona pindah my room.. hahaha.. room oni, din until tahap house !
ehh, my post all rojak laa. i mean the language.. truly malaysian english..
sigh mann...
gona write in proper english, and there will be million n zillions of grammar mistakes.. But if proper english, not so nice to read rite?
rojak oni best kan? haha...
ohh ya, i found my long lost friend yian huei.. she nvr get lost.. she chnge school oni.. she call my ex-number, i mean my old number laa.. but my sis use rite, so she thought bad ppl, damn funny.. she scare ppl ask her for money stg lk dat, lk those newspaper write wan u noe? yeah, so she reject reject the call, but my fren kip calling.. swt.. haha
She goin UCSI... so sad.. y dun1 lai inti? we togthr-gthr belajar ma... hehehe..
anyway, whr oso same laa.. haha
n my left hand is now so pain.. so pain laa. aiyooo... wa beh tahan la...
Ok, i wanna go slp.. nite !!
sweet dreamss
toodles !!

today my mood still bad, but better den yesterday =)
smiles !

Monday, April 27, 2009

I've got so much to say

Yesterday we went to Sime Darby Medical Centre to settle the billll, and yes, we went all the way down to Subang.. say until like so far.. cuma 45 minutes.. haha..
After that, we went carrefour which is 1km away? frm SDMC.. The things thr are cheap.. I bought new shaker rm 5.50.. Yes, Back to school.. It's not the newest design wan la obviusly.. But it's still shaker..
After that, we cross the road and we reach SUbang Parade... Seriously, so long i din go... When im young i oweys go thr noe after go to klang.. haha.. Chnge so so so much.. We had chicken rice at TCRS... for dinner la.. and... I saw LEE CHONG WEI'S SHOP !!! A computer shop.. I duno zit reli his wan.. but thr wrote Dimiliki oleh: LEE CHONG WEI sdn bhd..
I thought his shop at Lot 10.. bukan kah? haha.. anyway, the shop named QOOL PLANET... go see see la.. haha.. sell apple brand mostly... expensive ahh..
Subang Parade's thing damn expensive wan la.. But if compare to Summit n Sunway Pyramid, I think it's the cheapest lor..
So, next stop we went IOI MALL !!! huhu.. got Jusco !! Pelanggan yg taat setia !! I said rite, i got rm 10 voucher.. so cn buy thing.. haha.. I bought sumthing. hehehe..
After jalan-jalan, next stop....... no more rdy...
Balik rumah !!! hehehe..
U noe why sekali gus 3 complex? because no maid, so nice.. so free.. no need worry she alone at home do wat.. hahaha.. arite, finish bout shopping..


College gona start soon.. lk soon la..
it's gona be a brand new phrase of my life..
say bye to high school.. i miss high scool mayb not reli high scol, but my frens,my class n few tchers.. huhu..
I duno y, im excited but not reli nervous.. maybe bcoz i hv sum1 with me.. my dearest chew lili..haha..
I must study study study study study very hard for A-levels, i must betul betul study,
I must focus, I must realy realy study.. No more "duno-how-to-do-no-need-do-la"
Don't know also must know.. n lili, if i dun study, pls ask me to study.. haha..
No more draGging.. me la..when upsr, wait la, i will do well in pmr.. during pmr, wait la, i will do well in spm... N now sudah college.. no more wait wait la...

I need to do properly in A-levels 1st before proceed to the higher level.. Not for myself, but also for my parents.. I wanna try my best to make my mum happy n proud..
and to my those aunty n uncle sekalian..... I will try my best, vry best.. do very very welll, I dun1 to let u all look down on me..you all nvr say look down on me la, but the way u all talk shows clearly.... I might not be as good as ur dentist daughter or doctor son, but i will give my very best.. as long as i try my best, i wont regret.. n i need to tell them that chineseseseseseseses language is damn useful..
n ppl frm chinese scol, the brain is not square wan.. they can also think flexiblely okie..
and better dun say chinese school ppl cannot speak fluent english, im gona mouth-fight with you.. u urself dun even noe hw 2 write ur own chinese name, so better keep quiet..don't make so much noise.. shhh... world peace !!! PEEEAAAACEEEEEE !!!

