Sunday, January 27, 2008


Date: 27/1
Venue: Carolyn's hse.

My party. hehe

Mei Fen n Me !!

Dance Dance Revolution !!!

Esther vs Mei Fen !!!

Posing b4 dancing

Ee Li n Kohila went backk..

dis necklace is frm Ee Li..

LiLi n Chui Chui

msg frm LiLi

Msg frm Mei Fen

Msg frm Esther

Msg frm Shyuan Mey

Update more soon...

Thank You My Friends

1stly, thanks 4 foreverus91 hving a surprise bday 4me... Thank n introduce u guys 1 by 1..

Amrit>>>>>> Dis fren of mine, hu oweys insult my fav player Lee Chong Wei.. But i 4 give her coz she oweys make me laugh.. hehe

Ee Li >>>>> Ee Li oweys bully me, but oweys understand me...

Esther>>>>> My fren since standard 1.. vry funny.. vry gud in sports..friendly haha...

Edna >>>>>> Oweys teaches me add maths n maths..

Shobana >>> vry small size, n cute.. vry cin cai.. anytin oso ok..

Lian Ee >>> Nvr insult my fav player.. Nvr lawan me about Lee Chong Wei

Kohila >>>> Love Chelsea 2 da max !!! She can sacrifice anything dat got to do wit

Sarah >>> Brilliant mind... SMART !!!

My new friend durin F4..

Mei Fen>>> vry nice person.. Vry helpful.. Love Lee Yong Dae... Nvr insult my fav player.. Understandin person.. Love 2 ponteng St. John juz lik me !! :-)

Shyuan Mey >>>> Love Dong Fang Shen Qi.. Love Max !! Vry nice person oso..

Thank you u guys.. Im vry happy wit wat u all did 4me.. Nvr ever 4get it..

Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Birthday (part 2)

My present frm Ee Li, Mei Fen, Shyuan Mey n Esther.. Do u notice da side of the frame??? hehehe I guess mei fen's art n craft nd lots of time n hard work. Thank you, my frens.. Hw u can find dat tiny little pic? so cute. French super series..
N da notes, i've read.. terharunya.. i wana cry.. i'll keep it in a safe place. haha

Another little present frm Ee Li. It's a necklace, long wan, now vry fashion. haha.. Thank you.. I like it..

It's frm Amrit, Edna, Shobana, Kohila, n Lian Ee. Thank You...

2day after scol, foreverus( edna, amrit, eeli, shobana, kohila, esther n lianee) came 2 my shop bringin 1 cake wit candles. Im shock !! I noe dat they r doin sumting, but i don't know they wil do in my shop !!! woohoo.. So touched, Light up the candle, n walk along few shops, plus go up the stairs is nt ez... U all r juz so, i duno hw 2 describe. I juz feel vry happy.. Thanks, foreverus.. I'll appreciate our 5 yrs of friendships.. Dis wil b a memorable Birthday 4me..
I'll nvr forget my 17th birthday...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Birthday !!!!!!!!

Today's my birthday.. Badminton maniac turns 17 yrs old. Can drive !!! woohooo !!! 12am sharp, Meifen n Kohila sms me wishin me Happy Birthday,at the same time..But i slept. hehe.. U guys reali wait till 12am? Shyuan mey oso wished me in the morning, i tink after she reload. hahaha.. I oso received eeli, esther n yen mun's sms.. Thanks ya. I'll appreciate it...

Besides, arina, eugene n farah wished me too.. Thks farah 4 ur pic, i lik it vry muchies.. Arina's cake vry delicious n Im waitin eugene to belanja. hahaha
B4 my bday, I received a present frm my aunty, she nt sure when's my bday, but she's sure dat it's January. hehe.. Thank you.. It's a bag !!! I love bags... :-) Right time ! I can use 2 keep my angpau durin CNY !!!! quite big, duno whether thers's so many angpows 2 keep. lol

My friends, i'll treasure every moment wit u guys..Im happy dat u all rememmber my Birthday.. Thank You.. UpdatE More soon

Earlier in the afternoon, my sis bought me a secret recipe cornish n a brownies walnut

Ok, at the evening, daddy n mummy brought me 2 Kajang town@metro point. haha
1 Baskin robbin ice-cream 4me, n off v go 2 nxt door>>> Pizza Hut..

a handbag frm Mummy..

present frm my maid n youngest sister..

p/s: Kohi, he's not apek.. Apek cant play great badminton. He's LCW.. the worst ting u can call is jaguh kpg ok.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

LCW, The King of local circuit !! ( once again in stadium)

Dis morning, i keep tinkin of goin 2 Bkt jalil stadium 2 watch live match..
After a whole morning of beggin my mum. At last, she "release" me 2 da stadium. hahahaha.. It's nt ez 2 keep beggin, kena scold sumore, but i feel it's worth it. hehe.. Meifen is oso there.. Bcoz of she say she goin, i oso feel lik goin. :-)

da 1st time, me n my sis, went by train, coz my mum n dad wana go n c the new proton saga.. Stadium oso got wat.. we stop at bdr tasik selatan n transit 2 star lrt. At last, v reach Stadium safely.:-) Nt many ppl buyin ticket, but still nd 2 queue up. When i went in 2 da stadium, My mixed double pairs already on court.. Unfortunately, they lost 2 China pair.. The denmark ws was great, although she's slightly injured, she still win it.. Thanks 4 nt lettin China win, hahaha.. Zhulin da defending champ had lost 2 Tine rasmussen...

