Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Don't judge a book by it's cover.

Recently, i had come across with sum1 who r reali duno wat personality or duno wat heart she hv... It's so unbelievable...
I tot she was a person which is understanding, kind, caring. But not anymore. She's wicked, unapproachable, multi-sided faces, n i can't figure out how is her heart... bad wan i guess. Abnormal !

From outside, she's good,kind....... But inside, she hv all sorts of hatred.. She keep hating ppl. Dis kind of person, i don't dare 2 approach her anymore.. I duno when will she show her true color. But b4 she show, i gotta run away as far as i could 2 protect my self... As 4 normal person, sumtimes v do angry wit sum1, but after awhile, will turn 2 b alright.. But she's not ! She will b alrite after awhile, but she will hate it 4ever, n no 1 can guess wat is she tryin 2 do in her heart... When i flashback her smile 2me, i feel dat it's an evil smile ! scary..... Wat is she thinkin, wat is she gonna do, no1 knows... she might harm us..

So, 2 evry1 outside thr, nvr judge a bk by it's cover.. Eventhough a person can b extremely kind n nice 2u, but dis does not shows dat she's a gud person...

* i can't blieve dat she's dat evil ! abnormal or wat? is she mad or crazy? No1 knowss

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Minggu Kerjaya

We hav uncountable ceramahS dis few days... Frm Sunway college,frm PTPL, n recently frm KLMUC, stands 4 Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University College. They talk talk talk, talk bout physiotherapy, Nursing n finally Medical lab... Nursing no nd say la, i scare blood, how 2 b a nurse,although it's gaji is so so tinggi... But in saudi arabia oni... I tink i cant leave Malaysia lar.. Den physiotherapy, oso x interest la, must train in hosp wan rite??? Den Medical lab, dis wan surely sumthin 2 do wit blood, no interest oso.. Since This 3 things im also not interested... So, i end up chat wit Kohila... Luckily not long.. Bout half n hour? Yeahh...

Den dis morning, v hav Exibition. Those college-college sekalian cum n promote their courses... Most famous is Taylor's ar, Sunway ar, Monash, n few more... V r da 1st 2 go 4 pameran.. the perasmian of the pameran is kinda lame... Put down the duno wat paper/poster, den it's call rasmi edi. I tink it's dat teacher's idea...Annoying la she recently... Luckily got 5B n 5I cum down frm class, if not, oni dat two teacher la, ownself merasmikan.. :-)

when we baru wana start survey, got 1 lady cum n ask us, interested in bcum air stewardess anot?? hahaha... Oh My !!! lol... I nvr think of bcumin air stewardess, but it might b my last last choice lar. hahahaha... Me, Esther, Ee Li, Lian Ee they all kononnya listen 2 wat the lady say.. " U can go work, at the same time travel, U all write ur name down v'll contact u on December bcoz i see u alll lk quite got potential.." hahahaha... V got potential 2 b air stewardess??? wat a joke !!! hahahaha... I think i wont lA, ya la, mayb can meet pilot, hahahaa... But it's a risky job.. No 1 wana write name.. Malu kut... Pity the lady la, talk so long, so i write 1st lor.. Den dis esther oso write, den eeli write too...

Actually, me n amrit wana go n collect pens wan... V kekurangan pen u noe.. But, dis yr, all da college lk semakin stinge, plastic oso so little... Haiyeh ! I oni get The One Academy's plastic, n Nottingham's pen... Den im findin for sum pre-u's brochure.. I juz found out dat Taylor's australian matriculation n Sunway's autralian matriculation r diff.. One is south, one is duno north west or east... hahaha... The ppl say 2 study medicine, nd A-level, since i've gave up on Pharmacy, so i'll not go 4 A-level. save time,save energy. I wana go into computing i guess, the jie jie say computing can take australian matriculation, shorter time, no nd 100 % exam. I guess easier kua... hehehe..

To the auntiessssss around me, stop sayin IT no job la.. Keep on 潑我冷水. ishhhhhh...... im gonna study those they din study wan. U say accounting gud,ok.... So, i purposely dun wana study accounting, u say dentist nt bad, i oso dun1 study dat. lols, i noe im stubborn, but i reali dun wana study the same thing as my cousins over there..on the other hand, i oso dun lk la.. main point is y must i 4low their footstep rite? y must I oweys compared with them? They smart,they top student, they anythin. their business la, none of my business. I am me, Me is I, or i shud say I am who I am. Comparing me n dat side's cousin is strictly prohibitted. Thank You. Study sci stream, go accounting pula, waste my energy studyin lor... i wan software engineering .. blek...
Mayb u can juz gv me advise, say," i heard ppl said computing nowadays not much job, how bout u try accounting??"
Instead of dat,
They say dis " huh? y of all u choose computing?? Eh, computing no gud ar, jobless ar.. U study accounting la.. U c, lk me now... gud wat..." i guess she juz wana tell dat bcum an accountant can b as rich as her. ewww... Act since im young,I've feelings dat they tink im nt capable 2 do anythin la... Oni their children are the best...Bcoz they all belajar luar negara wan. High class's high scol, speak fluent english with those org putih slang. wana talk until gt org putih slang, i x harap lar... Haaaaaaaa........ Watever.. I am Me !

i ask a few ppl edi, they say wont no job ! duno means dun simply talk la... u tot u smarter means u can talk oni izit? Mayb last time no job, but now diff.. Update urself la plss.... It's now da 21st century.. mengada betul.. all day all nite, accountant oni... nt evrytin involve IT x job la ok !!!