Oh ya, 1 important thing, my my my parking skilll rite, ehem ehem.. Improved !!! haha yay !! lk vry important hor.. hehe
Now i can go out suka suka rdy.. No need to see whether my dad in shop anot, coz if he not in shop later i got parking noone cum n help me park.. huhu..
Fus91 !! Lets go lepak lah !!!
Today i park czipleee thr, super nice.. ngam ngam in the box.. hehe... den i park in front of avon.. oso nice... ngam ngam in the box again... PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT !!
I agree, but only for parking.. hehehe..
n yeah, I can Yi Xin Er Yong.. sambil talk fon sambil drive... But polis sampai, saya kena !!.. haha


Bad mood

-the end-

Your Heart, My Heart. Heart Attack

the artery, is narrowed..
the artery is surounded by calcium..
It's calcium-fied n it's harden..
Before angioplasty, we need to get rid of the calcium..
Therefore, need to dril the calcium to soften bk the artery.
Saying is oweys ezier than doing..
I hope for the best, and pray hard...

Sunday, April 26, 2009







Holidays is coming to an end.. Suddenly I feel not so bored.. Maybe bcoz few days of holiday left..
hmmm.. gonna leave home again.. feelingless..no more cry cry like baby... maybe bcoz r,leave home before edy.. n tht one worse wan.. haha
im gonna layan oni.. sempoi... watever laa
Wash own baju again.. swt..
wake up myself again..
Iron own baju again..
But now i got handphone 24/7.. huhu..
n n rite.. got washing machine.. no nd use hand.. so bahagia. haha
n ar, got aircond, no nd so hot.. use paper n lipat kipas.. kesian..
n arr, sumore gt what?
ahahaha.. cnt think of rdy..
all thx to ns la, i suffer so much.. now abit thing oso i feel damn bahagia.. hahaha

Yeest i wennt to jusco again.. I love jusco.. I pelanggan setia.. amat setia.. huhu..
The price naik kao kao...
compare with members day reli ahh... the pilow tht day rm9, yest bcum32.90.. gila wan.. is the exactly same wan. SAMA !! the sales gor gor oso same person.. lol
the kasut tht time gt 30% now tak de discount.. but still the sticker thr.. the worker lazy bum, dun1 takeout.. ish..
n the bag oso no more discount..
I went popular.. Wana but Twilight book.. But dun have english version..
Got mandarin wan, New moon n Eclipse..
But rite, i think frm up till down wan, i can faint so din buy... hahaha.. But lk lebih thick la..
oh ya, my maid balik kpg rdy with her bf...... she say go bk marry then cum bk.. haha..
lol... so, now i must jemur baju. hehe.. for few days oni,, den later my sis do.. hahahehehaha..
n rite, my at home dat pc, sot wan.. I cnt sign in my msn la.. i wana throw away la that computer.. ish.. so damn benggang... so damn mafan.....

today's st john areas sports day at high school.. actuali me n kohi wanna go.. but feel weird la if i go..lk wat oni.. sumore i retire edy... leave st john. haha...
My sis that taat setia wan went.. y she so lk st john wan oso i duno... haih...

ok la, i crap alot laa.. bye bye
till den........

Friday, April 24, 2009

so sad

so sad la.. i think oso so sad la..
but nvm la..
everything is fated..
is okie, is alright...
dun cry...






Heart Beat

想跟我吵架 我没那么无聊
不懂得道歉 我没那么聪明

你又在哭泣 我给不了安慰
我又在摇头 有那么点后悔



逆转时光到一开始 能不能给一秒


Thursday, April 23, 2009

shop till i almost drop

Today is Jusco members day !!!
I fetch my sister and the maid to cheras selatan !!
Yeah !!! Success success !!! We went thr 8am, reach thr bout 8.30am.. no nd 1/2 hour actuali, but im a good driver, got passenger in the car.. so i slow abit.. hahha..