The biggest match of the day was the match between the Lees....
Lee Chong Wei vs Lee Hyun Il.. Both coached by Li Mao. Hyun Il is currently under him.. Although he had da advantage, coz Li Mao noes mostly bout Chong Wei, but Chong Wei still won !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rubber set, 21-15, 11-21, 21-17.. The crowd was great durin this match.. After da match CW hugged his former coach Li Mao..
CW certainly prove dat Misbun is the best coach 4 him n he shows dat without Li Mao, he can still b the best. Yeahhhhhhh !!! He did us proud again.. The KING of local circuit !!!!!!!

After dat, i saw Mei fen when cumin out frm da stadium. haha
V talk for awhile, n went back. Nxt yr MO i'll b goin again if it's in KL.. I wana meet my fav players as i nt yet hv a real opportunity take pics... hehe
Now i realise dat my BIo report still nt yet finish !! gotta finish it

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday oso schoolin???

Aiyoooooo... 2day is saturday.. Sch is on !!! 4 chinese new yr's replacement...
8 ppl absent.PJ, no teacher, BM as usual, go on wit our tatabahasa.. Moral, mind map again.. Amrit n edna's mind map is kinda cute. hahaha caterpillar.. English, our ex minister of finance, explaining where the money gone throughout the whole 2007, bcoz all of us cant figure out where goes da rm 200 sumting..

Well, replace oso useless wan, 8 absentes, cut of 2 periods. But gud la, i can watch my badminton matches. hahaha... Mew Choo lost !!! She LEADS da 1st game 16-19, but eventually lose 2 China Zhulin..21-19.. wat a waste. Unlike Chong Wei, he NVR lead in da 1st game, but manage 2 seal da game at 25-23.. Brilliant play.. My fav mixed doubles storm into final 2.. Lee Yong Dae n Lee Hyo Jung frm south korea, after beatin england.. Hope dey wil win da title.. Chong Wei wil meet Hyun Il of south korea 2mr.. Hope CW wil win the title. !!

Gt bio report n chemistry report nt yet finish.. haiz... lazy la.. hehehe
2mr do la, SUnday.. hehe
But how ar, if i go stadium.. heehe..

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My undang how ar?

Last sunday, went 4 dat undang talk. sit there 5 hrs.. haiz... da air cond is so cold.. When ppl ask 2 off 1 of it. The man say, " sorry ar, remote tak tahu kat mana pun".. What a great ans... Listening 2 two diff ppl berceramahing there.. Actually nt dat boring,but oso abit la.. Imagine i went alone, no 1 accompany me.. wana talk oso duno talk 2 hu..

Drivin so many undang wan meh? Must noe dis noe dat. haiyo. susahnya... Somesign in the undang txtbook i din even c b4.. Gotta memorise.. so many rules sumore 2 memorise.. I cant drive without takin dis undang test. N therefore i must crack my head 2 read all this.. Hopefully, i can get my drivin license in 2 months time... B4 scol exam starts. duno when it starts but i tink Feb..

After i get my license, the 1st place i wana drive 2 is Mid valley !!!! nt that far frm here... hehehe.. i wana shop n shop n shop!!! 2nd place is Genting Highland !!.. It's uphill task 4me !!! Hard 2 drive there oor.. So long din go.. My annual pass duno still valid anot.. hahaha
Yeahhh !! 2day is nt a bad day 4me.. I did nt forget anything wich i need 2 brin 2day.. Wheee !! 2day scol juz lik normal. BM teacher talk bout kissing ur family member.. most of us feels geli.. hahaha.. act geli oso la.

Durin bio, as usual la, v gt our own story 2 share. But 2day, another Mind map !!! My gosh !! Mind map of the heart.. Aiyo, the whole paper is lik an art.. Kohila's great job.. She's talented in mind mappin. hahaha..

After scol, me, eeli n shyuan mey went makan in "centre shop". This is wat they called. bcoz it's located at the middle. i ordered wantan me, n dey order wantan mee n pan mee.. Act the food, boleh tahan la. nt say vry teruk. average. But rm3.50 oor.. i tot rm3.30. Harga is goin up n up.. MY pocket money nd 2 increase !!

After dat, v went bac 2 scol.. V went into library 2 do our homework, At the same time, v gossip. hahahahaha.. Nt kutukin ppl. Juz tellin stories. hehe
when it's timed, v went for st john while shyuan mey went 4 her girl guides meetin..
Haiyo, march again lor.. oweys march march march.. ppl say march 2 much nt gud 4 the knee.. nd 90 degrees sumore.
Overall, it's been a tiring day..

