Monday, February 27, 2012

1st day of uni

many people at my age is at least in their sem 2 of year 1, however i jst started my year 1 and sem 1 today... why? dont need me to tell anymore... I had wasted a year like i said b4...~ i was in trouble a year ago holding an useless A-level result, feeling helpless, aimless and useless... i was like a cry baby all day and night.. i dono where my direction is and I thought of giving up...~

But somehow, i told myself i couldn't, and therefore i sign up the 8 months foundation as a repeat of my pre-u studies..i took up biz dis time as i decided to give up on sci.. it was never easy as i have no business background at all..Besides, i feel so shitty when ppl starting to ask what am I studying.. i do never say foundation, and i said business, coz i care how ppl look at me...~im afraid that i need to explain again and again.. I hate to give explanation.

It was also hard for me on the very 1st week in college as I thought that i can never get along with people that are 2 years younger than me..I feel so old, omg...~ However, im thankful that i manage to get along with them well.. So, 8 months had passed... I manage to score 4 distinctions in all 4 subject i took... it was a little relieve for me, as I know 8 mths of hardwork had finally paid off and i can finally step into uni level :) I finally can walk out from the sadness and leave my a-level nightmare...

I had once failed.. but today, in Monash for the 1st day, i feel happy n a little relieve... bak kata pepatah cina, failure is the route to success...:) I promise I will study hard, n not repeat the mistake that had done in a-level.
Although i enter uni later than my friends that are same age as me, but im glad i found my direction and got into a good uni...
So, thats all.. i had expressed my feelings of my 1st day of uni.. hope u ppl are not bored :)

Till then,

Friday, February 24, 2012

today I dont feel like doing anything..

Im lazy!!!!!!

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!

heyloooo!!! `1st of all, Happy CNY 2012!
It's the year of Dragon!! :)
CNY is all about Family and Friends. Not to forget the FOOD!!
I spend my CNY with mostly family... 5 days of holidays, i gave to myself :)
I went back to work on the 6th day of CNY...
of course manager gave angpau and company gives angpau... Not the amount that matters, but the heart that matters.. So, banyak atau sikit, saya tak kisah la :)
n so coincidently, my birthday falls on the 1st day of CNY... No extra angpau la.. haha.. only 1 or 2.. Dont tell me, u will go and boast around and say "today is my bday, my bday my bday!"? hahahaha

Granduncle from Shanghai came to Malaysia for CNY this year.. To be exact, he's my grandpa's little bro... Well, mandarin is important jst so we could communicate with them... He knows cantonese, but his wife doesnt... his wife speaks hakka.. OMG.. i duno!
so yeah, went visiting... my main purpose is to collect angpau.. Hehehehe!

Today is the 13th day of CNY! wil be having a primary gathering at restaurant melia.. so grand? hahaha! but its a lil awkward though meeting them, coz Im not very close to them just a few.. as i just joined their class for a year :) but anyhow... its good to meet up :) looking forward into it..

In this CNY, i feel alot of things, i understand more things, i learn new things... I get to see how much people appreciate their family members, i understand how strong the bond between siblings no matter how many years they are apart from each other.. I also see how they don't appreciate what CNY is, how they don't appreciate their family members...

MONEY IS NOT EVERYTHING...i don't like my uncle's style of doing things, but i cant voice out.. so i would lk to express here! I dono what money means to him... he is not poor.. but why can't he take up some time to meet with granduncle who came all the way from SHanghai just to meet us? Instead, he was giving reasons like "he needs to jaga his business so cant go off even for a dinner" =.= ridiculous ppl..~

to my uncle: appreciate ur family members more... they are the closest ppl that u can ever have.. Not the money..

to my aunty: Don't oweys spend all your CNY from cny eve til 6th day of CNY goin holidays.. CNY is actually not meant for holidays. It is for reunion! Visiting the elderly... Not HOLIDAY!

To anonymous (hope u knw hu u are): Throughout this 1-3 years, I had misunderstand u but dont blame me, coz u give me that feeling... but what i see recently, u treat me well and i can feel it... Thank you.. I appreciate it alot...~ i will try my very best to treat u well too :D

So thats all frm me for CNY 2012! sorry for giving u all such a bored post :)