Ok, till den. 1 more week 2 mid term exam.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Trip 2 Sunway University College

7.30am v gather at dataran ilmu... 5Z,5I n half 5B went for the trip.. Kesian my class 5B oweys tersish.. V r nt wanted.. Got extra place oni let us go... eeyer.. Treat us dat "gud"... So, 5Z n 5I gt their own bus.. Den 5B half wit 5I, n Half wit 5Z... hehehe.. Basically, i've went thr b4, last yr i went for girl power camp ma...
Throughout the journey, we talk nonsence, n baca buku (exam coming soon u noe) hahaha... Den da bus driver ar, played da cd which brought by 1 of the students.. He tot v cant hear, so damn loud... Aiyoh !!! Hurt ppl's eardrum aarrr UnCLE !! lol..

V reach thr abt 9am,den v were directed 2 auditorium 7, which i tink i went b4 during Girl power camp ! The position looks exactly the same, n the seats n all... Mayb diff la, coz it's auditorium 7, means got 1,2,3,4,5, n banyak lagi... But it looks da same. hehehe.. Ok, den da ppl start ceramahing... Talkin bout which career u shud go, dis n dat... Gt engineering, medical, physcologt, computer sciences...

Medical no nd say, medicine, pharmacy, dietician... All nd 3 main sci subject Bio, CHEM n Phy... huiyoh... Im interested in Software engineering.. dat penceramah said his fren duno wat wat study in US or UK, come back earn RM 30,000... the penceramah ppl said,software engineering located at the highest in a pyramid.. So lbh bagus.. Not bcoz of money dat i choose dat course ok.. Dun la tink im so mata duitan.. hehe.. I mmg wana do sumting in computer.. Is juz dat my aunty-aunty sekalian around me ar say u wan study tings bout computer ar??
Aiyoh !! dun1 la... No job wan arrrr... Accounting la, accounting la.. U c i ur no wat aunty ar, do accounting law, so much she earn arr.. Hey !! U tot wat ar? everybody must study account wan ar? Depends on interest wan ma

Penceramah of da day

This is once my ambition

This is my choice at the moment

Physocology? my fren wa, later ownself oso bcum physco.. hehehe

I watch alot movie, oso lk dat

Music room... That mic gt sound wan..

Artist draw here.. They nd 2 c outside oni gt inspiration

Physcology test room...
Their multimedia lab i guess
Duno dis is Bio or chemistrty labDUno wat lab oso

2 by 2 wat's dis esther doin? lol

Till den...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I dun understand

I dun understand why Chemistry, Biology, Physics is so hard
I dun understand y going up the hill is so hard.
I dun understand why finishing 12 periods of sci subject in scol in a week is so hard..
I dun understand Integration
I dun understand physics F4, chap 2
I dun understand Chemistry F4, chap 8
I dun understand y does dis goes wrong
I dun understand her !!
Eh !!! I dun understand you lar!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

2nd lesson> Naik Bukit, wheee

Juz now 3pm, was my 2nd driving lesson.. As usual he go n pump minyak 1st.. Den say "u bawalah"... Huh? i bawa? I nt yet warm up leh.... hehe.. So, nvm, i drive la... Thank god engine din mati.. Den i happily drive until da driving institute whr ppl learn those bukit, parking n bla bla...

Ok, it's da 1st time i drive up the bukit.. The ppl demostrated twice or thrice, den ask me to do it... I still duno wan, but when he ask, i juz nod my head... (u r tinking whether i berjaya went on top anot rite?) hahaha.. I went to the top !! i juz simply tekan da minyak hard hard n it goes up vry vry fast, until da person hu teach me say, SLOW !!!!! Man Man Lai !! coz ar, he said b4,when go up the slope must tekan the minyak harder ma. I juz listen 2 wat he said... hehehe...