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

2nd post of da day

Lazy wana do homework. Feels wana type..
ok, talk bout scol, coz bside dat,ntg cums 2 my mind..
BM---> teacher stricter.. Din brin book, din finish work." catat nama dia" !!
BI----> it's still da same...
BIO----> as usual, boring lik anything !!! haiz...
Chemistry---> duno wat teacher teaching la.. No understanding at all. without tuition, im finish...
EST n Physic---> basically, v still din attend dis 2 subject.. ceramah all da way..
Maths n Add maths--> superb nice... Nt oni the teacher, when maths/add maths, evry1 is powered up !! mayb bcoz we lik da teacher, n automatically, we wil lik da subject although we use 2 dislike last time..
Sejarah--> the subject i dislike da most after chemistry. But now Chemistry is enterin my life n sejarah is still a long way out there. the same reason, that teacher !!!!
I r'ber i gt A b4 durin F1,2,3.. But F4, NVR !! half reason is lazy, i admit.. another half is, that teacher makes me lose interest.. ishhhhhhhh

ANother ting, that headmistress make us do mind map notes 4 all the subject includin Moral. MIND MAP !!!!!!!! She say lebih senang ingat. Her head la,senang? It's even hard 2 understand.. Whole bk so messy. Dun look lik a bk. Looks lik scribled art.
She is juz so...............can't describe. No wonder "Ice cool" dun waN her. serve her rite. YES !!! Last Yr !!!.. I'll be patience...

The unlucky me !!

Frm da scol starts till now. i juz feel dat luck is nt on my side... Mostly unsucessful in evrytin i do.. 1stly, i oweys 4get 2 brin tings 2 scol no matter i reminded myself so many times.. Last week, forget 2 bring my lunch box, the nxt day, my water bottle..

Last Monday i forgot 2 brin Sejarah textbook, n dat teacher is ngiau ngiau ngiauing there.. Seriously she is da 1 i D****** the most.. 2 yrs wit her. OMG !!!!!
den 2day, i forget 2 brin my add maths 1 to pass up.. what a great "season" 4me.
Not 2 forget dat, i fell down in front of the gate 2day.. coz it's raining n it's slippery.. It's juz so unlucky...

Come on, it's 2008, it's a new year.. I nd sum luck wei.... Hopefully, until i reali turns 17 dis yr.. Luck wil b back on my side... No matter how smart a person, it's still nd sum luck 2 smoothen the path of life...

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Back to school

Well, it's the end of one and a half month of holidays..

3/1 (Thurs)--> 1st day of school.
Early in the morning, v went for assembly in badminton court..Introducing those F3, makes me think back when im in F3. hehe..

Dis yr's class teacher is Pn Pushpa.. Still duno yet how is she as the class teacher although teaches us F4.. Others teacher all remain the same as last yr. Every1 was hoping the same teacher 4 Maths n Add maths, n v got it ! Yeahhh !! lol

There's a huge changes in our AJK board.. As expected, Mei Fen bcum da asst monitor.. Bcum monitor even better la... haiz.. 3 votes diff.. Dis yr, so many ppl cut their hair.. all bcum short. Now fashion short oor.. No nd 2 tie..can wake up 10 mins late. hehe

4/1(Fri)--> 2nd day

1 n a half hour of assembly again..Talking bout koko, dicipline la,n lastly Listening 2 that headmistress's great talk, Yuckkk... Waste time, waste energy..Talkin nonsence... Dun even noe what she bebel there..

Last 2 period go 4 rumah sukan meeting.. Blue house team which is my team hv Charissa as the captain, n my dear fren Esther was selected by every1 as the Yellow house captain.. Fu Yoh !!! Congrates..
ok, i think dat's all 4 dis opening season of school

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Hi 2008 !!!

7 more hours, we wil say Goodbye 2007 n Hello 2008 !! What v hv in 2008?
Olympic ! Thomas Cup ! N???? Oh NO, SPM !!!!
Okay, Let me simply conclude what i've done in yr 2007..
There's good n bad times throughout dis 365 days..
The bad times makes me understand dat form 4 onwards, cannt use 2 "shoot" anymore wich i use 2 do in my lower secondary.. lol.. Bsides, learn 2 forgive n forget.. Oweys think positive way, n Nvr take things for granted..

Anyway, there is still sum good things throughout da yr where i get 2 learns lots of things.. I've made quite a number of new frens.. Im happy wit my class, most of them are ez going ppl.. Can easily talk 2.. Besides, 2007 is the yr dat i hv more freedom.. It's da 1st time dat ive guest durin CNY, go visitin durin cny N Deepavali.. N oso goin 4 my frens bday party.. hehehe.. Pity me, when im young, oweys not allow 2go. hehe
N of course i wud nt 4get my wonderful holi dat i spend in HK... I get 2 know more bout dis country which i oweys wish 2 go..

Overall, yr 2007 is an average yr, nt the best n nt the worst... Im satisfied over da yr.. school is gonna reopen.. so, back 2 school !! I wish yr 2008 wil go 1 step higher n everyting wil run smooth... Happy New Year 2008 !!!!!