SELAMAT.. hehehehe
lie u all wan laa... bcoz traffic jam.. haha... haha.. hehe.. haha,.. hehe.. call me crazy.. hehe..
reach thr oso not yet buka, already PEOPLE MOUNTAIN PEOPLE SEA !! fuyoh !!! a lot ppl waiting outside the entrance..
alot wearing sch uniform oo.. their parent surely shop until drop then fetch them to school. haha
I go early is bcoz i wanna find ez parking, n i success success!!! act i curi-curi jalan wan, people nd to make a big round, to reach whr i park, but i saw got 1 small space din put cone, so i curi masuk.. haha.. the guard oso cnt do anything..jus t see me goin in..so bad la me.. lolz... n i get a straight parking ! Yes !!! huhu..

I pok kai rdy... I shop till i drop !!! Kohi, no more quarterly drop ! fully drop...
The price damn nice laaa... Normally mega sale is oweys PURPLE TAG rite?

50 %.. But today all I buy is RED TAG!!!! 70% !!
I bought VJ JEans !!! 29 bucks... bought nicole skirt, 27 bucks.. bought chic avenue baju, 10 bucks, n the cheapest RM 7.50... Pasar mlm oso not so cheap la..
I don't reli buy the brand la, I buy the design.. huhu.. although my taste is not so goood la, but i like it, so i buy.. hehe..
I wana buy bag !! I thought come out that time oni take, coz it's outside ! 50% wei.. 20 stg onia !! But when I come out, sudah lenyap that bag. ish ish... got that design, but dun hv that colour rdy.. SIGH...
haih.. ='(
Nvm, i learnt a lesson, nxt time see, straight way grab, no need pay 1st.. hahaha..
coz got banyak ma, how i noe people's taste same lk mine !!?? haha..
Then, i bought 1 shirt for my youngest sis, kesiannya, cnt go...
n yeah !! I met Lianee with her grandmother n mum.. hahaha...
She went toooooo......hehe
n I redeemed 10 bucks.. huhu... coz 100 bucks in pink receipt, cn redeem.. hehaheha.. thanks to shopping princess I n II, carolyn n evelyn wong...
Around 11 stg we plan to go back, coz princess II gt sch la, shud hv wear sch uni la rite.. hehe..
n thr goes heart attack part... I almost bang that toyota altis backlight weyh... coz when i wanna reverse my car.. That honda park behind me wan is actually not a parking space... sigh.. wanna avoid banging the honda, din reli concentrate on toyota in front me..

These people arrr wanna shopping oso must find a nice parking n park ma duih...can park wan ma.. din see i "P" ar? haiyoh... I shud hv bang the Honda, n leave a remembrance for the owner ! "I MUST NOT PARK MY CAR IN A NON-PARKING AREA"

I see before in mid valley during chinese new year, those people cnt find parking, n simply park wherever they want... then got 1 car, cnt go out..so he just bang that car, n chao... huhu... so nice to see.. hehe.. evil me..
my dad say not that bang ppl's car punya wrong.. hahaha..
so finally, i dare to drive to a lebih far place, although it's not far la.. but now without my ayah dan ibu leh..
independent rdy... haha.. kononnya...

So, i guess that's all for today...
ohya, i wanna tell, i am a human ok, i will get angry wan u noe, i got mood wan okie, i got angin wan ya, now i feel my angin tak bagus.. so, pls dun mess with me ok.. i very damn kecil kecil hati wan.. lk bean so small wan... ok..

