Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Natalie's Birth Story

A very major throwback post. This is Natalie's birth story. It's been 15 months, but it is still clear in my mind :)

10/4/2018, Monday.

Woke up at 6am to pee. Went to toilet again 30 mins later and felt some warm fluid flowing out. The flow is even faster whenever I move.  I went back to sleep thinking that i couldn't control my pee.

But then, my pants are all wet and so I guess It's amniotic fluid. The third time i went to the toilet, theres a bloody show and it was mucous plug according to all my readings. At that moment, I am still steady though. Somehow,  I was thinking "37weeks+3days, am I really gonna give birth today?" I wake my husband up of course, and I went for a shower,  and the amniotic fluid just keep leaking whenever I move.

I was quite excited  at first cuz I knew I might be seeing my baby real soon. But at the same time I was very worry and scare about the labour process.
"how long will my labour be"
"how's epidural gonna be like" (thinking on getting epidural before coz I cant bear much pain)
"How painful will it be"
These are the questions that keep popping up

I tried my best not to think, and continue my shower. Contraction haven't kick in yet. I get my delivery bag and collection kit and went downstairs. Both parent in law were waiting downstair to send me to the hospital. I ate two piece of bread and a cup of milo. That's it.

This is taken during mild contraction,which i still bearable, our last picture before becoming a family of 3 :)

We reach the hospital around 9.30am. The guard say gonna bring a wheelchair but I said it's okay, I can just walk myself and take the lift up to the delivery suite.
So, i went in to the delivery suite and the nurse was surprise to see me come so soon. (yeah, coz my fil drove very fast to the hospital :P)
The nurse then gave me the delivery gown and checked me (not comfortable). I was 3cm dilated.  She ask me whether do I want any epidural. If yes, it will be administer right away, cos after 6cm dilation, they don't administer. But at that time, i have no contraction pain yet, so I just told her "tak payah la nurse". (Gosh, did i just said no need?!)
My husband was shocked but he did not say anything cos he thinks that it is my choice even though he already get prepared that I will take the epidural cos I was very afraid of pain. Even draw blood also I'm scare.

They attached the ctg machine on me to check baby's heartbeat. Everything was fine, baby's heartbeat is strong. Doc came, and said will deliver by today. After that, they administer the drip for me and draw some blood sample. Damn scare of the needle though.
After settle then was ask to just lay down there to rest and wait.

Around 11.30am, I started to have some mild contraction which is not that regular. The contraction was like stomache, food poisoning kind of stomach discomfort combine with period pain. The pain was on and off, and also getting more and more painful as time passes. Around 1/2 hour later, the nurse came and check me again, I was around 5cm dilated. The contraction becomes even more intense and also more regular. I do not know how many minutes apart, I only know that I barely had time to relax. The contraction is like non-stop. By then, the pain was what I mentioned above but 10 times of it. Oh my god, and my husband was whispering beside me saying that I can do it, add oil. bla bla. I just feel like smacking him though. LOLz!

I was shouting and crying in pain as well, but the nurse told me not to, just save the energy in order to push the baby later. But I can't! I tried my breathing techniques taught by my prenatal yoga instructor. It did help a little. (Maybe it's psychological effect? I don't know)
I was in so much pain and the nurse came and give me a mask to breathe in which I believe it was laughing gas. (No, i did not laugh after breathing in the gas)
The nurse told my husband to give me that mask if I can't bare the pain. So, whenever contraction strikes in, he pass the mask to me. But until one point, where my contraction does not stop striking me, I just snatch that mask from him and keep breathing it non stop as though it is my oxygen tank. But by right, it shouldn't be used it that way as I will faint and might not able to push the baby out.

Luckily, the nurse came in and check on me and saw me keep breathing using that mask thingy and immediately take it away from me. She then tells my husband that do not let me hold the mask. He hold it and give me when I need. At that time, i think I'm half fainted, feeling very sleepy cos of the gas and also shiver a little. The nurse kept calling me and wet my face to wake me up. She ask me not to sleep. I tried my best to stay awake, and also keep telling myself if my mom can deliver me naturally, I can do it too. I was so tired and my mouth is so dry, cos keep taking big breath for the pass hour. The pain then continues, there is no break time, all the way painnnnn painnn painn till I scream/shout, cry. I stop grabbing my husband hand. and bang the hospital bed with the mask as hard as I could.

At around 1.45pm, i feel that I need to push. I feel there is something coming out down there. But all the nurses, were next door cos another mom is also about to deliver her baby. I told my husband, I cannot already, I want push dy. I heard the nurses shouted wait for awhile "kejap kejap, nanti u tak tau push" I don't even care and not long after the nurse came in and check, I was fully dilated. The nurse called my gynae, and immediately he arrived and guide me to push already. I forgot how many push in total, but in less than 30 minutes, my baby girl make her entrance to the world, and it also marks the beginning of parenthood for us :)

I was still blur at the moment until doctor told me is a baby girl and I keep ask my husband why she din cry? and immediately I heard her first cry. Then, we were given skin to skin contact. She lay on me, and that was our very first hug. I kissed her and I feel like crying the moment I hold her in my arms. She is such a sweetie. She even know her way to latch without any guide. I feel it is amazing! I just carried her and let her latch while the doctor was stitching. Maybe I was to distract by my daughter and I almost can't feel anything going on down there.
I touches her little ear, her little hand, little feet, smell her head. I was beyond words at that moment.

After almost an hour of skin to skin contact, baby was brought to the nursery. Nurse then clean me up and wheeled me to the ward :)

Her first cry. All the pain I had gone thru are all worth it  :')

Our first family photo :)

So, this is Natalie's birth story. I am glad she loves me so much that she try to come out as soon as she could. I consider myself as a lucky mommy. If you asked me how is child birth? I would tell you yes, It is obviously really painful BUT it is all worthwhile the moment you held your baby for the first time :)  I was really afraid of pain, but I guess its because of the love for my child, I am hanging on there and go through it. To all mom to be, always remember "with love, we can do everything"

Mommy loves you Natalie Lau, forever and always <3 p="">