Thursday, July 12, 2012


Hey there, it has been a month plus since my last update.. kinda busy recently... Exams, outings, lepakings, trips, work and so on. Besides, i dun reli have the mood to blog oso la, cuz i was really worry bout my results.. my 1st degree result i shud say :D
It is suppose to be release today, but it released yesterday that give me a shock... i saw people posting in the uni group saying that result is release, and i quickly log in to the portal to check.. I was shivering when waiting it to load... n after i view it, i receive the sms from the school of my result... I do not know how to describe my feelings at that moment. My heart is pumping fast.. In my heart, i kip saying, please, let me pass all...
Alright, my result is okie... Im glad i did pass all.. I really need to thank the Buddha and my mom...Thank you very much.. :) I got distinction for my accounting paper.. :D
The other subject, is ok lar.. haihz.. I m alrdy satisfied with the results with the efforts i put in...
So, i m relieve now... can continue my hols till july 22... :D

oh ya, last 2 weeks ago, i went to Pulau Langkawi with my coursemates :) it was fun!
i think i planned the trip? ahahaha... glad it works fine :)
8 of us... 4 guys and 4 girls... our gang is balance rite? teeheeee...~
we went there by airasia of course... it cost us around 400 including flight, hotel and breakfast for 3D2N :)
We stayed in Bayview hotel :) it is located in Kuah town where it is surround by quite a number of duty free shops.. if u love shopping for choco and alcohols, u can consider dis hotel.. btw, it is near by the wednesday pasar malam as well.. very strategic place to stay for shopper, just like the 8 of us :)

      Red: KL to LGK ; Yellow: LGK to KL                          
 in airport, preparing to board, in the plane :)

We reached Langkawi in an hour time.. After hunting our lunch in some hawker centre, then we went n check-in to the hotel... We stayed in Bayview hotel :) it is located in Kuah town where it is surround by quite a number of duty free shops.. if u love shopping for choco and alcohols, u can consider dis hotel.. btw, it is near by the wednesday pasar malam as well.. very strategic place to stay for shopper, just like the 8 of us :)

   It has a swimming pool too.. We did swim.. hehe :)

After our check in, we went to Underwater world Langkawi.. it has lots of fishes n sea creatures that i have nver seen before... i went there once when i was young.. but this time, wit fren:) n ya,there is a duty free shop selling jolly shandy for rm1 per can.. omg, all of us buy 1 each... it is so cheap, n its cheaper than mineral water :)

                                                            pic in underwater world

After that, since its still early, we went to Langkawi cable car... It is also the oriental village,, i had been there several times, but i had never take the cable car before, cuz everytime i go, they are doing maintaineance. This time, i had the chance to get into the cable car.. teeeheee! :D
i forget it is how many meter above sea level...  but i knw it's kinda high...

After cable car, off we go for dinner.. The dinner is OK, but really expensive. No seafood, but it cost us rm 147. i dun reli rmb the restaurant name, but it is in the town, nearby our hotel... :( as we are tired, so we are not bother to find other restaurant... sigh... after dinner, we did some price checking activity in those duty free shop.. because there are quite a number of shops, so we go into different shops to check the price of those choco.. hahaha.... smart consumers? yes, we are :D ohh, btw my frens bought sum beer and i bought maggie cup back to the hotel:)
Around 9 plus, we went back to hotel and have our shower, den play cards n drink beer session till around 12 midnite and had a goodnite sleeeep :)

THe nxt day, after breakfast, we had our morning swimming :) no pics to be shown.. ahaha! cuz its wet, noone brings camera :(  after swim, around 12 stg to 1, we are hungry, n we went to shopping malls.. 1stly, we went to langkawi shopping fair, nothing much..nt much food oso... then we went to jetty point, end up eating mamak.. LOL right? hehe... after our lunch, we had baskin robbin! cuz its wed, n its pink day!wheee!
Then, only we go to the crocodile farm.. it has nothing much...those croco are not active... n we are lucky and get to see the feeding session.. hmmm... thats oni thing.. nt much activity...


Next destination after croco farm is the BEACH! woohoooo! we went to pantai cenang... its the famous beach in Langkawi, although it has other different beaches, but this is the famous i guess :)
the water is better than port dickson, hmmm... even in a public beach... We had lots of photo session over there, with many many different poses.. hahaha :)

After the beach, we went to Eagle Square. It is the symbol or Langkawi. There is a man who fetches on the motobot say that LANG refers to Helang short form, while KAWI refers to batu kawi.. so, the name is LANGKAWI :)

                       u can see the picture, one is with the lights on, and 1 is after they off the light:(

Then, it's dinner time! damn hungry weyh... cuz i had nt much during lunch :( We went to Wonderland seafood restaurant.. This is great! Cheap and yummmy! We had tofu, oyster egg, soft shell crab, ha gou,vegetables, fruit juices, can drinks, and beer for rm100!

Since its 2nd night in Langkawi, we did our express shopping in those duty free shops that we already study their price... We just grab and go, grab and go.. ahahahahaha! Not only that, we went to their night market too... they actually sell ramly burger for rm1! omg!!... Furthermore, we went to those stores lk pasar malam which situated right infront of hotel.. We grab the " I LOVE LANGKAWI" tee for 5 bucks each :)

                                           It's us with our shopping effect :)

Our talent, SHOPPING!

Not to forget, celebrating Su-ianne's belated birthday! We asked the hotel ppl to bring the cake up, but they did not light up the candle.. ISH!!!!! SO, some of them need to hide to light up the candle... She was surprised! :D
Happy Belated Birthday, girl! Hope u enjoyed.. :)

The next day, is time to go back :( but since our flight is 6pm.. We still have time in the morning :D
We followed some kind of 5 hours tour to feed eagle (supposingly), n a private beach for rm 18!

The beach is blue/green in color... u can see fishes.. :) very clear water ..

Around 3 stg, we went to airport, and change our "I LOVE LANGKAWI" tee... had MarryBrown as our lunch, and walk around the airport for like an hour plus.. So, we board the plane at 6pm sharp i guess :) 
We reach Kuala Lumpur around 7 something, and then Home Sweet Home.. <3
Overall, it is a fun and enjoyable trip with friends.. Hope that we had more in the future :)To Penang i guess? hehe

Alright, thanks for reading... SOrry if its bored. hahaha
Till then,

With love, 
me me me! :D