Till then, hv a nice shopping day, n ya.. happy traffic jam if goin at nite !! hehehehehehehehehe...
But if you are a sabar driver, NO PROBLEM !!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I went to AGro Bank, wanted to close that account... BUT...
the kakak say cannot close... I don't know why, she said December only can.. wth.
So, i asked her how much is the most that I can withdraw.. She said, need to tinggal baki sebanyak RM 20.. so, okla, 20, 20 la.. I take out everything that can la.. LOL.. n i duno need to fill in form to withdraw.. LOL.. paisehnya.. wat to do? never withdraw money b4.. This is the 1st time I went myself.. huhu..
After that, I went to RHB to open a new account..
ya, i have ntg to do.. Thr went n close the account, n here go and open a new account.. I got reason la.. lols..
That person hu entertain me, damn funny la.. how he noe i go plkn oso i duno...
ah moi, u pergi plkn ar?
ya, kenapa?
tak de la, tanya saja, dapat kat mana?
Port Dickson..
Ohh.. best kan?
mm. ya, mmg best la..
After waiting for like an hour, den finalllllllly, i got that debit card.. They didnt gv bank book rdy..
Then, i went minum with lianee coz kesian her, nt yet eat lunch, baru balik dari college.. huhu...
Kohila's darling is in the same college with Lian ee.. LOL...
Matahari yang terik.. huhu...
Arsenal n liverpool draw !!! draw!!! Why draw??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Arsenal, nvr give up!!!
thats all for today..

Monday, April 20, 2009


This morning, I took KTM from Subang back to Kajang all alone.. 1st time...saya ulang, 1st time.. Im alone naik KTM.. ALONE okie.. I nvr naik alone b4.. yeah, im independent.. LOL
My aunt fetch me 10 stg from Sime Darby Medical Centre and then put me in the railway station.. hmmm... I ate McD at KL sentral, before changing train bk to Kajang =)
I never eat alone, i feel so weird.. But today, i oso duno y, it feels gud.. huhu...
After that i board that srban train back to Kajang.. Luckily, it's not that pack.. coz 10 stg 11am.. ppl all went to work edy.. n not much foreigners, so i like it.. haha...

Ohya, in the train rite, got 3 malay guys i think UKM student, wanna balik campus.. 1 of them tell the friend he wanna married in KTM.. LOL...
i wanted to laugh, but i scare ppl say i gila.. so, i tahan not to laugh.. the way he say is damn funny la wei.. hahaha..

Yday, I slept 4am.. coz there vry damn cold.. like inside refrigerator lk dat... There gt wifi in the lobby.. but rite, the room cn detect abit.. so, the connection mmg teruk wan laa. but still i manage to connect awhile awhile.. haha..
n luckily i brought some dramas.. LOL.. i watch ngan lao gam fan.. damn that man got 4 wives.. so stupid.. but that show not modern wan la, last time last time wan..
Then, i play game until 4am then beh tahan n slept... Oh ya, not to forget, I Spotted a cute doctor..
He quite young lor... hahaha...

Till then, tata

Sunday, April 19, 2009

our country... sigh

I hate Kajang town mann !!!
So damn damn damn hate !!!
Full of foreign workers !!!!!!!!!!
Full of those indonesian, pakistan, bangla foreign workers !!!
babi idiotic stupid n n n i duno wat to say stupid damn workerssss laa...
They are so damn damn damn idiot...
So insecure seeing them walking around the town, and when they look at u one kind, u feel lk slapping time, n kick them back... roll them bk to their country la.. so freaking annoying and damn scare when i see those foreign work... i tell u those pakistan, bangla, indonesian all, ish ish............... kip on let foreign workers masuk, our country, sigh..
i noe la, if no foreign worker, means no maid.. I rather hv no maid !!!!!
not i talk big, but seriously no maid oso i can survive laaaaaaa... wash clothes cn send to dobi ma... this world gt sumthing called laundry shop.. wana clean the house cn use vacum cleaner......
ish ish, screw foreign workers !! nt to say completely dun hv, those build hse wan ahh.. but cut down la, dun so much ma.. ish
malaysia nt gonna be safe
till then, bb
ppl, migrate laa, migrate la, migrate for ur own good... haihhh