After dat, i went n try the parking.. 1st time i reverse the car... Ok la, consider berjaya.. Den 430pm, frm Cheras thr, i drive back 2 my hse... hahaha.. Once again, i termati engine when paying toll.. Ishhhhhh... But no1 honk me.. hahaha... 2day i din kena honk... Yeahhh !!!! lol

Till den, byee

Monday, April 21, 2008

I hate, dislike, hatred, strongly dun lik YOU

I hate, dislike U !!!
U break my heart !
U r not a trustworthy person!
Not at all !
U r two or more sided face!
Dis is wat i hav in my mind about YOU rite NOW !!
Da ppls hu i tink they r not trustworthy, turns 2 b the 1 dat i can blieve without worries.
In fact, it's YOU !
The 1 hu i oweys bilieve in, n the 1 dat i feel dat can b trusted, is the 1 hu actuali NVR can b trusted !
I need 2 open my eyes big big n c now !!
2 prevent such many sided faces ppl entering my world !
Pissed Off !

Bengkel Peperiksaan Bahasa Malaysia SPM 2008

Yesterday i went 4 da bengkel BM in UM... 2 buses frm that bengkel wan, cum n fetch us 2 Universiti Malaya... V reach thr around 8 sumthin... Den v pay $$$ of course... got alot other sch punya students oso, duno wat methodist boy sch kl, bukit maluri, SAAS, Sajana Impian, Convent duno where, our sch n alot la... V get 1 so called file... so soft... lik few paper put together oni wat... V had 4 parts all 2gether in dat Bengkel.. Karangan, Rumusan, Komsas n Tatabahasa... V went in to the bilik kuliah at abt 845am... Bilik kuliah !! Uni student le... U noe rite, da seats is 1 row higher den 1 row.. N the person sitting bhind me is a malay girl who very irritating... So kecoh, so noisy, talk as though the bilik kuliah is hers... Banyak masalah wan... she put her leg on my seat, den 4 awhile, her pens fell down 2 my place, den awhile her pencil box fell down... levej nOur 1st ceramah was about karangan...I duno pengenalan was actuali imp... A good start of ur karangan, can make u get an A1... den teach abt How u gonna mengembangkan ur isi.... coz rite, sumtimes v hav idea, but duno hw 2 write.. 2 hours 4 dat... N it's our breakfast time... 11.20am eat breakfast waa....

V had mihun n teh tarik... I nvr drink teh tarik betul betul b4... I mean dun reali drink until 1 cup la... I last drank was 9 yrs old... Dat oso taste my cousin's wan when we went for mamak... 1 sip !! But i cant imagine yday i drank 1 whole cup.... Wat 2 do? thirsty... hehe... den 2ndly we hav komsas

Komsas dat penceramah quite cute... But it's the most boring wan.... I hampir fall asleep...zzzzz
Thanks 2 bhind the irritating gal, drop her pencil box.... I hv 2 pickup 4 her... ishhhhh... I juz salin watever in the projector.. hahaha... After Komsas, it's lunch time.. V ate malay style chicken rice.. I guess so... dat sambal chicken, n da yellow rice plus 1 bottle drinking water... My bottle tertukar wit other ppl. But i din drink.. luckily....

Tatabahasa vry fast the penceramah talk, n lk tersirat.... haiyoh.. hard 2 catch... But funny... Janji temu or temu janji??
Da ppl say janji temu.. " sudah janji barulah temu." hahaha... After dat tatabahsa, v hv tea break... V gt teh, 1 popiah n duno wat kuih is dat... I xchange wit yen mun. She eat kuih, i eat popiah....

Last but not least, rumusan... The penceramah is da 1 hu cum n giv ceramah in sch... His technique gud la, but gotta use colors... Interesting... Until 6.30pm, our ceramah over..... 3 students get pelajar terbaik keseluruhan.. I dont und how they choose.. DEn home sweet home... V went n find our bus... Duno which is which... All same... At last, after bout 15 mins, we found da correct bus !!!Yippie !!! 2 bus rite, i mentioned... Half way, da air cond stop functioning.. So, bcoz of da air cond, v transfered 2 another bus halfway on the highway i tink.... After dat, v sesak in Mint Hotel... So many carsssssss.. So jam !!! Dat time rdy about 730pm.... Bout 8 pm we reach sch... Evry1 was so happy !!!! At last can go back own home..
in the bus.. Yen Mun duno do wat wit my fon.. keep on want songs...
Inthuja camera shy.. Ee Li, Me, Yen Mun n Inthuja..
Mei fen photographer.

Carolyn n Yen Mun.. My kawan since form 1

Ee Li n Carolyn, my fren hu buggin me for $$ durin F1.

On the bus when we wana go back..
Carolyn n Mei Fen, my fren hu update me wit badminton news (containing Lee yong dae, lcw n Koo-Tan)
Let's c Ee li's art.. She is too borin and eventually broke her ruler into pieces... Pity the ruler..
Before keganasan
After keganasan.calling...
Meifen: Helo.... Lee Yong Dae got win anot???? haha...
(dat day was ABC's final)

We r going back ! in the bus..

get stuck in the jam.. Wat 2 do? Camwhore...Inthuja n mei fen

After we reach sch, Den i went 2 Bintang n eat Marrybrown, so hungry le... Dat teabreak oni popiah n kuih wert... Marrybrown can fight wit KFC d... lol..