Thursday, April 16, 2009

im not happie

but i willlll be happy soon.. because it's always better to be happy den be sad..
I badly need to go for a concert.. haih..
That Wang Lee Hom's concert gona held in Bukit Jalil NATIONAL stadium.. sigh..
If nt, i will surely go..... in genting? i go.. in merdeka stadium? i go.. in putra stadium? I sure go.. but stupid la, at BUKIT JALIL dat NATIONAL stadium.. sigh mann
Hins Cheung oso got concert.. But his concert not nice wan la.. haha.. for me not nice la.. hehe
alright... sumtimes i feel ah, life oweys changes..
for awhile like this, for awhile like that..
but well, ntg is permanent la i know.. even permanent marker oso the colour will fade.. hmmm...
aargh.. bored la.. so bored.. fcbook oso noe im bored..
ok.. bored

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


i understand the true meaning of bored. bored means, i got ntg else to do...
Damn free, and aimless..hmm.. so ya here to blog again..
duno wat to blog.. but at least make me think laa..
All i do is just click here n there, n facing that MUKABUKU, answering those stupid, hopeless,useless, logic-less, punya quizzzesss... that friendster useless wan.. i duno y la.. but useless..
luckily gt MUKABUKU, if not. habis lah me... I duno wat m i gona do..
My tvb drama dvd all finish watching edy.. I hvent go n take stock.. LOL..
Wait la, wait for my aunt finish that gem of life... haha..
That wan reli si lai watch wan... 80 episode.. sigh.. Those at home reli ntg to do den watch la..
Let's see how many months will i take to finish 80 ep ok..but rite...

80 x 45 mins??? 3600mins/60??
60 hours rite?
60/24=2.5 days..
I duno la, my calculation correct anot.. so long din do maths.. kualiti oso turun rdy
assume correct la..
if u can tahan 2.5 days dun slp, and provided ur television and dvd takkan hangus.. Then u may finish it 2.5 days !! haha...
Im not gonna watch la, that show ish... sooo.. ntg.. haha.. i just talk here oni, bcoz damn bored..
ok, i want watch twilight la,haiyoo.. must watch la.. i wanted to buy that day in leisure malll...
SEE ORIGINAL ma rite? lol
But the harga lk not worth it, so i din buy.. haha.. but i muz watch la..

since i so bored, y dun go work rite? I got think of go n work noe? the 51 avenue pharmacy punya aunty ask me want work part time anot.. lol... bcum cashier for her.. so nice rite? lol..air cond oso so cooling..
hahaha.. But i din say anythin.. i wan at 1st, but after considering, i dun1 la.. paiseh laa. hahaha... paiseh for what rite? I oso duno.. i scare...... i scare later i count wrg money habiss..
mampus... finish egg.. i scare kena marah.. but hu work but dun kena marah? hehe...
i noe i gila abit laa.. but no nd work edy.. i wan go study rdy..

Next, i watch that brink of law.. 8tv dat wan.. 7pm.. last time astro got, but i din watch..
so nice the show.. that ron ng so leng chai.. not exactly la.. but still i prefer lam fung..
n ya, i suppose to rebond my so damn i duno say punya hair.. but since it's at the shoulder length.. do edy oso same laa. stil come out rite, so i shall wait until it grow longer.. haha...
ok, continue later..

Monday, April 13, 2009

leisure malllll

On saturday, me n lianee suppose to go n meet chicken mummy,corin in cheras, and last min corin's aunty chnge plan, so she cnt meet us..
Therefore, me n lian ee lepak at Leisure Mall. and guess who we saw?
We saw Gary Yap dat 8864 pengacara e-news.. when we naik escalator, he oso naik.. He stand behind us some more.. Dat time, i nt sure whether is him anot, and so not bothered..
Later on, me n lianee berbisik2 lols..

me: eii, dat one err..
lianee: dat one is that 8tv fella rite?
me: yalor, luks lk dat e-news wan ma rite
lianee: gary yap rite?
me: yup
lianee: go la u, take pic with him..
me: ei, u siao meh? later ppl tot i gila..
* then sampai atas edy n he walk left we walk right*
me: he no bodyguard weyh
lianee :bodyguard? 4wat la?
me: bodyguard 2 protect him la..
lianee:*shake head* protect him?? no la, no need wan.
me: ooh.. eii, he tall??
lianee: Nooooo.. for a model, he's not !
me: what u talking? he model? nt singer?
lianee: he model oso laa
me: oh reli? i didnt know..
lianee: he model la..
me: okok..
till now, oso i duno he model la weyh, model??

after we makan, n melepak, we went to near Giant thr and saw them.. oni i teringat that day in the programme he said will go to leisure mall to promote that ZHONG JI TIAN TUAN stg lk dat..
n so, here's the pics:

i duno hu is hu oso la, those groups... so luan

Gary n xiao yu
lian e n me..

Oh ya, metro point reli got that skating wan.. But rite, no ice wan, lk small kid play oni..
yer.. n den ah, u now how big ar? Smaller den classroom la.. aiyooo...
Wana skate oso duno where to start... haha... alrite..

finish story..
toodles !

Friday, April 10, 2009

My bahasa malaysia

Oleh sebab saya amat boring, jadi saya nak blog dlm bm supaya dpt memerah otak sy.. Segala kesalahan grammar/tatabahasa,vocabulary,ejaan amat dikesali.

Hari ini saya bangun pukul 11am. syok sangat la tidur. haha
Hari ini sama lah dgn hari2 yg lain.. Boring juga.. Sebab tak da benda lain boleh buat la, jadi saya online je. Online pun bukan best sangat, sebab sudah bosan.. Tv programme pun tak best. Tak ada Lee chong wei & koo kien keat pun minggu ini.. haiz... Saya sangat tak suka itu yoyo king, hafiz la.. Dia selalu kalah nyer. aiyoh! Menang 1 kali, kalah 3 kali, habiss lor. selalu saya tgk dia main ah, pun tak ada semangat... tgk dia main, saya naik api.

Adik2 saya pergi sekolah, tak da org untuk saya buli... sien sangat.. Walaupun hari ini hari jumaat, tapi saya rasa mcm biasa.. Dulu saya suka sangat hari jumaat, sebab the next day x da sekolah.. haha.. Apa lagi nak cakap ah, oh ya, saya nak beli twilight la, sebab saya blum tonton lagi.. saya rasa cerita itu best la.. haha... edward cullen itu hensem la.. tapi goku lagi hensem, saya rasaLAH.. huhu.. Next, saya nak sangat pergi ice skating la, walaupun saya sucks in it. Shobana kata Metro Point ada wa... Tgk kalau saya free, saya pergi check. haha..
Sekarang ni, dah baca BM saya kan, kualitinya turun mendadak kan??
Ya la, bm saya mmg merosot ah.. dats y i wanna write in bm la.. haha..

alright, sampai d sini dahulu..

*this post is so damn............ (add ur own word k)*
till then..

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Say sumthing about no.5:
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How bout the person no 4?
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Who is no.2?
1 of my adik, who laugh alot, oweys cedera bcoz of netball.. sigh..

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I missssss

I miss pn lim..
I miss tuitions..
I miss badminton meetings..
I miss st.john meeting..
I miss the stairs bside my class.