Dis morning, Mr Seelan enters our class. He uses permanent marker 2 write on da board. No 1 realise until he left the class, n da murid bertugas wana rub the board for nxt lesson.. hahaha.. 4 Sejarah!!!! I tot no board no nd belajar, but still we nd 2 listen 2 her..
Den during rehat, Rubanar went to duno whr 2 take thinner n clean da board. And Yeahhh !! da board is as white as my shoe on Monday !!! hahaha.. Mr seelan tell us his history, he teaches in Yu Hua... bla bla bla... Den, he ask us to use idioms 4 essays... " Bell the cats", "Foot the bill" n " saw red"... hahahaha

Ok, till den... My chemistry walao wei !!! Thurs must pass up !! I must finish it no matter wert ! B4 dat teacher grumpling thr... "Kamu ni, chemistry nak A ke? kenapa tak buat huh? tak buat tu kenapa?.." her conversation.... hahaha

2mr i got driving class !! Yeahhh !!! I gila stering now !!! Im gonna go up da hillll...lalala
Hill, oh hilll ! Im cuming !! Oh ya, TOYOTA UNSER, I'll remember YOU !!!!! Dun ever honk me !

Saturday, April 19, 2008

My 1st driving lesson..

It's my 1st time driving a car on the road !!! Highway,town n kampung's sempit-sempit road... Oh ya !! I oso fetch 1 ppl.... hahaha... But alot cars, i scare... vry fast la they drive..

B4 i drive, the ppl hu teach me, go n pump petrol n tambah angin 4 dat little Kancil... Den he explain how 2 move the gear, 1-5 den Reverse... Den he stop at the Sunday pasar malam there.. Den i start 2 drive...
1st ly, drive around da taman... Banyaknya cats n dogs.. Den after dat, drive out to highway... Frm silk highway my hse there wan, den go until saujana impian, Giant, my ex add maths tuition (diana) den Tesco... Den go until balakong,sg long, Batu 9... Alot place... .
I pay toll !! nt my $$$, hehe.. But when i stop edi, wana jalan balik, i must slow slow let go the clutch oni my car wont jerk, but the bhind stupid Unser ar, honk me... Ishhhh...I panic la.. The ppl say tak apa, jgn takut dia marah, saya tahu awak takut org belakang marah... Biarlahh...
Dat's y.. Cannt c ar ppl sedang belajar, L licence la ok... Din tink wan wor, He oso last time belajar time, lk dat wan...
But i can confirm 1 ting, Malaysian drivers so x da patience... Hopefullly, i wont b so no patience.. hehe

My leg which tekan da accelerator, so pain... I bertemu with a crane.. Wah lao wei, jalan so damn slow, i nd 2 tekan clutch den let go, den tekan agaiin..N u noe la, 1st time rite, combination where gt so professional?? Of course da car jerk jerk...

Den i went 2 duno wat place, to fetch a lady, fetch her 2 the learn motorbike punya place... hahahaha... Im a driver !! After dat, I drive myself back 2 Kajang frm Balakong!! I cant imagine la i drive myself back..of coz dat ppl bside me la.. If nt, i duno when 2 change gear... hahahaha...
Yeahhh ! nxt time i can go Jusco by myself nxt time !!!

2day my fav Koo Kien Keat n Tan Boon Heong will meet my fav Lee Yong Dae n his partner.. I hope Koo-Tan wil give their best shots.. Since they both won da same back 2 back titles, all england n swiss open, I hv no idea wich pair win.. may the best pair win...!! It'll b an interesting match !!! Channel 811... 1.30pm. Men doubles is da last match. Therefore, i tink they wil play around 5pm.. Cant wait !!

Friday, April 18, 2008

juz a post

2day is perhimpunan badan beruniform.. Izit named lk dat ar? duno lar.. So, it's our badan beruniform turn !! St. John Ambulance... My kawan also my Bio table mate is da emcee 4 da perhimpunan.. HUIyoh !!! Talk super fast... ay Teacher says is too fast, sum students slow wan, cant catch up... But nvm, her freiends are fast !!! She talk so cute.. haha..
Emcee 4 da day..
Lian Ee explaining wat Arul doing
Arul doing CPR
B4 going back 2 class, St John members dikehendaki sing St John Anthem... OMG !!! How would i noe... So we screw it...
Here we goes..
Anggota ST john bersiap sedia,
Untuk berkhidmat kpd manusia
Tanpa mengira pelbagai bangsa
agama dan budaya
Seragam st john lalalalalala
kpd Nusa dan Bangsa !!!!
After perhimpunan, EST !! No Teacher, Hooray !!!!
V all with others punya piala n sijil n medals (without esther, with Harjir))
(with Esther, without Harjir)
It's BM time: pembentangan Konserto Terakhir: (G3)
Esther, edna, lian ee, kohila, amrit, sarah n khadijah



After sch, They all went n makan in middle shop... Den me n Lian Ee went Aunty Pat. We learn back graph.. Coz v no understanding. not we la. Mayb me oni.. But now, i dare 2 say, i understanding dat chapter. Yes !!! Aunty pat rocksss.. haha.. Long time noc aunty pat, but no differents.. heeeheee..Pn Lim nt bad oso la... Her add maths rockss.. 1.30-3.30 ler... So, i ponteng add maths in PTM... Actuali i go thr juz to take papers... Pn Lim teach i lebih faham.. hehehe... after dat, i went bac sch 4 badminton...

when we wana play, the weather lk dis.. n it's so so so windy... I wanted 2 set up a Kelab layang-layang la.. Can selang seli with badminton.. Since our court is outdoor, so if gt win, kelab layang layang takeover, if no wind, badminton carry on... hehe.. Big wind, we cant play bad, so we play throw mango... Let's c da condition of the mango



Till den, got tuition.. bye !

Ohya, b4 im goin tuition, i wana tell my fav Lee Chong Wei lost... Lost to Boonsak frm Thailand who is a law student.. Fuihhh !!! N sithara n frens keep laughing at me... ishh... wait 4ur MU 1 day la... haha.. jk.. But luckily all da Men doubles advance especially Koo-Tan.. They wil meet own ppl 2day, n hope dat they wil win... Without them, no title !! Last but not least congrates to Hafiz Hashim hu beat my China bf Bao Chun Lai.. Haiyoh !!! My Bao Bao !!! N badminton uncle Wong Choong Hann beat another chinese Chen Yu... All the best to them in da coming matchesss...

p/s: thks 2 da photographer: Amrit aka firelady

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

2day is Pn Pushpa's birthday, we 5Berlians berpakat wit 3Nilam 2 giv teacher a surprise... Coz. v went to that class after 3 nilam's pj class. So, 5 Berlianers all hide around da class, whereas da 3 Nilam student act as normal lar.. Den when teacher came in, the monitor of 3 nilam wished teacher Gud morning ! N all of us came out frm under table, under the chair... wherever...

V had 2 cakes.. 1 frm 3 nilam n another 1 frm 5 Berlian.. Ours i tink is chocolate banana.. It's so so tasty.. emmmm... V got teacher her dream purple handbag too... She was telling since last yr !! hahahaa..
So, once again Happy Birthday Pn Pushpa.. !!! She's one of da teacher wich i tink she was not nice at 1st... But now is the opposite !!!

Den after recess, form 5 students hv da BM teknik menjawab's ceramah... I tot it cud b boring.. But it's not !.. Dat penceramah warn us dat if we r doin our own stuff, tolong balik ke kelas.. Not oni dat, v hav 2 copy his notes... So. evry1 pasang telinga n listen n oso copy... quite interesting la... vry funny !! juz cant stop laughing.

AFter sch, me, kohila, eeli, esther n amrit went 2 KFC 4 lunch... I ate meltz, eeli ate zinger burger n cheezy wedges, esther n amrit ate snack plate n kohila ate X-meal... Esther eat the slowest... N she tertumpah tomato sauce. hahaha..... Vry funny la, da way she pour, not purposely wan.. Den kohila lap meja 4 her.. She loves 2 clean da table.. haiz... After makan, v went 2 Metro, tot of hunting present 4 sum1, but end up they spraying perfumes.. Esther n amrit spray until their baju so wangi. Amrit spray terkena her own face. !! hahahaha.... Den we went 2 sports shop. We wana buy football stuff, but nt MU, of course. But that sport shop is juz so banggang, everytin oso dat MU !!!! Ishhhhh... Nvm, so me, kohi n eeli sabar.. Arsenal n Chelsea low profile !!! I noe esther vry hapy !!! lol...

Den it's abt 230pm n we wanted 2 go bk 2 sch.. N it's raining heavily outside ! OMG !!! How r we suppose 2 walk back?? V will be wet lk wat oni.. At 1st, v decided 2 run all da way using cziplee road n da lorong, n da bridge n to the hotel there.. But it's raining n raining.. Main entrance of Metro, v saw a taxi. So eeli or I decided wat abt take 1 taxi la.. Den eeli went n ask how much.. Dat fella said rm 6. Act is rm 4, but 5 of us, n it is against the law, so we have 2 pay rm6.. Den we count count. 1 ppl rm1.20, ok la. V naik kereta fast fast 2 sit bhind, poor eeli gotta sit in front wit that fella.. Dat fella is lk abnormal as amrit said.. He put 1 cd 4 us 2 listen, say wat children song ! GILA ! N he sing sum duno wat song... He is extremely GILA !!!! Den he say ok, now we go to Convent Kajang !!! super duper extermely GILA !! Den my bside, amrit, kohi n esther keep on laughin lk wat.. I scare la, so i cant laugh much... He is vry scary..
Warn evry1 out there When u c a taxi. HB 8818, pls do not enter.... we analyase dat he is ABNORMAL !!!
Den when we reach scol, he told us not 2 go out of da car b4 he say can go out.. Wat?? I quickly ask esther 2 open da door. Juz incase anythin, den after eeli pay $$$, we 5 ppl run out of the car !!! Fuuiii !! Dis is da 1st time im sitting taxi 2 sch wit my frens.. We will nvr do dat again !!! when we r out of da car, i felt so relieve.. I scare la, wat he wana do 2 us... Be careful when u guys r in town !!! Jgn ditipu !!!!