I miss those ceramah held in school..
I miss talking in class with fus91.
I miss gossiping with f91 abt Pn Z..
I miss curi makan in class with pengawas.
I miss susun-ing meja evry Friday
I miss borrowing newspaper from Harjir.
I miss reading newspaper and talking with kohila in bio lab while tcher talk talk talk
I miss chem tcher's violet=orange. swt..
I miss hunting for lab coat clas by claz..
I miss the canteen's batik cake.
I miss PJK..
I miss seeing mu and chelsea fans fight. aka esther siah n kohila..
I miss running the damn big field.
I miss the damn small n hot and not-good-luking library.
I miss playing badminton with foreverus91..
I miss playing mango mango in the badminton court..
I miss using that stupid-no-sound public fon.. I noe im reli gila..
I miss coming late to school purposely..
I miss staying back on wed n fri..
I miss kfc session with foreverus91..
I miss planning surprise bday.. haha
I miss 5 BERLIAN !!
I miss selling nuggets, making profit..
I miss counting money..
I miss taking pics for our magazine.
I miss sitting at the dewan discussing discussing before spm starts.
I miss copying each other peka.
I miss looking outside the window with fus91.. haha..
I miss mimi's "my name is not wei, my name is mimi".
I miss joanne" huh? copy wat? add m3? no need laa"
I miss talking with meifen about latest tvb drama, with her chan hou n my lam fung.
I miss Amrit telling bout her dogs n puppies.
I miss edna's add m3 teaching
I miss chew lili's comb. haha

I miss esther siah's perasan luk
I miss temaning shobana buy things
I miss sarah's funny actions
I miss lianee's blur look
I miss kohila talking bout her jonathan putra and kaka..
I miss the days when me, esther, eeli all buy food frm canteen n curi2 bring bck to class n eat
I miss beraturing outside the class..
I miss watching Amrit bertengking with the prefects.. haha..
I miss tying ribbon. damn sampat i noe
I miss lepaking at metro point with f91..
The thing that i wanted to say is :

I miss RBC
I miss p5
I miss PK 5
I miss PI 4
I miss my teacherSSS
I miss Chicken mummmmmy
I miss Chicken Family
I miss Cikgu Chokkkkk
I miss talking with Siput Wan until ppl cum n ronda
I miss my adik's laughing. hahaha
I miss maggie mee
I miss Lexus biscuits
I miss my Chocolatessss
I miss Tim Tam
I miss Twistiessss, roller coaster
I miss lining up for that damn bathroom
I miss air kolam.. lolz..
I miss kawad under the shade... hmm
I miss dari kanan nombor
I miss PT pagi.
I miss I miss I miss

what i actually miss is... NS..

i really miss miss miss.. hahaha
Alright, till then..
Toodles !!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Today, me and suereen went n play badminton.. hehe.. both oni.. at 1st 4 ppl ma, lianee, me, reen n kohi.. But lianee say wat ah, need to bcum driver go banting stg lk dat. Kohi no transport. I cnt fetch her oso, coz i duno the way, my mum oso dun let, coz i tak "masak" with that jalan.. so she risau.. coz ar, i kopi-o lesen wan.. shhhhhhhhhhh.......
hehe.. sorry ar kohi.. =)

1st, we tot wana go prima dat badminton court.. You know last time that indoor football wan?
Now becum badminton court. Because ar, nobody play football ma, dats the reason la.. haha
still badminton lebih popular.. haha.. But the rental expensive la, rm2o 1 hour weyh.. sigh.. no money la.. poor kids.. lolz

So, we decided to go holy family church thr n see see, coz that time lianee go ask, they say close for renovation.. Now, open balik dy. huhu..
The rental thr rm 10 1 hour.. We dun hv net oso. Therefore, we rent the net for RM 1 satu jam.. haih..
Actually, we want frm 3.30pm-4.30pm.. The ppl in charge say( a primary kid ) "tak boleh mcm ini, kena pukul 4pm baru boleh"..
Like dis punya rule.. swt...
dat time tepat2 3.30pm.. so we went toong shen n drink 100 plus.. menambahkan tenaga.. cheh wah... haha...
3.55pm oni we walk bk.. I berjaya find 1 straight parking.. wah.. so nice.. coz u noe rite, my parking sucks ma.. wat to do.. i mmg duno hw to park car la..
wanna laugh den laugh la, i dun mind.. laughing is good.hahaha..
So, we start to play.. so long didn't play.. i oso duno wat i play..haha.. nvm.. for fun oni ma..
After playing, we sit down thr for awhile see other ppl play.. The the primary kid came and wanna keep the net edy.. she brought her racquet n a shuttlecock out.. she play with the wall, how to say ar, means the wall la.. okie..
At 1st, me n SueReen wanna play with her.. But after a few minutes, while she playing with the wall, we see her like so damn geng mann, smash so hard, aiya.. means she terror la.. so we change our mind.. coz she terror.. later lose edy rite, vry what ma rite.. haha...paiseh laa..
So, we balik !!
That's all for today..
aiyaa, i feel wat i blog vry lame la, dun mind k.. haha..
toodles !!