Den ST JOHN lo... Haizzzz... Sum1 dat mostly all of us hate, was so irritating !!!!. I had nvr see sich a irritating human lk dat... OK, v played the newspaper game. a group of 5, den v must fit our legs into dat newspaper.. cannt terkeluar.... den u keep lipating dat paper.. So, got 1 group, is mmg out edi.. But sum ppl still let them continue da game n eventually bcum the champ. Commitees said dat ask da ppl hu out edi wan form a circle, n form a circle den judge wich is da best group n we choose da winner.. But sebaliknya, dat sum ppl go n choose da winner.. dun1 to elaborate more, juz wana tell dat im not happy wit that person. Ok, shud say not oni me, half a class la, i guess... mY kawans all dun lk... she tot hu is she? She wana control evrything !!! We wil bocorkan her rahsia 1 day...... Din do homework can la, v din do homework cannt.. ishhhhhhhhh

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

attackin day, IM NOT LATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Early in the morning, when i reach the sch, i went to telephone booth to call. Ok, bcoz i forgot sumthing n i nd my maid 2 help me complete.. After dat, i wana walk to class.. N here comes, ringgggggggggg !!!!!!!!!!!!! N announcement," pelajar2 beratur di luar kelas n so on." baca doa lar means...

N student hu walk consider x hormat n which means u break da scol rule n get i sit on the bench in pavilion n wait.. (but teachers???).. Den nvm, after dat doa thingy i walk 2 my class , as usual la.. N my frens say" hey !! teacher wants 2 cu.. " im thinkin wich n why teacher wana c me as im not popular la.. C me oso ntg gud wan la.. So, i say where? hu? Then here comes dat teacher da 1 hu r feel she's kind when im F3 but not now n anymore... A bunch of frens oso Anti her... she oso wants 2 c sithara, harjir n sharweena

Here goes da conversation...



Teacher: Carolyn, y r u late?

Carolyn: Huh? Y am I late? (lookin at sithara n ask y ar? i late?)

Teacher: Yes, y r u late?

Carolyn: I late ar? If Im late those prefects write my name edi wat.. Dun hv oso

Teacher: Yes, they cant write ur name down bcoz u enter da scol compund b4 da bells ring.

Carolyn: Ya, so im not late wat.. Y i late?

Teacher: I mean u r late, bcoz u r nt lining up in front of ur class, so u r late !

Carolyn: (keep on tinking y is she still saying im late but the truth is im nt late) Ok, teacher, i am NOT late ( i say again). Dat time is bacaan doa, so i cant walk right? dat's y i wait til da thing finish oni i walk cum 2 class. !!!!

Teacher: But b4 da doa u shud hv line up in front of ur class..

Carolyn: Teacher, JUST NOW IS BACAAN DOA, HOW CAN I WALK 2 CLASS n LINE UP ?????? So, i wait in pavilion until it finish ! So, i dun tink im late !

Teacher: im not attacking you, y r u so defensive? can u try nt to b late nxt time? Y r u late?

Carolyn: (OHHHH !! AGAIN !!! Im juz 2 tired 2 say im nt late edi..) my mum nd 2 send sister 1st la, so i cum dis time.

( my real reason is not dat, im 2 fire, n i juz simply bla...)

Teacher: evry1 wil send their sis, so can u dun b late nxt time?

Carolyn: (in my heart, im not late, im not late, im NOT late) !!!!!!! Im nt sure...

Teacher: Y nt sure? Dun cum so late..

Carolyn: I'll try

Teacher: ok, is juz a simple ans. Isn't it?

Carolyn: (no respond)..

Sithara's turn

Teacher: i've sum complains frm the prefect that u r rude 2 her ( that blue hyppo la, i mentioned in my suay title post)

Sithara: No, teacher. V r try to b nice, but is juz dat she oweys shhh shhh shhh which is vry irritating.

Blue hyppo: (teacher lookin at her) Teacher, dat time they talk vry loud durin perhimpunan.

Carolyn: (defend sithara but it's the truth i talkin) NO !!! V nvr talk loud loud, v whispering.. Lian Ee noes, u can go n ask !

Sharweena n Harjir: whisper oso cannot ar???!!!

Teacher: (defend blue hyppo la)U all r 5th former, n she's juz a 3rd former, bla n bla n bla.. she said sumting lk bertolak ansur abit... sumting lk dat.. Sithara, especially u, u r so rude... change abit. N perhaps sithara, u can hv her as ur petsis???

Sithara: Oh NO !!! NO !!!! thksss...

Teacher: sithara, i noe u can b a very gud person if u want 2.. So, try to be.. I hope u can change..

So, here's da conversation... ishhhhhh... geram !!!!!!! Dis is so damn i duno wat 2 say..

Why must care ar? As long as i din kena catat nama, i am NOT LATE, as long as i step in SMK CONVENT b4 730 am( malaysia, beijing, hk time) i am NOT late !!!! Even if nxt time im goin 2 work, once i punch my card b4 the working time starts n go to the toilet, the boss can't say im LATE right????..

Conclusion, 2day im NOT LATE !!!! I've step in the sch compound b4 730 am !!!!!!!

If i come late, i'll admit. If i come 7:31:00:001 u can do watever u wan... Punish me la, lecture me la, watever ! But im nt even LATE mannn!!!!!! Teacher oso havent enter da class !!!!! SO, Do not say IM LATE !!!!! Dun say i am defensive !!! Dis is da way i shud b.. U say da wrg fact, i hv my rights 2 defend myself ! Ok.... coooool

Durin chemistry, i terpoke my hand wit that stapler punya ubat. My finger has 2 small little lubang now... I dun1 scar ok.. I was baiki-ing da stapler, tersuddenly i terkiap lk dat. N it kiap my finger. wow !!!! Imagine !!!! I din scream luckily, so my beside meifen oso duno. I try 2 take out slowly, but cannt cum out.. Den i close 1 eye la, thinkin, pain den pain la, n PULL out... As hard as i cud.. N i finally i Berjaya !!!! Den, da blood starts 2 flow... Lk u noe ur tap water din close tight... arr lk dat la.. But no feelings edi.. Luckily there's a bside me.. I let the water flow on my hand.. Den when it is out frm water, blood started 2 flow again.. den oni meifen perasan..Thanks 2 joanne 4 her tissue.. Den prothrombin bcum thrombin, fibrinogen bcums fibrin den my blood cloth..(isit lk dat ar da sequence?) hahaha can revise bio le.. Den when physics, 945 am... 5Berlian freeze.. U noe da ting?came out in newspaper. KL playing wan? in duno wat plaza. Every1 freeze? We freeze 4 lk 30 secs oni la.. Pn yusnaini reaction kinda cute.. "Kenapa? wei kenapa ni?" hahaha
den syahirah cant tahan n all of us laugh 2gether wit her. Act hw 2 tahan 4 so long? i wonder da KL there how they can tahan for 4 minutes? It's Yee Thong's idea. haha

Den durin add maths !!!! v r free ! V hardly hv freetime durin add maths.. Pn Lim din cum!!!!!!!! N no homework given !!!! Usually when she's not in scol, she wil giv homework. Surprisingly, v dun hv !!! hahaha... Yipppie !!! Den me, eeli, esther, kohila n amrit started to chat n chat n chat... amrit keep on say esther insignificant. hahahaha...

Another ting, 2day i suppose 2 hv my driving lesson, n dat ppl say forgot n postponed 2 saturday.. ishhh. Haiyo ! SO, i end up doin Komsas nota n watch tv.. Dis is a long feelings bout today, i still vry fire...... Amrit, help !!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

A full match

HuaaAAaaaa.... 1st time i watch a full football match...frm 10-55 to 1am.. evry1 was sleepin soundly, oni me watching.. I nvr been so patient b4 watchin a football match... others i c c 4awhile, lari edi.. But yday it was so diff. I nvr leave da sofa for 2 hrs... fuiiiiyoh !!! M i seriously terjebak dlm gejala bola sepak??? oohh no !!...

Ok, so, Arsenal lose once more 2 mu.... da 2 alphabets wich i dun feel lk typing. 2-1... mu's goal all fake wan... free kick n penalty... Ppl Arsenal berdikari wan... Din rely on free kick n penalty... They kick in bcoz of their great teamwork... Ishhhhh... N dat C.R 7 i hate da most.... haiye!!!! Make those stupid kesian faces... Blekk

I noe edi y i cant leave da sofa.. coz Fabregas is playin !!! HUHU... I LOVE FABREGAS !! He's so cool n wat sumore, hensem lar... His corner kick was superb.. Act gunners hv a few time of chance 2 score.. But Mr adebayor, makes mistakess... Overall, Arsenal display a great match... Although they lose, but they've done well...
They hv great teamwork.. Unlik dat 2 alphabets la... Oweys no.4 , no7 n no.10 oni... pass here n thr oso dat few ppl...

So, yday after their lost, i was so fired up, n msg kohila, she oso sighin... Wat 2 do??? lalala...But at least 2-1, not 4-0.. Improved. hahahaha.. I slept at 2am padahal 1 am rdy finish...