ps: suereen, i din whole hand pain yet, mayb tmr. haha...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kai Kai

Yesterday, me,eeli n kohi went Lowyat... Before that, we went to visit Esther Siah 1st..
We took KTM to KL sentral..
1st train:
"still early la, so many inside train, we wait la."

2nd train:
"still alot ppl la, wait sumore la, esther oso not yet finish class"
"OK la, we talk talk"

3rd train:
"cum la, let's go 8.40am rdy.."

We had breakfast in KL sentral's MCD with Esther.. After chit-chatted, we walk to Esther's college..
Methodist College Kuala Lumpur if im not mistaken..
She told us it looks like secondary schools.. She bring us to visit her college's canteen..

After jalan2 at her college, we took monorail to LowYat plazaa...
It's not reli pack la, coz ppl all go work edy ma rite.. hehehehe..
Since we stop at Imbi station, so we go Time Square oso la after Lowyat...
We went n survey the laptops pricess... Me n kohi mayb wanna buy.. hehehe...
Ohh ya, Kohi says last time her cousin buy from 1 bangladesh ppl, so she wanna find him. Therefore, she call her cousin and ask for the number. lol.. So funny ah she... hahaha
But still, we cant find him.. haih ya, kohi so sad.. =(

Then, we went Time Square after that.. We had secret recipe for lunch, coz kohi vege ma, so s.recipe gt vege... We then thought of wanna go watch CONFESSION OF A SHOPAHOLIC, but the earliest show is 5pm, and that time not yet 2pm.. so, we decided not to watch..
We then go lepak ard the shops, damn nice la all the shop, price oso reasonable.. hmm..Align CenterKohila kononnya get champ for football wa. hehe
Us at 1 very scary duno wat shop.. sell haloween punya stuff wan

We went to the bookshop, BORDERS... the book thr izit lebih expensive ah? I duno la, but i feel so... We lepak thr till about 4pm.. Then we balik.. Me n kohi balik naik ktm, and eeli followed her mum since her mum went KL do stg... mm.
We took KTM frm sentral back to Kajang.. we took the 2nd train, coz the 1st train which came very the pack... That time oni 4.45pm.. Working time not end at 5pm ar??????????? huh??!!
So damn many people.. I guess they CURI TULANG !!!!! ish ish ish.. so not good..
Curi tulang is BAD !! hahahahahaha...
So, we beratur in front for the 2nd train ! n yes !! we successfully get into the train... Yeah !!
We reach 5.30pm lk dat la... My leg so pain ahhhh... walk the whole day..
N i guess thats all for it..
Toodles !!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A walk together

Shoulder to shoulder, we face the challenges.
Giving all our tears and sweat, never faking it.
Don’t be afraid that your pace is slow.
One of these days, you will reach, the next stage of happiness

The difficult road of rain and wind, we brave it together.
The tri-coloured stones, cannot aid or hinder our progress.
It all depends on our personal perseverance and enlightenment
Experiencing the happiness from mutual aid.

A long and weary road, I’m glad that we can walk it together.
The three-leaved grass, accompanies us but does not hinder us.
Though we have different ideals and methodologies, they complement each other.
Laying a pathway that can make us proud.