N dis morning, dis little shobana went to lab n im walkin 2 my class.. She ahem ahem ahem, n say arsenal sudah kalah, i feel lk ishhhh.. geramnya... Lose lose la... mu win den win la.. Mengada betull....hahaha.. (shobana dun angry if u read, i say oni) N when i reach class, i buat bodoh ni.. Esther chong started woi !! Arsenal lose d wor... lose d leh... ewwww. Dis ppl arr !!! den sharweena purposely bring NST to sch. kononnya la wana reAd, act wana show off... N start tembakin session..

But is ok 2me la.. is jz a game la.. Ntg so huge rite? hahahahaha...

P/s: To mu fans, if i hurt any1, sorry k... No offence... coooolzzzzzz.. ARSENAL rocks !!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

GUNNERS V red devils

Here comes da mouth watering clash btween ARSENAL n MU again... Well, im not very in detail abt footballs.. But as far as i noe, Arsenal din hv a chance 2 beat MU yet in da last 2 match wich i watched la.. Da 1st time i watch dey meet, they draw, 2-2.. N da 2nd time they meet, FA cup, arsenal unfortunately bow out 4-0 to MU...

But, im here 2 tell dat i still hv faith in Arsenal... They r da best 2 me.. BESTEST among the BESTEST !!!! Eventhough if they were 2 lose to MU in tmr's match(choi choi choi touch wood touchwood!!!), My faith in them wil nvr decrease... The main point i wana say is, Arsenal is da 1st team that i feel lk givin my support n cheer 4 them since i terjebak dalam gejala football half a yr ago.. (thks 2 esther siah n kohila hu brin to the world of footballs) Their 9 consecutive time unbeaten record impress me da most n i feel dat they r superb n awesomee.... They play as a team. A team nt individually... young n superb.. n not sombong.. Unlik sum players, score 1 goal, wana show off lk wat... (kohila, u noe rite)
Pls dun say i lk arsenal bcoz they r at the top for lk few mths... No matter how bottom r them, i'll stil support them !
Go, Arsenal !!!! Dun go into the field n say i wana win win win da match ! Go into da field n say i wana enjoy da match !! All da best 2 Gunners !! I wont say MU S****S here... Bcoz, i dont want ppl to insult Arsenal too !! hahahaha
ARSENAL COOLZ... Muacks muacksss

Friday 11/4

On friday, i brought camera 2 sch, suppose 2 take pics when the "head of mistress" wana cut ppl's hair.. I heard neighbour classes sayin dat.. hehehe.. But, she din do it, wat a waste.. Mayb she scare... So, nvm la, v use camera n take other picss.. V oni hv est 2day.. Bio teacher x cum, BM teacher say she gt sumting urgent wana do, n ask us copy komsas nota frm book...

Da condition of da book, frm da start to the end of BM period, the amount n the condition of the book is still da same .. V do other workd instead of BM...

My class's top 2 student. Edna n Sarah !!

add maths session

Esther, wah !!! crack my head leh

They r singin 4 each other.. Dui chang qing ge .

Me n Esther

Mei fen n I

me n amrit a.k.a firelady

After sch, Foreverus91( without shobana) went to Mcd... It's so hard 2 find a place... sum went up, sum wait down. Others go n buy food...

clockwise: Carolyn, Edna, Esther n Amrit

clockwise: Kohila, Ee Li, Sarah n Lian ee.

After Mcd, we went n c football shirts... Kohila wanted 2 buy Chelsea's shirt, while me n eeli want 2 buy Arsenal. But Arsenal punya so big... End up, v (me, eeli, amrit, n esther) 4ppls, buy 2 shirts for kohila, as a birthday present...

zoom to let u all see chelsea logo.. mempromosikan, but i feel bersalah terhadap arsenal.. haha

The black wan

The white wan

Black is cool, white is sweet..

After dat, Me n Ee li went add maths tuition, den the others went 2 cziplee buy Bio project stuff... eeli hampir fight with other ppl in tuition.. bcoz of the fan... lol.. dat gal is juz so irritating...

V meet at sch 4pm for badminton... V played, badminton n oso catchin mangoes.. Near da badminton court, there's a mango tree.. So, they went n pluck the mangoes n throw.. Kinda nice.. hahaha... Ee Li went back, coz her mum came early.. haizz..

Let's c da condition of the court.. So....................

what's dis? hahaha.. Nice le we play double double... hehehe

ehh? no mei fen wan.. cant c her

Yeah. meifen is here !Sarah, she oweys says, "mari saya main, saya bangga dgn serve saya".. Let's look at edna.. :)

Our sch player, shama.. My class monitor too.. She's coachin or wat? She's skinny, but her smashes are sharp.. Dont mess with her... hahaha

So, dis is 11 april with foreverus91... Although it's juz around kajang town, surrounded by pizza hut, mcd.. But it's fun !!!